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Thread: Whispering Forest

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Rumil followed Ter along the unused path, a glance behind him told him the orcs were already hacking at the trees. Turnning again, he kept running, but kept his finger on a loaded bowstring.
Ter blew out a sigh, hearing the orcs working at the trees. She dropped a tear in their memory, then contiued along, picking up the pace.
"We need to get going faster! Hurry!"
She reached back and placed an easy hand on Rumil's.
"You don't need your bow yet."
"Sorri Ter, but I'm just a cautious person." He relaxed his finger and put the arrow back in the quiver, and he kept running. But he kept a hand on his sword, resting it lightly on the hilt while running.
Cal easily kept pace with Rumil and Ter. Like Rumil, she had decided to be overly cautious and was ready to draw her whip at any second.
No worries, Ter. The tree shall be fine. I am not only a watcher of the trees, I heal them. They shall be scarred, save their lives shall exist longer than today."
Ter smiled to herself.
"Good, good, now let's keep moving!"
Rumil looked at Ter thoughtfully before speaking, "sorri Ter, but I just thought that I might have seen you before." Quickly looking away somewhat embaressed, he turnned to Daillė, "You have incredible powers, you controll the trees! I admire this power of yours."
Anyone up to briefing me with whats going on here? I just cant spare enough time to read it all through.
K Ethy, the group is running away from an Uruk-hai group that are loose in the lands

