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Thread: Division

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Zephrah began to follow the ever groing group out of the clearing, and through the gate into Rivendell. when she sudenly ran yp to Rumil,..
"Nin Brannon, (My Lord) please excuse me, I know this may sound strange to you, however I am wondering. You are the son of Galadriel, a Tarvarwaith (Silvin) of high lineage? Why do you speak to me as an equal? I am of a low lineage, I am accostomed to serving!"
As she was speaking they continued walking.
Rumil, looked behind them, the others lingered, and did not follow yet. "My lady,I believe there is no such thing as high status. All elves are of equality, all races are equal. We elves have always been noble, but it saddens me to see that elves are snobbish and look down on others. I believe that all elves are equal, of the children of Galadriel, I for one believe in equality of all elves." Then in a lighter tone, he smiled at Zephrah, "Well, one thing is for sure about you, that gives you something above others, your singing! If you do not mind, my lady, it would be a pleasure if you would go back to Lorien and sing for our court, but that is merely your choice."
"Nin Brennon, it would be my pleasure to sing for you!" Zephrah said with a smile. "I am not a skiled warior like yourself, although if nead be I will fight. You see I prefer to speak with people, rather than fight! you have ben given a wonderfull gift in your aim, and I in my wourds!"
"That is true, I do not want to brag but the children of Galadriel, are indeed blessed with the gift of archery, and swordsmanship." They had reached the main building. "My lady, a person may be blessed with high lineage, and the great skills of a warrior, but no one can ever bring the dead back to life." Realising he was on the topic of his brothers again, he changed tone, "My lady, let us go in to the Dining hall, it is warmer there." With that he entered and thought of, again, how Orophin might be jostling with him to get in, or Haldir walking calmly and smoothly across the stone floor. "My lady?" He asked and offered her a hand.
"Yes a fire does indead sound good! and food, I have ben to nervous to eat. But now I feel slightly more relaxed!" zephrah smiled warmly at Rumil. "Especially with an archer souch as yourself with me!" Zephrah turned away, and over her shoulder called "Would you like me to bring you anything?"
"Oh You need not get any food for me, I can get it myself." Rumil fingered at his sword nervously. He didn't think that anyone would feel any more relaxed being with him. True, he knew that when he had been around more experianced fighters, he felt more relaxed, but never had anyone trusted him, besides his family. He himself, at the moment felt more unsafe than ever, feeling eyes watching him. He notched an arrow to his bow, he saw movement. Loosing an arrow, he found he had pinned a moth to above the fireplace. He smiled with grim satisfaction. At least he was ready.
Zephrah jumped at the sound of the arrow, then she saw what Haldir had hit. "Afrad the moth was a spy?" She asked. "well nice shot any way!" Zephrah saw a table in the courner with some fresh fruit, and Lembas. She took a piece, of the bread, and some fruit, then sat near the fire. she sat watching the fire for a few moments, then turned to Rumil. "fire is a wonderfull thing, it is a necesity, yet it causes so much dammage? So is fire good or evil?" Whith this she began to eat.
"I think that fire is not good or evil, it is an instrument that can be used for both causes. Fire can burn down cities, and homes, that is then being used as an instrument of evil. However, such as now the fire is an instrument of good, used for warmth and light." Rumil went over to the fireplace and plucked the arrow from above it. The moth dropped into the fire and popping noises were heard. "It is just like how we use our lives, for good or evil. I chose to fight for good, and I have not regretted it since."
Zephrah sat staring into the fire, "the fire has no choice wether it is used for good or evil! Rumil does anyone realy have a choice, or are we born into a life like the fire?"
"We elves, halflings, and men are born with the choice. However, uruk-hai and orcs are born like fire, they have always been evil. Dwarves have always been on the side of good, so they are like fire, their hearts were always strong against evil. I would have said elven kind as always good but now in this here place of Rivendale, evil among elves are born." He turnned and walked back to his seat, then looked at Zephrah in a sad way. "I am afraid that even if Elrond triumphs against this evil, the elves will forever destroy the pureness of themselve. In this battle among ourselves, all elves, they..." He spoke it a more hushed tone, "nedin dagor hen -'erir ortheri. Natha daged dhaer! (they cannot win this fight. They are all going to die!) and in the end we will too."
"If there is no hope why do we bother," Zephrah mumbled to herself. then began to sing.

