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Thread: The drow

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Heh heh..heh..I started school, and am now a junior in high school....ehm...w00t! So I'll try to keep up with you guys...sorry. Orc Grinning Smilie

Kaoru glanced around the chamber while Etharion looked Catti over, and noticed the bottles and flasks on the shelves on the walls. Stepping closer, she realized that some bottles had been taken recently, most likely by the one who had accosted Catti-Brie. She started picking up bottles, examining their color and thickness in the light from a torch nearby. She pulled the top off of some of them, catchin a whiff of a few. One or two made her sneeze.
"Wait, Catti-Brie, do you know who attacked you?" she asked, turning back to the other two, while holding a couply small flasks in each hand. She put them in her bag, and tied about five small reddish colored ones to her belt.
i'm a senior...its my last year!!!!!!!!!! school starts here tomorrow, and i'm gonna die, soooo not a morning person. (i don't know how much time i'll have to get on, but i'll try to keep up or have someone fill in for me.) I hope my posts are of some use Loss...

"yes, i know who attacked me. But i don't think he meant to hurt me, he needs my help," Catti murmmured. Glancing down at the ground, she noticed the dried spots resembling the tears on her hand. Stifling a gasp, Catti stood up and began to follow the trail of dried tears out of the small alcove, motioning for the others to follow in silence. Giving no heed to their clueless expressions, she simply set off without explaining or waiting for them to follow. As Catti exited the alcove, a quiet whisper spoke in her head of despair and hopelessness but no directions. Pushing it back in her mind, she continued to follow the trail.
Etharion followed her eyes as she spoted the smudges on the floor from the tears, and then sudenly she was off. "Wait!." but she was gone down the passage. "Common..we cant leave her alone now.."
Kaoru nodded her agreement and scrambled out of the hole back into the underground corridor. Dashing around the golem, Kaoru sprinted down the hallway, soon catching up to Etharion and then slowing to run beside him. Her fists clenched and unclenched as she ran, muttering, "I can't believe I trusted that traitor to watch Catti and Drizzt while I went away. If I had just stayed...he might not have had the chance to run..."
Waking from his easy sleep, he stood up, then he heard a tapping of feet, but dazed he fell back onto his knees and kind of rolled away from the bulky doors, and put his back against a wall. Blurred was his vision, so he could only just see a fuzzy figure slowing down, and looking about itself. Thinking to himself, 'I am extremely close to it, i need to get out'. Looking about himself, his vision grew stronger and could see no way out, the only passages were the huge doors and the way he came. So he just sat very still and hoped that the person could not see his shadowy figure in the dark.
Guess what?! i just passed my driver's test!!!!!!! all drivers beware i can now legally drive (welll, with someone over 21, but it still counts!) and i look like a complete stoner in my pic, but its all good.

Catti paused as she caught sight of movement at the end of the tunnel. Pausing, she stood still and watched. After a second, she gently whispered, "Loss, are ye there?" She stood motionless, waiting expectantly for a response.
Well done Arwy!!!!! *hugs* dont kill too many people on the roads (not too many Orc Smiling Smilie )

Loss squinted to see who this being was, he recognised the voice, and closing his eyes he thought back to when he first heard that voice, he remembered the distant memory when he looked into her eyes. He sighed, and forgetting where he was he went to speak out to her, but stopped mid-way and made a high-pitched squeak noise and shut his eyes tight and lowered his head, awaiting for the next turn of events.
Etharion turned up behind Catti, the golem following shortly. He stopped to see what was going on and then he too felt someone was close by in front of them in the passage. "Are you all right Catti? Who goes there?!" he asked the figure in the dark, taking a step closer with his staff in hand.
Ty Loss! *hugs* i'm absolutely horrid at it, but i'll improve eventually =P
Catti reached out and touched Etharion's arm, restraining him. Motioning for them to stay back, Catti disappeared into the shadows and knelt at Loss' side. She wrapped her arms around him as a crimson tear slid down her cheek.

