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Thread: Fantasy role playing!

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"Of course." he smiled at her." Lets go at once." his things ready, he picked them up and started off."After you my lady".
Etharion fellt much better with Icefangs around. Going through the forrest he was reminded of days of old with his Lady in the woods unknown to this world. Strange, but since she was gone he didnt feel like this until now. Her wolf features made her seem wild and free. Coming to a clearing they made camp. A river was heard nearby. " If you dont mind i would like to take a swim there. I have not been on this world before so i would like to feel these waters. As soon as im finished i shall make the portal to ...the city." He went through the undergrowth to the river and was gone from sight.
Coming back refreshed, Etharion found Ice still ther where he left her. " Are you ok? You look odd." he went and took a vial from his backpack." Here, take this and just smell from the bottle. It will make you feel much better." he then went and prepared his things for the spell." Ill start with the portal now, so if it goes uninterupted it will be here soon."
Icey shook her head, and pushed the potion away with her hand. "I'm fine, really, just have alot of things on my mind," she smiled at him reassuringly. Icey stood up, (she had been sitting) stretched her aching muscles, and quietly watched him.

She sat back down, and, pulling out her sword, began polishing it, rubbing off old, dried blood, with colors not only in red. Finished with that, she took some of her throwing daggers, and began polishing them as well.

Finished and slightly bored just sitting there, she reached into her bag, and pulled out a rather thick book, which held one of her favorite pastimes: drawing. She silently sketched Ethy and the forest surrounding them both.
Unfortunately that nuisance of a dwarf she thought she had got rid of at last was intruding on her work. The silly dwarf had got lost, and finally come into the clearing, breathing heavily.

"my lady!" said the dwarf. "Some Orcs are coming!"

Then she slunk off.
Etharion had just opened the portal which started to shine, when the dwarf came. Hearing the orcs he yelled " Come quickley, through the portal, hurry!" he grabed his things and gestured towards the portal.
"Huh?" Icefangs was slightly confused with seeing Loni, she thought she had told the dwarf not come this time. Then, sniffing the air, she realized the orcs were rather close. She glanced around once more for Loni, then, grabbing her things, she leapt to the portal, grabbed Ethy's hand, and stepped through, dragging him with her.
(The things im going to say now are not really made up becuse if you know what D&D is, then you should now that im in the process of building it)
First it was dark. Then when your eyes where normal again you saw that your in a room. It had a nice big bed, bookshelfs crammed with books and a few chests here and there. It all looked very nice and finley made. Etharion was up allready and was helping you both up. He was puting away some things while you wandered to the balcony. Outside you see.....that you are in a big tower, or maybe fortres and below there are three rings of city walls. Between them were houses and roads grenn with grass. On the outer side of the walls, a great moat divided the city from the land, and from the other side was the sea(thougt you cant see it now). Many people were going around probably elves, for much of the buildings was still in the building proces. Etharion said " I welcome you both, as the founder of it,...to Tal Templa Eldalie! City of elven magic."
Icey grinned at the sight of the City. "It is indeed very beautiful, Ethy," she said, as she looked out over the great expanse of this place, her keen elven and wolfish eyes picking up many details, such as an odd statue, just beyond her field of recognition. Turning back to Etharion, she asked, "Hey, Ethy, what is that statue over there-" she pointed, "of?"
"It is a staute of the founders. Me and my late companion, Daeron the druid. Im glad that you like the city. Let me take you on a tour." They went first to the flat roof of the fortres, were a great tree was set amid four obelisks. Then to the harbour, and the beaches and fields around the city. It was sunset when they were in the city outside the walls, and were crosing the drawbridge. " You shall get the finest rooms and if their is anything you want just ask the guards and theyll bring you to me. The fortres is very big, above and under ground, and it is easy to get lost. Even more you should watch out for the guarding enchantments. Better go accompanied by the guards, so no harm should come to you. But belive me, after you fall asleep you shall fell better than ever. You have a mages word."
Icey smiled, "Thank you so very much for your hospitality, Ethy." She gazed up and down at the huge fortress, clearly in awe. "I certainly plan to explore the great place, but, I would rather do it without the guards, for they my might be intimidated by my, err, wolfiness. And, I would like to know if my abilities to avoid traps are at their peak. So, if you don't mind, I want to explore, on my own, " she finished.
"Hahah!! I love the way you think. Of course you can go alone. Just please be carefull. And belive me, the guards would not be intimidated. They have seen much stranger and teriblle things than you, if they were intimidated...well they would lose their job. They are trained as the finest warriors and know not how to lose. We had some attacks on the city, for their is great riches and power here. Oh, and just for your fun, their are lots more of underground paths and chambers behind hidden doors. If you find your way to my private study i would be greatly impresed. I shall leave you now to your self. See you soon and have fun." With a farewell he went behind a wall and was gone. Only a huge metal creature-statue was there unmoving.
Icefangs set off through the fortess, waltzing past the guards, and through the vast corridors. She stepped lightly, and kept alert, her keen senses picking up whenever magic was at work.

