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Thread: Ruby Inn

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Syeria smirked some and nodded, fingering one of the silver stripes in her hair.
"She can't always get what she wants, and she should learn that."
She grinned at him, staring at the table.
"No, not at all. I'm just wondering if he is to be our captain or not. I think I may have met him while he was under another aim, for I have met a captain who was supposed to frequent the Black Moclips. When I left him, he was not a happy man." Durnik said trying to make it casual, though inside he was worried. Very worried.
"Thats just becuase his sister went off with a young boy, he never thought she'd settle with anyone. no one did for that matter. She was always getting drunk and throwing knives for money". Delilah walked back out and sat down at the bar. "I wouldn't be surprised if he was angry, but he will be our captain, every ship that goes up against him ends up in a pile of smoke and ashes". She frowned again, "Something's troubling you".

In the books, Redden was Rues older brother, and at the end she left.
"Yeah well the thing is." Orophin was hesistant, "She is guarding the border between Lorien and the mountains, the furthermost outpost there. That is the most dangerous hotspot for trouble, in fact," Orophin leaned forward, whispering, " In fact we soon might launch a full attack on the mountains, goblins are quite the pests, you know that."
Durnik gave a short nervous laugh.
"I gave him reason to be angry with me when I was younger. We had a disagreement and I escaped in a boat he had. I didn't know at the time it was his favourite boat. And you can see why I'm a little nervous about him. But I was around sixteen then. Maybe I look different."
"You took one of his ships? This certainly is something", She put her head down, trying not to laugh, "Let me apologize in advance if he recognizes you, becuase if he does, you'll be dead within a hundred yards of his camp." She frowned and looked up to him, "I lived with the rovers for a few years,when I was very young, I'm trying to match your face, I would have seen you if you were there".
Syeria turned and looked at him, clearly suprised.
"Finally...it's about time you prepared for an attack...wait, are you asking for my help?"
"well, I would but the thing is," Orophin cleared his throat, " All of my patrols and my army have enough men. But GIldian," Orophin continued, " her patrol needs more soldiers. So I also want to support her in her decision in asking you. You see, if it was the normal patroling ruitine, there would be no need, but we are about to go into full scale war. Hey patrol is under my brother Rumil's Generalship, which you may not like but, Gildian does need more people."
Syeria stared hard at the table for a moment, thinking.
"I'll do it for Helnor and yourself, but not for her."
She sighed lightly, drumming her fingers on the table.
Durnik's face darkened slightly.
"I used to visit them after a few years of adventuring." he began slowly. "I'd picked up a few things during my travels, and anytime I was in the region, I'd drop by and sell a few items. Sometimes for money, sometimes for a bit of information. In one villiage, I always told the young ones stories, and they'd steal me some food from their mothers' kitchens. I'd always offer to pay them back, but they'd never accept." Durnik laughed a little at the memory.
"Then they turned vicious overnight. I was chased out of the place one day, and they never let me come back."
Durnik's voice trailed away into troubled thoughtfulness. He turned to Delilah.
"You've heard pretty much all there is to know about me. It's only fair that you return the favour. What line of work are you in? I'm sure the Sword-Dancer lie you told me is true in its own special way, but what do exactly?"
Delilah turned away, "I used to be a Sword-Dancer, but I broke my vows and the code. If any Dancer does, it's up to the others to kill the traitor and recover dignity for those who can enter the circle. I left the south and found a home with the rovers, Redden taught me how to fly a ship, and Rue, knife throwing. After a few years of addition training, along with my dancing skills, an assassin was the easiest way out, now there are no honor codes to break, and whoever tries to regain Blood -dept, will end up bringing me more." She turned, set her hand on the counter, and slid the center board free, inside was a carefully wrapped scabbard and sword. "Don't touch, she bites". After sliding her sword free, "This is a jivatma, you asked what I do for a living, It's pretty strait forward, I kill, I run, And I try to stay alive. She helps me". Delilah nodded to her sword. "Now you know more about me than anyone, even Redden".
Durnik put his hands behind his back to show that he had no intention of disrespecting her wishes.
"A tough life, to be sure. Are you happy though? That's the main thing."
Orophins voice tightenned as he spoke. "Maybe I did say that my brothers took the job seriously but they did it for all Lorien. their armies have borne the brunt of assaults on the border." He noticed he was talking too much on things related to himself. Smiling, he sipped the new glass of ale, "So, studying must be hard eh? I never really took on serious studying, it was the army for me."
Syeria nodded as she spoke, lighting up her pipe. She put it to her lips, watching him curiously.
"Studying is studying, what am I to do about it? It's not hard, but it's not easy...it's just work."
She rubbed her chin thoughtfully, taking her feet down off the table (finally) and rested her elbows on her legs, looking away quietly. After a while, she spoke again.
"Remember that one time we were on patrol? Someone pulled a prank on us, pretending to be a pack of Wargs. We jumped and fell out of the trees, and the pranksters were rolling on the ground, clutching their sides...stuff like that is worth remembering."
She fingered her sword for a moment, "I'm content, there's no time for happiness right now, running from countless seventh level Sword-Dancers, makes it pretty hard to to be happy or even settle down". She poured another ale and sheathed her sword, "Shouldn't we be discussing the ship?"
"Yes,yes that was quite a far while ago. But if anyones to blame, it was you for having a brother that was as childish as that to pull a prank like that." Orophin chuckled then continued," yes those are good memories. However, those type of memories don't exist. We are almost at war, and the goblins have much more numbers than we first thought. Ah but don't listen to me, I shouldn't be telling all this doom and gloom. So tell me, you went travelling around during your studies, where did you visit?"
Durnik smiled faintly.
"As you wish. This airship, how does it work? What needs to be done to make it -" Durnik mumbled a few words under his breath before continuing "- fly? God that sounds unnatural."
"Since you've done it before, I suggest we steal one, it doesn't take much does it? Once we have it in possession, we can modify it to fit our needs." She waved a hand toward the storage room, "Those might be enough provisions if we dock a few times".
Syeria looked at him thoughtfully before back outside again.
"Here and there...was in the Bree area for the majority of my time. Went to Rohan and Gondor as well...don't know why I never stopped by."
"Barkeeper, can you come over here for a moment?" Orophin smiled, " It is matters considering my stay here."
"Stealing one? Sounds good. Where would we find such an unfortunate captain?" Durnik asked, a sly grin on his lips and a gleam in his eyes.
"Yes Sir, I'll be with you in a moment", Delilah replied. Turning back to Durnik, "The Rover camps, as you might recall, I've lived there before, and they only keep a handful of guards on the ships. We sneak in, eliminate those on board, and take off. They won't have time to follow us and keep pace, we could spare a crew member and use him as a captain, or you could fly us", Delilah smiled and stood. Walking over to the other man across the bar. "Sir, your stay?"
"Considering that your inn provides very good quality ale, I would like to rent a room here. What I need is a room nice and quiet, as far away as possible from noise." Orophin gulped down the glass and passed it to the barkeeper, " And of course, I would like you to refill this please."
Delilah nodded and returned to the storage room where she brought out another bottle of ale, she refilled his glass and set the bottle on the table. "As I said to the other man, rooms at the end of the hallway are the most secluded and quiet. You may go upstairs and pick one, and since you like aqivi so much, take the bottle with you".
"It's been awhile since I've stolen a ship, but I think we can handle it. We will need a captain of course. I've never flown one of them before."
"Thank you, but I'd rather not take the bottle or check the room for now. Tell me," Orophins looked at her questioningly, "I could not help but overhear, while you got the bottles, of you talking of some scheme to do things, I would consider to the near brink of insane. You are an adventerous type are you not?" turning to Syreia, he winked, hoping she would understand he was trying to get the barkeeper, to admit some faults.
Delilah frowned, "Adventerous mabey, insane, I haven't really decided." She walked back to the bar where her sword was, "Are you from the south? " She asked.
"We could see that Redden person. Only if you think its safe for me and him to be on the same ship."
She smiled, "If you two promise not to kill each other, I think it's safe to bet we all get there in one piece". She knelt down and picked up her sword, and began polishing it, "Should we get started?"
Syeria managed a weak smile to Orophin, then glanced outside again, putting her pipe out.
"I need some fresh air...be back..later."
She stood and walked outside, finding a place where she could be alone to think.

