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Thread: Pirate`s of the Carribean role playing.

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Airen looked at Luel and grinned, recognizing her.
"Luel! I can't believe it! How've you been?"
She embraced her before remembering to answer her question.
"You'd have to ask the Captain. I don't know who that is yet, but I'd imagine there's a spot for you."
"Long time no see", She agreed," what brings you here? The last time you were, we were going after those wine thieves, ahhhhhh,that run was fun."
Airen laughed some.
"Aye, those were some good times, eh? I came here to find a job too! Especially on a boat!"
"Well, if we're both accepted than it will be just like old times." She looked toward the ship.
" What are we waiting for? Let's go!"
Airen smiled at the mention of old times. So many memories flooded her thoughts as she led her old friend up on the ship with Idril ahead of them. She took them to the Captain's quarters and knocked on the door...
Come on Etharion, where are you?

P.s., You really need more guys don't you?, being surrounded by women is going to get annoying after a while.
Not for me, i asure you! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Winking Smilie

"This is my ship after all, so all new comers better report to me!!!"
Name: Ana Maria
Position: Eth's first mate :P
um, can't remember the rest so if you want to know what I am go back and find it..it's there somewhere.

Ana Maria glanced at the newcomers, then went below decks while Capt. was talking to them.
"Well, are you in need of a crew or not?", Rue asked in a serious tone.
"Aye." he said simply.
" Then we can help each other",Rue smiled.
Airen gave a sweeping bow to the Captain.
"Pleasure to finally meet the Captain of this splendid ship. My name's Airen, Sir, and I have come to look for a job, which I imagine you have. Anyway, would you be so kind as to show my friend and myself around?"
Luel made a point of not bowing, she would work under some one but that didn't mean she would serve them,even if it was out of courtesy there was no bowing in her book. She nodded to her friends coment.
The Captain nodded and grabed the two girls by their shoulders. He pushed them acros the deck while explainig some well know facts about ships. "...and thats about it ladies. I can show you the captains quarters now if you like." Animated Wink Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Airen giggled some and smiled up to the Captain softly.
"I think we basically know every nook and corner of the ship now, Captain, thanks."
"Very well. Very well. Then you two should better start scrubing the deck. Seeing that you know the ship so well, i want it to sparkle!!" yelled the Cap'n. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"Ah, as I see, you've already made friends? Woderful, wonderful thing ... ah, 'nother new meber for the crew? Fine... sorry, I didn't show upp... had to try out the new rum..."
Airen followed the Captain's orders, getting right to scrubbing the deck. All the while she sang an old sea-song to herself.

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!

She continued on, repeating the song for quite some time.
Luel smiled as she listened to her friend sing,so many times before had she heard it...She got down on her knees and began her work.Hopefully they would leave soon,action was what the two really had in common.
Airen stopped soon, and looked up to Luel, catching her eye. Airen's eyes gleamed mischeviously, and she gave a somewhat wicked smile (trust me, her usual). Airen sang the song a couple of more times until it was stuck in everybody's head.
>Ah, the taste of adventure,< she thought with a grin. >It is so close!<
Luel knew that smile,it was the one that would show when times changed and memmories flooded, not having seen her friend in so long had left her memmories in a haze,she would have to wait a while longer for her own to reveal themselves.
Airen glanced about, seeing no one around, then slid Luel a bottle of rum with a note attatched to it. She grinned, many memories coming up.

Here's to old times, the start of an adventure. To freedom!

She smirked and looked back down to her work, that grin still on her face.
Luel couldn't believe it,her friend still had it,after all these years at least one skill hadn't slipped her, wine raiding had always been her speacialty, smiling she slipped it beneath her sash,ready to share it later...
Airen smiled, knowing Luel had remembered, then scrubbed harder and faster so she could spend more time with her friend.

