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Thread: The drow

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Drizzt slips silently from the tree his eyes glittering with the prospect of killing a priestes of lloth. His blades gleam as he checks them before resheathing them and folding himself into his tattered cloak. "Let us be off the." he says softly.
Aspen,leaning against a tree took a bota filled with aqivi out of her pack. She drank slowly as she waited for the others. "This will be truly interesting",She muttered to herself,then,in a louder voice,"Is there anything specific we could encounter up front? Or just in general obsticals?"
"I dont know. Perhaps some druegar. Dark dwarfs that is." said Nym. "But i think we shall overcome them easily if they prove a threat."
Nerthis went with the others to the underdark after he slipped out of his tree.
"I hope everyone had a good night sleep," he said while stretching his limbs. Sleeping in trees wasn't that comfortable, but one will get used to it. After a quick check on his hunting knives and his bow they set off. During the walk they encountered nothing much of an obstacle untill a few hours before dusk. Nerthis spotted with his trained eyes for hunting a small group of Dark Dwarves.
"I didn't know they ventured out. But anyway it seems they are coming on the path we were about to take to the underdark." And indeed those dwarves were on the road the group was going to take.
"Shall we fight, or shall we take a detour and save our strength?"

But before anyone could answer this question they saw that the Dwarves had spotted them and grabbed their axes. Nerthis grabbed his bow and lay a feathered arrow carefully against the string and pulled it backwards. "It seems we have to fight. They saw us. Prepare yourselves."
Nerthis took aim on one of the eyes of the Dwarve running at the front of the group of his kinsfolk. He released the arrow and with a soft "woosh" the arrow flew through the air. After the first Dwarve fell down the others quickened their pace and were ready to fight.
Nerthis took another one down with his bow, but there were a little bit too many for him alone. There were still about 18 Dwarves left for them all.

So, I brought us some action. And now lets fight.
If you don't agree to this action, just say so, and I will edit my post.

"Oh goodie", Said Aspen in her monotone voice,"Something else to kill". She drew her Cwellen and began aiming at thier attackers."Magic would be a waste on such simple creatures",She muttered firing another disk.

Sounds good to me!

Cwellen- crossbow like weapon that fires razor edged disks.
Nym fired a few arrows at them before they were to close from his longbow, and then he unsheated his blade. He wielded a bastard sword. With it he ran into the dwarves slicing and parrying at them. "Yaargghh! Lets finish with these Druegara quickly!! Underdark awaits!"
Nerthis fired a few more arrows before they were to close, even for him. He drew his two hunting knives, and relying on his speed he tried to evade the axes of the dwarves.
"Darnit, this is not going to work. Stupid close combat." A axe swung down on him, just missing his head. Though it missed his head, it succeeded in hitting his shoulder. Blood started to run down his arm. It looked like a nasty wound. Quickly he jumped up into a tree, even though it meant that he had to drop his knives.
He shot a few more with his bow and waited untill all the others were killed by those who were better skilled in close combat.
Drizzt speeks in the language of the underdark, "Who do you think you are attacking Drow of Menzoberranzan." the dwarves stop fighting and look at the strange elf with the lavender eyes. One of the dwarves speeks, "You have a price on your head elf." Drizzt mutters a curse and casts fairy fire on the dwarves lineing them in purple danceing flames that don't burn but make them easyer to see for the party as he joins the fray his blades sliding in and out of the dwarves quickly.
Can I play?
I would like to be a Drow
Age: 23

I've Silver Black skin, long silver hair, small green eyes and 6 ft tall. I'm usually dressed with a scale-mail shirt, a pair of brown boots, dark pants and a grey jacket. My name is Draviz.
Is your character male or female. Ofcourse you can play along. Maybe it's a good idea to pick you up in the Underdark. We're passing through it, so we can pick you up.

After Drizz and the others had killed all the dwarves, Nerthis climed out of his tree. "Does anyone have some bandages for my shoulder?" Since no-one had any, Nerthis tried the best he could do with a piece of cloth from his cloak. He re-sheathed his hunting knives which were still laying on the floor.
"Is everyone okay?" All nodded that they were okay.

