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Thread: The Gondolin company

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Im Bak

Curucam woke up in a strange cave. He saw books and herbs on the wall. He jumped up and he saw an ent with nak and calin standing in the centre of the room. "Whats happening? Do you have a plan?"
Welcome back, and Garet's here too.

Nakhile shook her head, still looking at the books, "Nope, nothing changed in the time you were out, and before we do anything, you need something for that bump". She pointed to a swelling spot on his forehead from his run in with the ent, "It's gonna be sore if you don't get something for it". She ran her finger along the rows of books, noting how thick most of them were.
The Cloveress blinked at Nak's words. "Of course you would need healing." She applied some poultice to Curucam's bump and forced him to drink some really nasty potion of hers. There was silence for a while. Everyone seemed to be absorbed in their own thoughts. The Cloveress smiled, her home had this effect on people, though she seldom let guests in, none had ever gone out unchanged. But, this was not a time for leisure. "Answers," she said softly. "You will find them here."
Nakhile raised her hand as if in a classroom and tilted her head, "How do we stop Freyr and rescue Iess? We need to do something before she gets her army going", she sank down to the floor and rested her back against the wall.
Freyr looked at the forest. "Burn it lets make these annoyances either come out or run. They are starting to make me mad. We need to make them know who is boss" Freyr finished her order and looked around. "Well get moving already!" The orcs and started moving.
"Didn't you mention freyr has a weakness? Find it out as you read.."The Cloveress said patiently, "oh but of course, I keep on forgetting there isn't enough time. Freyr will be sure to hunt us down." She mulled over her thoughts, feeling the spirits rustle around her...victims of Freyr's cruelty in the past.
Nak was staring at nothing, concentrating on a slight scent she'd picked up, "Smoke, I think I smell smoke guys, do you smell it?" She stood up slowly and poked her head outside the cave, as she looked up, there was a dark cloud rising over the trees, and an ashy smell began to settle over the forest.
"They're trying to burn down the forest! If we get out and fake our death..." He started mumbling to himself and continued for a few minutes. He looked up at the others. "Nak, go kill some animals in the forest and place them here to look like scrambled bones. Calin help her." He turned to the ent. "If you really are on our side help us escape from the forest."

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"No dont burn down the forest you cant.Even if you kill us their will be someone else like us.said Iesseus yelling at Freyr.
no... cloveress do you have any books having to do with water elemental artifacts or elements that magnify elemental dontrol even once that are nearby.. another thing is do you have anything having to do with telekinesis or other mental powers, i have a talent when it comes to books. by reading the title i can usually tell if it will be helpful and i can sight read pages very very fast. If this will work you two will need to sneak into their camp from two different directions and do your best to rescue Iess. Clover i will need you here to help with controling of the elements and make sure i dont overdo it...

tell me if this is bad and it is up to the gm and clover.
"well if more come i will beat them, just like i beat you. I dont even need to worry." Freyr looked at the sack. 'What to do with you?' She thought to herself.
"Calin, listen, there isn't any time", said Nakhile, watching the smoke as it advanced, "We're being smoked out, and the fire's almost here".
Fury gripped the Cloveress. "Freyr! So, she dares to burn down these sacred trees at last! I will strangle her myself!" Her deep green eyes glittered with another light, almost impatience. "There are no need for books of water. You forget that I have Ent and Elf blood combined. I may unleash water. But first let us get out first. The birds and beasts will lead you. And if you lose sight of them, go due east until you come out of the forest. Hide in a mountain cave. I will remain to deal with this barbarian. " She saw the unwilling looks on their faces.

"Look, do you want to get less bak or not?"Curucam got to his feet "Follow the ent...elf...thing, and we'll get out alive, all of us including less!"

