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Thread: The BarbarianElf

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Rue wakes up to find herself chained and in the arms of an Uruk,she breathing quickens as she tries to remain calm. She couldn't see Bradly but hoped he was alright.
Bradly wakes up chined up so he cant get out. He sees Rue. He sends her a messages from his mind."Im here with you Rue ill try to find a way out ok."
'Don't do anything stupid',she reply's,hoping he would listen.She tried to look as if she was still sleeping as she thought of the others.
Im thinking of marching you all the way to the...a city, where my employer is wating for you Bradly. If you want to try, watch it, try and escape I , then do it now. After that we skip the part on us traveling to the great city. Ok?
Bradly looks at Eth angerly. He stands up. He is as tell as the guy who was carrieing him.
Cal watches as the troops holding Nim start to move and quickly slips through the shadows, trying to find Nim. She hoped the others were okay. Come on, where is she? I've got to get a better vantage point, she thought. Cal found a tall, densely leafed tree and quickly scaled it, then began scanning through the masses to try to find Nim.
So i have Bradly, Rue & Nim in captivity. Good, good....

Arthas glanced at the prisoners and saw that the oaf was angry or something. He walked closer and said "Shorten the chain on that thing. It seems we gave him to much slack." a uruk obeyed and shortened the chain connecting the two chains on his hands and feet. This stoped Bradly from standing up again, as he was somewhat chained to his feet. "Thats better. Throw him over a horse, like a sack of potatoes. Maybe he'l like the bumpy ride." he says smiling.
Rue looked around,there was no way out,they were surrounded and she was too weak to lift her chains,her weapons had been removed and so had her pack,she looked around for them as they moved..
Bradly says angerly,"Ill will kill you all when i get out of this." He looks around for a sign of his wolves.
After searching for a while longer, Cal finally spots Nim in the middle of the army, struggling along between two of her captors.
Well Nim, I believe I've finally found you, though I'd appreciate any helpful hints you can give me to make rescuing you a little easier.

Cal hears a faint voice in the back of her mind that sounds slightly like Bradly but blocks it out. After all he has his wolves, she thought to herself. If they can't help him there's no way I can.
Bradly trys again to speak to Cal. But fails he thinks to himself now its just me here alone.
Rue had been listening,'Don't be stupid you've never been alone...now find a way out before I loose it completly',she looked around for some way out.
Bradly hears what Rue told him. He starts to make the chins break same what. He yells in anger. He howls to the sky. As he dose 100 wolves came out of the woods and suround them.
Don't you think 300 is a little much?
hows that
It seems more realistic
Just post a role play please
what do you mean a role play? just post? If thats what you mean we can't really until Etharion comes back on,he's got to be there.
Arthas heard wolf howls before, but these were not migrating wolves. He yelled "Tight formation!!! Raise shields!! Spears out!!! Move it!!!" in seconds, the trained uruks bunched together making a wall of shields and spears for the wolves to run into. Many poor wolves died instantly and the country side in a radius of 50 miles was wolf free for some 100 years from then. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Some of the wolves got through and they were now running among the uruks geting slowly beaten, or troden on. Arthas suspected something and so he stood over Bradly, sword drawn, ready to end his life now, while he was chained, if anyone was stupid enough to try and free him...
Rue slid from the orcs grip and severed her chains on it's battle ax,running forward she slammed her shoulder into Arthas knocking him away from Bradly. Slowly she fell but got back up,grabbing a sword out she looked to Arthas. The cuffs and remians of her chains dangled from her wrists and ankels.
Bradly breaks his chins. His weapons are gone. He picks the chins up wipeing them around his hands. He walks to Arthas. "You try to kill me. LOL You have failed." About 13 warriors came around Bradly. He then punches himself out of tghe warriors hole. He kills them with the chins. He gos after Arthas.
Cal had finally come up with a plan, the only problem was that she needed to know how to use the ring that Bradly had given her earlier. Um, Bradly...i hope you're not too busy right now, but how do I use that ring you gave me?
"Mwuahahahaha!!" laughed Arthas. "You really want to die, dont you?" he beheaded one of his own uruks that got in his way. "Yaahh!! Come! I have just lost my patience. My master shall not get you alive after all, for you shall die!!!" and with that he brought his bastard sword heavily down on Bradly's head.
Bradly throws his sword above his head. Blocks his hit. Bradly then kicks at him. he then cuts sides was at him.
A few Uruks went after Rue,she stepped back and took on a fighting stance,waiting for them to step closer.
Bradly runs to Rue's side makeing sure nothing happens to her.
" It's alright you need to get back to Arthas,I can handle it this time..." She looked at him,"Really".
Bradly takes his armor off showing as his armor fall to the ground that his body is cover in scars. He stands in a master swordsman stand.
An Uruk moved forward swinging a mace,Rue made to back away but tripped over the chains on her ankels tummbling she lost her grip on her sword.
Bradly catches Rue before she hit the ground. He cuts the chins off. Then hands her back her sword.
She nods, not having time to thank him,grabs her sword and starts forward again.
Bradly looks at Arth. In his eyes Rue can see the anger he has for him. His eyes glow a darker red then they had before.
again, i will overlook the fact that you didnt have a sword to defend yourself, or that you have no armor to rip off and proudly show your scars. And if those eyes of yours keep shining like that, ill poke em so hard they will never glow again!!

