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Thread: A Wedding Story

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'finally, thank you Iesseus now that everyone is quiet i can silently contain my excitement and without causing a right kafuffle!!!! i just cant wait' Losse said to Iesseus. turning to turgon he said quietly 'if ur not gonna behave do i have to get one of the usher to 'usher you out"!!? please dont reck this for me' he turned and taken a deep breath thinking of what to say to his wife-to-be when she is by him.
Cloveress felt relieved that Isis had recovered. She looked around to see if anyone she knew had arrived and instead found only the sight of Turgon and Saguki (both pronouncing the other's name wrong) glaring daggers at each other. "Wow, this should be a fun wedding." She saw Elessar too, talking to his twin. He seemed very nervous, and Cloveress somehow couldn't find the joy she had seen on Isis' face in this groom. In fact, he looked troubled and a bit annoyed apart from nervous. "Oh dear, I just hope what I told Isis was true. Cuz this groom just doesn't too happy about this wedding... Maybe he doesn't love her after all?" She thought for a moment, then slapped herself. "What are you thinking, Cloveress?" she muttered under her breath. "They're getting married. He loves her. End of story. Now stop messing around and making big mistakes." She gazed miserably around the room and started to make her way over to where the men were standing.
"im sorry elessar i'll calm down, just keep him away from me because i wont be able to control my actions" said turgon. He turned around and saw cloveress coming over and noticed that she was not looking happy.
'Thank you thank you thank you' in reply to turgon ' now i can return to being happy and do nothing but smile' with a big grin on his face he looked over at Cloveress and winked in excitement. Winking Smilie
Cloveress looked bemusedly at Elessar and only shrugged in reply. She was feeling less giddy now and after talking with Isis, worried a good deal less about her accessories and gown. "Isis has gone to apply some last minute make-up," she told them. "I think she recovered quite well."
'ok thanks Cloveress, i was beginning to wonder where you two were, ill see you after the service!!Smile Smilie' in reply to her. Turning to Saguki he tapped him and reasurred him 'just ignore Turgon, ive got some embaressing pictures of him when he was little hehe cant wait to show them'
behind a curtain isis stepped up and down nervously and fumbled around with her flowers, waiting for the organist to start playing the right melody. she tried to convince herself that she didn't care about the absence of her dad. "if he doesn't want to accompany me... I don't need him." but now as the whole thing was going to start, she was close to tears again. "be strong. your mum's out there. and your gran. imagine their triumphant faces if you spoil this one." she was slowly getting angry at the organist who still played strange interpretations of MY WAY.
"Oh I gotta run now." Cloveress hurried off again, her dress swaying as she hastily grabbed her flowers from a nearby table. Isis was looking worried again, and she couldn't see the Reverand anywhere. "No daddy is one thing, but no reverand is quite different. I hope the rev stops sulking and shows up soon."
"Its a good thing that im here because im a qualified minister i could marry them" said turgon running down the silent aisle after cloveress with huge puppy dog eyes.
'oh thats great hes running down the aisle shouting at the maid of honour' muttering as he put his hands on his head, 'it'll be worth it though to marry my beautiful gem today'
Cloveress saw Turgon running towards her, shouting that he could marry the couple. Her face broke into a smile of relief. The other guests seemed unperturbed still and Cloveress wondered at their lack of reaction. But it was alright. Isis and Elessar were finally getting married!
The Rev re-entered his desecrated church, took his place before the altar and cried out, ex cathedra :

"Is there any virtuous man and woman in this rout i can marry?" he asked.

