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Thread: The Crouching Hobbit Inn

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Iess looked at Rue rage and hurt shown in his eyes.He threw the rope and pulled the arrow out it started gushing blood."You hit my vein."
"I think you'll live", she said coldly, "It's not even close to what you've done yourself". She lowered her bow and walked back to Calin, she shook his shoulder again and began chanting a little spell that would hopefully revive him. As she waited for a result, she pulled out another ale from her bag , closed her eyes, and continued drinking.
Calin groaned as he realized he wasnt going to be going anywhere any time soon. Then he went over to Iess when he had enough strength and knocked him unconsious. i am tired of heraing his complaints.
o thanks just knock me out
Once he has made sure iess is unable to get to any weapons he brings him back to consiousness.
Rue set her drink down shakily and glanced to Calin, "Did you really have to do that?" She groaned in irritation and layed on her back, watching the sky, "Now everything's gonna start up again".
We will have to make sure it doesnt then, says calin.
Rue laughed and closed her eyes, "You're not exactly in the best condition to handle Iess right now, after whatever you just did to us, and I'll probably resort to more violence anyway". She rolled her head back and smiled slightly, "Rumil's still in shock, isn't he? He's gonna want to kill me when he snaps out of it."
Sorry pples big Exam week coming up, been real busy.
Iess woke up alone outside.'Crap why did I do that now Rue hates me Rumil hates me and I dont know what calin thinks.Ive made way to many mistakes.Rue wont believe me when i tell her i acted out of anger.She probably wants me dead and she wants to do it.'
"Are you always wrong, or is it just me?" said Rue stepping out from behind a tree. "If I hated you, I would have killed you by now. I had my chance, but I didn't take it, that should count for something". She shrugged and pulled out a knife, tossing it from hand to hand, "But whatever, I make no apologies and don't expect you to either".

Whew, haven't been on for a while, tests homework, and of course, my most recent fanaticism on Battle for Middle Earth! Can someone please fill me in on what I missed?
Robbin made sure our characters were okay, now he's kind of wasted from what it took out of him. Iess and Rue had another argument, it's over now and they're outside, apparently you and Robbin are inside.
"well, I see he's awake now." Rumil walked from inside the inn outside, bow at hand and solemn, "Next time don't mess around like that."

sorry if it doesn't make sense, I dunno wat to write.
Rue glanced over to Rumil and nodded in agreement, "Yeah. Hey, and um, about that whole separate father thing, sorry I didn't tell you". She caught her knife again and sheathed it slowly, "It's all good now, right?"
"Seperate father thing?" Rumil eyed Rue questioningly, "Now I didn't think I heard right before but now I do, whats al lthis about? a seperate father, what are you talking about?"
Iess stood up."Well Im sorry if you will except my apologies and this."said Iess bowing down and pulling out his Al Souda Katana.
Rue threw her hands up, "Rumil, look at me. I mean, a red-haired elf? I have to be something else, and even though I wish it wasn't true, I'm your half sister". She shook her head and smiled, "I've been lying to you since we met, and I'm very sorry about that, but I didn't know what else to do". She glanced over to Iess, "I don't want apologies, I just want to forget it happened, please?"
You got it Rue."said Iess."I hope you will accept this."he said as he held out a glowing pendant."It has the family symbol on it and well if it is all rightwith you your the closest thing i have to family.Will you accept this?"
"Alrite, if thats how it is, I can't change it." Rumil stood to the side and watched Iess and Rue, trying to hide his unhappiness and sadness at that.
Iess was waiting for rue to accept the pendant.
du du du du du du du du du du du du dududu dudududu du du du du du du dudu
*Sticks tongue out at Iess*

