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Thread: Pirate`s of the Carribean role playing.

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Airen tilted her head a bit and smiled, a smile that Luel knew all too well.
"Aye aye, well met, me man. Now, 'and o'er the lady below, the 'un goin 'ysterical, or yerself. Ye will be tortured if ye come yerself, so tis better with the lady."
She kept her pistol up, ready for anything.
Luel stood and walked across the deck to her friend,"Whats taking so long?" She said in a low voice,then smiling,"There going to feel pretty stupid having been taken advantage off by such a small crew"
Airen whispered softly to Luel so the other ship wouldn't notice.
"They think we 'ave eighty somethin men on 'ere. We jest 'ave to play along, savvy?"
Airen turned and looked once more toward the Captain of the other ship.
Captian carter was aghast that the Piratesknew about the Lad Joan! Now what was he to do he couldent just hand her over, but H couldent fight! h know that his ship was no matcg for the overpowering ship the sat in his way! "we can talk. There is no reason this must end like this!" He shouted. He was not ready to hand over the most valuable piece of cargo on board his ship!
Rue muttered a curse in Southerner and stepped closer to the edge of the ship,"There is nothing to talk about",She looked over to her friend,"Wht don't you fire once or twice to get them going?"
Airen smirked, firing into the air a couple of times.
"Either ye 'and o'er the lady, or I blow yer brains out. Simple as that. See this ship? It's much better'n yers. Ye'd be riskin yer neck to protest, so jest 'and the lady o'er. There's out lil...chat."
The Captian went below deck to speak with the Lady Joan. "My Lady." he said "It is you they are after, it is unlikely that they will harm you. Most likely they just want ransome. They have thretend to kill everyone on board if I do not turn you over to them. Please come with me. You know that I must place the safety of my crew above everything else!"

Lady Joan's face turned as white as chalk! "Won't you even fight? I will not allow my self to simply be passed off!" As she spoke she turned and sat in a nearby chair.

The Captian was enraged by this girls arrogance, "I will NOT let you endanger the safety of my crew!" He grabed her by the wrist and draged her up on deck. Then forced her into a row boat and lowered her into the water near the Pirate ship. The entire time listening to her screaming that he would pay for his fooloshness!
Luel waited until the boat came close enough and with one swift motion grabbed the girls arms and pulled her over the decking. She steadied her and backed up wary of the girls high pitched screams.
"Unhand ME!!" Cried Lady Jane, "If I am injured you will pay dearly!" and she riped her arm away form the pirate.
"Hold it there,have I made any intention of harming you? No. And I have none,Hoolies,I don't even know who you are!",Luel stood where she was and looked at the girl."You deffinitly arn't one worth anything if all you can do is yell and scream".
" If you don't know who I am then Why Pray Tell did you demand that I be handed over to you!" Lady Jane was furieus! Her previously Ashen face was now Crimsone! "And as for my name does it really matter? I think not!"
Luel stepped closer,"Look you're here,you can't change it and you're looking at three deadly sailors who don't care if you fall over board." She uttered a curse in southerner and looked away,"You're name doesn't matter to me and neither does the fact that you're here, but I follow orders and nothings about to change that. The Captian wanted you so she got you,take it up with her".
"Very well that is exactly what I shall do!" Lady Jane lifted her hoop skirt, enough to manuver about the mas of ropes, and stray boards. "If you know what is good for you you will show me to your captian! NOW!" Lady Jane nearly screamed at the Pirate. "Then I demand to be taken to my quarters!"
Luel smiled with satisfaction at the girls comment,she pulled her sword out and began muttering northern curses,"Do really think you've any authority here? Hoolies,your sandsick!" She looked at the girl wondering if it would be best to throw her over board and be done with it.
"Thank ye very much Sir, very obliged."
Jenny hopped onto the deck as well, holding numerous goods from the other ship in her arms. Airen laughed, the pirate ship sailing away, leaving them behind. She whistled a song to herself while standing at the wheel.
Adriea,we've already brought her aboard...
>.< Gawsh darnit, my reading skills have left me! I I'll fix my post, don't worry
"I'm sure that you'r Captian would have a thing or two to say if you threw me over boared!Odviesely I am here for a reason. So if I were you I would watch how I acted!" With that said Lady Jane began to walk away, looking for the Captian.
Airen glanced over her shoulder to Lady Jane and smirked.
"Where ye be off to, matey?"
The captain had just woken up in the crows nest, high up on the mast. He hollered down "OY!! What are all ye doing?? Get to work, lousy barnacle eaters!!! im gona rest a bit more...."
Laughing, Ana Maria, snuck up behind Eth and dumped a barrel of water on his head, then moved to the other side to watch his reaction from a safe distance.
Wher was she of to, that's what the pirate had asked. There was nowhere to go! The lady Jane marched straight into the Captians quarters, and entered without knocking. She looked around, and seeing that noone was in the room sat down a large, and verry elaborate chair. "I shall await the return of the Captian here! and I shall not leave untill I speak with him!" As she spoke she crosed her arms in defiance.
The Lady Jane was determined to not let the roughness of the Pirates, affect her! she was a lady, and no mater the circumstance she would remain souch!
Airen rolled her eyes, then heard something in the hull of the ship. It sounded like...something falling!
"I'll be right back," she said to no one in particular.
She went down to the hull and looked around, then felt something enter her side. She blinked and looked, then paled and placed a hand there. She had been shot!
"Better'n swingin..." she muttered, then crippled and collapsed, not to move again.

The stowaway got up out of the barrel, then laughed a bit, blowing over the top of pistol before putting it away.
"I'm back," said Captain Jack Sparrow through a grin.