"I'm sorry we were so cruel to ye. Will ye forsake the darkness and become one of my companions?" Catti whispered gently, meeting his gaze fearlessly.
Kaoru rested her hands on her blades, almost casually, and stood back. She sighed silently and watched the exchange between Catti and Losse, barely managing to keep her anger in check, though the only visible sign of her fury was the fact that, though her hands were resting on her blades, they were grippign the hilts of the sword and dagger so tightly that her knuckles turned white...
Lowering his head even more he clenched his eyes tight, then felt the heat of Cattie's breath on his face, then the warmth of her touch wrapped around him, he sighed and opened his eyes slowly and met Cattie's. Once again he saw the distant memory that he always saw when ever he looked into them, for some reason he was drawn to her. Then drifting off as he stared deeply into her eyes, he remembered what he couldnt remember for all the years he was down there. He smiled, looked up more, and touched Cattie's hand on his shoulder and felt warm, he touched her face softly and move her collar and saw the marks he left on her her. Then as he saw the black he realised where he was, he shook his head slightly and looked over at Kaoru and Etharion, he frowned and whispered to Cattie, 'Im sorry, im so sorry'.

Rising slowly, he drew his sword and rested his head on the blade, tilted his head and stared at Etharion, then Kaoru, then back at Cattie, smiled slightly, then lifted the blade up and went to take his own life........

(heres a chance to stir it up, dramatic event........Orc Smiling Smilie )
Etharion watched patiently to see what would happen but when he raised the sword to end his life, he cried out "No!!" and let out a prepared spell at Loss. The blast of energy lifted him from his feet and slamed him at the cavern wall..leaving the blade to clatter uslessly on the ground. He slid down to the floor unconcious. "Im sorry...but i couldnt do anything else to save him..he's clearly out of his mind.."
Loss! *hugs* nice cliffhanger! =D)
Catti had felt the breath rush out of her lungs when Loss placed the blade to his own neck, but at the sight of him hurtling backwards, she suddenly found her voice and hearing herself scream his name, she raced to his side and cradled him as she had Drizzt earlier. Gesturing towards the sword, she said:
"can someone please hand me my blade? I think that he is incapable of hurting himself now. Thank ye fer helping Etharion."
Catti lightly traced the lines on his face as she thought about the look in his eyes when he had recognised her.
Etharion handed her the blade.. He still kept his eyes on Loss, suspiciously.. "We should keep a eye on him still...im not so sure he's safe yet..." so he stood and waited to see what would yet happen..the large golem silently standing behind him.
Kaoru cringed as Loss prepared to finish his days on this earth. She would have stepped in herself, but for two reasons: A man's desire to end his own life, was his own decisions after all, and she didn't know the man very well, anyway...and second...Etharion got there first. She grumbled something about wizards using overexaggerated spells to solve simply problems, while rushing to the fallen lad's side.

Kneeling near Catti-Brie, Kaoru could only wait with bated breath while Catti saw after Loss.
Hi, can i join?
Sure i dont see why not...but you gotta examine the story a bit and find a suitable way to introduce your character..and post a bio of your character.. You know..usual stuff. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Argh too much to read, ill just slip in as a shadowy-side character person-

Race: Elves
Homeland: Lothlorien
Gender: Male
Age: very old
Physical Appearance: appearance is a bit human mostly elf (but he's an elf) slight rugged look to him, hair is slightly untidy, wears dark green cloak, wears mithril underneath green tunic, carries bow made of special wood, wooden and steel tipped arrows. Blade that always has a slight glow of blue.
Skills: Archery, alright with a sword, knows a bit of magic
Special Items/Weapons: steel tipped arrows- very penetrable, Elven blade well forged by elves.

Smile Smilie wow thats the longest bio ive written
Welcome to the thread, it would be a good idea though to read abit first though before introducing your character, i think that about half way through page 6 until here is a good enough history. Look at my post that starts with ' "I believe i can do what i can" ' and it should bring you up to speed.

With the touch of Cattie and her hair that dangled softly on his face, Loss opened his eyes slowly and as he did, the red welled up and stayed. He looked with heavy eyes upon Cattie, ignoring the onlookers around them, stroked with the back of his fingers the hair that lay on his face and spoke in a gentle, whispered tone, 'I know your face' then paused, and looked back to his memory and saw her there, she seemed so familiar, almost identical to his past that he dwelt all thoughts on, then widened his eyes suddenly, he saw the background of his memory vanish as it swiftly turned into the dark place that he lay, but her face remained the same throughout the transformation. He placed his hands softly on her cheeks and squinted as if to try and remember something, he whispered, 'It can't be you', but still he saw her face in his memory, he placed a hand over his mouth and cheeks and the red tear fell and rolled from the outer corner of his eye to beneath his ear and fell on the floor, then silence.
Catti looked at him in confusion, wondering if the fall had somehow caused damage.
"what do ye mean it can't be me? Have we met before these caves? What are ye talking about, Loss?"
Staying slightly on her guard at the memory of what had happened last time the red tears had started falling, she cautiously cradled him in a more upright position so he could speak easier.
Nice bio Haldir..but..umm We're kinda role playing this in the Forgotten Realms, a D&D campaign world..not LOTR. This hasnt any conections with LOTR...so your character is a bit out of place.. Just thought you should know.