"Ea rendil was a mariner
that taried in Arvernien;
he built a boat of timber felled
in Nimbrethil to jurney in; "
Her voice began to faint, then she jumped to the end of the song.
"And over Middle-eath he passed
and heard at last the weeping sore
of women and of elven-maids
in Eler Days, in years of your.
But on him mighty doom was laid,"
Here she stoped although it was not the end of the song. " I can't finish It's to depressing!"
she took another bite of the Lembas.
"When things are hopeless, I envy you, you can sing to relieve yourself. I on the other hand, can only relieve myself by going on long travels to make myself forget or mostly, I practise archery usually with....Orophin" Rmil looked at Zephrah more sadly, "My lady the hour is late, get some rest."
The arrow shot by Rumil had startled Adneron and he was now listneing intently to his surroundings. He could not, but help overhear Zephro's question and wondered what his answer would be. Being born into a family of warriors he had no chance but to join the legion. Mysterious betrayal's and mishaps had brought a very confused past. But that was all it was, the past; Your actions today, tommorow and the thoughts that rule your life will guide you to your future. The past is nothing but a mystery, it shapes who you are today, places you the position of your life and explains but nothing else.

All this quickly running through his head, Adneron shut the door that led to his past and focused his attention to the current situation. He replied, voice showing experience in the topic about to be relayed "The fire may not have a choice in how it is used by others but if it has a choice in its willingness to burn." he continued "we can choose where we light our flame and how we do it. The directions we choose are all ours to make, the fact that we may be first lit burning the homes of the innocent, or helping cook an honest mans meal is not its decision, wether it does as it has been made to do or takes its own course is up to it." He laughed "ofcourse it is not always like that, life is an impossible road that we have to drive, the directions however may be very hard to interpret."

OOC: sorry i didnt realise that you were online (hence the lateness), Rumil COME ON MSN!! lol..
"Thank you, thank you both verry much you have given me much to think about, and rumil, I do believe I will take you'r advice" Zephrah yawned, and lie down near the fire for she was to afraid to be alone she wanted to stay with the group. with the pressence of the two warriors in the room Zephrah had no trouble falling asleap!
"Adneron, I am sorry I did not notice your presence, forgive me but I must retire to my room." He bowed "I bid you a good night." He went over to the curled up form of Zephrah, and took off his cloak and lay it on her comfortably. Then he returnned to his room, leaving Zephrah in the care of Adneron, thinking of his broken family, once noble proud, unbroken, and strong. Now half the family were in the undying lands or dead. Still thinking of Orophin, and with tears of grief, and how it was his fault that his brothers were gone, he fell into a deep sleep.

sorri peoples, but I wont be here for two days, just pretend i went on sleeping for some time.!
Rue was outside wandering the gardens, She didn't sleep much and she didn't know why. She thought about the threat that had been coming closer and closer to over coming them,' The morning will be better' she thought to herself. Rue new one thing, they still wern't safe. She lept into a tree and watched the night.
Elraen relaxed some, seeing her danger was gone. With a smile, she began to sing softly to herself and climbed up a tree, sitting on a branch. Slowly her words crept over the area, soothing those who heard it.
Rue silently moved from tree to tree following the sound, this was one of the first times she had felt calm in many years. She entered the branches and found the musics source, it was the girl that had walked out of the woods that night. Rue sat down beside her.
"It's beautiful", she commented," I wan't to apologize for my quick actions again, I seem to have become too careful."
Elraen smiled at the compliment.
"Many thanks, I love that song. And don't worry about it, a mistake is a mistake. And wouldn't you rather be too careful than too careless? I know I would."
Zephrah awoke, there was a slight draft, and the fire had died out. She sat up and looked around, there was no one in the room. Finding the clock draped acros her, she wrapped up in it, and started walking. She dident feel safe in the rather large, and now deserted room. As she walked she could here the faint sound of a song in the distence! She smied at the simple beauty, and decided that in the morning she would identify this voice. But until then she would be content listening. Now she just wanted to be near someone she trusted. She wraped the cloke tighter about her, as she paced the coridoors of Rivendell, watching for someone, anyone to keep her company!
Rue heard somone open the gates to the garden and saw a figure step into the light.
" Come, join us", She called down, guessing it was one of the knew companions. "Theres plenty of room."
Since the discovery of Rumil, Rue seemed alot warmer and inviting, although she tried to keep it at a minimum she couldn't help but notice somthing differen't about herself.
Elraen led Rue down out of the tree and went to the figure after pulling out some food from her "Mary Poppins" cloak. She laid a cloth on the ground, then motioned for them to sit, food spread out on the cloth already.
"Please, do eat, I made it myself."
All the food she made didn't taste as we call "good," but was really very bitter and distasteful.
"You like it?" she asked in a nice tone.
" It's like nothing I've ever tasted before", Rue managed between bites, She really did like it.
Eleniel has made a feigned pause.
- Well, as this information was not very easy to get, I want 500 gold coins. And I want to stay in your camp for several days, so you could catch the scouts and then I'll be in safety, deal?!