Yes, it is time for a character change! Hope you all don't mind.
Lady Jane was getting tired of just sitting and waiting, so she began to search the room for some trace as to why she was brought on board this dreadfull ship. She glanced out the door to see if anyone was watching, or could see into the room. To her surprise it appeared as if she hada ben left unguarded, she could see noone anywhare on the deck. Suddenly a thought came to her that perhaps she could escape! Silently she opend the door and crept out, making her way to one of the small row boats. She tried to lower it to the water, but she was unable to hold the weight. The boat crashed into the ocean, causing a dreadfully loud splash!
Jack had put his pistol away. He put Airen's body over his shoulder and quietly went up on deck. He took Airen's belongings, then dumped her body into the ocean. The splash sounded louder than it should've been! He looked around, then saw one of the boats was missing! Jack went over there and looked overboard. In the boat, he saw a beautiful lady. She seemed helpless...he schemed and quickly thought of a plan, then jumped overboard into the water. Spurting out water, he clamored into the small boat with Lady Jane.
"Greetings, M'lady. I'll help you sail out of here, on me honest word."
He looked at her curiously, awaiting an answer.
Lady Jane started screaming! The sudden arrival of the pirate was more then her senses could handle. "What do you People want with me!" She cried desperately. She wasn't about to let herself be alone with a pirate. She desperately scratched at the ropes still hanging from the ship, and tried with all her might to climb. This proved to be a dificult task concidering the weight of her dress, and her inexpierience.
Captain Jack Sparrow blinked. He was thinking about this lady...she seemed crazy! Did he want to help her? He did a soul search and...yes. He decided to help her.
"M;lady, please, I am not gonna do any harm to you. What's said is said, and I promised to help you out of here, on me heart."
He extended a hand up to her for her to grab.
Concidering that Lady Jane was making little if any progress in her attempr to climb back up the rope, she gave up. Having no other apparent options she shakily took the hand of the pirate in the boat. She would go with him, but as for trusting him, no self respecting French Lady would trust a Pirate! sitting down with a huff, she turned to the man "And What prey tell will you be getting out of this little arrangement?"
Captain Jack Sparrow shrugged, lifting an oar, then started paddling.
"I can escape from them, they'll probably want me head, and I am given the chance to escourt a beautiful lady, such as yourself, to safety. Life doesn't get much better than this."
Lady Jane crossed her arms in defiance. "If he was expecting her to help him row the boat, the he odviousely dident know who he was dealing with!" she thought. "Well if you plan on getting away, I would suggest rowing faster! Or we are sure to be captured!"
Captain Jack Sparrow looked curiously at this conspicuous lady, then rowed a bit faster.
"I can't go much faster, M'lady. I hope this speed will be good for you."
He looked over his shoulder to see where he was going, then suddenly jolted the oars, going quickly over the swells.
Lady Jane instinctively grasped the seat to keep from being thrown into the sea. As the Pirate was trying to keep the small boat afloat in the increasingly turbulent ocean, the Lady Jane cought a glimpse of the marking on hei forarm. Her breath caught in her throat, and she could feel the color drain from her face. It was no other the Jack Sparow! What kind of a mess had she gotten herself into this time?
Captain Jack Sparrow looked back to Lady Jane. He raised a brow at the loss of color in her face.
"Are you okay M'lady? And what's your name?"
He kept a fairly steady course over the swells, rowing continuing on.
Lady Jane looked about anxiousely, not really sure of what she was looking for. In her mind she was looking for some way to avoid the topic of who she was. She didn't want Jack Sparow! to realize who she was, the doughter of Lord Colbert Dumas! "My name is Joan." She said finally.
Captain Jack Sparrow looked at her with a curious eye.
"You're very pretty for a common girl...nice to meet you. I'm...Jack."
He grinned and kept rowing, not saying much else.
lady Jane wasn't sure from the way Sparow had comented, if he guesed that she was noble? For she knew her clothin was not.... well...average, and she hoped that she was not acting like a comoner! In manny ways she felt relief that the pirate didn't seem to realize anything about her, however at the same time she felt a little bit of dread. There was a part of her that actually wanted to be bak on the pirate ship! Because now her fate rested in the hands of no other then Jack Sparow Himself!
Captain Jack Sparrow glanced around again, whistling some. He kept rowing for what seemed to him an eternity. After a while he stopped all together, letting the boat drift on the swells some. He stopped whistling and looked over at Lady Joan.
"You need anything to eat or drink?"
Lady joan Laughed at the pirates question! "I did not exactly plan this escape! And I certen;y didn't bring any food!" The Lady Jane cept clancing around seretely hoping that a ship would apear. "So, what now? Where do we go from here, do you have some secret pirate island or something? Or do you plan or returning me?"
OOC: HELLO! is anyone around anymore? what hppened to you gheat pirates? I'm sittingin the middle of the ocean with Sparow! not much I can do here.
uhhh, I have absolutely no idea what to write and yeah, I'll post as soon as I can come up with something. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
by this time Lady joan was beguining to feel the Mal de'mur (sea sicnes) head on1 she leaded ver the edge of the small boat, and prayed that she would soon see another ship1 She would even go back with the pirates, if they came! She as deaperate to get of the stuffy little toy boat!
Captain Jack Sparrow watched the lady with a slight smile. He tossed her some bread, then returned to rowing.
"Just eat a bit, M'lady, it'll be better for yo to do so."
Zephrah took the bread and examined it. Spoting a bit of mold she tossed it back. "No thank you, It would most likely make me sic, and besides I'm having a bit of a problem with Mal'Demur! (seasickness) I thought the ship was bad but THIS!" Lady Jane covered her face, and tried without much succes to controle her composer.
Captain Jack Sparrow watched the Lady carefully.
"Just throw up over the side M'lady...nothing more you can do. We should reach land by nightfall."
He smiled slightly, arms and back burning, his muscles screaming for rest.
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