Etharion could no longer understand anything the strangers were talking about.. And he was getting annoyed by all the red tears falling around.. These people cry to much.. And just as he thought that, sounds of approaching creatures could be heard gettting nearer and nearer..scuttling chitinous sounds.. "There's no time for tears in the Underdark!!You cry, you die. Get yourself's together, we have to move!!" yelled Etharion at the others.
Arwy!!!!!! *hugs/tackles* missed you...........

Getting stronger with words, Loss shaken his head and wiped the watery substance from his face and said a little stronger, 'I do not know if we have met before, but there must be some connection, i can feel my presence of mind slipping away, that knock on the head, which has happened about 3 times now, a shelf, a big wooden door, and now a brick wall, it must have triggered something off, i do not know what it is, but i feel like i have found something that was lost many a year ago.' Then turing to Etharion, 'Do not let these tears fool you, they are mearly a consequence of an accident i had in that small room i found, there is no need for crying on my part, there is no sobbing or inhaling quickly at hand here, they fall at their own will, and i am not sure if they will stop. I may also remind you that i have been a prisoner down here for longer a year than you think, master elf, so any tears of mine would be from the reminder of the pain i went through and still going through now, from this confusing event in my life im facing.'

Sitting up with the help of Cattie, he rubbed and stretched his neck, then hearing the oncoming noises and remembering the comment of Eharion, he spoke again, 'Get yourself's together, we have to move???' he said with a sarcastic tone, 'For one so great in power of spells, why should you fear them??? A name will not be remembered, if one runs the opposite way, let them come, and although you may think that this approach is another attempt for me to end my life, you are very much mistaken, for this new turn of events has changed alot of thoughts, i can see my past and future through her eyes' and looked at Cattie.

'But do as you wish, for i am in no place to give commands' and looked at the floor awaiting an answer.
whoops sorri Etharion, yeah my bad, this is D&D not LOTR, lol, I'll change the bio. sorri, I read from page six like Ellesar said, but I can't really follow wats happenning. Can someone please tell me whats happening?
Ok Haldir.. we'r currently somewhere deep in the Underdark tunnels..On some type of..adventure without a special goal,just wanderin around. Loss had gone insane for a short time and is now back with us i guess. Some creatures are just aproaching us. Thats the short of it. Orc Smiling Smilie

Etharion smiled at Loss.. "Indeed i am powerfull..but even with being in the Underdark for a longer while it seems that you still dont understand all the horrors it contains.. We'r not very deep anyway.. I have spells but i cant expend them all at once and leave myself defencles.. Correlon knows how many of these monsters are around.. So we have to move.. Because i have a feeling that some 8 legged beasts are very eager to meet us.."
Rumil was at a loss. "How did I get myself into this mess," he muttered, keeping a notched steel tipped arrow to his bow as he wandered aimlessly about the dark underground passages, "Thats the last time I take directions from a human." Then he stopped and listenned. "Voices." Rumil advanced toward the sounds, being very careful, trying not to be noticed, and keeping his bow drawn tight.
"To late! Guard yourselfes!!" shouted Etharion as from behind the corner huge spiders started to pour out and speed towards them. They were vicious looking grey scaled buggers,with a white underbelly, thin and quick, the height of their middle body is at level with a humans torso, but the leggs are a bit higher for they extend in all directions.
Etharion released a ball of fire at the first spiders, and a few of them fell to the ground crisped. But others just scutled over..
Rumil then rounded the corner and saw a few human, elves and other beings. But mostly he saw giant grey spiders which he thought only existedin stories. "Oh boy, just wait till, the other elves hear about this," Rumil loosed a steel tipped arrow at one of the spiders, but the spider continued to move about with the arrow sticking in its skin. "Great, just great, there's got to be some sort of weakness on them." Rumil moved closer, not sure what to do.
Hearing the scuttling of creatues growing louder, Loss looked at Cattie and tapped the hilt of her sword, and said, 'you know what to do' and winked, then looked into his bag that he had taken from the little room, he looked at some of the bottles inside, reading what some had said, then looked up, and saw a spider with an arrow sticking out of his body, 'we are not alone' he whispered as Etharion started using his spells once again.
Rumil quietly continued closer towards the enormous spiders. he neither trusted the group of elves, humans and others, or the spiders but it was obvious which of the two groups posed more of a threat. "Or so I think." muttered Rumil, loosing a wooden tipped arrow towards another spider, straight for its head. The spider reared, but although it seemed it had been gravely hurt it was far from dead. "What in the world does it take to kill these things? OH well back to steel tipped arrows," Rumil selected another arrow from his quiver, notching it in the middle expertly and sighting down the middle. This time, at least one creature would die.
Kaoru sighed silently and watched the others with interest, while she had no real input on the situation. Though soon, her sensitive ears caught the sound of the massive spider's legs scuttling across the rocky floor of the caves. She drew her sword, muttered a few words, and instantly, it seemed, she looked far paler than she was just moments before, and her sword was immediately engulfed in flames. It's blade glowed red, and laces of fire raced around the edges. Drawing her dagger, she muttered nearly the same stream of words, and it too was flaming, while the circles around her eyes grew darker, and her skin was nearly white.