Ter raised a brow and looked at Rumil.
"Really? Where?"
"Sorry, but were you by any chance in the neighbouring forest once? I was then fighting a group of uruk there, and there were a few others as well, and I thought you might have been one of them." Rumil then smiled apologetically," Im sorri if I mistook you for another person."
"Hello. Is that you lot?" the voice was heard from a large bush.
Ter smiled a bit, glad to be recognized.
"Yes Rumil, that was me."
Ter turned and looked at the direction from where the voice came from.
Rumil then quickly pulled out his bow, and while notching an arrow gritted his teeth, "I knew I should have been more cautious." Pulling up his bow at the unknown person he shouted, "Show yourself!"
Ter went and stood beside Rumil, placing a calm hand on his shoulder.
"Rumil, no need to be so...straightforth...it's easier being polite, in a difficult way.."
Ter raised a brow at herself and shook her head a bit.
Rumil let Ter push his bow down. "I'm sorry, its just that I'm too used to uruks attacking me suddenly, I've got used to be overcautious."
"Oh, my, I believe that Rumil is quite cautious, my friends!" Daillė joked. "Oh, Rumil, I do not in any way control the trees. I merely am their keeper. And for that, they are greatly appreciative, and they lend their service to me when I am in need of it. They know I will come back to them and heal them."
"That is still a great gift, to have such good friendship of the trees." Rumil smile, "it would be nice to have that gift."
Ter smiled, leaning back against a tree, taking in all the words around her. She just observed everything quietly, that unique small smile still on her lips.
Rumil kept a notched arrow on his bowstring. Old habits were hard to wear off. "I don't like this, I sense we are being followed," He looked to Ter, "You heard the voice before, who do you think it was?"
Ter blinked and shook her head, as if coming out of a trance.
"That I do not know, dear Rumil. Only time will tell..."
Those last words she repeated softly to herself, still looking in Rumil's direction, but not at him.
Rumil looked questioningly at Ter. She was looking at him, but she was speaking so softly that he couldn't hear her. Thinking she was saying something, he took a step closer, "I am sorry Ter, but I couldn't hear what you were saying, can you repeat that?"
Ter blinked again, shaking her head some, then looked up at Rumil.
"I said I didn't know. Just time will tell."
She gave a somewhat reassuring smile, but it also unsure. She blinked again and looked away from him.
Rumil watched Ter turn her back on him. Perhaps he had offended her, maybe she wasn't speaking to him when she was whispering. "I'm sorry Ter, did i offend you? I apologise again if I did." He was rather bewildered, she was acting a bit strange. Rumil then frowned, what if she knew who was speaking and it was something really bad. He shook his head, no, couldn't be that. All the same he kept a notched arrow on his bowstring, ever ready to shoot down an enemy.
Ter turned and looked back at Rumil.
"No, no, you did nothing of the sort Rumil. Just..thinking..."
She smiled again, not too confident, then looked down at her feet, shaking her head a bit.
Rumil stepped back. Maybe Ter needed some time to herself. He rubbed his thumb against the arrow feathers, maybe he should practise some archery. Balancing himself, bringing one foot forward and the other foot back, he loosed the arrow at his target, a tree. The arrow thumped into the tree, but Rumil was dissapointed, it didn't hit the middle of the trunk. "Oh well, it was an alright shot anyway." Notching another arrow, he tested the bowstring, pulling it slightly. "Hmmm might have to replace it soon." He looked around him, he still had an uneasy feelign they were being watched.
Ter muttered to herself, then lifted her head and watched Rumil. She smiled a bit, just thinking about him, then sook her head a bit, looking around the forest.
"Better shot than many I have seen Rumil."
She smiles to him, this time a genuine one, and sits down softly on the ground, humming to herself.
Rumil then saw another oppurtunity to practise. Another tree, smaller than the other one, and further away. Pulling back on the bowstring, he aimed at the trunk, following the arrow wlength with his eye. He then leleased the string, and to his satisfaction heard the thump of an arrow on the wood. When he looked, the arrow had hit a branch next to it. Embaressed he turnned and hopped no one had noticed. "whats happenning to me, how come I've deteriated so much?" He looked at Ter hummming and sitting on the ground, he hoped she didn't see it. But he usually didn't care.
Ter looked up and watched Rumil's aim with a small smile.
"Your aim seems just fine, Rumil. I see nothing wrong with it. Just relax, let if flow."
She shrugged a bit, watching him still.
>Why is he acting so strangely?< she thought. >"What is going on around here? Such a splur of action in this forest...<
She smiled a bit, humming an old elven lament. Ter traced some shapes on the ground with a stick, not noticing much else. She still watched Rumil out of the corner of her eyes.
Rumil felt so angry at himself. He was supposed to be much better than that, why did he suddenly deteriate, was it because of distractions? Rumil nodded to himself, someone was watching them and he didn't like it. He stumbled back and slumped against a tree, keeping a notched arrow to the bowstring. He would be ready. He looked at Ter, still smiling and happy. Well, she wasn't worried at all. She seemed happy all the time, while he was a nervous wreck. Rumil grimaced, he felt so nervous.
Ter got up and sat down in front of Rumil.
"What's bothering you? Something seems to be on your mind. You okay?"
She placed a hand on his shoulder, looking at him intently.
"There's no need to be nervous about anything. Nothing will happen to you. We all are watching out for each other."
She gave him another reassuring smile, sitting back some.
Rumil looked at Ter, "You're right, I guess we are all watching out for each other." Rumil breathed out a sigh. Nothing was happening. He put the arrow he had notched in his quiver and tied his bow behind him. Then he looked at Ter again and nodded, "Thank you for that encouragement." Somehow, her jovial nature made him feel more relaxed.
An arrow shot through the woods and embeded itself in a tree near Rumil,"Must this be the only way to get your attention?" Rue walked out of the forest bow in hand."Or would you rather I stick to jumping out of trees?"
Rumil sighed. "hello Rue." He should have known it was her sneaking around. She did that to him sometimes.
"Who's sneaking? I'm mearly passing through",(For real,just bord).She looked at him relizing he was in a mood and walked back into the forest.He had never been very friendly around her.
Rue, I'm not your brother in this am I ? :P

Rumil just looked slightly annoyed. She acted very strange, she should have known better than interrupt him in a mood like this. He slouched down further more against the tree .
Umm... I'm Rue you're Rumil,I'm not shure,so if you are just say that this is before we knew,And I think I'll just leave.

