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Thread: The BarbarianElf

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Thats fine I was just wondering when the best time to come on would be.
It seems like were the only ones that have been coming on lately, where is everyone?

''Thank you, she replies to Bradly, I was wondering if anyone in your group has any skill in this sort of thing and could help me.'' Cat Smilie
Nim turned and waved to the person calling and shouted, "Salutations!" she turned and walked in that direction.

((I dunno! It is kinda quiet))
see you discovered my forum The Quest Of A Thousand Years
Nim walked into a tree and laughed, continuing on.

((Sure did, sounds fun!))
(well most peolpe dont get on but like around 2:30 am and so on)
((Yupyup...so...so...heh this is a funfun thread!))
''Sorry, my transformation form isn't exactly something you see every day.''
'' I didn't mean to scare you'', she says as she extends her hand. ''I'm Rue Auburn, but as you can see why, everyone calls me Cat.''
Nim smiled, shaking her hand.
"Don't worry 'bout it Cat, doesn't phase me. The name's Nimrael, Nim for short. Nice to meet ya."
''likewise, I'm not trying to ask to much of you but do you have any skills that could help cure me?''
"Cure you of what? Your catishness? I have some medicines that might work, although I am not so sure. Here, take this one."
Nim took out a small sack, filled with a sweet scent.
"This should do the trick."
((It's powdery, kinda like ground up herbs! Yah, that's it lol!))
Thank you I hope it helps. She took the sack and sprinkled the contenents into her mouth.It tasted sweet but suddenly turned bitter, she still managed to swallow it all.She looked down at herself, nothing had changed.
'' Let me try something else'',she uttered her sharp cry and in seconds she was in her cat form,'' I can't believe it, it didnt hurt at all! Usually it's quite painful to change.Thank you very much!''

Cat Smilie
Bradly watches them trying to find out more about this shadow and a cure for Rue's transformtion.
oh the agony.....

Etharion looked at the cat woman. "Hmm. I see that you have a rare case of something similar to lyanthropy. Thats werwolves for you. You must be the feline version.Thats odd. Ice here is part wolf. I just hope you two get along. Tell me once more.....how did this happen to you?"
Rue looked at Etharion,
"I was a prisoner of Shadow's a few weeks ago, he kept on doing these experiments on me and one day he did this. He wanted it to by permanent but something went wrong so now I can change at will. I just recently escaped him and stole the book hoping to find a cure". She hands him the rune covered book.
''If you want to find him I can easily take you to him.I'd love to see him dead.''
Bradly looks at Rue. "Not yet for we are on are way to a warlock tower. Maybe he can cure you of this cures." He looks in to were they will go in the mouring.
"I shure hope so, although I almost like it know that Nim got the pain to stop."Why are we going to see a warlock, Bradly?''
Bradly looks at Rue,"I have samething to ask of him and to tell him."
Well, I owe it to you for letting me come along so I can start helping you by doing this.She let out a high-pitched cry, the sound they heard next was like thunder, and seven white horses trotted up.Could this get us to where we're going any faster?
Bradly stands up. He then walks to the horse peting them. "Yes i am sure this could, but we will leave when moring backs." He looks at the others."We most rest now for moring will come later."

(Or we the others get back online)
Shocked Elf Smilie

Etharion nodded to Rue. "I see...most unfortunate. And yes i can cure it." he says with a disgruntled look at Bradly.
Bradly looks over to Eth. "What is it Eth?"
Rue now looked wary, "are you shure?It took weeks to get me this way. And now I'm not so shure...would it hurt if I stayed the same?"
Bradly looks back at Rue. "The warlock i know is very powerful so i dont see why you should be worryed in it. Besides you are with us if your hurt we will try to get the pain to stop." Bradly smiles at Rue.
"Thanks", She says, ''Do you mind if I stay in my cat form for a while? It's alot more comfortable.''
"Sure i dont mind." With that said Bradly looks up at the stars as the begin to glow. He thinks to himself about what they may go up agains.
Rue walks off near the fire and unstraps her broad sword and everything else.
Nim just stands there, looking about.
"Hm...this is a nice place...I like it here..."
Bradly looks around the stars in sreach of samething. He prays more for the safely and more. He takes his ring off looking at it.
I'm back, i'm back, i'm back!!!!! I've missed all of u so much. *hugs*

Cal walks up to Bradly and sits down next to him. She shrugs out his coat and sets it down.
"Here's your coat, I figured you might want it back sometime."
Rue watched the good freinds, she had been on her own for so long, this was a drastic change. She fiddeled with her tail and stared into the flames, wondering if it would have been better if she had stayed on her own and dealt with Shadow herself.
Bradly looks at Cal. "I told you can keep it. So keep. I dont need it." He smiles at her then closes his eyes once more.