Shrugging off her sudden exhaustion, Kaoru jumped at the spiders, her two flaming blades blazing, the sword up high, the dagger low. She gripped the hilts of each weapon tighter than before and ducked and rolled her body into a larger concentration of the spiders, surrounded by about four.

Holding her blades around her body, one high, one low, Kaoru effected a sort of corkscrew, granted hers was not as fast as the one who taught her, it was still deadly quick to those now seemingly clumsy spiders. The flaming blades sliced through some of each of the four monstrosities' legs. She then put her back to three, and focused on one of them, slashing and swinging her blades so quickly that it was forced back into a corner, away from the others, where she finished it by feinting to go under the creature, but instead ducked back up, and quickly sliced its head in two.

She snarled, seeming to not notice her pallor and turned back to her remaining three spiders.
Loss, i miss you and i neeed to tell u some bad news regarding communcation neways, i made a friend of mine irl join, yippee fer me!!!!! and he's gonna join this RP.
Arwenstar gave me permission to be a member of this joyfulness.

Name: El-Bethar Kasmulvedin
Age: 54
Race: Human Necromancer
Appearance: Wears a long black cloak that bears the sigil of a long-forgotten family of respectable wizards. His robe is grey, like the ashes of the dead. He has long, blonde hair with intense blue eyes that bear the weight of many winters.

Weapons: He uses the sword Talfing, as well as an aged staff, given to him by his father before his death.


El-Bethar sniffed the air in the cave. It had been a long time since his fellow companions had fallen in battle with cave-spiders, yet they still followed him, reanimated mockeries of life. El-Bethar sighed, looking upon the corpse of the ranger Behaan and sighed. He wouldn't see the land he loved, at least, not living.

Then he heard the scuttling of spider-feet in the caverns ahead, along with the sounds of battle. Bethar quickened his pace, rushing into the huge chamber.

"Spiders!? Why is it spiders!?" A voice yelled, rousing Bethar's attention. An elf with blue-black hair rushed a giant cave-spider with her daggers raised.

Bethar channeled the dark energies inside him, commanding his cadaver companions forward with his will. "Destroy the spiders! Avenge yourselves, even after your death!" cried Bethar, who raised his sword to charge as well.

All eyes were upon him, and none could find the right reaction to his sudden appearance. "Fear not, my fellow travllers! I come in peace! Let us fight this enemy together!"
Etharion noted the coming of the two newcomers from the adjoining tunnels, but kept on fighting. He bashed a smaller spider that aproached him with his staff, and fired a volley of bolts made of pure force at another bigger one. The spider fell to the floor dead curling its feet in a bunch above its head.
As the others slaughtered the large spiders that were too weak to pose a threat to this company, silence once more returned to the cave.
Etharion looked at the elf with the bow and the human in grey, and he called out to them. "Hail there! Come closer so we can see the ones who gave us aid in this battle. We mean no harm." he said holding his palms up.
Belthar was amazed at the fighting ahbility of these travellers. He gestured to his zombified friend. "Put your cloak on," Belthar commanded silently. The zombified elf did so mechanically, nodding slowly.

The two of them stepped into the light. "My name is El-Bethar. Whose company is it my pleasure to acquire?"

The wizard smiled. "Etharion is my name, friend. You are skilled with the sword, and your friend is skilled with the bow. Your company is quite skilled. Surely, you're travelling light in terms of manpower."

Bethar took a deep breath. "Yes. Quite light. In fact-"

The drow cut him off. "Your friend. He's dead. So are the rest of them. Yet they still walk."