"Either it's a deal or not, Etharion." Cuiviedan stared at Etharion, waiting for an answer. "Ah, forget this, Eleniel. What do you say we take the information ourselves and track down the scouts?" Cuiviedan walked toward the door slowly, waiting to see if anyone would join her or stop her...
It's soooooooo cold here! New Hampshire just happened to be up north, didn't it? All you people down south are lucky!
Br....cold here too...New York is bonkerz and cold...brbrbr...*huddles with someone* goodness gracious me! We have heat! Yay..heat.....uhm shutting up now
Zephrah came towards the two girls thankfull for the company. picked up some of the food to be polite, eventhough she was full from the meal shared with Rumil. "Your brother appears to want to trust someone although he doesent seem to know who. But who can blame him1 these days are dark, yet it is in days souch as these that friendship is most important"
"I agree, but I'm still trying to trust him for that matter,I'm sorry, I don't mean to be like this, I'm still so confused..." She took another bite. " I must seem so agravating right now, I can't even make up my own mind, much less make what I'm saying sound logical." She looked into the night, " I wan't to trust you all but after all these years trust is so difficult, I can't even completly trust my own brother, come to think of it I don't even know him..."
Zephrah smiled at Rue politely,
"Nin brennil, (My lady) I have only known your brother for a short time now, however I can sense in him a great desire to trust! He is truly good at heart! Although doubt is needed in these days, there are times when we are called to let down the walls we have built up around ourselves! We are forced to trust for if we do not then how will we stand in defense of this evil that is spreding?"
" You're right, and I wan't to trust, but it's been so long..." She looked at them, "I'll try."

When you guys are speaking elven,is it plain jibberish or does it really mean something?
- I accept your offer, Cuiviedan! We have more chances to gain this battle than Etharion and his whole army!
Eleniel stands up and approaches Cuiviedan. And she opens her mind to her "I think we have lots in common! But let's wait for Etharion's reaction!? Perhaps we could get an advantage of our cooperation with him!"
"I know that the great amount of time spent not trusting does not help you now, however you should be praised for the amount of courage you are showing! I believe that it takes more courage to open yourself up befor strangers, allowing them into your life, then to face your death."

Yes the elvish is the language created by Tolkien called The Sindarin. I was introduced to the site www.councilofelrond.com a few days ago there are lessone for two of the elvish languages.
Eleniel stands up and approaches Cuiviedan. And she opens her mind to her "I think we have lots in common! But let's wait for Arthas' reaction!? Perhaps we could get an advantage of our cooperation with him!"

Cuiviedan looks at Eleniel with a deep, dark stare, her eyes flashing. Speaking with her mind, "I only have so much patience Eleniel, and he is on the knife's edge of mine." Cuiviedan turns back toward Arthas, "Well Arthas, armed with this information, do you feel the need to send out a scouting group of our own? If you don't, I will."

OOC: Is it just me, or is it difficult to have a roleplaying game without a GM? Was Icey kidding when she said she couldn't be GM anymore?!!
I hope not, this thread is wicked( fun), and I definitly wan't her to stay.

