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Thread: 5th Age- Last of the Elves

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Morgoth's will quested forth to those creatures he had bred within the dark caverns of the earth. An errie cry arose from the depths of the ruined tower of Minas Morgul.

"Not yet, my children, not yet. It is not your time to feast. Be still."
Everyone, I realli think this RPG is fallling apart, I just think it doesn't make sense. If anyone wants this RPG to continue on plez say so, because I want to know who still thinks this RPG still has any hope of continueing
I for one hope this RPG continues, this one is fun! We all just need to "socialize" with the other characters to really get this show on the road! And you also make new friends in the process, so the good feeling is mutual
count me in for this RPG
I think you have to accept that not everyone can post all the time.... there may be pauses but no reason why it shouldn't continue. Just have patience precioussssss....
Lolz Vee, your mind never stops from thinking of something funny. How Chris Farley! And now a moment of silence to him and John Lennon *silent for a moment* May they rest in peace Smile Smilie (?)
Alright everyone, I'm sorri, but we're fast forwarding again. We've passed osgiliath and now we are in Minas Tirith, I've had a chat with the king, he wants us to help him defend Osgiliath, then we go back to Osgiliath, and now the scene is we are all now helping defend the city wall of Osgiliath from a possible attack. Vee, please send some orcs in soon. Smile Smilie

Haldir paced along the section of the wall that had his elven soldiers. Then he stopped when he saw Isilindil. "Isilindil, are any of our soldeirs missing? I just need to check again." Then calling further, "Dinhuan, take some Gondorian soldiers and get them here! We don't have enough to defend this section! All companions of mine come here as well!"
The orcs gathered in the shadows of the mountains. Osgiliath was before them. "You have your orders!" shouted their commander. "We attack the weakest part of their defences while our comrades draw their attention. The Dark Lord rises again!"

He raised his weapon. Behind him the hundred or so orcs raised theirs in salute, stamping and snarling. Already they could smell blood.

"Forward to Death and Glory!"
Dinhuan quietly gave the order for more troops to be moved to that particular section to a young lieutenant. He tugged at his sword strap. He had fought in many battles but still he felt nervous before the fight. The lull and waiting made him irritable.

The soldiers arrived and Dinhuan posted them where they would be needed. Sighing, he turned to listen to Haldir.
Hey V, do u mind if you could controll all the evil in my newest RPG? IIts called 'defenders of Osgiliath' And anyone else is welcome to join it.
Haldir - thanks for the invitation but much as I like being evil I simply don't have the time for another RPG. I'm sure someone else would jump at the chance to be EVIL for you.
Sorry, I got myself grounded again over the weekend. I agree with V about the RPG. I'll post in a bit as soon as I get caught up.
Elraen hid behind a wall. Someone had sent her there to stay out of trouble, but mostly to stay out of the way. She looked around and saw Haldir, noble as ever. Also, the faces of soldiers unknown to her were ready, toughened and serious. Elraen didn't see Celebedhel emerge yet, though. She pondered about this, sliding back behind the wall.
Isilindil glanced around quickly, counting her men. All were present and accounted for. She made her way to his side, moving almost effortlessly through the crowded mass of bodies.

"We're not missing any Haldir. Where would you have me take my men?" Isilidil asked.
"Just leave them here in this section of the wall, we'll be taking the most of the enemies attack." He looked out over the wall. "Quiet a few soldiers there. Do you tihnk we can handle them?"
"Of course we can, I have no doubt about it. I just hope that our casualities will be low, we can't afford to lose many more men, and I have a feeling that we might need them at a later point in time."
"The soldiers on the east wall are ready Haldir." Dinhuan reported. He then sighed. "We haven't much hope do we? The Enemy can afford to lose entire legions while we can scarcly afford to lose a company."
The orcs took up their battle chant as they charged bringing ladders to scale the walls. At the same time another battle cry came from the other side where more orcs had gathered to distract the defending warriors.

"This will be an easy victory," shouted Kemlag, the leader of the largest army. "We don't even need The Dark One's pets to help us take the city. Kill and destroy!" He grinned as the orcs swarmed across the plain to Osgiliath.
"PREPARE TO FIRE!" Haldir raised his sword, as the elves in his command stretched their bows. He watched the approaching mass of orcs, who screamed for blood. They were close, and in range. "FIRE!" Elven arrows hissed into the orc ranks. "RELOAD!" Haldir looked grimly at the orcs, "There are too many Isilindil." he turnned to her sadly, "We may not survive this."
Standing on the east wall, Gaeradir held her bow in hand. She hadn’t seen many of the main company she rode here with in some time. A few faces seemed familiar; from pass visits to the city of Osgiliath, yet the rest were alien to her. Breathing deeply she focused on her bow, and the arrow she was pulling out of her quiver. Battle still caught her breath; yet not in the same way it once had. She looked forward to a few skirmishes now and then. Thinking that she could become use to battle and start to enjoy it sent a chill through her bones. Yet, the risk with life and pending doom set a smile to her face and fire to her eyes. She would not have to face the worst of the battle from where she was seated. That would occur over where the men said Haldir was.

