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Thread: A new role playing game!

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lol!!! i thought it might be funny Eva

any way nice to see you back
Well then...
Robbin takes a beautiful horse also...(if he comes back he can choose a name and color etc...)

"We shall be going now... It will soon get dark" The company walked out of the farm after thanking their host. "We should be taking the northern road... but I believe we will risk attracting too much attention... any suggestions?"
"The Northern road will attract attention, but if we travel by night
and quickly, we may reach the gap of Rohan before we encounter too
much trouble... besides Fangorn Forest may give us some cover... and it has
been a while since i have spoken to my old friend Treebeard"
sorry i have been gone for a while.

Calin came into the barn and took the bay that had been chosen out for him. I think Caleb will be a suitable name for the horse and everything sounds good to me. I will start helping with the battles now that i will be here.
"Well then by night it is... "

Darkness grew steady as the company made their way to the northern road...

"You are all quiet, how about a song?"
"An excellent idea Anatea!!! or maybe a story ? (if some of the company do not wish to sing)
We're going to Fangorn Forest. I've heard about the forest from my Uncle, he told me the story about Helm's Deep and the help that the Ents gave. Ella relates all she had heard and asked Mithrandir loads of questions to fill in some of the gaps.

Whilst relating the story Ella could still sence something behind her, watching. She turned several times to check. Ella tells her companions about this again....asking if anyone else could sense anything.

If you ride the horses in single file, it will confuse the follower. If we circle a few times this will also help to confuse whoever or whatever. We need to know what or who is behind us....
"I to can sense it Ella, but it is probably best not spoken about until we ride
further, Anatea will tell us in good time, but i think it follows her more than
it does the rest of us, we are merely standing between it and her... but we will put
up a fight none the less"
"Our mission is this, we must get to Ered Wethrin, the mountain of shadow, before our followers do. There supposedly lies great peril. We must then prove our intelligence and wit in order to save a girl. Who she is I do not know, but she is in great trouble and clearly very important. That is all I know. I was chosen to find a strong company to aid me against the forces of evil, and you are all as important as I am in this mission. Each of you carries a gift, and in some way contribute greatly to our mission. If one of you is lost, we all suffer."
"Ered Wethrin... alas I thought it would be, it has been a long time since i walked
in the shadow of that mountain. We will have to overcome some peril to get there,
which way do you intend on going Anatea? through the land of Hollin and
over the Misty Mountains (or under them!). Through Mirkwood?, but that may take us
too close to Saruman (does anyone know who he side's with?) or do we seek the
land of Lothlorien and the fair lady Galadriel who will speed us down the river Anduin
in her elven boats?"
" Well... any suggestions? Perhaps a road that might mislead our followers.?"
I think Galadriel is our best bet. The elven boats will leave no tracks. If we leave the horses with her, they will come when called for. All the horses are as a fast a Shadowfax and they know we are on a special mission. They will know how to hide their tracks but I do not think we can hide long from what is behide us. As for Saruman, I think he is involved in what is behide us, he will always side with evil. We cannot trust him even Galadriel has never trusted him - she has always favoured you Mithrandir.

Is everyone in agreement with going via Lothlorien? If so, should we make a quick straight line or go the long way round leaving flase tracks? Whatever way I think we should get going and only stop for short breaks.

Anatea, I will fight for you and will give my life to protect you and your cause. Ella bends down in front of Anatea, presenting her bow and sword.
Well, I ave been thinking about a way to loose or eliminate our followers and i think that the best way to do it is if we split up int 3 groups one going each direction. Then after 6 hours the two groups not being followed turn back and go after the third group and the person following because he is most likely less than 6 hours behind us. If it works right, when the group being followed gets a certain signal, they turn around and charge back towards the other 2 groups while the other 2 charge up. Basically we would need 3 groups, a signal that wil not alert him and, a determined path that we want to go and send anateas group down that one.
"Your plan of action might work well, friend, but we would have to get back together and then head into Lothlorien to find Galadriel, perhaps she can help us. "

