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Thread: lets play...

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Discovering that he has been talking to himself Lord Loss, starts his mad laugh and put his hand in his pocket, he pulled out a diet coke and pop rocks and growing a third arm, he rips the top of the packet open and put the opened can of coke inside and shaken it, and as it started to rumble he let it drop to his left foot and kicked it into the direction of the Lemur, still laughing madly and twitching, he sings, 'i feel like Lemur, Otter, Bird (chicken) tonight, and BOOM the can exploded, coke went everywhere but Lord Loss stayed put hanging helplessly on the target and giggling at his 3rd arm shrinking away....
i didnt even bother to read ny of the posts :P
how is everyone?
Where have you been Elroooose ?????? Ive missed yahSmile Smilie Good to see YAHSmile SmilieSmile Smilie
i have been at school and playin my guitar and violin, dont worry not thrash metal but folksy, like bob dylan and johnny cash
welcome back, i forgot about this thread as nothing was really happening apart form a mad lord and an otter tied to a target!!! but hey liven it up dude!!!
or does everyone just kinda want to pretend this never happened?...I personally vote to bring it back to life around finals week.....
Why not eh??? Why not.......... I forgot once again about this thread, but still there's an Otter and I remember something about a bottomless punchbowl........
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