Upon the discovery of the first trap, which was, in fact, a an odd puzzle in which one was supposed to get across a large gap (which popped up out of nowhere) to the other side. Looking around, Ice could find no visible way across the gap. She closed her eyes, and concentrated, reaching out with what little bit of elven magic she had, searching for a way across. She saw that there was a bridge, invisible to the unaided eye. The bridge was not straight, so she had to stop continually after starting across, to see which way to turn. Just after halfway across, Ice grew tired of the near constant waist of her energy, so she just backed up a little, as much as she dared, and leapt to the other side. She just missed her landing though, and managed to catch herself with one arm. She grabbed the ledge with the other and heaved herself up.

Icey stood, brushed herself off, and stepped softly into the corridor, prepared for another trap.
Etharion was smiling to himself after seeing Ice get past the first trap. He would let her have some fun, but let no harm come to her. So he stod ready to smoth things down.
Upon the discovery of the second trap, Ice was thoroughly amazed. For it was a great maze, mirrors and windows for walls. The maze was set lower than the passages leading away from it's chamber, so one could see generally which way they would try to go before they got into the maze. The walls were incredibly high though, so it would have been impossibly for someone to climb their way to the top and walk along them to the end, well, nearly impossible. To make sure that if she had to resort to that, she would no which way to go, Icefangs used her magic to leave an imprint on the entrance she came from.

Then, confident in her strength, she disregarded the ladder down to the maze and just jumped, which was, in effect, her first mistake. Upon landing, she rolled, so she wouldn't hurt herself as badly. She ended up with a few bruises and scrapes, nothing as serious as what she would have gotten, if she hadn't rolled. She jumped up, aggravated at herself that she would misgage the distance. Her ears pricked up as a low growl echoed from behind her.

She turned around, to meet the snarling, ugly face of, of a huge bird! She then realized the growl was not a growl at all, but an angry squawk! the birds wings were like those of bats, except with feathers. There was a blueish stripe across its beak and a blue fleshy bulge at the base of its throat. A reptilian tail stretched from its end, and its big, sharp beak snapped at her as she slowly stepped back.

Realizing she couldn't fight the bird, she thought it was called a hornclaw, in such close quarters, she did next best, thing: run. She dashed into the maze, intent on losing the bird inside, for it was nearly too large to fit between the walls. The bird flapped its great wings and flew above maze, shoving its beak down in there to catch her.

After stumbling into many of the mirrors and windows in the maze, and having a slightly bloodied nose, she she decided she couldn't run through the maze, either. As fast as she dared so she wouldn't knock herself senseless by running headlong into a wall, she made her way back to the start of the maze.

To keep the bird at bay, she used her magic to leave a hazy visible image of herself running through the maze. She dashed up the ladder to the start of the maze almost three rungs at a time. Seeing the bird coming for her, she backed up as far as she could an ran full speed at the edge of the platform, one hand at her belt of daggers, and the other outstretched. As she reached the end of her ledge, she jumped, forcing her energy into her legs to propel them farther.

The monstrous bird realized its current prey wasn't really there and pulled its beak up out of the maze. Its beady-eyed gaze caught the elf girl leaping for the top of the maze wall. It flapped its wings once and was nearly on her, with one more flap, it was, with all intent to rip her to shreds. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through its head, then another, and another, in rapid succession. The elf! She was throwing something at him!

Icefangs threw three of her daggers at the birds, aiming to blind it. She reached the maze wall and hauled herself up. Not even looking at the hornclaw, she shot off for the other side of the room. Hopping across the walls and keeping a straight course, Ice managed to get there, the half blind hornclaw nipping at her heels. One more slightly magically propelled leap brought her to the ledge. She climbed up and took off running down the hall.

