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Thread: The Quest Of A Thousand Years

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Rue could hear Stomper's voice through the forest, She decided to save them the trouble. Slowly, she lifted herself up and limped back to the others.
" I wan't to apologize to you all, I've been very unfriendly and too quick in wanting to take action, I've put too much presure on you all, and I'm sorry", (She had rehersed the sorry part a few times.)
Stomper grins, seeing her come around after a while.
"All in good time, M'lady, all in good time."
He walks over to her and picks her up around the waist, then sits her up on a horse.
"You shouldn't be walking."
Stomper returns back to Ardae and smiles to her pleased.
This time Rue decided to shut up and go along with what he said, She nodded in agrement. "When ever one of you get tired just tell me and I'll get down."
Lairen stood a little ways away from the others, ready to leave, but not wanting to get too involved with the others. Attachment to others was not one of her strong points, nor did she want to get too attached to anyone, it was too hard to leave once that happened.
Rue looked at the girl off to the side, she was a loner like herself, not wan'ting to become too socaibly involved with anyone and too careful to get even close to that. They were alot alike,she hoped the girl would be a willing friend someday.
~Later the next day~

Stomper leads the way down a muddy path, rain beating down upon the group. There is an occasional slip, but nothing harmful to anyone. Reluctantly, Stomper turns and heads into a large, dry cave. There the company stay, a couple of fires burning.
Rue had begun to regain her stenght and could now walk on her own. She pulled her cloak about her and curled up beside the fire. She had almost memorized the map and kept going over it in her head.
" We must go into the wetlands, somewhere in the marshes there is a talisman."

Like almost every other thread I need bad guys too!!!
The fires that the company had lit were beginning to die slightly; they been burning for a while. She had the first watch and it was nearly over. Getting up from her position near the front of the cave she walked towards the fires and the warmth they provided. It wasn’t that the weather out side was cold, but the rain and mud caused an impression of a dreary day, near the brink of winter. Walking towards one of the camp fires, she saw Rue curled up in her cloak, and heard her say something about looking for the talisman that they could find in the wetlands. Ardae agreed. They had made progress on their way to where the talisman would be found, but when you thought of who was looking for these talismans… moving couldn’t be considered a bad thing.

While walking toward the back of the cave she saw Stomper and smiled. Sitting near him wrung out the end of her cloak that had been soaked during her watch.

Adreia, I assumed that Stomper was in the cave with the rest of the company, if I was wrong tell me and I’ll change it. Okay? Sorry that I have been gone for a bit. I have been plagued by finals. I'll try to be more attentive, I don't want to miss anything here.

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Yeah, he's in the cave, so don't worry! And Rue, Arwen's playing a bad guy, and I could always bring one in. Or ask Vee!

Stomper smiles at Ardae and nods once to her.
"You need a dry cloak M'lady?"
He pulls one out of his baggage and hands it to her with a kind smile.
"It'll keep you warm, so don't worry."
Muahahaha, I love being evil. It's so much fun, especially when masquerading as a good guy. :P And if you need bad guy I'm sure V would be more than willing to step in.

Lairen listened to the other's conversations, trying to find out all the information she could, after all,they were rather impatient and starting to demand.
Im getting ostracized from this thread......
Then come back in, I'll even help you, well as best I can. :P

Lairen eyed the elven wizard in the strange robes cautiously. She would have to step carefully around that one, he seemed way too observant.
Ardae accepted the cloak and smiled back to Stomper before wrapping her self in it. Her old dark brown cloak was warm, yet after being exposed to the elements for so long it was achieving a threadbare status. “I should hope that the rain would let up soon. After it does we should move deeper in to the wetlands” she thought. After moving further in to the wetlands though, there was a great possibility that it would only become more wet. Ardae loved rain, but dry clothes and a warm fire were slightly more enjoyable. Food was even better. The food that Ardae had brought with her was beginning to dwindle, and would be gone sooner rather than later.

Ardae was a good hunter; not great, but good. After resting for a while near the fire she decided that finding some food would be a good idea. The rain had lessen slightly since her watch and was down to a drizzle of small drops, in comparison to the strong thudding of large droplets of rain a few hours before. Standing she asked if any of the company would care to join her for a little hunting trip, before they started their move to the wetlands again.
It is a long post I know, I'll try to keep them shorter though.

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Hahaha the length isn't bad, it gives detail, something we usually lack. And if I remember my last post correctly here we go...