"Or indeed with wit to understand what marriage is about? Not you at least!" he said in disgust, turning to the bride and groom. "It needs more to make husband and wife than a lovely face and expensive garments. Why, any slack-jawed yokel can show as good a following!"
Saguki jumped down and walked behind the reverend."What did you say?"he said angerly.Before the reverend could answer he punched square in the nose.He sslumped to the ground."Now that that party poopers gone lets have Turgeon wed the couple.Cmon Turgeon no hard feeling man."
The maid of honour was shocked by the violence (this was a wedding after all). But she had to admit that the reverand deserved it. She smiled at Saguki and looked down at the Reverand. "They are the most virtuous couple you can find here." she told him coldly. As she went to take her place at the end of the aisle she muttered," And besides, their clothes are sooo not glamorous. Look at the state of Elessar's jacket..."
"ok i never liked that rev" said turgon walking back up to the altar "lets get this wedding on the road, before we begin elessar u got some of my dust on your robes."
"Before we start I must say some thing."said Saguki holding up a bottle of beer."Cheers to Elessar and Isis!Now lets get these two married!Uhhhhh who has the rings?"said Saguki looking around the room.
"oh i didnt think of that thanks for reminding me" said turgon thankfully " that could of been awkward, who is gonna be the ringbearer now im the rev"
Cloveress spoke up:"I'll bear the rings. I'm pretty much like a sister to Isis anyways.""
close to tears because of the reverand's talk and then a little shocked by everything going on isis took a deep breath and smiled thankfully at saguki, turgon and cloveress. "what would I do without them all?", she thought. feeling a bit guilty she told someone nearby to lead the reverand out and get him a steak to cool the nose.
"ok, but Turgon where are the rings you are supposed to have them? i mean youve got to give them to Cloveress" smiling slightly to Turgon. Looking over his shoulder he saw the 'ex rev' being helped up by the 'teachers pet' or the 'revs pet' or the choir boy and he slipped on him and they were all in quite a tangle!
"isis u would probably be a lot better off without us but thanks ne way, cloveress here are the rings keep them safe" said turgon giving cloveress two plain wedding bands.
*a few discordant cords are played from the organ*
Cloveress winked at Turgon. "Don't worry. I, unlike you, am an extremely orderly person who has never lost anything she doesn't want to lose in her life." She took the rings and patted Turgon's shoulder. "Now let's hurry up and let them get wedded."
"lets get this wedding started, may we have the bride and groom. Elrose start again from the top." said turgon looking at cloveress thankfully.
with a deep breath and a gulp, he saw his wife to be moving to the back ready to walk down the blessed aisle. He got a shivering sensation in his hands and stomach bearing a slight smile. he muttered under his breath "boy have i got some charm for you my dear" and looked at the party in front of him, the best man, the rev, the organ guy, the maid of honour then he suddenly thought "i have only one family member, but im not gonna let them ruin this for me" Smile Smilie
Saguki saw a hint of sadness on Elessars.He walked over and said,"Sorry the rest of your family aint here but Weve been friends for so long that we are family eh?"
"haha yeah your like the good twin that i never had and soon your going to have another family member, Isis, you get something out of this as well" chuckled Elessar.
isis slowly stepped forward, trying to maintain a certain rhythm, which wasn't quite easy, considering the playing of the organist. looking at elessar she smiled. "oooh, he looks so cute wearing that tail coat! now nothing can go wrong any more!"
Looking back Elessar looked deep into her eyes and seemed to be lost in her beauty, and in some surreal way he said to himself "nothing can go wrong now" feeling that he heard it before, maybe it was her, she sent him a wave of thought. Could it be that he loves her that much that he is together with her even in their minds?
Cloveress held the rings on a little cushion and walked behind Isis. She looked at the party assembled at the alter and smiled. This was so blissfully perfect.
seeing Cloveress behind Isis, Losse took and breatyh and thought 'its good that Isis has support from all this, what with all the evil twin showing up and the rev being hit (very funny, but wrong, but secretly very cool) and now when i take her in my arms i can give her all the support that she will ever need' and then continued to look at Isis.
Saguki thought to himself'This party would be a lot funner if I played my guitar along with the organ.' He grabbed his guitar and amp and put on the distortion and played the wedding march.
the two different rhythms of the guitar and the organ - they just didn't quite get it right... - irritated and troubled the bride. it was the first time she thought the chapel was too large - the way to the altar was far too long. she felt kinda strange walking there with everyone looking at her... but she just looked at the groom standing at the front and forgot everything around her. she only wanted to stand by his side as soon as possible. suddenly there was a *crack* and she almost fell down. 'that was my heel... just my luck!', isis thought. she stopped for a moment and peered round, she felt she was blushing. as she couldn't decide who of the fat ladies around her might have the same shoe size as she had so she could steal her shoes, she just put the ruined white shoes ('oh, they were sooo expansive!') off and stamped on barefooted. 'that won't stop me now. not now that I've got that far.'
Cloveress winced as she saw Isis break her shoe. "Just shows how nervous she is..." she muttered. But then she glanced at Turgon standing at the altar and found herself nervous. She fixed her eyes straight in front of her and tried to look indifferent. However, this failed utterly, as she blushed more than ever this way. But she determinedly looked away from the altar and set her eyes on one of the bridesmaids in front of her.
A distraught usher ran past the assembeled lot, yelling and waving after some renegade guests. "Get back ere you...!!!" he shouted runing past. Probably just normal usher stuff...no need to worry.
seeing that Isis had broken her shoe, Elessar looked down to her feet as she carried on walking and kneeled down and taken his own shoes off, so as not to have his bride feel too embarressed and nudged the people around him to do the same, then looking up at the bride, he gave her a wink and a smile.
Turgon bent down and in respect of his brother took off his own shoes. showing some very pretty socks.
Cloveress pulled her shoes off as well, hoping the carpet was clean.
Is the place of "Mother of the Groom" still open. I've been seeing this thread here and wondering when and whether or not to join; I've decided to join...if that's alright with you guys....but I don't know what's going on...
of course, join!!! yea, you can be the mother of the groom... he doesn't seem to have many relatives anyway. Wink Smilie just have a little look at what's happened by now - not too much - and join in. (only put off your shoes... Wink Smilie - see posts above.)