The arrow was notched and her eyes glinted with the prospect of battle.
Hope that isn't to long. Sorry I've been away for a bit. I'll try to be more active in the thread
Kemlag watched as the first ladders were raised against the walls. Despite the arrows many of his orcs had reached the walls and were now climbing towards the ramparts.
Elraen sighed and ran out into the battle, bow at the ready. She hurried to where Haldir was, and gave him a brief nod, if he even saw her. She started shooting arrows endlessly, because she had a good many in her quiver. Elraen smiled, glad to be active again.
Isilindil stopped what she was doing momentarily and placed a hand on Haldir's arm.
"We will survive this. We may be in pain for quite some time after, possibly the rest of our lives, but we'll make it through, just like before Captain."
With that said, she resumed fighting, there would be no more time for words, except commands if they were to survive this with the smallest amount of casualties possible.
Encouraged by his companions, Haldir soon went into a fighting frenzy. Aiming with one arrow at an orc, and loosed it with strength, killing two orcs, one behind another. Continueing his attack with arrows, Haldir watched the orcs growl in rage. Then he stabbed an orc trying to attack from the side. "Everyone, hold!"
Elraen stopped in mid-fire, then turned and looked to Haldir, tilting her head a bit. She lowered her bow, ready for the next order.
Sorri, hold as in keep it up.
Knocking Orcs off the ladders, Haldir kept up his defense, "everyone, knock the ladders off the wall."
Oh, okay!

Elraen blinked a bit, then raised her bow once more, now shooting at will. She kept a wary eye on Haldir, waiting for whatever orders he had next.
Gaeradir soon ran out of arrows just in time to face the onslaught from the raised ladders. The shots that were fired by the archers were amazing, yet the tough hides of the Orcs were not to be pierced easily on this day. Many Orcs began pouring over the ladders and in to the ranks. Wielding her two short blades, she began flowing through the movements she had been taught. A call sounded out from where the command was stationed. Cutting her way closer to the ladders along with a few others, they managed to unhinge one ladder. Pushing it back towards the ground, it made a firm thud sound accompanied by a dull squish. A few of the men laughed grimly at the sound of the crushed Orcs, and then quickly went back to the fight.
sorry for being away for so long guys

Dinhuan drove his sword in and out of the enemy ranks as they clambered over the battlements. He wove an intricate pattern with his sword. It was more of a deadly dance of death than combat. Orcs fell as his blade found their evil hearts and wrenched it from their cruel bodies. Whirling around, his sword held above his head, Dinhuan hewed orcs as they fought each other to reach him and claim his life.
Haldir parried a blow from an orc and ducked slicing its stomach and then pushing him over. Whirling his sword he sliced an orcs head off, "Hold them for a while longer, hopefully reinforcements will come."
It is a bit rough, but here we go..

Another order came to the east wall “Hold them…hope… reinforcements will come.” It seemed to be fragments when it reached her ears but it held promise. Wielding her blade in each hand she faced an oncoming foe. Cutting its way toward her by slashing through the bodies of those trying to defend Osgiliath the Orc approached her. It was larger in size than the majority of Orcs Gaeradir had seen since leaving Dol Amroth. Her hands tightened on the hilt of her left sword as she made an attempt to ward off an oncoming blow dealt to her by the Orc. Ducking under her own sword was all she could do to avoid being hit by force dealt to her in that strike. Gaeradir Slide on one knee, dealing a blow to the Orcs side, slightly
above it’s hip. Before she could rise though she felt metal shoe impact her face. Nose streaming in blood, Gaeradir crawled behind a fallen soldier for to recover. Looking up at the Orc as it came near to her limping slightly but still caring curved scimitar stained with blood. Darkly she thought of how her blood would join with others upon that sword. Attempting to cast that thought aside she tried to rise, pleading to Tulkas in her thoughts for strength or another to come to her aid.
Isilindil had gotten separated somewhat from Haldir and the others that she had started by during the fighting. As she finished off the orc that had just charged her, she saw Gaeradir fall out of the corner of her eye and the orc approaching. Still focusing on her latest orc, she swiftly drew a knife and threw it, watching as it buried itself in the orcs throat, she turned to parry the blow from the orc she was fighting, but turning to late, she let out a gasp of pain as its scimitar cut into her arm. At least it didn't cut anything major, and it's not deep enough to be very serious, she thought to herself. She quickly backed out the battle long ehough to wrap a strip of cloth around it to hinder the bleeding then dove back into the fighting.
Haldir watched grimly out of the corner of his eyes as his valiant party of elves fell one by one under the tide of orcs. "FOul creatures of Mordor." He sliced an orcs head off, parrying a blow from another orc. Soon, they would be overrun.
Gaeradir gazed in wonderment at the hilt protruding from the Orc’s thick neck. Shaking her head in an attempt to be rid of her wariness she knelt close to the wall. She had not be able to catch a glance at who threw the knife, being completely focused on the body that stood in front of her but now lay on the ground, yet she knew she was indebted to some one. Finding the hem at the bottom of her shirt she used one of her knifes to cut a strip from it. Wiping her face off on her sleeve she proceeded to tie the strip about her face to stop the bleeding from her nose. She looked about her for familiar faces and found Isilindils not to far off.

Few of the soldiers she had stood by at the begging of battle were still fighting. The hope that she had once had was fading.
name; Kamar (Kam)
age; 22
gender; male
looks; black earthen colored pants and shirt.
weapons; SWORD
hobbies; chopping off orc heads
race: men

"My name is Kamar and I am the only surviveing reinforcements. I am sorry but there was not much hope for the others."
c'n i join?
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