Stomper smiles to Ardae again, putting more fuel on his fire to warm her.
"Excuse me, but I must go and keep guard."
With a smile, he arises and goes to the mouth of the cave, sitting in the rain some.
Rue sat up thinking,"We should leave now..." She said to herself."We're wasting time..."
Stomper looks around, the rain pounding down harder. It even starts to hail now.
"If you wish to go Rue be my guest. No one will try to stop you."
"I know I can't do it on my own,it would be stupid to try". She looked at him"I just don't want to fail."
Stomper nods, slowly looking over at her,.
"We never want to fail Rue, but sometimes it's what happens. We have no control over it."
"So you're saying it's alright if we do?" she asked sarcasticly. "How long do you think it will be before the storm lets up?", She wanted to change the subject.
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Stomper frowns deeply, looking back outside. He extends his hand and catches a piece of hail, then pulls it back in.
"Should be over by noon or midafternoon tomorrow," he cooly states, not seeming to notice her sarcastic tone.
Stomper gets up the next morning, first one up. The sun is just starting to shake off the last remnants of rain, showing a clear day ahead. Stomper goes and wakes up the others, gathering everything up for the trip.
"We will be out of here in around half an hour."
Rue got up quickly and began gathering her things,wanting to move as soon as possible. She looked outside,it seemed reasonable for traveling.
Ardae wakes up to the sound of Stomper’s voice; telling them today the will finally move after all the rain. Stretching slightly, she pushed herself up on to her knees and began packing the few possessions she had. Her eyes did not feel inclined to adjust to the light this morning. After the constant cloud cover, not to mention the smoke given off by the fires, she felt tired. That was something she rarely felt, being born one of the eldar. Slowly the effects of a choice she had made long ago were beginning to ware on her. She shivered slightly recalling her long forgotten decision; it did no good to dwell on the past.

Trying to conceal a yawn from her companions, she slung her cloak about her shoulders and strapped her weapons to her person. The sack on her bag felt lighter than she recalled, but she saw nothing left on the ground near the fire where she laid the night before. Shrugging slightly she toward where the others had gathered; ready to get on with finding the talismans.

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Stomper looks over to Ardae and furrows his brows, walking over.
"M'lady, are you alright? What's troubling you?"
He reaches a hand out to her arm, touching her softly.
Stomper tilts his head a bit, then shrugs and walks outside, the horse baggaged up and ready to go. He calls back to the others to get a move on it, then starts walking down an old forest path at a slow pace.
Rue stood and limped off,following him,as she looked into the trees a shiver ran down her back,the forest around them looked dark and forbidding,no longer a place of comfert.She stopped and found a fairly sturdy stick,propping herself back up,she used it as makeshift crutch.
Stomper furrows his brows slightly, glancing over his shoulder to Rue. He stops for a moment until she catches up.
"Well, M'lady Rue, you are not to walk any further."
With that said, he lifts her up onto a shoulder and takes most of the baggage off the horse, replacing the baggage with Rue. He slings the baggage over a shoulder, leading the horse on with his other hand.
"Oh no,you shouldn't have to carry all that,I'll walk" With that she slipped down and began removing the baggage,"And I should carry my own as well." She looked to the ground,Stomper had already done too much for her,it wasn't right to add to the burden.
Stomper looks down at Rue and shakes his head, taking back the baggage.
"I make my decisions, and once decided, they do not change. Back up you go."
He lifts her up again, putting her on the horse, then continues to lead the party down the path.
Rue's smile was full of guilt,she looked away as she was again lifted onto the horse keeping her stick close by,it was the only "weapon" she had at the momment,being too weak to carry a sword or aim a knife properly.She looked over to the others walking silently.
Following toward the back of the party, Ardae kept her eyes watchful and Orodris ready. The path that Stomper was leading them on seemed sound enough, it was what surrounded the path that put her ill at ease. She hadn’t spoken to any of the group since leaving the cave, silence seemed to fit her best at the moment. Turning her head from the dark wood she looked up toward where Rue road next to the Dúnadain.

Sorry for the delay, technical difficulties.
Stomper knits his brows a bit, glancing around some. He then looks over his shoulder, to Ardae, and smiles to her, then turns back to Rue.
"How do you feel at the moment?"
"Alright,I think I can walk now". She smiled to her friend and loosened her grip on the stick. For now they seemed safe enough, not that she'd be much help if anything else bad happened. She looked back to Ardae,"Do you want to ride?"
“I am fine,” she said returning a grin to Stomper and Rue, “thank you though.” She returned her watchful gaze to the wetter wood land surrounding their path. The light towards the Southeast seemed to fade. It was already slightly cloudy, yet there it seemed as though an unnatural darkness had swallowed the land. She tightened her grip on Orodris trying to conceal a shiver that wanted to run through her. She looked toward Asdeon and Rue once more. “Have they noticed?” she thought.

