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Thread: Tolkien and Psilocybin?

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Hi there. The title isn't meant to offend, I'm certainly not suggesting that Tolkien ate shrooms, please bare with me as I try to explain. My interests on youtube are wide and varying, I enjoy watching videos on everything from black smithing to philosophy. A few years ago I happened upon a man name Terrance McKenna, Terrance studied psilocybin in it's many forms, from Magic mushrooms to DMT (a derivative of ayausca) Many people (including Terrance) have reported being transported to other dimensions when they take psilocybin. Each variety of mushroom takes you to a different world full of many different forms of creatures, including elves, dwarves and dragons. I know you're probably thinking that I've been eating mushrooms myself to make such a bold statement but it's true. (please feel free to research this, Professor Jordan Peterson speaks of this often) There have been many studies done on the subject including one famous study performed by Professor Straussman where dozens of his subjects reported their consciousness being shot from their bodies to a very similar world where strange creatures welcomed them and taught them how to manipulate the very substance of the universe. Now, I know elves and dwarves etc come from Viking myth and legend and having watched every season of vikings so far I know that they partook in magic mushrooms, could it be that the variety of mushroom in the Netherlands just happens to take you to a middle Earth style world full of Elves and Dwarves? Could we have the humble magic mushroom to thank for Lord Of The Rings? It's an interesting idea that makes the mind bogle, but I have no intention of finding out, psilocybin is a very serious drug with very dire consequences if abused... I'd be very interested in your thoughts and ideas. Heres an interesting excerp from one of Joran Peterson lectures. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gol5sPM073k