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sorry said calin. I cannot run away and hide. If you want the chance to save Iess come with me. Clover you try to stop the fire. and if you dont trust me trying a spell that has never worked for me before then dont come. As calin says this he starts running strait towards the fire meanwhile his hands are flying to cast a spell.
"Fools, you won't be running away and hiding. This is just called a stratigecal retreat." The Cloveress looked especially hard at Nak and Garet, who seemed most displeased. "And Calin, I trust you. Just don't burn anymore spirits. And you should trust me too. Avenging time has come. You had better go away before the water rushes to swallow you up. Go!" With that she changed back to her pure Elven form, grabbed her sword and ran down the secret pathway to meet Freyr.
"Im going with the cloveress, Nak, as your captain I order you to come with me, Im not losing another warrior, as for you garet I hope you'll make the choice and beg you to come with us"
Nak raised a brow and crossed her arms, "You order me? That's rich, you must still be suffering from that bump, cause it's not my concern if you lose another warrior. Besides, we all know none of us were gonna sit on the sidelines and watch, each of us wants to help", She drew her blades and made her way after the Cloveress.
"Look, I'm sorry, but I just don't want anymore trouble I just want all of us as far away as possible." He stood up, drew anganaur and ran after the other two with his helmet in his hand and a longbow slung over his shoulder.
"This is the decisive battle in this area. If you you die then I will just go get more troops and it wont matter. So dont make me get another army." Freyr finished her orders and got ready to fight.
The Cloveress ran light-footed through the trees, whispering secret words of comfort to them. Freyr will not have forgotten the one who battled with her and broke her first weapon! "Don't worry, my friends. After this day no more shall we suffer from the Orcs. As your protector, I will rid us all of this evil." The trees only bent their boughs in reply.
Curucam ran as fast as he could after the Cloveress making sure not to nick the trees with Anganaur as he held it ready for battle. He couldnt tell whether they were behind him but he ran on unhindered. He burst out into the light of the plains.
The Cloveress was in her secret glade chanting words of strength to the trees and beasts when she heard a disturbance somewhere near her. It sounded like one of the others had come after her. "Oh no! Younglings! Will they never understand? They'll get killed out there in the open!" she groaned, unsheathing her sword and running towards the commotion.
Curucam saw the orcs ahead of him. "Oh no, I went the wrong way, I should have listened to the Cloveress." Two orcs saw him and started shouting, he cut off one head nad broke the others neck with his bare hands. "It's too late to go back now. I'll have to find the cloveress."
He didn't have to go far to find her, though. As he braced himself for another Orc-blow, an Elf with clear green eyes and a shining sword rushed past him and slew the Orc. "Get into the woods. And stay there!" she shouted as she swiped off another's arm.
Curucam followed her advice and sprinted off through the undergrowth killing any orcs that had wandered into the forest. he jumped up, over a branch and into a little hidden alcove.
"so here they come less. This is where we will see if your friends are capable of beating me. You better wish your friends good luck. They will need it." Freyr snorted and saw the trees swaying.
As every one is busy with the battle and running a form appears running out of the fire. he runs strait at the back of the group of orcs and once he arrives he throws fire into the midst of them and so no one will get away. he then sligs quiter a few rocks at Freyr along with fire and anything he can reach and then as soon as he gets to the pit he leaps and grabs onto the bag in his leap whole one hand of his is still throwing fire at the orcs. He then whispers to iess. dont worry i wont hurt you. Then he quickly puts one hand on the rope and starts to burn the top of the bag and whatever is holding it shut (if it is shut) while his other hand gets back to throwing little bits of fire. It is getting obvious to the orcs that his fire is running out.
"Im about ready to believe anybody right now."said Iess to the person who had just rescued him."Who are you anyways?"
Freyr did not mind them taking the bag, but turned to the fire. "Put that fire out. It will be the death of you maggets if you dont." Freyr yelled and watched the mysterious man run off with the bag. "I could stop him if i wanted to, but there is no need' Freyr thought.
I am a friend of your friends says calin as he helps Iess out of the bag. he then throws Iess a few knives and says i hope you can use those well cause i dont have your gear and the others are fighting says calin as he runs of in the direction of the fighting while stringing an arrow to his bow.
The Cloveress did not like fire, even in her Elven form she didn't like it. But she fought on valiantly, all the while chanting under her breath for the flood that would come from the other side of the mountain. "Calin! Iess! Try to get the orcs to go into the woods!" The woods were already moving a little, and the Cloveress could feel their restlessness. "As for Freyr, I wish she wouldn't lead her army from behind....coward she is!!"
Curucam was watching as the orcs were driven into the forest, he jumped out into a small clearing where some of the orcs had run to and wielding a two handed axe, he found embedded in a tree, he swung round killing orc after orc before they sprinted off back to there mistress.
"Oh darn,"thought the Cloveress. "What'll we do when the flood comes??"
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no flood do not flood this area... what we need is a thunderstorm says calin as he runs past Clover to attack some orcs behing her... and dont worry about freyr for a little while. She has her hands full with burning orcs and the grass they are standing on is burning. He then yells out. Iess is safe he should be here any minute now so whenever we are gonna leave.
The fire was dying down. The orcs managed to find some water. 'Now to deal with those pests' Freyr thought. Freyr levitated above the group and saw the figures. 'Oh a few more then i thought'. She raised her hand and bolder came up next to her. "Goodbye elf"! Freyr droped the bolder above the elf.
Iess saw the boulder he grabbed his sword witch was enchanted with the blood of many of friends and enemys.He ran over and slashed the boulder with all his might it went flying and landed on a group of orcs."I dont know who you are but I had a feeling you were on our side."said Iess to the elf...
"You again dont you learn boy" Freyr yelled raised her hands, the force grabed the sword threw it. It landed in the bark of a tree. "Go fetch boy" Freyr smirked.
Iesseus quickly ran and grabbed his sword.He was so angry that his face was beat red."Nobody and I mean nobody hurts me and my friends!!!"yelled Iesseus at Freyr.His sword suddenly started spinning around and it shot out a huge beam of light fire water and darkness.It knocked Freyr of her feet and it sent Iess flying back"Woah."Iess said.
Freyr managed to get herslef up. She was a little dazed from the unexpected blow. "So i guess you are not worth less to your team. i under estimated you.' Freyr looked at the battle. It was not looking promising.
Iess looked at the elf."Where are the others?"he asked her.He waited for a reply.He saw Calin running.He decided he would help.
Curucam put down his axe and watched after Calin and less, he didnt know where nak had got herself to but he hoped she wasnt in trouble, he felt responsible for her. "Clover, what should we do, Calin has messed up the flood idea, we need to stop Fleyr or we've got no chance."
Well said calin as he appears from the woods still fighting some orcs that had followed him. i can always track them from the sky. as he gives a sharp whistle, a griffon come flying out of the trees with and orc arm in its beak. I didnt lie to you when i said i was a scout but i didnt tell you i am one of the flying scout. this is probably my oldest companion still alive today and has been at my side since she was very young.

