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Thread: The Khazad-dumish Inn.. Please watch your head coming through the door.

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Grondy accepted the basket with. a "Thank you, and would you like a cup of dandilion tea before you go?"

Not being a mycologist himself, Grondy thought to have them inspected by an expert prior to subjecting the patrons of the Khazad-dûmish Inn to any toxins, poisonous or otherwise.
"Oh, er, that wouldn't be necessary. I still have to tend to the sheep at home. I'll wager two bars of mithril that that son of mine has gone to sleep in some cave or other." She winked at Grondy, "Those mushrooms, by the way, are really delicious. I discovered a patch of them just yesterday. You should cook them up this evening if you want them to be nice'n'fresh." She waved and made her way out the Inn.
"Sure, im right behind you." he said to Ice. He grabed the barrel and started off through the dank corridor. As he walked he asked "You ok with that barrel? I could lighten your load if you want.."
The Cloveress appeared back at the Inn in fairy form with a big "pop" beside Grondy. She winked at him. "I've just been checking on the lovebirds down in the cellars. They're getting on quite well with each other." She saw the basket of mushrooms sitting on the table. "Oooooo, mushrooms!" She picked one up and sniffed it. "Great quality, bet they taste great. Bet you were planning to hoard them fer y'self and not give me any!"
"I sure hope they find and bring back more bottles of that ancient wine and not the barrels of flat beer that I moved down there last winter. I should have put a label on them barrels, or just poured their contents down the drain. Trouble with pouring flat beer down the drain is the rats get uppidy after they drink it; they also say it enhances the growth of the alligators growing down there and the rats want their competition kept as small as possible.

Oh, you may have few of them there mushrooms Cloveress, but I can't guarantee your safety after eating them. I got a fellar coming in this afternoon to give them a look-see. If he says they are okay, we'll have steak, onions, and mushrooms on our menu tonight."
The Cloveress smiled sweetly. "Really, Grondiness, d'you really need to get a feller t'look at these mushrooms? Why, upon, y'Dwarvishness' grace, I could do th' job! Y' ferget I'm an expert on herbs and plants and I say these mushrooms are fine t' eat."
"Well Your Cloverness, it has something to do with the reputation you have built up around here, earned or unearned. "Trust, but verify" is the only way to fly, if I don't want me customers flying around without wings or anchors, and all that just for the satisfaction of our version of the reincarnated Loki," said Grondy with a wink.

