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thanks rednell, when i first started coming in here i could notget inot the chat room. so i just read the forum stuff. but i can now access the chat so maybe i can talk to more people

i hope oyu can read this i have ahd a bit much to drink and not typing too well
it is also about 2 am
Rednell: You should be able to access the chat room now. I have met quite a few other people of whom which connected through the "Chat" link under "General".

If it comes up with an postAuthorIDise window then say yes. Let me know.
Thanks Taz. The only link I didn't try was the one under General. Probably just as well, I spent the time making up quizzes so I was more productive. Big Smile Smilie
Hi there Melliot! Big Smile Smilie

Super Wow Smilie The new chat room is amazing! Super Wow Smilie No postAuthorIDize window for me Taz. But it worked fine!

Plastic: I mailed to plastic@planet-tolkien.com, like I always do. It's the only address I can remember... Big Smile Smilie

I seem to have done something wrong and hopefully someone can help. I downloaded and installed a new browser called Mozilla. When I tried to access the chat room with it, it made me download and install a Java plugin. Now I can't seem to get into the chat through any of the site links, even with Internet Explorer which is what I usually use. I can still get into the chat through mIRC but, of course, I can't use all of the new goodies. Pllleeeeeeeeaaaase help! I think if I can uninstall this Java thingy I'll be okay. Any ideas on how to do that?

BTW, Rednell, I'm in there now if you'd like to join me!
Hello all, I've been chatting nonstop since I found PT, and everyone I've met has been so friendly. I hope to speak to you a lot more often! Thanks for all your hard work Taz, and welcome to the singletons club. Yahoo!

PS-Billy is soooo hot!
Welcome to PT Mirwen. So many new faces in the chatroom last night. It was sooo much fun. Please visit as often as you can. Cool Smilie

BTW, Rednell, I'm in there now if you'd like to join me!

Shucks, I missed you Prog. Sad Smilie Sent you an e-mail, though. Catch you later.
Update: I got the Java thingy uninstalled so everything is groovy now.

Welcome to the forums Mirwen! Wink Smilie

Btw, Red. I'm in the chat room again. Drop in if you've got the time.

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Nell come into the chat room.
Hey there Mirwen!

We've met on the chat yesterday, but I just wanted to wish you a wellcome, if I still haven't. Angel Smilie

PS. Billy has the coolest accent in the movie Very Big Grin Smilie , but isn't the hottest. Big Laugh Smilie
Tom, that address hasn't worked in months. LOL!!!
There are 6 members online right now.......Rednell,Keeper of the Stars and I are in the Chat room, come and talk!
Too late I guess... But I'm coming in now! Even if there's no one in, in this new chat room I won't get bored so soon! Big Laugh Smilie

Plastic: You must be kidding! So all the fun postBodys I sent to you didn't arrive??? That really socks!!! Tongue Smilie You better mail me your new address then (hoping you still know mine Wink Smilie ).

[Edited on 27/8/2002 by TomBombadillo]
May I have your attention please everyone? We regret to inform you that our beloved leader, Tarrant (alias Taz) is missing from the chat room. He was there for over five minutes but then disappeared never to be seen since. All information would be welcome.

No, kidding. Where are you Taz??? It's rather empty now... Smoke Smilie
Taz appears to be there now. And so are Rednell, GailH and myself if anyone else wants to come and talk..... (We're even talking about Tolkien!)
I was in the chat room yesterday, innocently talking about cockney rebel, the excellent 70s group, when I was kicked off for using the word cockney. These language filters are ever so harsh sometimes aren't they? Wink Smilie
I got kicked off for talking about a cockle survey I had done that day. I thought talking about work was probably a no-no. Wink Smilie
So Barliman hates cockney rebel and work, fair enuff Wink Smilie
I just missed you Allyssa. come back in.
I'm around, and so are Rednell and Taz, but nobody's talking to me... Sad Smilie
Just to clarify but I as in myself plus Rednell and Barliman are normally always in the Chatroom as we have permanent internet connections so we just sit in the room. The way to tell whether we are around or not is by our nicknames, for instance please see the following:

