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Thread: Pirate`s of the Carribean role playing.

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"What did you call me??Arwen! Now i really!! I think that was completly uncalled for. I was just being observant about my two shipmates. Im really hurt..." Shocked Elf Smilie Orc Sad Smilie
"fine! Sorry Ethy! Didn't really mean it, just havin a bit of fun! Swear on me mother's grave. CUT OUT THE BLASTED PAPA NOEL SONG THINGY BE4 I GO DEAF! alright, all calmed down now."
"Yep. All fine now."
*grml**stops singing*
Pffff.. I like it...
Ok, it's ... eeeh... let's say ...eh...different ?

Ok and, now, shall we start merry good fellows??
Oh, and if youhave boring in the way, I can tell u some nice tale... tale of Buthien and Leren for example... no, there was something worng about that... *thinks hard* Luthren and Berien? Luth...lusus... Oh! I got it! Luthien and beren!!!
Ok, I'll try...
Eh, she was a girl and he was a boy. Just to definite that. I mean, in some regions people think beren is a girl's name. But, eh in any case he was a boy,. A man in fact. And she... eh--- she wuz a dwarf I think. Can't rember but she was differnt of beren. Oh, and of course she was very beautiful... let's see... she had a nice red beard... oh no, is think she was relly no dwarf... but what then? A Maia? Sounds rally better... But I'm ot sure about that too... well... ok, let's do it probably. What folks are there left in ME? Men, dwarves, Maia. And there was this special one, the guy with nthis nice black cloak. ,, I always loved the cloak, but till now I didn't get out of him, where he got it...
Eh... but where was I with my tale?
Ah yes.. well, so as Beren was a men (sure about that now... he had those typical dark yes only men have...) I think she was a dwarf because, Maia were all in that country with V...
Oh I think I*'ll think about it some more and tell you, when I have it....

*goes quietly murmuring away*
*climbs on the ... Crivens What wuz that darned thing called? That tree-like woodthing in the middle...
Oh in german it's called tree, so fellows, this is our tree... *takes some leaves of paper and hangs them on it*
AmariŽ was here
"Ah jaa! Deine Baum ist nicht eine Wurstschnicel!! " said Etharion proudly on account of his 6 years of studying german in school.
"Speak some language I can understand, Bakasans!"
*laughs her head of*
Great Ethy! Needed some time to understand, but... eh...
Well, ok...
Hey, Arwi, don't understand German? And what... when we would meet a German ship?? Well, as there are not many Germans on sea I don't think teher will be taht prolem. *gg+

Oh, another important question...
who's our captain? *looks at her fellows*

"I am!!" said Etharion pufing his chest out." Cause im the only one trained enough for sea travel."
Aaahhh... yes, Captain Ethy...
And, by the way what isour beautiful ship called?
"Captain Ethy! Hahahaha...that sounds funny. What is this thing named anyways?"

Arwen stumbles over to the side and look down.

"um, can't read upside down, but u can try!"
*stands next to Arwen an looks down*
Ok... eh...this is an L... no, it's an a!. Ah no, a is more round on the top, so I think it's an...
oh, let's try the neyxt- what were those dammed things called???...
hm, this one looks cool... has this sort of... bow, so I'd say it's an... oh... moment, please... G!

*one hour later*
So... fifth one... let's guess... an i? I sounds cool, so this is an i...



That's good...
Ok I hope you honour my great ... eh... perils and effort ...*is very confident with herself*
"well, ur a lot better then me! Vingilot it is...if Ethy, ooops, captain Ethy, accepts."
*looks over to Ethy*
Well I'm pretty shure our mighty and honourable Captain Ethy will acept... *g*
"Aye its fine with me. Its a fine name. Idril! Go fetch a bottle of wine so we cn christen the ship anew. Chop chop!!" he yells captainlikely.
AYE Captain!
Where the hell should I et a bottle of wine now? *runs cursing away*
But.. eh... how about this nice barrel of rum? I like rum, you know...
"Oh I love rum!"

Arwen runs after Idril.
"How the heck am i to break a barrel of rum over the ship?! i need a bottle to christen the ship. It would be improper to do it like that! " said Etharion seriusly.
Oh yes...
Well... how about... eh... this...eh... bottle of shampoo? if we wash the shampoo out, we can put rum into it and christen our ship!
But please... don't take to much of this wonderful...
*has already started trinkin and begins to sing that song that starts with "hohooo!.."*
"Hmm. That will have to do. And the song goes Yoho ho and a bottle of rum. Well comon! Fill the bottle and well do this already." he said while sterring the ship.
Arwen, of course has now forgot completely about the whole christening thing and is lying on the barrel of rum with the rum pouring into her mouth and attempt in to sing at the same time.

"Yo ho, yo ho *gurgle* A pirate's life for me...we're something and blighters and ne'er do well cads, DRINK UP ME HEARTIES YO-HO! *gurgle* we're devils and black sheep and really bad eggs..."

Arwen finally gives up on the singing and focuses on listening to her own advice and drinking.
Etharion looks stunned at the two women drinking shameleslly."Todays youth has gone to Mordor..." he says to himself quietly.
"See... in...*gluck* german it's Hohoo... Piraten habens gut... "
Looks over to Ethy, and swings her shampoo bottle.
sooo... let's get this ...this...thingy... out... " She is swinging bottle over till she's pretty sure there's nothing left in it , thenm puts someof nice rum in it and hands it over to Ethy."So, you handle our...eh... ARWEEENNNNNN!! HELP ME! What was this...thingy called? This this... Chri..chros...christ...christen? christening... damn..."has fallen on the planks and now is crouching back to the barrow...
"Nice barrow, nice rum.."
"Give me the bottle!" he leaned over the prow of the ship and smashed the bottle on the side."Hip hip hurray!!!Now everybody together! I officialy rename this ship Vingilote!!" he yelled cherfully.
"YEAH! Hiphip Hurray!!
"that was *hic* marvelous Ethy! Hip *hic* hurray!"