Real sorry, there, dude! Just got real carried away. i'm such a good writer! and I bet that that post is incredibly wrong!
Not at all. I think it was great. Let your imagination lose. By the way you should be getting to your goal now. I shortend the passage to my study so you can get there easier.

Etharion was impresed by the way she handled the hornclaw(or something).But he couldnt quite remember putting it there. Hmmm...well, with all this magic around no wonder a dragon hasnt moved in to live in his cellars.
As she rounded a corner after quite a while of running, she realized the bird couldn't fit into the tunnel, and therefore, wasn't following. Slowing down, a bit of something shiny on the ground caught her eye. Kneeling to inspect it, she realized it was a button or switch of some sort. She pulled out her sword, ready for anything to come running out at her, and pressed the switch.

A grinding floated up from behind her. Turning round she saw the wall sliding sideways into itself, opening up into a doorway. She thought she was ready for anything, well, except this. The room had jeweled walls and a marble floor. Piles of gold and gems and various other trinkets lay scattered about the floor.

She poked her head in and looked around, searching for some sign of danger. She detected none and then walked inside. Something was odd about this room, what with all of these treasures lying around, and no protection for them. Not really caring about the gold, Ice walked over to the nearest pile of stuff and sifted through it.

Her eyes widened as she saw a hilt, a sword hilt. It was jeweled and looked as though it were made from obsidian. She grasped the pommel with both of her hands and pulled. Out came a blade, that looked as though it were made of gold. Some sort of magic pulsed through the sword, and its blade glowed a light green. Holding the golden blade with one hand, she pulled out her own sword with the other. Her sword, though she told no one, was not very well made. It was off-balanced, and with the golden sword in her other hand, it seemed out place, like she had never used it before.

The golden blade felt perfectly balanced and right at home in her hands. She examined its hilt more closely, and found a name etched into it. Trithatus, it read. Satisfied with her findings, Ice slid Trithatus into her old sword's sheath, it fit perfect, and shoved her old sword into the pile of gold, making sure its handle was in the same exact spot as Trithatus's had been, moments before.

She looked around the jeweled room again and saw another door, she had missed it before. She walked cautiously to the door, and pulled out Trithatus, its black pommel warming her hands. She approached the door, sword ready, and it opened by itself! Her expression changed from one of shock, to one of slight relief and she smiled. It was Etharion's study.
Etharion stood in the room. The room itself was large and impresive(of course Elf With a Big Grin Smilie ). It held many bookcases and tables with lots of equipment of all kinds in the procces of making or remaking. A large desk stod in the back of the room, clearly his main space to work on. He smiled as the elf entered."Great job.I see that youv founded the sword i left you. It is very powerfull as it was forged right after my sword."he showed his longsword that was with little ornaments but that gave out a very powerfull aura."I think i did a great job on the two of them. Please come in." As she did, the great door closed perfetcly behind her. "Make yourself comfortable. If you want something just ask me. The treasure room was there just for the time being. It will go back to its right place soon. I sett it there for you only to pick the thing you like most. I must say that i think you made the best choice."
Ice smiles. "Well, thank you very much, Ethy. I really do love this sword."
"Im glad." smiles back. "If your not hungry you should go to bed now. Ill send you back, for the corridors are all closed now. Only i can transport around the fortres, its a measure of saftey so no one else can just jump inside."
Ice nodded, "That makes sense. I'm really tired, so a bed would be nice, but, I have to ask: Where did you catch a hornclaw?"

I got the hornclaw from my magic: the gathering cards.
(i gett it)

"Well i sumoned it. I was suprised to see it when it came. Now let me take you to ou..your room." He steped behind her and wraped his cloak around them."Dont worry, its not what you think." In a second they were in the beutifull bedroom. He lighted the candles the fast way. "Here you go, there are dresses in that closet. I think youll find them to your liking. I wanted to ask you if...if you would come with me the anual Mage fair? It is in Waterdeep this year. It should have been in Baldurs Gate, but some catastrophe happened there..again. I wondered if you would come with me. Oh..but im so stupid. Of course you dont want to go. I bett that your life is waiting for you in your world. Right?"
Ice blushes, surprised that he was ask her to a Mage Fair. She smiled and bowed, saying, "I would love to go with you, for I don't have much of a family back, err, home, and I don't get widely accepted for my, uniqueness."