Taz = I am in the chatroom but I probably won't response as I generally don't cause I am far too busy for the likes of idle chit chatter Big Smile Smilie

Taz[away] = I am not in the room

This applies for both Rednell and I. Barliman however is a chat Bot, you can try and talk to him and he probably will respond every so often but any attempt to get some kind of serious conversation out of him would be futile Wink Smilie
Aha! That would explain. Thanks Taz... Smoke Smilie

It's rather empty now however... Come and chat if you're online people... Rednell is asleep and Taz is not in. As for Barliman... Oh well, I don't think I'll even try to talk to him... Big Laugh Smilie
Just to clarify but I as in myself plus Rednell and Barliman are normally always in the Chatroom as we have permanent internet connections so we just sit in the room.

I do too, but I don't just sit there, well at least not all the time. Sometimes I leave for a sec and forget and stay for a couple of hours. lol
Anyone who has a 'awalys on' internet connection I would ask that you download mIRC from www.mirc.co.uk, once this program is set-up you can just leave yourself connected in the chat room. Why? Well because it looks like there is more ppl in there even if they are not active and plus it's a warmer feeling to know there is always people in there and you don't look as much of an idiot sitting in a channel by yourself Wink Smilie Thanks
Unfortunately I don't have one... Sad Smilie
Good idea though... Smoke Smilie
ok, Condiser it done. I downloaded mIRC yesterday with the help of Milambar and of course Nell. It was pretty easy with them to walk me through it.
I/m there and never leaving. lol
Even though I have broadband, I normally don't keep any programs connected to the internet full time, especially when I'm playing games; and when I'm sleeping, I totally shut down as why pay for the extra electricity, and if the power fails, my 17 inch monitor will draw my battery back-up below recovery level, even when it is in sleep mode (speaking from experience). Sad Smilie
Good point Grondy. But since I only sleep about 3-4 hrs a night, ours is always on. And Matthew works nights, and sometimes he connects to the home server from work. If I shut it down, when I went to bed, and he tried at connect, I would never hear the end of it. I pick my battles, that is one I am not will to fight.
Well there were quite some people in the chat yesterday, I think Rednell was there first, then I came and woke poor Red up ( Tongue Smilie ), then Proggy came in, soon followed by Allyssa, Melliot, Tuesday and Chikakat. Oh yes, and Milambar was there too. And Nobody. In short, lots of people. Had a nice chat and filled out the gaps in each others brainteasers quiz. Big Smile Smilie

Oh well, see who's online now. Melliot, I presume? Big Laugh Smilie
Weird thing: I always chat as just "tom" but now the nickserve thingie says: "This nick belongs to another user, please change nick." And then: "If this is your nick, please try ..." And when I try that, the thing says: "Incorrect password." Question Smilie
This is really annoying me now.

In my inbox today was a postBody from SorceryNet Registration Robot giving me a tempory password to bypass the Autohurt.

Went through the procedure again as in the posts above thinking, "great, this'll work." Big Smile Smilie

WRONG Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie
Tried using it as in their example to identify my Nick, which should have then given me level 3 clearance to change certain aspects (I assume to get round whatever ban I'm on). Got the response, you cannot use this command as you are autohurt. Sad Smilie Sad Smilie Sad Smilie

Anyway, I'm about to Exploding Head Smilie

I'm really busy at the moment and cannot afford to spend an hour a night trying to sort this problem out when the dastardly thing just seems hell bent on giving me the runaround. Technology Lighening Smilie

Anyway, I'm going to miss you folks who I often speak with in the chat, but to be honest I'm close to throwing my moniter out of the window at the moment. I'll catch you all around on the forum and my e-mail's scattered around in several places, so keep in touch. Hopefully I'll wake up one day and I'll be back in Smile Smilie

Waking up in a better mood than what I was in last night, I've Grondied this post myself before my fellow Council members rip shreds into me. The language had been "bleeped" but the gist of my thought was still readable. Moderator Smilie

Well it's 8 hours later now, 6am in the morning, and as I've just had a phone call cancelling work due to two of the crew suffering various illnesses (umm, Sunday morning... That'll be hangovers then) I'm back and giving this another shot. I've just contacted Sorcerynet in an attempt at getting round this ban... Is anyone here from Freeserve? Are you suffering the same problems?