All eyes were again on Belthar. "Yes, I am a necromancer."

Etharion's hesitation was evident. "A necromancer?"

The black haired elf scowled. "Those are the forbidden arts! How dare you pracice such evils in our presence?"

"Forgive me if I am trouble. I can go on my way if you wish... I did not mean offense to you, life-giver. I know these corpses are mere mockeries of the lives they once had. This one... this man... was once of your kind. He died, tragically, in passage to his homeland. I am simply fulfilling my oath to him, my oath to escort him to his land."

"Even after death?" Etharion queried.

"There is no death to a necromancer. Oaths are eternal, loyalties even more so." Belthar bowed slightly, his black cape betraying its sigil. The Drow's eyes opened wide.

"You are of the Kasmulvedin house! That cursed house of wizards..." he said.

"You... know of Kasmulvedin?"

"I am an old friend of Darien, the leader of your house. My name is Drizzt! What a fortuitous meeting!"

"Drizzt Do'urden?" Belthar asked, incredulous. "Had you been in the light, I would have recognized you instantly! Our meeting is indeed fortuitous!" Belthar nodded to himself.

The rest of the party reluctantly stepped into the light, inroducing themselves one at at a time to Belthar...

(Sorry if I inferred too much dialogue... If it's bugging you, just let me know. Oh, and I kind of forgot you existed, Hali. ^_^ Just... yeah. You existed.)
Well Heimdall...Your new here so you maybe didnt have the chance to get used to the rules, this is a RPG thread, so you can only state what your own character is doing. Otherwise its GodModing... What you posted is more fit for the Writers Guild, where threads are made so everyone can state a "part" of the story and describe all the characters actions.. Just so you should know and mend your post..
I'll make a post that can fit in either way

Rumil couldn't tell whether to welcome the silence or detest it. Welcome the silence, why not the huge spiders were all dead! And Rumil only used two Arrows! Or detest the silence, for this was when all the travellers would meet the now two newcomers, seeing that another dark clad human had appeared. But then a voice welcomed both newcomers, and seeing them closer, Rumil saw they were friendly. 'Or seem friendly' muttered Rumil walking forward slightly, 'ill be ready' Rumil shouldered his bow but kept one hand near his blue blade, just in case.
Arwy!! alright, PM me or email me, but take your time, if its difficult don't worry Orc Smiling Smilie I can wait for you

Looking on at the new travellers, Loss, who was still being held by Cattie, moved over to the left where the shadows engulfed his body, only his eyes could be slightly seen, a pale blue and dark red. Felling along the ground, he felt for a stone or two and looked through the small crowd of warriors, then threw one low and quick at the zombie's feet. Then threw the second one, high and fast, it flew over everyone and down the silenced tunnel and hit the arrow off the string from the other visitor lurking in the shadows.

He felt stronger and not as dazed as before, he reached forward and grabbed his bag, turned to Cattie and whispered, 'It seems that I have no place here, insane I may be, but sense I still speak' he paused. He stood up slowly, kept within the shadows and walked slowly back down the tunnel.
I dont get your last post Loss...it makes no sense to me.. I dont understand..
You guys left me again....lol, time to try and catch up...

Kaoru coughed as her blades returned to normal. She stumbled a bit, walking over to where the others were gathered, and slid the sword and dagger into respective sheathes. Covering her mouth with her hand, she coughed again, and didn't look the least bit surprised when she saw blood in her palm.

She wiped her hands on her cloak, and took a sip of water she had brought with her down here. Soon her skin had nearly returned to its normal shade and she began to feel better as well. Replacing the water in her bag, she tucked a strand of her hair behind one ear and smiled slightly. As she was about to greet the ones who assisted them in the battle with the spiders, she caught the word necromancer...

"You are a necromancer?" she acted shocked and taken aback, though she had noticed the zombiefied person with him immediately. She turned momentarily to the other newcomer and said, "I am not certain who you are, but I thank you greatly for your help."

Then she smiled at the necromancer and walked over to him, saying, "Truly I am fascinated by the necromantic magicks, and by the way, my name is Kaoru."
Catti rushed after Loss, momentarily leaving the rest of their companions to fight. COming up behind him, she grasped his arm and yanked him around so he was facing her.
"Ye cannot leave us now. Ye'll have to kill me first. Please stay," Catti murmured without loosening her grip, meeting his gaze firmly.
okay, it might seem a tad bewildering, but I am at the point where the fighting has stopped and you are now talking to the new members of the thread, I havn't shown myselves to them yet. I'm trying to see if I can do something in this, as its quite hard to find a place for a slightly insane character who goes evil every now and again. So, while you were all talking I threw a couple of stones at the newcomers for a laugh, including the archer. I'll try and get into the storyline abit, but you all think I've lost my marbles, so ill try my best to become unmad???