Arwen stumbled to Ethy's side managing not to trip.

"want *hic* some rum*hic*? Join in! *hic*"
Yeah! (hick)
if thereare more of this wonderful, awesome, great, lovely, nice, marvelous, amazing rum, it#s going to e (hick) a woderful journey, don't you think so?
" *hic*Absolutely! *hic*"

With that said, Arwen passed out at Ethy's feet...again
Etharion is tired with their immature drunken behaviur and tosses them both on the deck below..............again
Arwen awoke late the next day with a pounding head and a horrible hangover, next to Idril. She poked Idril, but got no response. Muttering curses, she stumbled to the opening above her and yelled for Ethy to get her out of this blasted thing. She was really getting sick of finding herself in this pit over and over again.
Idril awoke some hours later. Muttering and sweaering she came slowly to her feet.
"Why is everything so... spinning... Autsch" the next second she was laying on the floor again let out a waterfall of curses and swears. For a moment she lay there in silence. hen she grapped the table with one hand and the wall with the other and got up. She stood there for a moment, when seh was pretty sure, she could walk withot falling, she staggered to the door and got out.
Slowly she made her way to the rail and vomited into the dark blue sea.
Realizing there was a door, Arwen stumbled out after Idril and joined her in heaving over the railing.
"Moouuurn-morning...", Idril makes out. and stumbles back. After a moment she feels able to continue "Ay idea where our dear CAPTAIN Ethy is? "
"absolutely none."

Cal stumbles around the boat yelling Eth's name, falling occasionally.

"ETHY!! Where are you?!"
"Im here." he anwsered from a nearby hamock on the deck. The sun was bright, the sky clear, and a breeze played across the deck. "I was enjoying the sunrise."
"Ahhh, sorry, didn't see you...how ru this fine morning?"

Arwen stumbles to the hammock and in an attempt to sit down on it tips it over, knocking Eth to the deck.
Name: Airen
Race: Human
Homeland: unknown
Gender: Female
Age: about 19 or 20
Physical Appearence: Long black hair pulled back into a ponytail, green eyes, white shirt with thin black stripes, black vest, tannish colored pants, Italian-style black leather boots
Skills: Sailing
Special Items/Weapons: Pistol with one or two shots left, small cutlass
Backround/History: Raised by the ocean, has sailor blood in 'er veins. Turned pirate at age 14 officially.

Airen wandered down a small road quietly, looking around her.

((This thread must be brought back!!))
Yes, yes, yes! I couldn't agree more Adreia! The hard part is getting ppl to actually post on it.
Yes, yes, maybe we should advertise in other threads lol. Extra, extra, like pirates? Come join the RPG for 'em!
hi adreia! sorry, I didnt shwow up such a long time... had to muhch for schhool a nd so on and was seldom online... well shall we go on then?

It was the next morning and Idril wandered a bit tired through the streets of the little town. Oh, she wished to sail away now, they had stayed too long already at this darned boring port. Now she had come into the town to get some new ropes and of course rum for the journey.
She didn't oten look up while walking along and was deep lost in thoughts."Ouch!" she yelled suddenly and found herself again lying on the pavement.
Rubbing her aching head she looked up and saw a blackhaired Woman standing a bit angry in front of her. It was obvious Idril had,lost in thoughts as she was, crashed right into her.
She tried a faint smile and asked in her best English: "May I help ya?"
(edited by AmariŽ. No swearing please.)
Airen stopped and looked down at her, then smiled. "Just coming along to see a ship. Name's Airen." She lent a hand down to help her up.

((Yar, schoolwork's difficult lol...well welcome back!))
Arghhhh!! Is this thread still among the living??
@ Ethy: Yeah, think it is...
Quickly taking the hand Idril got up.
"Searching a ship? You found the rigt person... follow me!"
Airen smiled some and followed her, thinking about this Idril curiously. Where's she from? Does she speak English well? Where's her crew? Those questions and many others floated through her mind.
Hey, I heard you guys say you needed more people, but before I join tell me if I'm crowding, I don't wan't to mess anything up!
Rue, it'd be great to have you on board! We sure do need more people for this thread. It'd be fun too!
Thanks!, but I want to read the rest of it first so I know what you'r talking about, I'll come in a bit later when I've finished.
Appearence-Long dirty blonde hair ,auburn streaks run through it, green eyes,fairly tall, slightly tanned skin(from sailing), high cheek bones
Clothes- Tan knee high boots,baggy brown pants (tucked into boots), fitting black shirt with black vest over it always wears a bright red sash
Weapons-Throwing knives, daggers, short sword,is trained in other types of combats but dosn't carry all weapons concerning them.
Back ground/ personality- Has lived on ships good and bad all her life and can't remember if she even had a family, she has a temper but only in really bad situations does she pull out her sword, she is now searching for crew employment.

Adreia, I finnaly finished reading it! Yayyyyyy! (Sorry for the outburst)
Airen looked about the boat in awe, clearly amazed.
"What a pretty boat....ship."

((Yayz for Rue! Yarz, it's an interesting thread =D))
Luel had been sitting at the docks for a little while now hopping to discover the owner of the wonderful ship, she saw two women standing by it and assuming they were the owners walked over.
"You don't by any chance need an extra hand do you?", she asked.
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