"Meanwhile here's a bowl of cheese flavored popcorn to and a ha-pint of Gimli's Finest to drown your sorrows or take a swim in."
"Y'know, I'd take that literally," the Cloveress was now back to her butterfly size. She looked at the dwarf with her soulful eyes and folded her wings. Then she dived straight into the wine, relishing its coolness. Her head popped out after a few seconds. "And as for those mushrooms, they're safe. I haven't got anything to do with them. Did you see me touch them at all?"
Ice grins and waves off Eth's offer of assistance. "I'm alright. Did you, by any chance, leave a trail for us to follow, or were you as thrown off as I was by that scream?" Ice asked, turning to look at him. "Well, if there's no trail, no problem. I can sense where we came from, and smell...did you step in something?" she asked, laughing slightly.
"OK then..." he said. " A trail? Why of course. I placed rasberry muffins at regular intervals, it looked like the right thing to do that moment. Plus, i figured that we could eat them as we come back!! Neat eh?" he smiled.
"Now lets get back upstairs. Oh, i found some bottles that look really promising. I hope Grondy wont notice." he said quietly.
The fairy was reclining on a piece of lemon floating on her drink and noting the patterns on the ceiling. "Ahhh...There's a crack in there, not quite enough to let the sun through, but a bit of rain might do that job for us. Oh, and are those cobwebs I see? Well, you can't expect anything else from a Dwarf-kept inn, but how cute those webs are..." Her lemon rocked slightly as she leaned to one side, and a bit of Gimli's Finest splashed onto her skin. She laughed prettily. " Ooooh. I feel like I'm on the Mediterranean..."
Ice grinned at Eth and lifted her nose to the air, the slight scent of raspberry wafting through the air. She stepped a few steps ahead, turned right down a passage, and plucked a muffin off the floor. She sniffed it again, and took a small bite. "And we go this way," she added, motioning towards the corridor with her muffin-hand.
A couple of muffins later.... Etharion said "Look! I think i see some light. Yep! Those are the stairs up to the inn. We made it!" he yelled. "Finally....im already low on rations, and all these muffins made me thirsty for milk..." he started towards the door and said to Ice. " Common, lets have a Grondy's finest, on me."
"And sweet love will find its waaaaayy... right into your heart... so when two young'uns coooome... let a fairy play her part...." the Cloveress hummed absentmindedly as she adjusted her wings to a position in which she could be shielded from the blinding lights. She noticed two shapes coming towards her. It was Icey and Eth.
Ice laughed and burst through the cellar door of the inn, bending at the waist, and letting go of the barrel, just so it slid over her head, into her waiting hands. She set it softly on the floor and grinned. "Alright Grondy, I hope that's what you wanted; there were other barrels, but I'm sure these aren't empty..." she added, rubbing her massaging her left shoulder with one hand.
Etharion also smiled "Yep, we finally made it. So...do we get a...reward Grondy?" he said winking. "Your dungeon.. i mean basement, is awfully dirty. We had to endure all kinds of nasty things." he asked siting down by the bar.
Well Ethy, we've got milk and Spam. Gimli's Finest and Spam, Spam and Spam, tea and Spam, Hot Chocolate and Spam, eggs and Spam, and Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam. Oh yes, and wine without Spam. Take your pick, you've earned it, as has Icey.
"Try some mushroom ale!" the Cloveress squeaked as she popped out of her cup. "It's quite good." Even as she said this, two mugs of the said mushroom ale seeemed to materialize naturally out of thin air, looking as if they'd always been there. She flew up to Icey's ear and whispered, "Grondy doesn't like the sound of it, which is why you should take it even more." Icey's ear was pretty wet now, because of the flapping of Cloveress' wet wings.
"Thanks Grondy. But there's one thing....what's SPAM?" he asked puzzled.
He then saw the mug Cloveress shoved in his hand "I thank you, but im afraid i dont like mushrooms... so ill pass" he smiled.
"You don't like mushrooms?" the Cloveress said incredulously, blinking her big green eyes and attempting to get a handful of jimsonweed from her pouch. She softened her tone. "But of course, I don't suppose everyone likes what I like." She turned her head, not taking her eyes off Eth, and continued, "Why don't you try some of this, then? I'm sure you'll like this..." She flew to his face in less than half a second and before he knew what happened, she had subtly slipped a little jimsonweed into his mouth.
Etharion jumped up as his mouth was stuffed with something. He managed to ask through a full mouth "Clovesss!! Wat is dis??"
The Cloveress looked around, acting surprised. "Oh I'm sorry, did someone call my name?" she asked mildly. "Oh dear, Eth, what's happened to you? Why can't you speak properly?" She rummaged in her pockets and flew around Eth's head.

BTW, jimsonweed makes you get hallucinations. And it's deadly poisonous. But we can forget the poisonous part here.
Icey slid onto the barstool beside Eth's and stared as he fussed at Cloveress. "Wat is wat?" she asked, imitating his voice. "Grondy, t'would be a pleasure to have some SPAM, my friend, do you mind sautee'ing it? Love that stuff like that, oh, I wouldn't mind mushrooms with it, Clover, so when my spam is, you, oh shroom expert, select some tasty ones for me, please." she added, smiling. "Oh yeah, may I have a taste of that ale we brought up to you, Grondy?"
Etharion washed the jimweed down with some ale. `That wasnt funny Cloveress. I dont like unknown substances to be shoved in my mouth (how very odd). And still nobody tells me!! Whats SPAM??`
"Here're your mushrooms, Ice!" the fairy shoved them in Icey's SPAM (is that a drink?) with a big grin. Then she popped back into her own glass where she continued to pretend she was floating on a wide wide sea. "Relax, Eth...Nothing's gonna happen...now Eth, here's your drink..." She raised an eyebrow and pushed a bowlful of mushrooms toward him.
"Yes, the ale in your barrel is quite good, want to try some? And as to SPAM, I believe it is a product of WWII, though it may even be from an older war. It is a potted meat product packed in gelatin that comes in a can. And Monty Python did a restaurant skit about it. I like it sliced about i/8 inch thick, fried, and then topped with a thin shmear of orange marbleaide (marmalade)."
Grody: "I got a fellar coming in this afternoon to give them a look-see. If he says they are okay, we'll have steak, onions, and mushrooms on our menu tonight."