She knew what he thought of her,odd,odd and unpredictable,She laughed to herself and continued on.
Rumil looked up. She would be back, he knew it. Rue was like that (Rue-So you are if you're saying this is after we knew because if you didn't know me I don't think you would act like that.) after they had seperated ways before. Why she would not return to Lorien was beyond his explanation. Sisters, he supposed, were like that, doing what you didn't want them to do. He turnned to Ter. "When do we move on?"
While a relationship was forming between Rumil and Ter, Daillė danced among the trees and healed the trunks of those that had arrows in them, shot by Rumil, and Rue. "Silly Elves they are!"
I think I would act just the same,after everything else it couldn't have gotten much better,after Division.

He knew she would be back,she just wanted to give him time to cool down before she got back on his nerves again.She climbed a tree and surveyed the forest below.
Ter looked up at Rumil again after watching him for a while.
"We should get going...right about now!"
She smiled a bit and laughed, slowly stopping and looking away.
>Goodness Ter!< she thought to herself >Why are you acting so strange?<
She got up and lead the way down another winding path in the woods.
'She sure knows her way through the forest.' Rumil was impressed at how he couldn't spot the paths but Ter could. And he now he was keeping a bow and arrow out again, in case Rue tried to surprise him again. Another noise, not too far away. "Uruks." Rumil turnned to Ter, "We should move faster, and we can't always run from them, we have to find somewhere where they can't find us." Then he had an idea. "We could hide in the trees, and shoot them down from there."
ter smiled, shaking her head.
"Pure genius Rumil!"
She hopped up into a tree and motioned for the others to follow suit.
"We just have to remain silent."
Rumil leapt up branch after branch until he was level with Ter on another tree. There he tested his aim again. He aimed for a tree not far away where a high branch was. Aiming carefully he loosed the arrow, and then he was satisfied when he heard the branch crack, but when he looked he saw the arrow hadn't hit the middle. 'Whats wrong with me, I'm usually better than this.' But he had no further thoughts as the noise of uruks approaching got louder. "Ter, Daille and everyone else, better hope your aim isn't as bad as mine, get your bow out." With that he notched another arrow, remaining
Ter managed a smile, even a small laugh. She tossed Rumil some arrows, setting her own bow down on the branch in front of her.
"We'll be fine. And don't forget, the forest is on our side."
She watched Rumil for a moment, then realized she was staring, and looked back out to the forest.
"Thanks for those." Rumil then caught her staring for a second, and then she turnned away. Rumil blinked for moment and then turnned to the approaching uruks, repeating to himself to not be disturbed. He glanced at Ter for a second, and then quickly turnned around again, pulling on the bowstring gently, testing the string.
Cal followed the others silently, not talking but observing and listening. Lost in thought, she would sometimes fall begind slightly, but kept on doing what she was doing.
Rue looked down from her limb and seeing Uruk silently moved from tree to tree,the others could handle it themselves,she should have gotten moving a while ago.When she was far enough she lept from her branch she'd go back a little later.
Ter hung on lightly to the branch she was on. She watched every Uruk passing under, shooting some down once in a while. She kept very quiet and still, except for the sound of her string once every few times.
Rumil loosed a few arrows into the uruk mass, leaving them confused and angry. "He turnned and spoke barely above a whisper, "They know we're in the trees. My guess is, well I can see some of them getting out their crossbows, so I think we should all move away from here, they don't really have bad ai-" He ducked quickly as an arrow thudded into the tree he was next to. "Move now!" He notched another arrow and loosed it at the uruk with the crossbow. The uruk groaned and toppled back. He jumped to another tree as arrrows hissed to where he was before.
Ter nodded, jumping into another tree.
"Alright, we'll have to be good with our aim!"
She shoots some more arrows.
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