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Thread: Lurtz?!

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Lol! I'm sure you did, Plastic! Big Smile Smilie
So Lurtz is the Uruk-Hai leader? He looked pretty cool. Especially that passage where he has this "conversation" with Saruman, it's great! He looks very real. I expected to meet him in every one of my nightmares! Big Smile Smilie
yeah and him dripping with yucky slimy stuff was really cool.
but why did he have to burst out of that alien looking egg sack?
You mean the way he was born? I liked that too, the slimey parts. You'd expect Orcs to come from there! Big Smile Smilie
GAWD DAMNIT!! I read the book again and he wuzzunt in it...hmmmm. Maybe her was hiding from me...
Yeah, I liked the bit where he popped outta the egg too, I also liked the bit where he an' Saruman had their little "chat"
Yup, try as I might while researching this weeks poll, I just couldn't find Peter Jackson's brain child name of Lurtz anywhere in Tolkien's text. Very Sad Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Nope, I read the book again too. Couldn't find it... Minus one for PJ! Wolf Smilie
With that bit with Lurtz being born from an egg, Games Workshop got the rights to make the miniatures and wargames. Now there Orcs are born from eggs and spores can't help but get the feeling he might have borrowed it from them.
Nope,definetly not in the book.When i heared about him for the first time I thought he would be The Mouth Of Sauron in ROTK.....??!!
Did you notice that the name Lurtz is not said once in the movie? Kind of funny to come up with an orc name and not use it!!
ugluk is supposed 2 b the leader of the uruk-hai, not Lurtz! and u know wat? i have also not been able 2 find Lurtz's name ever mentioned in the movie
I think maybe Ugluck will rear his ugly head in the movie LOTR:TTT and run Merry's and Pippin's legs ragged. PJ fabricated Lurtz so that Borimir would have an Orc Captain to decapitate at the end of the movie LOTR:FOTR. And the name 'Lurtz' was probably developed incidentally to marketing the action toys.
Lurtz was an character who was specially made for the movie.
in the book Ugluck took control after the Amon-Hen battle.
Well, according to some movie-Tolkien fans Lurtz was in the book...

Of course it's Uglk in the books, the leader of the fighting Uruk-Hai and Grishnack is also in that band, but he's a messenger from Lugbrz.

Well, according to some movie-Tolkien fans Lurtz was in the book...

You can tell them safe in the Knowledge that you're right "Your wrong, he wasn't even in the book, unless of course you mean the making of the FOTR!" Or somthing like that maybe with a few add explitives!

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btw, i heard that the actor who plays Lurtz, Lawrence Makoare, was cast to play the Witch-King of Angmar in RTK. Strange...in the Fellowship credits Angmar was played by John McIntyre, but that could just be the white-haired center Man in the prologue or Angmar as seen when he stabbed Frodo in the shoulder on Amon Sl (Weathertop, for all you illiterate people!!! Cool Smilie )
I wholeheartedly agree, Lurtz's character in the movie was so kickin' that I couldn't help feel the menace flowing from him like waves through the movie screen! His scene with Boromir was definitely harrowing and the fight with Aragorn was savage and intense. I just figured he was an Ugluk stand-in too, though, seeing as how he is the biggest, baddest, toughest uruk to ever befoul the face of Arda. The older looking uruk-hai that led the band carrying Merry and Pippin was even more gnarled and rough looking though! Kinda like the Clint Eastwood of uruks.
oops, Brent McIntyre played the W-K of Angmar in FotR. Also about Lurtz: I hope they have more Uruk-hai with that amount of personality.