Soon, she was done, the sun beating down harshly. She looked up at Luel. She had finished at the same time. Quietly, Airen went into a small room out of the way on the ship, and sat at the table in there.
"So what do you think,being back aboard a ship? It's been much too long in my case...just simple runs now and then".She slipped the rum from her sash,she never took that sash off,and the reason seemed pretty obvious now.Pouring them each a glass she leaned back.
Airen picked up her glass and took a long drink.
"Aint it a ourdy picture to be back on a ship! Aye, aye, I've missed the sea like me own family. She calls, she does, calls me like a dog. Ah, great to be back on board. An o' course, ye know many more memories are a'comin!"
She laughed and took a long drink of rum, then put her glass down.
"Eh, we fergot our toast!"
Shtanding up, she chanted:

Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
No ladies involved, smart as they are,
All sailing away on the sea,
Aye aye! A pirate's life fer me!

Freedom ring, freedom rang,
Sail our ships
Till we clang
On a cold morn'
By the dratted rope!

She raised her glass and sat down again.
Luel laughed as she listened,then wondering where the captian was poked her head out the door,she wasn't about to leave on her first day.

Etharion,are you still here?
Airen grinned again, finished her glass, then set it down and stood up.
"Per'aps we should go an find 'im..."
She shrugged and looked out the door as well.

Haha Rue, dude 454! Wow, that's my house number Wink Smilie
You guys, I'm gonna leave this RP,I have way too many and have to cut one,I'm not shure how you want it to go about,so you have permission to decide Luel's fate.
The captain was in his quarters. He could not be bothered to have fun with the rest of the crew. That would be unprofesionall of him....
I'll play Luel for Rue! =)

Airen walked back out onto the dock, Luel right by her side. They were indeed the dynamic duo of this crew.
Airen and Luel looked around, still not seeing anyone nearby. They looked at each other and shrugged, sitting on the edge of the ship.
do u guys smind if i join this thread? i could come on as a stowaway or something.
A stowaway...hm...that'd be super to have! Good idea Eo, whenever you are ready come on in!
I think I've caught up enough at home so I'm thinking of coming back...
Yay Rue!!!

Airen leaned against the ship-side, looking out over the water.
"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest! Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!" she sang to herself softly.
I'm back!
Luel walked to the edge of the deck,"It's been a long time..." She looked around her remmembering old times.
Airen looked up to Luel and smiled mischeviously.
"Indeed, it has been a long time. Too long, I say. But this ship will hold us on account for many more memories to come, you can be sure."
Airen looked up to Luel, eyes alight.
"Yes...it will..." She smiled and closed her eyes taking the scent of the sea back in.Being away for too long wasn't good for her,it created an uncertainty she couldn't get away from.
Airen raised a brow slightly at Luel's actions, then nodded, remembering Luel's ways. She placed a hand out over her friend's.
"Don't worry, you'll remember soon. Maybe a bit more rum in your blood'll do good."
Luel was suddenly embarassed,letting her emotions flow like that wasn't good out at sea.Shaking her head,"I'm fine, I'll remember".
Airen nodded, drawing back her hand.
Luel sighed,"I'm sorry,lets just find something to do,even work would relieve someone of such a awkward silence,work and wine both..." She looked back and smiled,remembering previous times when she had too much wine aboard a ship.
Airen stood up straight, hmm'ing to herself.
"I suppose we could always go find more rum and have a lot of fun."
She smirked, looking to Luel.
"Down we go then?" Asked Luel watching her friend.

If Eo is a stow away than where she would be,now ,below.
Yeap, nowhere else she could hide :P

Airen grinned and led the way down below. She quietly sneaked about, finding a barrel, most likely holding apples. She tried to kick it aside, but it was too heavy to be moved with a kick. A groan came from inside.
"What the..."
She opened up the top and gasped.
"What?" asked Luel puzzled,then looking inside she saw,this was the oddest thing that had happened while she was on a ship,surely there had been stow away's before,but this was a hidding place she had not considered.Slowly she stuck her hand inside.
Jenny Flint, a girl of 19, stood up from her hiding place. "Hey there!" she said, holding out her hand. "The names Flint, Jenny Flint. Who be you?"
Airen narrowed her eyes a bit, extending a hand.
"Name's Airen. This 'ere is Luel. Welcome aboard, Jenny."
Jenny climbed out of the barrel and looked around, "It took you long enough to find me! I thought I'd have to set in that barrel the whole time. Now," she said, walking towards the stairs, "where be me berth? I want a more comfortable sleeping place than that there barrel."
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