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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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"Moping? I've not been moping. I just miss the first friend I made around here, that's all," she said softly and then grinned. "I'd like to try some jerky, Grondy," she said lightly and walked to lean over the bar, looking at the jar of Dragon Jerky. "Looks pretty good to me," Ice stated, her mouth watering a bit. Absently, she swished her tail back and forth.

"Surely you may," said Grondy as he dished up some Spicy Hot Balrog Wings and set the plate before Celebrian.

Then he grabbed some tongs and pulled a couple strips of Dragon Jerky from the jar and place them on a paper towel afore Ice Fangs, wondering if her tail was swishing because she was happy or just perturbed, "Eat hearty O'Frosty Mouth".
Elrose watches Icey tale and is soon hypnotized....hopefully no one will take advantage of this.....

Duck Smilie and we do need a dragon smiley :dragon:
Icey looks at the Dragon Jerky is suddenly aware of how much heat is emanating from it(it is from a dragon....). She pulls up a barstool and sits on it, her tail curling around one of its legs. Picking up a piece of the jerky, Ice puts it in mouth and chomps down.
Immediately she puts it back on the table and gulps down the rest of her mug of ale in one swallow; and she starts coughing. "Hot...hot!" she weezes and waves one hand in front of mouth to cool off her stuck-out tongue.

Celebrian looked at Icey and laughed to himself. He then shrugged his shoulders and went back to eating his Balrog Wings. "These are magnificant, Grondy! How do you make 'em?"
Just then a hooded figure walked through the door.The only things visible on him were his hands witch had leather wristbands with nine inch nails driven through them."He quietly said "I see I must sing."He whipped of his robe and started singen an elvish song.He was considerably handsome with his blondish hair and his red eyes.He was wearing chain mail with spikes on it and he was having a ball."I too own an inn and bar!"he yelled.
"Hey Iesseus reyndous, nice apparel! However, you need to turn up the volume on your amp. We couldn't hear a word of your song, nor even any music accompanying it if there was any. So you might try it again with more feeling, and this time blow us out of the water."
but i'm not in a bucket of water...it tastes like ale" said a mysterious voise from an ale barrel
"OK OK time to pump up the volume!"said Iesseus happily.He turned up the knob on his amp and belted out another song.
OOC: pssst... he means that you should write out the song...
Long ago
Just like the hearse, you die to get in again
We are so far from you

Burning on, just like a match you strike to incinerate
The lives of everyone you know
And what’s the worst you take (worst you take)
From every heart you break (heart you break)
And like a blade you stain (blade you stain)
Well, I've been holding on tonight

What’s the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Came a time
When every star falls
Brought you to tears again
We are the very hurt you sold
And what’s the worst you take (worst you take)
From every heart you break (heart you break)
And like a blade you stain (blade you stain)
Well, I've been holding on tonight

What’s the worst that I can say?
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Well, if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Can you hear me
Are you near me
Can we pretend to leave and then
We’ll meet again, when both our cars collide

What’s the worst that I can say
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight

Well, if you carry on this way
Things are better if I stay
So long and goodnight
So long and goodnight
sang Iesseus in good rhthym..
Celebrian set down his mug of ale and clapped vigorously. He enjoyed the catchy tune, and will probably end up humming it for the next few days.
Yes, that'll probably end up being this weeks earworm. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie So here for your effort, Iesseus reyndous, is your complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest Ale™ and a plate of our Spicy Hot Balrog Wings.
"Oh well thank you very much my good friend.This is delicious!"said Iesseus happily and cheerfully...
omg i had a 2 paragraph post and deleted it Sad Smilie oh well on to retyping it
Calin went out side. He then came back in with a bucket of water which he carefully dumped only on elrose and icefangs, making sure not to waste it on anyone else.Mean while he is screaming Icefanhgs is on fire Ice fangs is on fire. He then ran to the door where he then waited with two buckets of water in his hands ready for anyone who came after him.
Orc Sad Smilie "Hey!", says Grondy frowning at Calin and pointing out to him the door of the Inn's Room of Requirement, where "Water, Mud, and Pillow Fights" were allowed if not encouraged. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie "Take it in there! It's only that I'm the one who has to do the cleaning-up after you've finished; and that ain't as much fun as smoking me pipe, sipping a tall cool one, and listening to Mozart, all the while reading a good book."
"That was fun Im gonna sing another!" exclaimed Iesseus."Here goes Say your prayers little one
Don't forget, my son
To include everyone

Tuck you in, warm within
Keep you free from sin
Till the sandman he comes

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never land

Something's wrong, shut the light
Heavy thoughts tonight
And they aren't of snow white