Rue smiled at her which wasn't something she did often, " I hope we can get through this, I can't help but think of the consequences if we fail."
She got up," I need to think", and she walked off.
Elraen listened to the conversation, very interested. She smiled some, thinking back to Rumil, then frowned some, remembering his behavior. She raised a brow as Rue went off, but she understood. Elraen turned to her other companion and smiled.
"Where are you from?"
"Here and there mostely, my father was a warior, and I followed him. Well that is until Helms Deep..... when I was asked to fight, that scared me! My father was old but he loved me verry much. He voluntiered to fight in my stead. Both my brother, and father never came back from that battle. I have lived here in Rivendell sence. I work for Lord Elrond." Zephras voice was a little shaky as she brought up the memories of the past, and never mentioned her mother.
Zephrah smiled and bowed her head in the direction of her new friend. "So now you know my story. what of yours?"
As Zephrah spoke her mind wandered, and she was thinking of the man who had fought with Rumil, she had not seen him in the dining hall, but then again he may have ben in the shadows. She knew verry little about him as well as her present companion. The next tim she saw him she would make it a point to speak with him.
Elraen gave a distant smile.
"I grew up in Lorien after the loss of my parents. There, I was nurtured and cared for like their own daughter...good memories. So sad to hear about your folks!"
Elraen hugged her quickly.
Rue was so confused she was now angry, she had always been terrible with her emotions and now they had begun to build up inside her. She had a brother...even though he didn't seem to happy about the whole relation thing, she hoped he would accept her as a friend if not a sister. She sat down, and for the first time she could remember, cried openly. This journey could be her last and that she would learn to accept, but if she died she would be without a brother again. 'Everything is wrong, How many times is this going to happen before she got over it'?, she thought.
Turns out it was only 1 day away after all Smile Smilie

Rumil slept only for a while before waking again. Dreams of an unknown man haunting him, the man who killed Orophin, as a shadow in his dream. "I've rid Middle Earth of your brothers, and now I'll kill you!" Then the shadow chuckled, "Or would you like your sister as a replacement, little Rue?" "I'll kill you if you touch her!" Then he woke up. It felt strange having said that, he had only known he even had a sister only moments before, yet he was already protective of her. Then he smiled, he had a useful ally, Adneron. Adneron, Orophin and Rumil had previously served together in Lorien's elven army, and wondered around together, sometimes, they had to seperate, Adneron to Minas Tirith, Orophin to Lorien, and Rumil to Rivendale as embassage.

Rumil stood and stretched. It was still night. It would be a good time to go outside again, since he couldn't sleep. Grabbing his bow and arrow, and an extra cloak he went first to check the dining room. Adneron was still there, most likely thinking, and when he was thinking you don't disturb him. However Zephrah was not in front of the fire any longer. It was not strange, she would have gone back to her room. Rumil then turnned out into the main hallway and out into the open air. The night wind was refreshing, and he just had to shoot an arrow at the moment. Notching an arrow, he then heard people talking. Looking further right, he saw that some elves were chatting, he wasn't sure who. aiming carefully not to shoot anyone, he loosed an arrow that landed right next to an elves hand. Moving closer, he found to his horror, it was his sister and Zephrah and the newcomer.
Zephrah screamed, and jumped back. "You could have killed me! It's a good thing I know your abilities, or I might have thought that was your intention. Now that you have suceded in utterly terrifying me come and sit with us." Zephrah scooted over, and motioned to the new area.
Endulin, unable to sleep, got up and began his previous pacing of Rivendell's hallways. Outside, it was chilly, but inside the fires of Rivendell kept the House comfortably warm. For his safety, Endulin carried his sword. The dark hallways of present Rivendell could be more deadly than a battlefield. There seemed to be a shadowy figure around every turn. Becomeing tired of checking for enemies arond corners, he found himself outside. Loud, unnatural noises penetrated the normally quiet night. One noise in particular seemed to be more persistant than others.