Rue shot a quick glance to her brother and spoke to Iess, "Just one sec, be right back". She grabbed Rumils hand and pulled him a few yards away, "Rumil, I know you probably hate me for what I did, but I'm telling you the truth now". She sighed, "My father is a mercenary warlord, he wants me and everyone close to me dead. Almost a hundred years ago I had to leave a family behind to keep them safe. I made a really big mistake that I don't want to make here. So, believe me when I say that I thought I was doing the right thing, I didn't want to lie." She tilted her head, forcing a smile, and walked back to Iess. "It's beautiful, of course I'll take it". She raised a brow, "Wait a second...the sober Iess would never do something this sweet. Come on, how many ales have you have?"
Rumil nodded slowly slowly trying to take in what Rue said. "Oh well best try to just forget it and move on." Rumil walked forward, raising his eyebrows, "Well, that really is a nice pendant, you must've had quite a drink Iess."
"Whats that supposed to mean!!"yelled Iess at Rumil."Are you saying that im an idiot trying to offer the only person who's acted like family to me a pendant!!! Huh!?"
Rumil put his hands in the air, "Calm down, I was just following up on what Rue said." His eyes narrowed, "Although I I really had it my way, I would've hurt you for hurting Rue before."
Rumil put his hands in the air, "Calm down, I was just following up on what Rue said." His eyes narrowed, "Although I I really had it my way, I would've hurt you for hurting Rue before."
"Would everyone please not think I'm some drunk bum who is only sweet when he is drunk.You all may not know me a lot but I am a very sweet person deep inside."said Iess in a sweet tone."And Rue I don't wanna hear any comebacks about me saying I'm sweet!"
"Whatever, Rumil and I are just going by what we've seen. I mean, when you were drunk, we danced, when you were sober, you almost killed me. Offering a pendant leans more to intoxication", said Rue lightly.
"Whatever.Lests go inside and maybe you can tell me abit about your mercenary father."said Iess getting up and walking into the inn.
Rumil was about to counter what he said but shut his mouth and merely looked at Rue, "Well, you going in?"
"Yeah, I need a drink", she said quietly and making her way inside. When she stepped through the door she immediatly went behind the bar and helped herself to a bottle of ale, tossing the coins on the counter.
"Rue you know you dont have to pay here"said Iess tossing the coins back to her and grabbing a botlle of ale for himself.
"No drink for me thanks," Rumil smiled and pulled a bottle of water, "Water from Lothlorien, very refreshing." With that he drank a bit of it and sat down near them.
Rue tossed the coins back, "If I don't pay, I loose track of how many I've had. And when I do that, I get drunk,I don't want to get drunk".
"OK but dont blame me if you run out of money."said Iess laughing.
Rue nodded her head thoughtfully, "Well, I suppose since you persue the subject, it is a bit foolish not to except free ale. Just don't blame me when you go to count your profits". She looked over to Rumil and pointed at him, "Hey, I'm gonna count on you to make sure I don't go overboard".
Rumil smiled an annoying 'sibling' smile, "Oh don't worry Rue, I'll make sure." and thne drank more of the Lothlorien Water.
"You'd better", she said laughing. She moved her hand under the table and felt her stomach, an odd expression appearing on her face, "Hey, I'll be right back". She got up suddenly and made her way down the hall and back outside, where she began retching.
Iess heard a noise coming from outside so he ran down the hall to see what was happening."Rue!Are you okay?"He asked when he saw her retching outside.

retching is vomiting rite

"Just a little woozy", said Rue, bending over as another wave came. She took a few deep breaths and waved him away, "It's fine, seriously". Her hands hastily pulled her hair back as her stomach tried to empty itself again.
Watching Rue barf made Iess stomach want to barf and before he could control himself he was retchin up mucas and blood and everything."Now look what youve done."he said to Rue wiping his mouth.
"It's not my fault you've got a weak stomach", she muttered after righting herself. "Ew!" she exclaimed turning round to him, "You got some in my hair!" She knelt down dizzily, clutching her stomach, and vomited again. "This is gross, is there like a river or something around here?"
Rumil wondered what had happenned and realised Rue must have been sick or something, so he followed Rue and IEss outside. Seeing them retch made him a bit dizzy. "what did you two eat or drink to make youl ike this, are you two alrite, I can't believe this," Rumil turnned away, 'I thought all elves were immune to sickness.' Rumil thought to himself.
"I dunno but Dunedain aren-BLA!"Iess retched again."I'll go check the water and ale to see if somebody put poison in it."said Iess standing up and walking into the inn.
"I'm not all elf you know", she managed before another rush over took her. She wipped her mouth off and stood up slowly, "This is disgusting, I'm gonna go find a place to get all this junk off". She stumbled off into the forest in search of a pond or stream.
Iess came running out holding the bottle of ale Rue and him drank out of.He only saw Rumil so he darted into the woods.He caught up to Rue and said"This ale has a black market poison in it.I mean it isnt deadly but somebody wanted us to be sick."
"Well", said Rue calmly, standing on the edge of the pond, "They got thier wish, didn't they?" She turned around and dove into the water, and began washing the vomit out of her hair. "Who do you think it was?" she asked swimming out. Without waiting for an answer she shouted so her words would carry back to the inn, "Rumil, come on, you'll have more fun with us than by yourself!"
Iess jumped in."Probably one of those idiot orc spies.Theyre just mad because we crushed them."Said Iess diving underwater."Here"Take this use it in your hair it will heal you and give you energy.It also smells good."said Iess tossing Rue a bottle of liquid.
Rue sniffed it and nodded in agreement, "Yes, it is nice". She put some in her hands and began scrubbing her hair roughly. After a few minutes she spoke in mock irritation,"It's too long and I don't want to waste this stuff". She grabbed a knife from her belt and severed almost two feet, leaving her hair to then rest at her shoulders. "There, now there's some to spare", she finished getting the vomit out and tossed the bottle back to Iess, "Thanks".
"No Prob Rue."said Iess looking at her admirably."Hey Ill race you to the other side of the pond!"said Iess bursting out into a fast swim.

yay rue ur back we all missed you Pary Smilie
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