isis thankfully smiled at elessar and walked on a bit faster, glancing at either side. even among the guests some had taken off their shoes. "maybe this will be a tradition from now on...", she thought. finally she reached the altar without further difficulties and stood beside the groom.
MUMMY!!!!! OF COURSE U CAN JOIN ILL ADD U ON TO THE CAST LIST AT THE BEGINNING (sorry caps lock) put ur profile and join the day (which has bin going now for a few weeks!!) in it u can talk to ur son (me) at the end of the ceremony, cant w8 to meet you, guess what ur other evil son turgon is here!

As isis stood next to Elessar, he took a step forward and taken her hand and held it softly aand whispered in her ear 'you look gorgeous even in your bare feet!!' and turned to face Turgon.
Name: Lilith
Age: 42
Appearance: Lily wears a soft blue colored dress, with her black hair pulled up into a bun. Her face is kind and her eyes are bright green. She looks far younger than her age.

Lily sits waiting in a bench behind her son, Elessar. Dabbing a napkin at the corner of her eye, Lily smiles. 'I'm so proud that one of my sons decided to do something with his life,' she thought. 'Oh the poor dear Isis, I would not have her being the only one without a shoe,' she thinks as she takes off her crystal blue heels.
Turning round he saw his mother slyly sit down behind him and gave a sigh a relief as more of his family could join their day, he gave her a wink and turned back to his bride waiting for Turgon to start his main part of the day. Still lost in her eyes, Elessar gave a slight smile as he found what he had been looking for in her face, a twinkle. slowly his smile grew bigger and mouthed to her 'I love you'
Cloveress stood by, watching as they prepared to pronouce their vows. She smiled with tears in her eyes. They looked so sweet together! Isis was gazing into Elessar's eyes, aware of her slightly swollen foot no longer, and Elessar's eyes simply radiated warmth and love. Cloveress sighed with contentment (and relief). No more uncooperative Revs or alcoholic guest trouble or broken shoe annoyances. They were finally getting married.
I guess i should get started then thought Turgon who had been a bit distracted by the entrance of his mother.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered together here in the sight of God to join together this Man and this Woman in holy Matrimony. And i must say that marrying my own brother is somthing i thought i would never do."

Turgon read that last sentance again in his own head.

"To Isis not to me. Im straight" continued turgon winking at cloveress.....

Skips forwards a few pages, blah blah blah.

"If anyone here knows of any impediment, why these two people may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace." finsihed turgon with a look on his face that said if any one does i will kill them.
Saguki saw Turgeon winking and flirting with the Cloveress.He walked up to him and whispered in his ear."Hey buddy shes mine.Stop flirtin with her."
Looking around himself for any outburst of 'I OBJECT!!' but there was nothing, which was a surprise as so many other things had happened that day that up until now things were going the way that Isis and he were wanting it to be.

Turning to his best man, he smile in thanks for telling the 'rev' to hurry up and waiting for excuses for the wedding to stop suddenly. (at least that's what he thought)
Cloveress blushed at Turgon's wink. And felt uncomfortable because Saguki's wife, who had been glaring at Saguki for half the wedding, was now glaring at her.
isis had lost herself in Elessar's eyes and her thoughts had drifted away when Turgon's "If anyone here knows of any impediment, why these two people may not be lawfully joined together in Matrimony speak now or forever hold your peace." brought her back to reality abruptly. she glanced over to her family hoping they wouldn't make a fuss. as Saguki stepped up to Turgon she got nervous wondering if he wanted to prevent them from marrying. she soon felt relieved noticing that it was about Cloveress. after all that had happened a fight between the rev and the best man couldn't really make her worry any more. but then again she kinda worried about Cloveress when she noticed Saguki's wife's looks.
Cloveress managed a smile for the bride, and tried her best to appear unaffected. When the ceremony was over, she was gonna need a lot of wine...
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