Dreams of war, dreams of liars
Dreams of dragon's fire
And of things that will bite

Sleep with one eye open
Gripping your pillow tight

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never land

Now I lay me down to sleep
Pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
Pray the lord my soul to take

Hush little baby, don't say a word
And never mind that noise you heard
It's just the beast under your bed,
In your closet, in your head

Exit light
Enter night
Grain of sand

Exit light
Enter night
Take my hand
We're off to never never land "

All that could be heard from Grondy was a whole bunch of, "Zzzzzs" as he leaned sort of propped up against the bar.
Lightfoot awakened from a long nap. How long have I been sleeping? she asked to herself. She saw familiar faces in the tavern, as well as several new ones. With a brief nod to all, she chuckled, walking to Grondy. She took a seat next to Grondy and sipped at an ale, silently.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been busy. But, I'm good now Big Smile Smilie
"Wah!!!!!" Ice screamed and jumped straight up, banging her head on the ceiling; at least she forgot her hot tongue. "CALIN!" she bellowed, when she had cleared her head after the rough landing. Ice dashed at him, snatched one of his buckets water and was about to dump it on his head, when she glanced at Grondy and saw him pointing to the Room of Requirement. In one hand, Icey had the bucket, and with the other, she grabbed Calin's sleeve and dragged him into the Room, where she proceeded to dump both buckets of water on his head.

She stomped off to get more water, shaking her head, and flinging water everywhere on the way.

Etharion chuckled and handed Ice another bucket of ice cold water.
Ice dropped the water, screamed something that resembled, "ETHY!!" and leaped at the elf. She pulled him, whether he wanted it or not, into a tight hug.

another touch and go, It's rather impossible for me to keep up with the story to actually enter it fully

The Cloveress danced in the firelight, her form nothing but the small sliver of black in the flames, as she watched on with her peridot-like fairy eyes...She could only catch bits of what was going on, but she could sense the atmosphere. With one last backward glance, she lept out of the fire, dissolved into a wisp of smoke and disappeared...
AMAZING *claps*
Calin decides that he has had enough of the fights. He then goes outside to change for the second time that day and then comes in and order another pint.
"And here's your pint Calin. I seem to remember that back in the good old days, water fights weren't all that much fun. Unless you happened to be the one with the biggest fireboat and a whole bay of water from which to draw your ammo," says Grondy a grinning.
Iesseus put his hood back on and sat in a corner.He watched as all off this happened and he laughed so loud he hoped they didnt hear him for he thought they might get him for laughing.
Calin hearing Iess laughing takes his pint and sneaks up on Iess. He then dumps all of it into Iess's mouth as he opens it whille laughing. He then sits back down asking for a replacement pinjt because his seemed to have disapeared before he could drink it.
OK, for some reason I'm back, thanx for the encouragement, Elrose

Cloveress lingered nearby, though. She decided to bless the good-looking one this time. What was his name? Calim? Calin? The name didn't matter. She could recognize him anywhere, smirking, the spirit changed form again...
“Hey, is anyone hungry, or do I have to keep this warm for a while longer?” asks Eva. She has been busy concocting a complex but delicious smelling stew and baking a very large cake to celebrate the success of Eruwen’s magic trick, the arrival of several new patrons, and the fact that she completed the stew. “No one gets any cake until they’ve at least tried the stew!” she added.

OOC: Okay, I should be on pretty regularly now… I hope! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
That's it! The stew! Cloveress smirked again. It's time for me to work some of my magic now....
May i please have some of the stew. I have enjoyed all of the cooking so far and the cake is like a birthday cake. My birthday was recently. I am now 739 Tongue Smilie . and welcome all newcomers.
Iessus got the pint shoved down his throat and he was a little sick."Ill have some stew please."he said as he threw up out a window.
"I'd like a little stew too Eva." "And Less, what you be a doin' wastin' my good ale, or was it the glass container that you couldn't stomach," added Grondy with a big grin?

OOC: Welcome back Eva.
The spiritlike Cloveress giggled and covered herself in iguana skins, and hovered above Calin's stew, quite invisible...
hey guys and girls my name is not Lesseus its Iesseus is an i at the beggining ok
MWHAHAHAHA! I thought you were just lazy and wouldn't be bothered with capitlization!
Can I have some stew please? It smells really good....
The Cloveress gently sprinkled some clover juice into the stew that looked like it was on its way to Calin...She was giggling so hard she was sure someone might've heard her...
"Eva! You've been slaving away for quite some time. The stew must be wonderful. I would love some. I hope Claw hasn't been too much of a nuisance back there in the kitchen. Should I fetch him?"