Crying, Endulin thought. The tears got louder as he walked further down the garden path. There was also talking now. The noises came from a little ways off the path. He followed the sounds and came upon Zephrah, Elraen and Rue. He jumped back in surprise, his hand on his sword hilt. There was no way to find out whether they were with Elrond or against them. Still the prescence of women demanded courtesy.
"Good evening my Ladies. My name is Endulin. Whom do I have the honour of meeting?" Endulin introduced himself politely, though he unobtrusively loosened his sword from its sheath. He jumped again as an arrow thudded into the ground near Zephrah's hand.
"My lady, Amin hiraetha(Im sorri) I thought you were spies were a moment." Withdrawing another arrow he notched it to his bow. Aiming at a trsome distance away, he loosed the arrow, feeling the satisfaction of the thud he heard afterwards. "I guess I will never overcome my nature, I am still very cautious and suspicious of people. These are dark times my lady, and I cannot aford to show any chances," Letting another arrow hiss towards the further target (a tree of course), Rumil then realised he wasn't carrying a sword. He looked to see if Zephrah notice, and shrugging his shoulders, he simply said, "I guess sometimes I am not cautious as I usually am."
Zephrah stood when Endulin introduced himself, and bowed. "Ai na vedui Dunedian! Mae Govanen! (Hail to you man of the West! Well met!) My name is Zephrah, I am a loyal servant of Elrond!" Then she turned back to Rumil. "I'm sorry I screamed, I'm just glad it was you, and noone was hurt!" She smiled.
Endulin bowed his head as a form acknowledgement.
"Greetings, elf woman of Rivendell." he replied simply. "Mellon (friend) Rumil, your skill with the bow is exceptional, but I wish you would aim further away from me."
Glad she had not spotted his mistake, he bowed to Endulin, "Mae Govannen Endulin, we meet again." He didn't know Endulin too well, having met him a few times in his travel, but he knew he was a good person, who fought for good, and he didn't have much to say to him either. "You come at an hour when evil is strong. So what brings you to Rivendale?" Taking care not to disregard Zephrah, he let loose another arrow and said quietly, "My lady, you said you can fight, can you not? Can you use a bow and arrow?" At that he offered her his bow and three arrows for her to try. "It is by your choice alone if you want to try."
Zephrah took the bow it was a bit awkword. "This one is bigger then mine, and it has ben quight some time sence I have practiced. However concidering the circumstances I probably should try." She notched an arrow and aimed at a somewhat nearby tree, but was unsucessfull at actually hitting something. "Perhaps I should retrieve my dagger, that I do know how to use! Perhaps you could show me a thing or two with your sord? Zephrah steped back and waited.
"I'm here as the representative of Gondor. Aragorn supports Elrond and I am his symbol of support. That is all that there is to tell. How goes it with you? Does the Lady Galadriel still rule over Lothlorien? Aragorn speaks highly of her and her beauty." Endulin asked, his body relaxing.
Rumil, for the first time in a long time, felt nervous. Caught without a sword for the first time, he pondered on what to do. Usually he was hard to be outwitted, but he was really in trouble at that moment. Smiling, he whirled and pulled out Endulins sword from its sheath and quickly spun the blade so it whacked the bow and arrow out of Zephrahs hands and in the end had it pointing at Endulins throat. Then flicking the blade, he spun it and then neatly sheathed it in Endulins sword sheath. "That my lady is how u handle a sword." He turnned to Endulin in a more serious tone, "Are you making fun of me? You know that my mother has passed over to the undying lands! I am already at grief, at the loss of my brothers, must you remind me of my mother also!" The nervousness was gone, anger replaced it. quickly flicking his bow and arrow up, he aimed at Endulins throat. "Speak truly to me and you may be spared from death, with whom does your allegiance lie!"
Rumil, for the first time in a long time, felt nervous. Caught without a sword for the first time, he pondered on what to do. Usually he was hard to be outwitted, but he was really in trouble at that moment. He whirled and pulled out Endulins sword from its sheath and quickly spun the blade so it whacked the bow and arrow out of Zephrahs hands and in the end had it pointing at Endulins throat. Then flicking the blade, he spun it and then neatly sheathed it in Endulins sword sheath. "That my lady is how u handle a sword." He turnned to Endulin in a more serious tone, "Are you making fun of me? You know that my mother has passed over to the undying lands! I am already at grief, at the loss of my brothers, must you remind me of my mother also!" The nervousness was gone, anger replaced it. quickly flicking his bow and arrow up, he aimed at Endulins throat. "Speak truly to me and you may be spared from death, with whom does your allegiance lie!"
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