During their walk to the Underdark Nerthis asked Nym: "Is it okay that we pick up some others at the Underdark? You invited us along, but I think there would be others who would like to join us. I have a friend, Draviz, who would love to get out on an `adventure'. He is quite a skilled fighter, though a bit young. "

When they reached the Underdark the group entered a small pub where they met Draviz.
"This is him," Nerthis whispered to Nym. "The friend I spoke of."
Drizzt watches the newcommer his silver eyes flashing over the apearance. "I don't trust you" he states flatly, "Your probly only here for the price on my head." His hands dance on the hilts of his scimitars.
As they reached the last humam pub, after which the denzins of the Underdark took control over all the activities, Nym anwsered Nerthis. "Well..perhaps. But ill keep a eye on him all the time." then he looked at Drizzt. "Now now Drizzt. Dont get pompous. Not everyone is after that head of yours." he said with a wink. "Im interested in how long this newcomer is going to survive with us." he said darkly.

Welcome Aldir. Its a pleasure to meet you. Good luck! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
"Well if he slips up he certainly won't survive long",Muttered Aspen under her cloak. She eyed the newcomer with suspition and fingered the leather straps of her Cwellen. "After all, we don't usually miss,no matter the target".

Drizzt glares at the newcommer his lavender eyes flickering in the darkness. "I should do something to make myself stand out less." He takes a strip of cloth out of his pack and wraps it around his eyes tying it behind his head making a perfect blind fold. though even without his eyes he can see everything around him using his other sences.
OOC:This is my finale post on tolkien so enjoy.
Drizzt breaks away from the party and stumbles right into a priest of Lloth that recognises him and she pulls out her whip with the multipule snake heads and strikes him down dead.
WOOO!!! Why the sudden change? AARRGGHH!!! At least tell us why man! I hate when people dissapear! Oww... Orc Sad Smilie
OOC: ask Ikaruss.
Glory findel stumbles in then stops wide-eyed like a deer caught in head-lights.
O,heh heh,sorry wrong dark drippy cave,bye.
*hugglez ethy* it's fine, people always come and go...anyhoo, i'll post again whn i catch up on this thread =)
Aspen shifted her Cwellen impatienly and returned her attention to the group,"Could we please continue? Standing here isn't exactly accomplishing anything." Her voice was surprisingly loud compared to her usual mummbling.
"Yes, I agree, let's move on. There is no use in standing here, looking around," Mela stated.

Alright D. Come back soon, we'll miss ya.
Hy Adreia! Ok, we continue without Drizzt.

Nym looked worried. He kept looking around at the caves. "Something is not right. You have all been awfully too loud, and yet, nothing happened. Odd. Let us continue with caution. I dont want to die because of your incompotence, so keep your eyes peeled!" and he continued deeper into the tunnel.
Nerthis followed Nym deeper into the tunnel.
"Was something suppose to happen?" Asked Aspen from under her hood, "In a place like this not much could". She eyed the darkness as they progressed deeper into the tunnel.
"I don't know what should have happend," said Nerthis with a soft voice. "I'm not such an adventurer, except ofcourse the adventure of hunting. I think Nym expects either a warm welcome with loads of ale, or hostility. Or at least some activity."
Nym continued to listen intently at anything except the dripping water. And then he heard it....
A low grumbling sound, like when rocks and earth move, but they saw nothing. But Nym knew what was to follow. "Everyone, get ready! We got a bug problem..." and then 3 large creatures crashed their way into their tunnel. They were somekind of big beatles, nearly the size of a cave troll. They had bug eyes and large strong hands. "Dang Umber hulks!!! They just keep coming back. Yaaah!" and he rolled on the floor, evading the creatures first strike, and in the same moment slashing at its legs.
"Action again!" shouted Nerthis. Immidiately he grabbed his bow and loaded it with an arrow. He walked back to be at a safe distance. The bugs were large enough to be aim at without any drow or elf or man standing in the way. After a quick aim Nerthis released the first arrow. It hit the first creature right in the eye. A high pitched shriek sounded through the air. The next arrow hit the same beast again, but a few inches away from the first impact. As a hunter Nerthis knew how to hit a beast with his bow. The creature fell badly wounded to the ground. It's faul blood dripped over the floor.
Just a few pointers. The Umber hulks are nearly impervius to arrows (except their eyes). Second, they are not very evil. They are just big beasts looking for food.
Are we going to continue to play? I stopped by the game store the otherday and I've been browsing through some books concerning the Drow and the Underdark. I feel ready to continue to play now. But I'm waiting for your next moves. There are still some giant insects trying to eat us. So what are you going to do?
I dont know mate! I posted my stuff, and im still waiting to hear from the rest. Maybe we should contact them.
Sorry peoples, I'm having a case of writers block, not only with threads, but essays, research and a few novels... Grrr...
Sorry peoples, I'm having a case of writers block, not only with threads, but essays, research and a few novels... Grrr.