Have you read the 'Forgotten Realms' books by R.A. Salvatore? I absolutely love Drizzt!
(I didnt read them but i know about Drizzt, yeah hes cool)

Etharion thought that he was the only one that felt uncomfortable asking ."Im glad that your coming with me. We are leaving tomorow. Goodnight." he said leaving the room, very happy.
Ice waved as he turned around, and blew him a small kiss as he left the room. She took off her cloak, threw it on a chair in the room, and flopped down on the bed. She jumped back up almost immediately, having laid on her sword and dagger belt. She took them off, put them on chair that was occupied by her cloak, and flopped back down on the bed. She was asleep almost instantly.
Morning came. Light flooded the room as the curtains opened them selves. The windows opend too, to let in fresh air. It was nice outside. A knocking was heard on the door."Ice, can i come in? Its breakfest time." it was Etharion again.
Ice slowly open her eyes. She was laying in the exact same position she fell on the bed the night before. She sat up, looked herself over, to make sure she still had her shirt and pants on, and groggily said, "Uh, yeah, come in." She scratched the back of her head absently, unaware of how wildly her dark hair was acting.
He laughed slightly at seeing her hair so wild. "Comon you, get up. We shall eat and then travel the first part on horse back." he waited for her to get ready. "Shall we?"
Ice got out of bed, stretched, and nodded. She walked over to a wardrobe in the corner of the room, and said, "I'll be done in a minute. Jus' going to choose a dress for the Fair." Browsing through the beautiful dresses, she chose a very pretty burgandy one, with an open back and revealing to half.

Grabbing a brush, she couldn't remember packing, from her bag, she brushed her dark hair, and tucked part of her slightly longer bangs behind her ears. Satisfied with the dress, Ice used a bit of her magic to make sure it wouldn't get wrinkled and folded it carefully to place in her pack.

Ice slung the bag over her shoulders and nodded to him. "Okay, I'm ready," she said, smiling.
"Ok lets go then." Etharion took care of a few more things and then they set of through the city. Once they were out they started going a bit faster so they could cover more ground. He loved riding like this. And it was even better with Ice nearby.
But it was not good when a female dwarf with an extremely annoying face and attitude shoved Ice off the horse and ran away. It was thought to be the same dwarf that liked ruining all the tense pleasant moments in movies by telling you what happens next or laughing. Yes! The Spotted Daisy had struck again!
They traveled for five days on horseback. Then finaly coming to a forest covered hill they went on foot leading the horses. "We are nearly there." He showed her a secret path deep in the woods and they came to some old ruins. In the middle was a octogram engraved in the stone.He then started doing some preperations and was ready. " There. Just step in the circle and we shall be there in a sec." He started casting and soon a flash of light was all that could be seen. For some time it was like that, and then a sound was heard. Like something big was rushing towards them. And suddenly they were standing on a sunlit octogram in a small field with a road nearby."Welcome to Faerun. Lets go this way." They started on the road and soon great tents and towers were seen.
"These amateurs always like the flashy stuff, but the real stuf is going on in the deeper parts of the fair." They were in the crowd soon so Etharion held on to Ices hand so they wouldnt get seperated, Etharion noticed how many people were staring at Ice. Her wolfish looks and beutiful dress were a stuning combination. He felt very jelous suddenly,so he held his arm around her shoulder protectivly. He didnt want to try anything more yet. Soon he led her through a maze of tents and some of the people recognized him and bowed out of the way. Etharion held his staff and chin high as only a mage can, but he being a elf was less arogant than others. "You should have something to eat, come. " he led her into a big tent with suprisingly fresh and cool air inside." Choose whatever you want to drink or eat. They will surley have it." he smiled at her.
Ice smiled, and said, "Well, how 'bout some, umm," she paused, her dark blue eyes going up to the top of the tent, her hand under her chin in thought. "Oh! I know! I want some BlueIce wine!" she said, her eyes alight at the thought of her favorite drink.

She looked stunning indeed: Her dark hair was pulled back into a bun on top of her head, and her longer bangs hung down, framing her face. The burgundy dress was long in the back, trailing the ground, and shorter in front, just below her knees. Around her stomach the fabric was nothing more than criss-crossed strips, changing back to dark, full cloth going farther up her body. In the back, the dress revealed most her back, the fabric reappearing in the small of her back, while right above that part, for about three inches higher, it was the criss-crossed strips again. The neck of the dress was sort square-shaped, and revealed just enough to entice someone, but not quite enough to think her a, well, a tramp.