Stalwart and leathery from long years spent in the fields an old hobbit shuffles through the door of the inn. He seems unsure of his large surroundings and uncomfortable in the big-peoples establishment. Taking a deep breath and firming his resolve he steps forward upto the bar and asks in a kind yet gravely voice "Excuse me. My name is Mungo, Mungo Baggins, and I was told ye were lookin fer someone to inspect yer mushrooms?"

Eyeing the bar he notices the bowl of mushrooms in front of Ice and in a steadfast manner he maneuvers his old weary bones over to them. Inhaling deeply he peers into the bowl and looks grave as he picks out one mischeviously dangerous fungi from the bunch. Looking up from beneath his bushy eyebrows the wizend hobbit states "here's one ye wouldn't want to be eating, but the rest look right tasty" adding with a half a grin and a smack of his lips "if yer gonna be making up a mess of mushrooms I may hang around for a feed."

With careful placement of his furry feet the old hobbit climbs up into a big-persons chair. He pulls out some pipe-weed (an excellent variety from the southfarthing) and lights his pipe. Between puffs he asks if he could have a half-pint to settle his stomach until the food is ready.
Etharion lookedat the hobbit as he sat down. "Greetings there perian. From what buissness do you come here to the greatest inn in all of Middle Earth? Oh and here... have my mushrooms as well. I think ill pass..." he said pushing the bowl of mushrooms toward the hobbit.
Ice laughed as Cloveress put some mushrooms on her plate of sliced SPAM. She slid a dagger out of its sheath hidden in the small of her back and began slicing the mushrooms. That done, Ice spread out the slices of mushroom across the SPAM, took a fork in one hand, jabbed it at the SPAM and 'shrooms, and took a bite...
Peering out from the cloud of smoke around his head the old hobbit looked for the owner of those generous words. "Ah, well now, thank ye kindly for yer offer of mushrooms. If ye must know I've lived in this town for many years, but I usually frequent the pub down the street as it is a bit more hobbit-sized. Mrs. Mugwort, the town gossip, mentioned that Grondy had sent for an expert in mushroom lore, and figuring that I know a bit about such things I got up me gumption to visit this here inn." Switching the bowl of his pipe from one care worn hand to the other the hobbit continued "Seems as though there are always people coming and going from this place, and the brew here is renowned for being some of the best."

"Speaking of brew" the old hobbit muttered as he leaned in towards the bar "don't suppose that half-pint is on it's way? ugh, and that SPAM business looks rather unappetizing so I think I'll just stick to mushrooms."
"Here's your ha' pint Master Baggins, its on the house for lookin' at the mushrooms, as his your mushroom meal. Would you like your mushrooms with onions or bacon or both, plus a baked tater, and a bit of greens with lemon-honey-mustard dressing?

We normally have newcomers sing an obligatory song for the company for their first drink, per the sign over the bar, but I'm waving it for this drink, if you haven't already sang it, on account of your rendered mushroom expertice. If you want a full tankard of Gimli's Finest free, you'll have to comlpy with the sign [i}OOC: See the first post in this thread."

BIC"How's old Marm Mugwort doing? She still got a scab on the tip o her nose from put'in it where she shouldn't of?"
The old hobbits face explodes into a series of wrinkles and creases as he dissapears into an enormous grin. "HAR! That's the best way I've heard of Ms. Mugwort described, and yes her nose is still upto it's sneaky-beak wear and tear. HAR!"