Attention everyone: Hoodie has left PT, and Rue asked me if I wanted to be GM. I agreed, so, I am the new GM Smile Smilie
Thanx Adreia!
Orophon went and stood with her, "Why whats wrong?'
Syeria laughed some, glancing up to Orophin.
"Nothing's wrong. Just stuffy in there, heh."
She ran a hand back through her hair, still watching him.
"I agree, theres nothing better than being in the woods of Lorien. There if of course Rivendale but Lorien is a more natural place." Orophin smiled and looked around.
Syeria nodded in agreement, glancing around a bit nervously.
"It's a nice day out.."
She twiddled her thunbs, not sure of what else to say.
"Well i think we should go back inside." Orophin grasped the handle of his sword briefly, fighting the urge to pull it out and practise some swordplay.
Syeria watched him sidelong, a small smile coming to her lips.
"A perfect day for some swordplay, wouldn't you think?"
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Delilah had left Durnik at the bar and was standing just inside the doorway, "I'd sure like to see some, if it isn't too much trouble".
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"Well, I really don't know." Orophin unsheathed his blade, "Are you sure you're good enough? I hate to brag, but in truth, I hardly concentrate on th bow. I have practised swordplay all my life."
"I think any seventh-level sword-dancer assassin could take you, especially one whose got a northern Jivatma to enforce thier skill, but that's just me", Delilah straitened against the door and smiled, "I've practiced nothing but the sword and the circle for five years at Staal-Ysta, I know it's not as long as a life time, but being an an-ishtoya, I don't think it matters". She drew Samiel and stepped out of the door fram, "Would you care to test a Jivatmas magic?"
"Really, I'm not bragging, I have practised swordplay since I was 17, for more than 2 centuries I have practised. But maybe I'm wrong, I accept your challenge." Orophin swung his sword as he warmed up for the fight.
Delilah smirked as he began warming up and sheathed Samiel until the duel began, "To yeild or first blood ?" She asked.
Sorry, didn't get your last statement Rue
It means, do we end the duel when one of us yeilds, giving up, or first blood meaning whoever draws blood on the other, ending the match.
Syeria raised a brow slightly, sheathing her sword once more.
"I'll return later.."
She turned and walked away from the others with a quick stride, wrapping her cloak around herself.
Orophin grinned. He had an idea. "Syreia! Why don't you join in?!" he faced Delilah, "Yield, I don't like bloodshed, and besides theres no point in drawing blood," he grinned twirling his sword, "It'll be over in a few moments."
"If you always underestimate your opponants so, I'm surprised you're still alive", She said bitterly, "But yes, your friend should join, it would be fun". She smiled,"And to yeild, I agree, first blood would end it all too quickly".
Syeria skidded to a stop, glancing over her shoulder, quiet for a moment. Then she spoke up:
"I have to gather some thoughts, and I have some more studying to do. I can't join you."
She laughed a bit nervously before continuing on her way.
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