She truly looked beautiful in the dress.

*Me, saying wistfully* I wish I really had a dress like that.
Haha, i bet. And i would like to see you wear it Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

The drink soon arived. Etharion was still dazed from how she looked, and was glad that she came here with him. He wasnt really like that, but he knew that the other mages would surely not have such beutifull companions, for not many a mage had the time for such pleasentries. The tent blocked all the sound from the busy fair outside, and inside it was very nice with the tastefully decorated suroundings. He was felling very relaxed and outgoing.
Ice sipped her drink, smiling as the familiar taste overtook her tastebuds. She was very glad to be here, and, was even more glad to be here with him. Turning sideways, so that she faced him, instead of the bar, Ice rested her hand, the one not holding the drink, on it. She was amazed at how many mages were here. She wondered if there were any evil mages here, as well.

La la la.......................

He was havng a splendid time here, but his work waited for him. A meeting of some important mages was begining and his presence was needed. He gave a small bag of gold to Ice and said
"Here is some gold. I think you shall find a lot of interesting things to buy here. Even i find things that still make me smile. Dont worry about your safety, there are great powers at work to keep this event safe and well secret. Oh, and if you mention my name to the merchants, a few of them will maybe even give you a discount. I have a lot of friends here." he winked at her and started for the exit."See you soon."
Ice waved as he left and blew him a small kiss. She paid for the drink and walked back to a stall she had seen on the way to the tavern-tent. The stall was a cloak stall and Ice went directly to the merchant and said, "Excuse me, sir? I would like that cloak back there, the grey, there, see? Oh yeah, my friend Etharion told me tell the some of the merchants that I knew. He said I might get, a small discount."

The merchant smiled and said, "Aye lass, I know Etharion. And I also know a real elf warrior when I see one. Every time one comes this way, they all want that same cloak..." he trailed off, reminising of sometime far in the past. "Sir, if so many have wanted the cloak, then why do you still have it to sell?" Ice asked. "Well lass, the reason is, that cloak back there chooses its owner, not the other way around. See, if it doesn't like you, then it burns your hand when you touch it, but, if it does, then it feels warm and soft. Shall you like to touch it, lass?" the merchant asked her, eager for a sale.

Ice nodded, and held out her hand. The merchant grabbed a pari of tongs that were under the counter and pulled the cloak off of its rack. He lifted high over the counter, and dropped it into her outstretched arms. Ice fully expected to be burned, but, instead, she felt a warming sensation begin in her hands, then make its way, tingling, throughout her body.

She realized she must have had a funny expression when the merchant asked, "How's it feel, lass?" Ice smiled and said, "I'll take it." She didn't want to spend the money Eth gave her all in one place, so reached behind, to an invisible pack, a gift from Eth, and pulled out the gold. She handed it over, and dropped the change in the bag Etharion gave and stuffed the cloak into the invisisble pack, which turned invisible once again as soon as her hands left it.

Ice walked away, her dark eyes alight with curiosity, wondering what else she might find at this Mage Fair.

ARRGH!!!!!!!!!! My foot's asleep! Wake up you stupid foot! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Etharion was still gone . Probably still with some work to finish.
Ice wandered around the large place, managing to spend all of her own money, and most the the money Etharion gave her. When her backpack was full to bursting with various trinkets and oddities, Icefangs found her wat back to the tavern-tent, ordered some more BlueIce Wine, and sat down, waiting for Etharion.
Etharion came back into the room. He smiled as he saw Ice. " I see your still here. Good.Did you find something interesting? Anyway...iv finished my buissnes. Now i am all yours." he grined. "What do you want to do now? Where to go? Please tell me." he said sitting down besides her.
Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I was at my mom's and the computer is all trippy is doesn't work. Anyway...

Ice grinned at him and showed him all the little things she had bought. But, for some reason, she refused to let him touch the gray cloak. One little thing she bought was a necklace that would replace the one she had lost a while back that revealed whenever magic was around.