"Ella, I must thank you for your help and devotion, it truly means a lot." Anatea bows then to Ella, "You must know that I hope that you find in me the same devotion to protect you and I want you to know that in me you can always find a friend."
“Calin, your plan is a good one, but I would be more comfortable with it if we knew how dangerous whatever is following us is. There are not many things that would be powerful enough to take all of us at once, but I cannot think of many things that would be terribly interested in following us either... and it may catch up to the followed group before the others can get there. I am not saying we should definitely not do this... just pointing out the risks.” Eva kept to herself her thoughts about the exchange between Ella and Anatea: So the young one, too, swears loyalty. A curious group, remarkable people indeed to stake their lives on so uncertain a quest. Not that I have any plan of deserting Anatea myself, and indeed will do so only if... that happens. I do not think it will. But I do not wish to find myself forsworn if it does.
"Yes Calin your plan is good, but as Eva has said, the group that is being followed may
find themselves in a predicament before the other groups could reach them". "As for your
question of who follows us and to what harm we may come, collectively we would
stand a better chance of fighting them off rather than standing alone.... I have crossed some
foul things in my journey's but none are fouler in middle earth that follow us... they have Urukhai
at their command and the Dark Lord as their master... perhaps Anatea will fill in the rest for
you, as I may have spoken too much already"
"Every moment we spend talking is another moment our followers could be closing distance", Said Lili. "No matter what we choose, we'll have to face them eventually, I think, as Calin said, splitting up would be the safest way out, there would be less distraction if there was an attack, we could set a meeting point and continue together from there".
" I do not yet know what follows us, it carries a powerful source of energy, or else I could've already found out what it is. I think that calin's idea is perhaps going to be our best move, although it is true, we must go through certain precautions before acting, a lot of things can go wrong. Gandalf, what do you suggest? How should we split the group?... Oh, we must meet after our separation, we cannot wander alone, and friends, be careful, each one of you is important, even precious to our company. It was not of mere coincidence that we stumbled upon each other in that bar."
"I think Anatea that we need to know the skills and weapons of
each of the company before we make a decision as to who goes
with whom"... "I think it would be wise if we headed for Lothlorien
as Galadriel will be able to aid us in the journey and we have
less a chance of being spotted along the river than on the ground".

"What do you think?"
I am best with bow but can fight with bow. and if we were to split up the best thing might be to have the best hand to hand travel with arfea to make the battle last as long as possible for others to arrive. but oh well it is up to you.
"Thank you Calin, who is next?"
"You all know about my song, so that's done", Said Lili, "But I'm most known for my skills with the Cwellen and quarterstaff as well, I'm also a trapping range fighter and assassin, so if that sums it up..."

Cwellen = Crossbow like weapon that shoots three razor edged disks at a time.
As you know I am of Rohirrim stock so I am skilled on the horse, but I can also use my bow and sword - I have had training from Legolas and Gimli. I also have a knowledge of the lands we are to travel in plus I can read the stars as a map and can hunt.
"Excellent, it is indeed a strong company" "the only problem
now is choosing who should go with whom, Anatea what do you think?"
"Well, I suggest that, because of each other's skills, that we should break the group into 3 couples. Ella and Lily, Eva and Gandalf, and Calin and myself. Does anyone have any other suggestions?" Just as Anatea asked the group, they could hear whatever was following them get closer. "We don't have much time."
fine with me
I will do my best to hold whoever off if they attack us.
OK, if myself and Lily go forward in a westerly direction heading for the River Entwash, if we don't hear from anyone within 3 hours we will turn back and head for Derndingle. Shall we say this is the place we will all head for so we can enter Fangorm together. I don't think we should enter Fangorn separately.

If of course we are followed, I think that Lily's song will be our signal for help, Lily can you sing so that only our companions can hear us? Mithrandir could you send a message through your mind for help if needed?

