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Thread: Wars of the Nouth

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sorry i've been gone for so long I've been studying for finals oh and Gwaihir I'm a guy!

"Well Rumil it's either one group or the other," Said Arfa "but you can wait to decide."
He then looks at Adreia and nods to her and says "Welcome friend."
Big Laugh Smilie (deep blush) sorry! I guess I just think of most RPG elves as girls! sorry!)
wow that was a bit of a thread killer...
Ithilmir darted to the window and looked around. He thought he had seen a dark silhouette against it. But then... what could possibly happen in the city?
"Did anyone else see that?"
Let me get this strait, the two groups are Arfea, Ithilmir, Adreia, and etharion and the other group is Brin, robin, and Rumil right?

Yes ithilmir i did see whatever it was that that thing happened to be. I think we should be even more on gaurd while acting natural. But I say we should head into the city before it gets dark or else we will be stuck out here.
Also If something is wrong with the group I listed you in speak up now.
Im sorry for my lonf absence. i had a lot of studying and my mind wasnt focused. Ill try to catch up with the story.
"Your right they close the gates at midnight so we better hurry!"
Robin sets out for the gate knowing that the others are coming too. He keeps his hand near his axe just incase trouble shows up.
Ithilmir strides towards the gate, stopping every now and then to look around.
Brin checked her wrist sheaths as she came to the gate and secured her cwellen to her belt. She pulled a bota from her pack and sipped some of her aqivi as they waited.
( just wondering what is a cwellen bota and aquivi)
Alright, a cwellen is an assassins weapon, it's like a crossbow but shoots three razor edged disks at a time, a bota is like a water sack, but hard and roundish, and aqivi is a souther desert ale of immense bitterness.
Ithilmir reached the gate and signaled to an elf on the wall to keep it open for a few more minutes while the others arrived.
Arfa tried to bring up the rear to make sure he left no one because he hoped that his new friends knew more about where to find these smiths than he did.

PS: sorry i was gone i was sick Exploding Head Smilie
Is anyone else out there or shall we kill this thread? I'm sorry I couldn't join in but I was on holiday for half term.
Robin went through the gateand waited for the rest of his group before he left.
Ithilmir looked around suspiciously for the figure he had seen in the window, but his search was fruitless so he waited for the rest of his group.
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