Arthas looked at the chaos around him. He then looked back at Bradly, and fast as light, he punched him so hard that he fell unconcius onto the frozen earth.
He looked at his soliders runing around. He caught the captain and told him "We are leaving, now. I have had enough of this place." and with that they sliped out of the fight and were seen no more.
For those that are staying in this RPG, some help.
This is taken from the "Playing in a RPG thread" that is located in the Roleplaying Guild.

3. Be observant of what others are doing around you when playing. This is teamwork, not a solo mission for your EGO.

5. No god mode. Do not talk or act on any other characters behalf unless that character’s creator has agreed to the action. Be concerned with how your character thinks, acts and moves and allow others to respond. Listen to the Game Master. (Note, the GM should not abuse his powers and make himself allmighty.)

6. Try to keep things realistic. No one is invincible. If your character attempts dangerous actions then expect some repercussions. Game Master decides.(again the GM part....)

8. Listen to the Game Master. In worst cases he/she can call for the Council Members to edit or delete unwanted posts.

9. Remember – other players and those reading the threads are from all over the world and our common language on Planet-Tolkien is English. Avoid careless spelling mistakes and typing errors so that others may understand and follow the plot and characters.

12. Be reasonable with other players. Please give other characters a chance to respond to your posts before moving on.(Very important.)

14. The thread is not a chat room. Take non-game related talk elsewhere.

These are some guidelines that i think will help this thread very much, if they play by them.
frist i have armor you only take my sword and second i stoel the sword from the solider

Bradly falls down but just dosent move. He says to himself i can help but give up for now.
okay, sorry...this is really prolly going to mess things up..I just deleted that post..kinda blanked out and didn't see that Eth had left. :P I'll post later once I come up with something else...
The uruks are in dismay. They slowly dwindle, with no more commander to lead them. The battle seems over and there is no one except a few dead wolves on the horizon.
Well guess what Ety START GOING BY THE RULES TO.
Would you two please stop this fighting?!! Bradly: Eth has left the thread, so getting mad isn't going to solve anything. Can we plz just continue?
Bradly stands up. He pulls his sword out. He kills the other soilders.
Nim found herself free of the bonds on her feet, but thick, heavy chains were still on her hands. She stood up, somewhere in the forest, lost amongst the trees.
>If I'm lucky, my hair will give me away< she thought, >hoping it's clean and such.<
"Bradly,I need to go,I can not see you through to your journey as I had hopped,let us meet again soon", She gathered her things and walked off,slowly, wondering if she was doing the right thing.

I'm really leaving,it's only because I have too many others right now.
Bradly looks at Rue then nods. He walks off to the tower.
Hopping down from her perch in the trees, Cal set off back towards the camp in hopes that the others would be able to find their way there too. She was so lost in thought she crashed into someone covered in chains and gasped in suprise. She realised it was Nim and helped her to her feet.
Nim stumbled back a bit, then was helped up by Cal.
"Oh, thank goodness it's you! Thank goodness!"
Nim grinned widely, then looked around.
"How will we find the others?"
"I have absolutely no idea, I was just going to head back to the camp and hope they remembered where it was, but I'm definitely open for any other ideas."
Has anyone else noticed this thread is dying?

Rue ran through the woods and back to the campsite,she had made the wrong choice in walking away,other things would have to wait. She entered the camp and looked around,the fire still burned but no one was around,she sat down to wait.
Yep...I just donno what to do *smiles innocently*

Nim glanced around and sighed. Another long journey for her...
Yea i know but i still want to go to the tower and finish this role play.

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