Rue looked back to her friend concerned,"Whats wrong?" She shifted her gaze to match Ardae's and stared into the distance,not seeing anything she looked back waiting for an answer.The girl was in better shape than herself and could probably see much clearer.
“Something inside here” she said pressing left fist against her stomach, “tells me that the darkness off to the Southeast is not one of natural occurrence. I’m not sure what that means though.” Towards the end she faltered in her speech, returning her gaze to the trees. She had heard something stir in the foliage, near where they would soon be passing; not more than a furlong ahead.

Rue, could you call me Ardae?
Rue's head jerked up,she hadn't been able to see anything,but elven ears don't falter. She tensed and watched the others expressions,Ardae seemed to hear it first and the only other for that matter.Rue shifted on the horse nervously.

Oops! Using the wrong name... again...,sorry.
Ardae held her eyes to where the noise came from. She felt a slight chill come over her as she walked past Stomper and Rue, coming closer to the leaves that now stood still but had emitted the sound. Her hand steadied on her blade as she approached faster. She recognized what she had heard earlier as the trees began shake. Ardae threw her sword using it as a spear and a hideous wail was heard. Pushing aside some fallen branches Ardae gave a disgusted yell, “Yrch!”

She lugged the sickly body of an Orc spy out on to the path. Pulling her sword out of its stomach she held her foot against its chest and placed the tip of her sword against its throat. It was squirming under the pressure of her foot and wouldn’t keep alive for long yet Ardae had no idea where to begin with questioning it. She was still trying to understand two things: who would have this path watched, and what was the strange greenish-blue emblem on the creatures head? She was sure she had seen it before, but the memory of where and when was vacant in her memory. She raised her eyes up to Rue and Stomper with the confused look that she possessed so rarely.

I don't know where to go from there Elf Confused Smilie
Stomper steps forward slowly, standing beside Ardae. He looks at the emblem and growls some.
"How did he get wind of our journey..." he whispers to himself. "We were so well protected."
He keeps his sword drawn, looking the Orc over before up to Ardae.
Rue slid off the horse and limped over,this surely wasn't good,someone knew of thier intentions and had a fair idea of thier destination,She glanced to the others in dismay.
Sorting out her thoughts Ardae fixed her eyes on the creature. She pressed her thoughts on it, trying to get its contorted mind to tell truth. “Who is your master?” Ardae could barely get the words out of her throat with out biting of every word. Her mind was bent on the why but a spy would not know this, especially one of lower rank as this one seemed to be but then again…

A twisted cackle came from out of the Orc; but it was short lived. “Spirit” it said, as though the word burned its mouth, then it began to cough. “How long ago did ‘spirit’ catch tale of our party?” But the imp only coughed louder. Ardae forced her mind on to it, twisting it’s thoughts for one last bit of truth. The Orc looked as though its meager life was ready to flee, yet it said one more word; “Gakh.”

She felt its last breath quaver under her thin soled shoe before its chest moved no more. She let her sword fall to her side and took her foot off of its chest. Looking up she sighed. Both her questions were answered, yet only in riddles. From the little Orc she had acquired so very long ago she knew the word gakh translated to three in the common speech. Three what? The answer of spirit however was crystal. The spirit talisman must have been discovered. But who had it…

Questions floated in her mind. She lowered her gaze from the sky looking at Rue and Stomper with an attempt for calmness.

Sorry about the length
"What do we do now? There could be more more for all we know,and after this others will surely come after". Rue limped over and stared at the sight.
Stomper growls lowly, turning and standing by a tree, muttering to himself about this incident.
“I think we should continue onward, it will be what they least expect if news of our party has already reached unfriendly ears” Ardae said after a rather long pause. “Yet I do not know the way,” she looked up to her companions, “Shall we continue on?”

Sorry guys, I’m not sure what to do in this rp any more. The whole Orc thing seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m lost Sad Smilie
I suggest asking the council to close it.
Yeah, that might be a good idea Rue, unless we can get the other ppl in it to rejoin..like me...I've been a bit of a slacker as of late.

Lairen watched silently as Stomper and some of the others questioned the orc. Her faced twisted into a smile as it died. Good, she thought to herself, making sure her thoughts were guarded. My cover still hasn't been blown yet. That stupid creature almost ruined everything.
Yeah, I'm with Arwen, unless we can revive it. ANd Arwen: great twist!

Stomper sighs some, glancing to Ardae.
"He is most likely not alone around here. We are going to have to get going, and quickly."
I've E-mailed the council and requested the closure,we should see results soon.
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