If neither of these signals are heard within 3 hours we can presume that Anatea and Callin are being followed and we should then return and follow Anatea and Callin. Is everyone in agreement with this?
Sounds fine with me but if there s a signal possible, do either magic users have an ability where they could make one of my arrows shine really brightly, if so i will fire it strait up and when it shines you will know. but it is all good in my opinion.
"Yes, I can avoid the ears of others in the forest, it will be carried on the low wind currents", replied Lily to Ella, quietly. She checked her bag quickly producing her bota, and sipped aqivi while the others finished thier conversation.
"an excellent suggestion, EVa do you think we should head north
upto the borders of Lothlorien, therefore if we reach it before the others,
we can prepare for our onward journey together?"
remember gandalf that the point of this is to catch the person following us and not to pan new routes by ourselves... because if one group fails their task the whole mission may die.
"Of course Calin, you are right... we will follow last of all and bring
up the vanguard if that is allright with you Eva?"
Eva nods her assent. "That is fine with me, Mithrandir."
"Excellent, if we are all ready then?"
"Yes, I believe we can get this started then, here Calin." Anatea makes Calin's arrows shine. "Let's go."
"Yes, I believe we can get this started then, here Calin." Anatea makes Calin's arrows shine. "Let's go."

I'm sorry that I'm not able to be here so often, but I am on vacation, I will try my best, anyway I should be home in a week or so
as the group walks down the path they see a druedain. from this distance it is not easy to distinguish it from a statue for it is not moving.
"A Druedain, indeed we must have a closer look as this may
give us some clues as to the way we should tackle the quest"

Mithrandir moves forward, cautiously holding his staff aloft and his sword
Hey! Sorry guys, I know I haven't been around in a while..I've had tests to study for. Anyway, would someone be able to catch me up on everything? It would be greatly appreciated, thanks
As the group approached the man Ella asks if has anything to do with their task (Ella wanted to find out what and how much this man knew - this race of man was known to be a force against Morgoth, would he help them? He had skills that would be very useful).

Ella and the group waited for the reply, knowing that time was growing short - they had to be on their way - and soon.

But before the man could answer there was a sound behind. They all knew the sound of wargs and by the look on the man's face he knew also.

Well said Ella questions for later? Now we have a battle on our hands!

Calin also heard the sounds and immedietly turned around with his bow drawn and an arrow nocked while looking for a better place to defend from.
"Quick!" Anatea turned and with her golden bow strung, sent an arrow straight into one of the enemy's head. A smile came upon her face... "Let us fight them!"
"Excellent idea - i love a good fight" Mithrandir moves quickly into the group and
disembowels one of the Warg riders then raises his staff and stuns a second
Eva also drew her bow, slipping aside into the undergrowth.
OOC: Sorry I haven't been on much... pretty busy this summer...
Mithrandir jumps onto the back of a second warg rider (wondering were everyone is?) and cuts the throat of his prey then slides down the back of the smelly warg and plunges his sword
in it's back upto the hilt
Calin quickly fires four arrows at the rider coming at him and then quickly turns his attetion onto another one.
Anatea unsheathes her sword and has no time to put away her bow as two riders approach her fast. She swiftly dismembers one of the riders, but cannot reach the other one, so she is forced to throw herself to the ground in order to duck from the rider's blow. "Eva behind you!" One of the fallen riders was running towards Eva, sword in the air, ready to strike...
sorry I've been absent for a while I'm waiting for surgery which was due on the 14th July and was getting everything ready but it's been cancelled due to the bombing yesterday, my surgeon is going to be dealing with some of the people from the disaster

In all the comotion, no-one notices Ella lying under 2 bloodstained wargs, she has a blood running from her head and is not moving.....
hey I've been lying here for ages, not moving and bleeding - someone do something or say something - quick I'm getting cramp!!
Calin notices Eva on the ground (due to something screaming at him in his brain that one person is missing) and quickly shoots the warg and orc quickly racing at her before sprinting over where he moves the wargs after a few tries and quickly makes a polituce out of the herbs in his bag and puts that and a bandage on her head. He then turns around while unsheathing his sword to dispath of the 2 warg riders coming at him while his back was turned.

when are the wargs going to run out?
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