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Thread: Amazon's LotR prequel -request

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So, in case anyone missed it, Amazon's making an LotR prequal TV show! Excuse me while I get excited....


They're very vague about it, "pre-LoTR" is about all the concrete data there is; who knows? maybe the tolkien estate finally decided to sell rights to the Silmarillion! (unlikely). Or maybe the Unfinished Tales. Or maybe the LotR appendices are getting a "let's make a plot out of this..." treatment. Anyways, I know this forum is


**crickets chirping**


these days but if you're here, I have two requests...


One, I would really love to see a FAITHFUL adaptation of tolkien's works, as much as possible... To that end, they'll need some tolkien-scholar consultants who really know the texts! Corey Olsen (aka "the tolkien professor"Wink Smilie is one such person, (if you haven't heard his podcasts on the hobbit, lotr, the silmarillion, unfinished tales, and LotRO, you should check them out!). It would be awesome if his tweets at the Amazon folk got boosted up to the "hey Amazon you need to pay attention to this" level.


If you agree that they'll need a good consultant, and want to help - and you have a twitter account - would you retweet and/or comment on this? [Olsen Tweet]Olsen Tweet


SECOND, and really the main point of this thread, is I want to speculate about the upcoming show! Do y'all have thoughts? Is it going to be BB (before Bilbo) or AB?


One of my friends suggested (slightly tongue in cheek) that the best use of Amazon's newly acquired rights would be THE GREAT HOBBIT BAKEOFF.  I laughed, but also - I would totally watch that show. :-P


ooohhh ... what if it's Beren and Luthien.


What if it's Bilbo's Took ancestor who invented golf...


Do you think they could pull off a show with Bombadil in it? I mean, a faithful version of Bombadil who isn't a farce? This is something I have doubts about...


What if it's The Rise and Fall of the Numenorian Empire... ok I need sleep. Looking forward to your thoughts...

This is the first time I am hearing about this. I'll check it out!

I think maybe they might try the Sil or maybe the annexes of the LOTR as I suppose they would not want to be too identical to the movies.

However, I hope they have enough of a budget to return to the standard of the LOTR (lets all pretend the hobbit was never made into a movie).

I want it to cover second age material. It's big enough and broad enough to cover alot of stories, like Game of Thrones did.

I'm thinking that a tv show or a miniseries could actually get more in-depth than the movies, behemoths that they are, extended editions and all -

- because nowadays tv shows aren't really tied in to the episodic format anymore; they could be episodic but they don't have to. What with the advent of streaming services and "binge-watching" as things that exist, the tv show format is turning into something much different than it was when I was younger.

I agree. Look at how band of brothers was made. It was superb.

Can't say I'm very excited myself, I was all Tolkiened out by the end of the two towers...there are literally dozens of fantasy novels that easily deserve the film treatment,The Alvin maker series, the Thomas Covenant Chronicles, the vast vast midkemia novels, Christ, even Robert Jordans insanely boring Wheel of time books.Why oh  why do we need yet more tolkien??

So it seems that we are in for a prequel to The Lord Of The Rings and a sequel to The Hobbit. Plenty to dwell on here, however not a lot of lit- from JRRT. Hopefully we will get a series more akin to the movie version of TLOTRs than of The Hobbit, at least in quality of script and canon. I also hope that the producers go along with the artistic stylings and musical score, film in NZ and use Weta Workshop for continuity. All I'll add at this early stage is that I am looking forward to a return to Middle Earth.

Yes, apparently it is a prequel to the LOTR. This is a bit worrisome when you consider that most of these materials would be in the appendices and with what they did with the Hobbit, I can only hope they go back to their roots.