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Thread: How?

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You mean you love Legolas or you love Orlando Bloom? There's a subtle difference. As for changing your name, I don't know, because it's not on my account.
You have to e-mail Taz if you wish to change your user name. The risk you take in doing this is that you may lose your number of posts and be set back to "stranger".

Why don't you just put "I love Legolas" in your signature instead? Big Smile Smilie
To add your signature: go into your account, click on change info, scroll down and type your postBody in the signature window. Cannot be more than 3 lines including spaces, no bold or underlined text (plain only), no smilies, no URL links.
Then when you make your next post, click on the little box below "Use signature?"
( Decided to take Grondy's advice and post the information here for Sheryl)

[Edited on 30/1/2003 by Rednell]
Sheryl: Please don't start another new thread to ask, "How to I make 'I love Legolas!' my signature." Instead, ask that question here. Happy Elf Smilie
Okay thanks. I won`t change my name, I`ll keep it as it is. Wink Smilie
I love the character Legolas but I actually love Orlando Bloom.

[Edited on 9/2/2003 by Sheryl]