"As fer yer rule about songs I wouldn't want to upset tradition in this here pub. I never learned me letters so I can't read yer pritty sign, but thanks for bringin it to me attention and saving me offending a bunch of peoples before I even had a sip of my first ha-pint. Don't know many songs, and I'm sure ye've likely heard this one before, but I'll do my best to earn my ale." With that said Mungo stands upon his chair and in a burley voice unaccustomed to song pelts out the following tune:

"Ho! Ho! Ho! To the bottle I go
To heal my heart and drown my woe.
Rain may fall and wind may blow,
And many miles be still to go
But under a tall tree I will lie,
And let the clouds go sailing by."

Quickly slumping back into his chair, and looking more than a little embarassed at being the centre of attention, he stuffs his reddened face into his mug and mumbles into it that along with his mushrooms he'd be happy to taste the taters and onions, if it's not a bother, please and thank you.

Etharion clapped enthusiasticlly(spelling) as the hobbit finished singing. "A masterfull preformance, no doubt about it sir!!" he said grinning. "I love your song. It makes you...muse a bit." he said smiling. Looking at Ice and her SPAM he said "Bon apetit! (or however you say it)" and he smiled again.
Grondy, carrying a large tray to Mungo's table said, "Well now, that was a great rendition Master Baggins sir, so here's your complimentary tankard of Gimli's Finest™ Ale" which he placed before the hobbit, and also a platter heaped with mushrooms, roasted taters and onions, "eat hearty." He then moved to top-off Icey's and Ethy's tankards and Cloveress's thimble.
The Cloveress only hoped the mushrooms still had their magic in them. But she soon forgot about them as the singing began. What a lively song! She flew up to the singer and fluttered glitter all over his face. "Heeheeheee...this fairy's pleased!"
"Thanks to you all for yer applause, although I feel they are hardly deserved. Tis truly a wonderous place here" said old Mungo whilst he brushed the glittery sparkles from his shoulders "I've never seen one of the fairie folk before. Where do you fit on the big lists? In with the elves?" Turning to Grondmaster the hobbit gives his thanks for the fine grub and quenching ale and asks "how did you ever find yerself slinging pints in a place like this?"...

... in the midst of the small talk a rather surprising was happening to the wisened hobbit. The hairs on this head had begun to change somehow, perhaps a deepening of their colour. He continued to shovel mushrooms, between words, into his mouth while his hair became a vibrant blue. The hairs on his feet took on a blueish tinge and within moments every hair on his body was a fantastic shade of electric blue.

"so you see the Baggins family was orig - AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAeeeeeeP!" The scream uttered from Mungo's lips and his jaw remained open as he, trembling, silently stared at his furry blue fingers.

Obviously the magic in the mushrooms was still fully functional.
Etharion stared at the hobbit with wide eyes. "I say.... your hair just turned blue, all of it. In front of my eyes. Its been a while since i saw that..." he said simply, siping his wine. He asked the hobbit "What did you say, where are you from?"
Sorry I haven't checked in in a while, you guys. Over the last week, I had to take this test, called the GEE, which determines whether or not I pass the 10th grade, and in an indirect sort of way, whether or not I get a crisp $100 dollar bill, but that's a long story. Anyway, I'm back now and attempting to catch up, while listening to the great Johnny Cash.

Ice smiled in return to Eth's; and that smile widened into a full-fledged grin as the older hobbit sang a rousing song. She applauded and ate another mushroom. "Wonderful song, if I should say so myself!" Ice said loudly and grinned at him. "If I have forgotten to introduce myself, I'm Ice. Nice to meet you Mung-" she paused, just now noticed his hair turning blue. Her gaze falling to the mushrooms the hobbit had just been eating, then back to his blue hair, Ice's eyes invariably flew to her own plate, where the same mushrooms were half-eaten. She gulped. Now, her being half-and-half somethings, however magical these mushrooms were, they were either going to work against her elf half, her wolf half, not at all, or doubly well against both halves...