and that griffon is the last trick up my sleeve so dont expect anything else unless there is a big break.
I was addressing cloveress
Nak swooped down happily and landed near the group, "Whatever we do, let's do it now, her armies are regaining control and we can't handle this much longer".
Freyr looked up at the bird. 'Oh shoot' She thought to her self. She lifted two bolders ready to throw them at the creature when it charged. She knew it would not kill the creature but slow him down. she waited for the creature. "archers fire at the creature" Freyr commanded. The archers turned and relised a wall of arrows. The creature doged them.
"They're scattered all over the place," cried the Cloveress frustrated. "If they had only listened to me... younglings, too full of spirit and eagerness to kill.... " She raised her sword and fought madly. A loud cry from above startled her. It was the griffon. "Hmmm...I didn't know we had one of these... oh maybe those younglings weren't that useless after all. But I'd better do something before Freyr either kills Iess or hurts the griffon..."
calin calls the griffon ton the ground and then mounts on top of it. he then has itb take off where he hurls bits of earth and metal into the orcs.
Curucam once again drew his faithful sword, anganaur, and speared two orcs rushing up behind the cloveress. "Darn orc blood, ruins the diamonds."
"Never mind the diamonds," the Cloveress said through gritted teeth, "This whole land, once green, will be ruined because of their filthy blood." She killed her way through the Orcs, getting nearer and nearer to Freyr as she did so. "I just hope the others can come too so we can surround the bloody monster..." she muttered as she tripped and almost fell. Elf was not her greatest fighting form...
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