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Thread: What if anyone from the cast of lotr attend this site?

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But think....just think. If there weren't any movies of LOTR, we wouldn't have haad so many memebers on this amazing site nor we would be having so many threads to discuss. That's one up for the movies!
You're right Lord_aragorn86, It was 5 years ago when I read the book LOTR. I became a fan of it , sad to say nobody was with me in my obsession with LOTR, in fact nobody in my village,city,country knew about it until there was a movie about it! I don't know if it's because my fellow countrymen are hopeless romantic and slaves to the crowd.I even think me and my older siblings are the only fan in here. Not forgetting about my former teacher in C.L.E.. Wait a minute...If there was somebody from the movie in here I'd like to make friends with him/her since H.P friend moved to another city,S.W. friend just left yesterday in fact it was his farewell party. They're my only friends since we three are weirdos as what people say to us.But we are really, "born alone and we die alone".
I love both equally. Smile Smilie Sure I might have wished PJ followed the book more closely, but then again: it was his take and those of his scriptwriters on it. The movies are quite a ride and very well made, imho.
After having seen the movies I woundered if people who haddn't read the book still would understand everything.
For example: Narsil wasn't reforged in the movies until just before Aragorns passage through the Roads of the Dead (how are they called in English?). Would one who haddn't read the book think: "Why did Elrond force Aragorns Kingship through his throat?" I mean, the sword was the sign of him being king, or atleast heir to the throne of Gondor.
In the book Aragorn takes the reforged sword with him from Rivendell, and therefore accepting his fate as future king of Gondor (if there would still a Gondor be left). But in the movies Elrond brings him the sword not until ROTK. Was there some communication between them, and has Aragorn said: "Bring me the sword. I'll accept it." Or was it indeed forced down his throath by Elrond?

Would people who haddn't read the book understand such things?
Maybe the example of the reforging of Narsil isn't that good, but I hope you get my point.

But looking unbiased at the movies, I loved them. But I can't help watching them in the context of the books. And then, they aren't that good.
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