We have alot of homework.
(hi im hoodie!)
Hey everybody. I know I haven't been on here in ages and I'm terribly sorry. Blame it on my parents. :P
I dont blame you Arwen, i know what you have to deal with. Hy Hoodie. Nice to meet you.
But i do hope this thread dosent fade away...
can i join? Smoke Smilie
same here. (I can give you bio and I have also read all of the drizzit books and also know some on drow and other denizens of the deep. Also D&D) I can play what ever is needed so just let me know. P.S. I can be a rebel drow wizard or I can be a snuverrbin (these are deep gnomes which are a little like hobbits) cleric. Just let me know.
I'm assuming we've got another dead thread on our hands.
I agree. oh well. but it is one less thread to worry about.
wow you guys got really far without me. Jease I leave and everything comes to a standstill.
wb but does this mean this thread could be brought back to lfe or did you just drop bye?
If you wish drizzt to return you need find a priest that is not faithfull to lloth and have them bring me back from the grave. then we shall see if I can revive this thread.
Ok you will be revived later today because right now i am at school and dont have enough time to put up my bio. And the priest will be cadderly though so just to let you know what to expect.
Calin stumbles accros the body of what he knows to be drizzt. He has been tracking him for the past week when through his friend pikel the dwarven "doo-dad" he learned that Drizzt had become lost to the world not only to Cadderly, but Alustrial, The Simbul, Elminester and all the other powers that be in Faerun. It took some convincing for Alustrial and Cadderly to persuade the others to help find the perfect tracker because thay knew that all magical means might be noticed by the drow, and that Sharantyr who was the most likely along with others of the 7 chosen of mystra would be likely, but they were too well known as the same with others of drizzts company. Calin lit the leaf on fire as he was told to do by pikel. It errupted into smoke, and in its place stood Cadderly. He quickly revived Drizzt and said to move on as fast as you can because the drow wizards will have pinpointed where the burst of magic came from and will be sending people as soon as possible, and there are other creatures like the kuo toans and the illithids that have probably felt the burst of magic.






Look-Green Eyes, blonde hair. fair skin. His eyes shine with a quality that does not allow insight into what he has faced.

Clothes-Forest green shirt with Brown pants and Cloak.

Long bow
He has his quiver that will never run out of arrows.
a longsword that is obviously elven made
two hunting knifes

Special abbilities- Calin is lightning fast and extremely nimble. These he uses to his advantage when using his bow for which he is most well known. His speed allows him to have multiple arrows in the air at a time while running. when beset upon close up he will use his long sword and a knife along with his nimbleness and speed to finish off enimies quickly and efficiently. He can blend in with rocks and trees to the point wear even if you know where he is it is almost impossible to see him.

armour-hide that his been magically enhanced to work like mithril chainmail.

(you can take over now that you are alive. I just gave a background as to why my character was here and why you are alive.And i hope that I dont get in trouble because i mixed quite a few stories of faerun. oh well.And i think that first move should be kill the umber hulks attacking the other party so those who want to come back can and those who arent here can just have died during the break. I know Rue is still here and Etharion, Adreia to i think...)
Drizzt throws himself into the frey his blades lightning quick and twinkle shinning blue the whole time as he slid in and out of the beasts sliceing and diceing.
"Die ye blasted beasts." he shouts wishing his friends Bruner, Wolfgar, and Catibre were here to back him up.

I'm truly impressed with your knowledge of the works of salvator man.and thanks for the assist
Salvator is up on my favorite authors list along with greenwood and some other forgotten realms writers. well back to the battle.
Calin Fires strait for the Eyes of the last beast wounding it majorly before It attacked. He then pulls out his sword to finish it off.

for those who want to come in or back in now is probably the time to do it.
Aspen smiles at more action and watched as the last few were taken care of.

(Welcome back Drizzt, and it's good to get going again!)
Calin finishes off his best and then looks around to see who didnt make it now that all the Umber hulks are dead.
Drizzt looks down on the corpses at his feet and smiles sollomly. "I guess we should get going if we wish to get money and spells and everything else we wish from this adventure. I said we staied away from Messobarozan but I think it would be worth while to attack the school of magic there. Follow me if you are willing to go even though the chances of us surrviving are slim to none." He takes off at a break neck pace towards his old home.
Aspen replaced her hood without comment, and followed silently. Pulling out another leather bound book from her bag, she continued to further her studies as they walked down the tunnels. She enjoyed the idea of another attack and looked forward to the challenge she expected to meet them.

So, are those who aren't here now dead?
Not sure whose comming back and whose not those who are comming with should post within the next few days or we will be forced to leave you behind.
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