"Alright, sorry about disturbing you. I'm going to go for a walk, I need to get rid of some of this restlesness."

Cal put Bradly's coat back on and walked off aimlessly into the forest, trying to ease her mind.
Etharion looked at the others intensly for a minute. Then, without a word, he walked backwards from the fire. The shadows embraced him, and he was no longer to be seen.
Rue had tuned everyone out ages ago, she was used to being a loner. She flexed her claws and lept into a tree feeling settled again she started to doze.
Bradly watches Cal leave. He thinks to himself i hope she will be ok.
Rue had been following Cal for a short while silently passing from tree to tree, she wanted to learn more about this journey and her fellow companions. Rue new there was a wolf following Cal and she wanted to test it's abilities, it had already missed her meaning it was slightly careless.She watched Cal's movements and reaction to each sound. Rue decieded it was time to reveil herself once again, she lept from her tree and landed lightly on her feet right in front of Cal.
Bradly who sent one of the wolves to pertect Cal. Jump at Rue attack her. Bradly hears the howling of the wolf. He jumps to his feet pulling his sword out.
Rue easily injured the wolf enough so that it wouldn't hurt her, She started transversing with it in her own language explaining that she ment no harm and would leave, getting the feeling thats what she should have done a long time ago. Rue took one last glance at Cal,
"Remember this, I could have easily killed you just now but I have enough faith in you to know that it would have been wrong, it isn't very reasuring to know I can't be trusted.Mabey if I was human this wouldn't have happened", she said gesturing to the wounded wolf and the blood on her arm.
She lept into the tree's, not wanting to be followed.
Bradly runs to Caland Rue. "Sry Rue for the wolf he was pertect Cal and im sry that he attack you but he dont know better. Please dont leave we are here to help you."He turns to the wolf talk to it in wolf talk.
Cal walks over to Bradly as she watches Rue leap away.

"Thank you for protecting me, is ur wolf friend alright? If so, maybe it would be best if we caught up with Rue."
Rue had been leaping thruogh trees as to avoid being followed,her belongings had suddenly appearded on her but she had left the horses as a gift .Her's would meet her across the river as to again avoid being tracked.She thought about shadow and where he was.
Bradly waiting in frout of the river. He looks over to Cal. "Yes Cal the wolf was my friend and he be all right." He looks up as Rue is cameing, "Dont leave just yet please. I want you to stay with us so we can help. But if you want to go i will not stop you." He turns to the side still watching Rue.
Suddenly a person in a green cloak and a silver bow behind his back canters on a white horse from round the turn. He stops and gets down. A blast blows off his hood - young elvish woman with green sparkling eyes and long brown hair greats them at elvish.
- I need to talk with Bradly...immediately...he's in great danger

Name: Irime
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Appearance: green sparkling eyes and suntanned skin; two long and thick braids with golden fillets and string of pearls; tall; slightly pointed ears.
Clothes: riding habit from the dark green velvet and white silk blouse; green gloves from cobweb under which diamond rings can be seen; traditional elvish green cloak; dark green riding boots; golden necklace with a diamond rune.
Weapon: silver bow and silver arrows with golden arrow-heads.
Cal blinked in suprise at the newcomer, then nodded and tapped Bradly on the shoulder.
"Bradly, this elf needs to talk to you. I'll take care of your wolf friend and Rue, you talk."
Irime cast a glance at the elf and mentally told her a few words in elvish...then smiled and gave her a nod of greeting...
- Bradly, I have a message for you...this is exigent...we'd better speak in a safe place...

"You relize I was only attacked because I'm not human I leave the scent that animals believe to be an enemy,and you wolf friend will be fine in a moment".Rue walked over to the wolf and pressed her clawed hand against the wound, when she removed it ,it was if it was never there.
Suddenly she pricked her ears.
"Shadow is close by", she stated.
Yes...he's in great danger, if the >Organization for the promotion of correct spelling< finds his posts! Orc Grinning Smilie Sorry Bradly, just kiding.
Eth! That was mean!
Cal watched in amazement as Rue healed the wolf, then jumped to her feet when Rue said that the Shadow was close by, drawing her sword and placed her trembling hand on the wolf.

"What do you mean Rue?
"I mean that he's just out of sight watching our every movement."
Bradly turns looking at the newcomer. He nods and tells her "Ok follow me and we will talk." He walks off into the river going to the outside. He stops by the a group of wolf dens. He turns back to the newcomer and ask, "What is it you need to tell me?"
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