I'll let Clover decide what exactly the mushrooms do to Ice; since they are her mushrooms, lol...
I've been sort of inactive too, due to schoolwork...sry.
The Cloveress stifled a giggle very subtly and vanished into the fold of Mungo's large coat, where no one would suspect she'd hide. Ice's Elveish ears were growing pointier and had a bluish tinge to it, while her canine teeth grew ferociously long. Her wonderful hair was lossened and flowed with a life of its own, even though there was no wind in the Inn. A clover popped to life in the midst of her hair, then another, then another. The Cloveress smirked. Her signature had been spelled all over Icey now, and they could not find her tricksy self. Heeheehee....
Grondy couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry, so he poured himself a tankard of Gimli's Finest and hid in the broom closet where he silently suffered in seclusion, sipping the superb libation in secret.
A tall cloaked stranger comes riding up to the inn on his white stallion under the starry sky. He dismounts, and noticing the sign, hesitates a moment before walking through the door.
Nobody can see what he looks like as the dark blue folds of his cloak covers all of him except for his large mithril sword slung across his back. He goes straight to a shadowy corner and sits there silently, wishing just to rest after a very long journey, his crystal brooch twinkling like a star in the firelight. The aroma of freshly cooked stuffed mushrooms was very enticing, as he had eaten nothing but roots,nuts, and berries, and the occasional bird for several days. He watches the activities around him curiously, thinking how odd everyone is, especially the little fairy who's trying to kill people.Ha Ha Ha Smilie
A scuffle broke out between two other men in the inn. But the man in the cloak wasn't interested in that. As his gleaming eyes scanned the room, he noticed two sisters sitting alone beside the fire. Their long hair was black, and their eyes rimmed with black like the eyes of Egyptian Pharaohs. Their skin whiter than any being he had ever come across. They must be elves, or so he thought.
(Psst, Nwhagen. Sorry, but you can't decide what that man is doing or thinking or saying, he is not your character. This is roleplaying, you see, it is quite different from storytelling. Go here and read the two threads at the top, they will help you out. Happy Elf Smilie )
"I'm a little fairy,
I play around all day
For fairies are always carefree ones
It's mortals that have to pay."

The little singsong voice came from behind the man in the blue cloak very suddenly. The cloveress hung in mid-air, somewhere above his shoulder, her green eyes glinting in the dim firelight.
(Psst, Nwhagen. Sorry, but you can't decide what that man is doing or thinking or saying, he is not your character. This is roleplaying, you see, it is quite different from storytelling. Go here and read the two threads at the top, they will help you out. )

oops! sorry! this is the first RPG I've ever done so I don't really get it! thanks for the link! and back to the story....
Ice cringed as she felt her own hair whipping her back; it didn't usually do that. She took a mirror out of the bag on her back, took one look at it, and nearly screamed. Her ears had grown much longer (I'm guessing, like the people in the Jak games (Jak and Daxter, Jak II, and Jak III)) and their ends were tinted blue. Her hair her grown longer and suddenly she noticed the spots of green in it. "Clover!" she yelled, half screaming, half laughing. "When will this go away!?!" she added, gently fingering those longer ears with one hand.
"Nice ears Icey, and I like your new do, though that green color kinda clashes with your blue; maybe some red clover would be more apt. Still, as I'm no sartorial expert: you should suit yourself or shoot the sprite (mayhaps with an orange paintball)."
The Cloveress grinned like a leprechaun as she drawled out the last line she sang. "For it's mortals that have to paaaaaaayyyyyyy!" And then she zoomed outside to pick red clovers.
The man was startled when he heard the song break out behind him, his hand by force of habit had flown to his sword handle, then he saw who it was: that same mischevious little fairy who was causing trouble not too long ago. He was rarely ever caught by surprise, offguard like that, but it seems that this fairy had a knack for doing that, he thought. His thirst was becoming unbearable, but he didn't dare go up and call for a drink. He did not like to perform in front of people, but he knew that if he drew attention to himself, he would have to sing. Eventually, unable to bear it any longer, he rose, walked to the bar, called for a pint of Gimli's Finest, and hoped he wouldn't be asked to sing...
"Good evening good sir" said a voice. It belonged to the striking girl who not so long ago had been sitting beside the fire. She was now standing beside him. Her black locks, were tied up in a half and half style (kinda like Legolass's) and her piercing dark eyes rimmed with black. She studied his features before hailing for some strong ale.

She grabbed the flagon, downed the contents in one and turned to the man. "Do you sing?" she asked him in her etherial, airy tone...
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