[Edited on 6/10/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Of course, I am always on line. I am not always in the computer room, but I am always on line.
oh, Tommy, next time you have that problem ask Nell or Milambar, they can help you. I am lousy at that stuff.
I asked Prog. He didn't know what happened either. I don't always get it, and I can chat on. Oh well, I guess I won't mind it. Big Smile Smilie

I'm back in the chat again, with you Mellie and Tuesday. Think someone else might come in soon, it's kind of a chat hour. Big Smile Smilie
What was that all about Allyssa? You popped in said "Hi" and "Bye" before I even had a chance to respond. You know I type slowly, don't you?

Ah well, I'm in there now if anyone cares to join me.
Think I had gone by then... I'm in there now, so's Mellie, Amber, Digaii, Taz and Noldomar and Barliman and another bot. Pretty busy now. Big Smile Smilie
What just happened?
I was in chat, then I wasn't and now I can't get reconnected.

Is it just me? Is it the server? What's up?

[Edited on 12/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
I dunno Mellie, but I'll ask Taz to have a look. Or maybe Grondy knows? Come in and chat, Grondy! Big Smile Smilie
So you are still connected to the chat room?

Let me try again

Still no luck

Unable to resolve server
* Connect retry #1 irc.sorcery.net

[Edited on 12/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Well at least you made it through now, Mellie. Smoke Smilie Good to see ya again. Long time no see huh? Big Laugh Smilie
I seem to be experiencing the same problems as Mellie a the moment... I cannot get access to the chatroom. I've seen various members come and go on the forum but have been unable to say, "HI". Hopefully catch you all around when things get sorted out.

Oh dear, we've four out of the six council members here now, and we cannot even say hello to each other. Hi Allyssa, Grondy, Rednell. Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 12/9/2002 by Valedhelgwath]
Mellie did get in. It took her quite some time though. I'm trying to get in right now. Hold on...

And... I'm in! So's Allyssa, Ekhnaton, Rednell, Tuesday, Milambar and Mellie (bbl). Room's getting busier every day! Smoke Smilie
Allyssa: I've been chatting on with Ekhnaton for a while, and it seems you asked him where this Wizard lives in Melbourne. He couldn't tell you, cos you had gone by then, but he asked me to tell you that he lives in the same corner of the city you live in apparently. Big Smile Smilie Ok this must be nonsense for everyone else who reads this, but never mind... Tongue Smilie
yes, I was finally able to get in chat yesterday. and have been in and out today. Been doing a lot of reading and spending time with Robbie. Be back more on monday. See ya'll then.
It's Monday now, and I'm back too. Cool Smilie Chatting now.
Found me new avatar! Big Smile Smilie And just broke 1800 posts! Yay! Tongue Smilie

Ekhnaton just entered the chat room. It was pretty empty before...
Sorry I have not been around much today/yesterday tommie. Monday was such a busy day. Robbie had a lot of tough lessons that we had to go over together. Hopefully, I will get to chat more tomorrow.(tuesday) See you then.

[Edited on 17/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
NO problem, Mellie. You did pop in yesterday, didn't you? It was so busy then I forgot who was there! Big Laugh Smilie I do remember I met Val in there for the first time. Big Smile Smilie

And I'm in again today. Cool Smilie
I can't get into the *****************chat room. I keep getting disconnected. I am not pleased. any suggestions?
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