"Well, since you know your way around this place," she gestured with her arm, and smiled at him, "why don't you show me around? Perhaps there's some entertainment somewhere..." she trailed off. "It makes me very happy when you say that you're all mine," she leaned forward and kissed his cheek, then backed up and smiled, her dark blue eyes glittering.

Etharion smiled back. "Well theres a fun place this way." he said and started to lead her down the crowded streets. Passing many interesting tents they came to cleared space. It had a great big tent on one side with a opening towards the clearing. Lots of people were already gathred around the place. The two found a nice place and waited. As they waited Etharion explained "This is a very rare event, for dragons are not easy to catch. You got it. This is a dragon market. Here they find and bring all kinds of dragons for sale. There is always some new kind to see. And dont worry, they are given all the respect and care they need. Ah, its about to begin."
"Wow," she mouthed as she saw a dragon, for the first time. "They're so pretty! Um, can people, or mages talk to dragons, Eth?" She asked, slightly timid at the sight of a large lizard with wings. She was awed by the dragons.

"Oh yes they can talk. They are great and wise creatures. Sometimes smaret than us. So never even think about making a dragon mad or you will one day get squashed. But they are beutifull creatures yes. i have always had a great love towards dragons and their ways. I have even meet some good ones."
Ice smiles at Etharion, and watches the great creatures' graceful movements. As one rather large dark colored dragon is walked out of the tent, it roars, so loudly that the benches people are sitting rattle. Ice scoots closer to Etharion, and decides, Ahh...what the heck, and lays her head on his shoulder.

Etharion is more suprised by her than the dragons roar. But he said with a wry smile "Oo comon. youv seen scarier stuff than that. But i dont mind your head." he says puting his hand on her shoulder.
Ice grinned up at him. "I know I've seen way scarier than that, and heard, but, it was still surprising," Ice admits. She nuzzles up closer to him, and watches the dragons with her eyes alight with interest.

And then the annoying little dwarf came along, that really irritating one that calls itself 'The Spotted Daisy.' just when it was one of those sweet moments, the dwarf comes along and breaks them apart, and shoves Ice off Eth, and she lands in a dirty, muddy puddle.
"THE SPOTTED DAISY returns to fight the evils of sweet moments, and things altogether non-annoying!"
And she ran off, cackling, and the atmosphere with her.

And by the way, why are some of the posts yellow?
I don't know, Loni. I has been wondering that myself for awhile.

Ice screams in rage. She jumps up, reaches into her bag, and pulls out a grey cloak and a white amulet. She puts them both on, and is engulfed in bright white light. When the light dims a bit, the silhouette of a voluptuous female body, with angelic wings arcing from its back is seen.
The angel screams, so very high-pitched that many of the glasswares around her break. The angel wings turn to demonic, bat-like wings and Loni the dwarf, a.k.a. The Spotted Daisy, pops up from wherever she had disappeared to. The demonic female raises her arms high above her head. A dark ball of crackling energy appears between her outstreched arms.
She flings her arms forward and down, and the huge ball of evil energy flies straight towards the dwarf, where she is rooted to the spot by the power of the girl's magic. The dark energy surrounds the dwarf, she screams, and suddenly both disappear, gone in a mere second. The girl screams once more, seemingly in agony, and the demonic wings turn back into the pure white angel wings.
Now, the angel is crying, and she takes off the cloak and amulet. As suddenly as they had appeared, the wings were gone, gone in a flash of white-hot light. The angel goes back to being regular old Icey, standing stock-still, her eyes distant and glazed, the beautiful burgundy dress covered mud, Ice's blueish hair down, framing her face, it too, muddy. Icefangs collapses.
Just kidding! I wish Ice could that, but, I don't want her to, yet... Besides, Loni, my dear friend, please don't take that as rude, please... Just having some fun, with magic powers. And as far as I'm concerned, that didn't happen, kay?

Etharion smiles as he sees the funny dwarf again." You cant make me angry Loni. To me your just a funny little dwarf. Isnt she cute Ice?" Etharion asks Ice with meanigfull expresion.
Etharion writes some notes ..."can turn into angelic and demonic form, both beatifull forms and...." but then remembers that didnt never happen Elf With a Big Grin Smilie .
(So nothing of that happened right.)

Etharion was feeling very pleasant with Ice with him. " Shall we go somewhere else now?" he asks quietly. " I can hardly heat myself thinking from these dragons.". The dragons really were roaring and belching fire very loudly.
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