Once Catti had caught up to him, he smiled, then looking at her he said with a smile (which isn't that often) 'Now I know that you really do want me around, that's all I wanted to hear, now I feel more calm and less worried, I will stay with you, but only you, it seems that the others do not wish me to be part of their company, but if you wish me to, I will, but as your slave. That is my punishment I would wish upon myslef upon my actions' and smiled once more.
Catti choked at the word "slave" as it left Loss' mouth, her insides rolling at the thought of what he was saying.
"I will not have a slave, ye are my equal. I will have ye assist me if that is your wish but not as a slave," she proclaimed, shaking her head in disgust. "Can we agree on that? We should join them in this fight."
Loss looked at the floor, then back up and said "If that is what you desire, then so be it, but I have one wish........that you take charge over me, not as a possession, although I do not deserve it, but as it were when you first found me, but I am bound to you and only you, as you trust me in some respect. But by no other way will I stay." Then awaited her answer
Drizzt steps out of the shadows from his scouting. "Come along we are nearly to our destination." His voice is flat and lifeless and their is blood dripping from a gash in his arm. "Be on the look out though I saw a few dispacer beasts a while back and they can go invisable if they so chose."
Etharion said to the archer "Greetings there.. Who might you be? And how come your alone in the Underdark?" he then saw the necromancer.. "Ah...so we have another..person to thank for its help.. If you would please keep that rotting carcass away, and state your buisness immediately." he said with a voice full of contempt.
Rumil looked around in wonder, 'What a variety of people.' Elves, Humans and even drows. But the real bewilerment of all was the necromancer. Rumil was about to reply to Etharion, when suddenly he noticed the necromancer and the other strange human with red and blue eyes. He sensed a strange aura raditating from them(Rumil senses stuff like that), it wasn't exactly evil, but it certainly wasn't purely good. Rumil hadn't sensed that before. 'Yes' he thought, leaving his hand resting on his sword, 'I have to be careful'
I apologize... I'm more used to a story type RPG. I'll mend my ways immediately. Oh... and I'm kind of responding to Etharion and Kaoru in that order. Yeah.

Bethar nodded to Etharion. "My business here is to bring my friend to his homeland. Though he may be a corpse, I still owe him many a favor for services on our travels together."

Bethar turned to the young elf woman Kaoru. "Interested in the Necromantic arts? It is an accursed magick, only for those who have condemned themselves to a life of isolation and pain, as I have. You don't want that, trust me."
Etharion kept his eyes on Bethar, as he told Kaoru "That's right Kaoru..it is a foul evil magic, that perverts the very force of life..you have no buisness to meddle in it..." he said in a serious tone. "So what's your excuse for dragging this poor soul around?" he asked gesturing at the zombie. "Taking a friend to his homeland? Please.. Couldnt you have taken his fallen body home without desecrating him?!" Etharion asked with a little anger in his voice. "Every elf deserves a proper funeral.. even a few drows.. So i ask you..what right do you have to insult Corellon?!"

(in D&D elven customes are such that elves are burned when they die, for it is the purest way, and it is a prevention for any necromancers who wish to raise the corpses and use them in some evil way. That is why there are so few undead elves, and why other elves are so angry and mortified when they see a undead elf brethren..)
Mmyep. Luckily, I read up on my D&D lore. I guess that raises suspicion to Belthar's motives, eh? hehehehe....

Belthar's face didn't change. "All life is sacred. Necromancy is merely a way to preserve it. At least, that's how I see it. However, a carcass is much easier to move when it walks by itself." Belthar gestured to the zombified elf, who stepped into the light, his body almost perfectly preserved. He was obviously killed recently, and bore very few flaws in his body, save for a hole in his chest where, apparently, a cave spider's mandible had pierced him.

"I'm sorry..." thought Belthar. "This was not the way for you to continue your life... But it must be done. We must make it to your homeland, whatver the cost..."

Belthar turned to his young friend, the black-haired elf. "The drow seems eager to get on with the journey. Mind if I tag along?"
just to let you know Rumil, I had an accident with some chemicals and infected my eye in a previous post, so I have a pale blue eye and a dark red one. It sometimes releases red liquid that looks like a tear but purely the chemical leaving my eye, but building up again Orc Smiling Smilie
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