Eruwen, who was closely acquainted with the gods and spirits of the nether world (hence her name), could here a faint tinkling, almost like laughter. She turned to look where the noise was coming from, and could faintly make out an outline of some person or spirit. She smiled as she knew a joke was being played on another patron of the inn. What an entertaining place this is, she thought to herself.
The Cloveress thought she saw a fair lady's eyes flicker her way...immediately she sensed another spirit being ni this room. That Eruwen sure wasn't normal... Cloveress would have to be a bit more careful...Quickly she stifled her laughter and fluttered behind the counter where Grondy and another young maid were sitting and chatting. Dwarves are so clumsy, she thought, this one if so half-drunk he wouldn't be any danger to even a little elfling I'd better hide before Eruwen blows my cover....
Oooh my 700 post Wiggle Smilie

The door opens and Maydmarion walks in, very travel stained with her usual bags of goodies. Hello Grondy, thought you might like some of this special brew. Maydmarion pulls out a couple of large, dusty bottles and hands them to Grondy - but be warned, she says, this brew kick like a warg.

Eva that stew smells wonderful I've travelled with a tight belt these last few weeks but I would love a bath first - I could use a room for a while, I need a rest. Any rooms going spare Grondy? Orc hunting is very exhusting - even for an Elf

A slight breeze brushes past.....mmmm who else is here Maydmarion says to herself and laughs at the usual signs.
"Thanks Maydmarion, I'll save it for special occasions. And yes, there's a room available for you, third door on the left at the top of the stairs. Ask the House Troll to draw you a hot bath. You can then request he remove his art supplies to the storage room at the end of the hall. If he gives you any lip, snap him with a wet towel on his way out. If you want something to eat or drink sent up after your bath, you can order now and just pull the hanging cord by the bed when your ready for it, or you can order then."
Calin is to busy enjoying his surrondings to pay much attention to the laugh or the look from eruwen to care, he then looks at his stew... Eva what exactly did you spice this with? i see something that looks and smells a little like clover, but it could be something else.
The Cloveress perked up at the sound of Calin's voice. So, he wasn't entirely stupid. At least he knew some of his herbs right. She floated over towards Eva, her eyes on Calin, but also aware of Eruwen looking on with interest. So she knows who I am, well, all the better, she won't mistake me for some dimwitted young dryad then...as for Calin, the Cloveress sent a bit of thirst into his throat, and urged him to taste it. Eva won't poison you, drink it....you fool....
Eruwen briefly lost sight of the spirit, but she could still feel her. She then saw movement out of the corner of her eye, but she was never one to interfere in the affairs of others. She let the spirit have fun at Calin's expense, and kept her mouth shut, waiting to see the effects of the practical joke; she always liked a good trick.

OOC: Welcome back Maydmarion! Hope you are feeling well.
Eva quickly dished up the stew to all those who had asked for it, although she recommended one of Grondy’s remedies for those who had had too much to drink for Iesseus first. “Well, Calin, I didn’t know it was your birthday recently, but you may certainly consider this your birthday cake!” she said as she passed him a bowl of stew. She sniffed. “Hmmm… that’s odd. That does look like clover, but I don't think I put any in..."

OOC: Thanks for the warm welcome back!
Oh well... Calin tastes it and then stops to figure out if it is really good or great... then he tastes something under it... he realizes that it is clover, and it isnt as cooked as all of the other herbs... he realizes that someone is playing a trick on him and decides to let the inevitable happen, mean while under the table in the shadows were no one can see he starts mixing herbs together into antidotes with herbs for many things, so that if anything bad happens he can try to cure himself. Grondy may i have some hot water please.

yes i forgot to welcome you back marion... and i have no clue what you are intending cloveress, so if you could tell me something i could react better or succumb to whatever it is like sleep or whatever.
Iesseus sipped hs stew slowly.It tasted very good."this is scruptious."he said to Eva."I love it.I must have the recipe.
"You want a tea bag with that Iesseus, or did you bring your own?" says Grondy scurrying over with a pot of steaming hot water and a fine china tea cup and saucer. He then added, "I suppose you'll also be a wanting maybe some sugar and lemon or milk too?"
I was intending to leave the effects of that thing for you to decide,Robbin, although I was thinking of a sort of love potion which makes you fall in love with the first person you see.

The Cloveress could feel Eruwen's friendliness, as she neared her. She flew over towards Calin, and hovered above his head. She smirked again, watching Calin mixing something under the table. Little doesn he know that will be useless, the fool! She thought as she sniffed the mixture. St John's Wort, Valerian, and Horsemint...what does he think he's doing? Putting himself to sleep?
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