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Thread: Fatty (Fredegar) Bolger

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ok, but how would you stick fatty's character into the movie (as it is)? there's plenty of characters who contrast against the bravery of sam, merry, pippin and frodo. like that fella who was choppin' wood when the black rider came and asked for directions. and the inn keeper. ok, he's not a hobbit but he lives in the Shire..
Forgot all about Fatty, but now that you mention it, he does deserve to be in the movie, yeah. But like Rosie says above, it's hard to find a way to put him in the movie as it is now. Though they could make him chat with Frodo at the party or sth like that. Naaah, would be dumb.
I think Plastic meant with bravery the sense of adventure, and dealing with all the strange things out there. If a Black Rider passed my door, I think I'd go running as well! Smile Smilie

Is that audio version of yours available on video as well, Grondy? Big Smile Smilie Guess not... Sad Smilie
True, true. Black Riders are scary and i forgot that Frodo and Co. were deathly afraid of'em as well.

what audio version?
so you ppl listen to LOTR, read LOTR and watch LOTR and talk about LOTR???
wow. such devotion. i'm moved. Big Smile Smilie
yeah.. same dif. :P
anyway, who would they have got to play fatty?
Danny DeVito?
Tommy, only the BBC version is available on audio tapes and it doesn'y have your namesake in it. The ones the Skwrl wants are the ones I have that do have Tom Bombadil, except I can't even find the company that produced them now let alone a source for them. Smile Smilie
It's not devotion Rosie, we (well me at least) just have no lives Big Smile Smilie
And Fatty would have been easy to put in the movie, if they'd just done the Shire PROPERLY!!! (And the innkeeper (Butterbur) lives in Bree not the shire.)
That would be a good part for Gerard Depardieu! Big Smile Smilie
Let's say they put Fatty in. What part would they have given him (in the movie as it is now) or what part would they have added to the movie in order to get him in properly?
The would have had to add the escape into the Old Forest in order to make Fatty Bolger's part fit into the movie. An we all know to what end that would have enabled. Big Smile Smilie
see? it just opens the floodgates.
Opens the floodgates??? No, I would have made a six-hour movie instead of a 3-hour one. Does anyone mind that? Big Smile Smilie
I would have done 2 things:

1) Break it up into 6 movies instead of three. Make up different titles. Their contents would be:

Episode 1 - A bit of the War of Wrath, and the Fall of Numenor.
Episode 2 - History of the Dunedain/Witch King/Rohirrim etc. up (stuff in the appendices) to the beginning of Book 1 in LotR
Episode 3 - Book 1 and part of book 2, ending at the Council of Elrond.
Episode 4 - Remainder of book 2, and book 3 until Helm's Deep.
Episode 5 - Remainder of book 3, and all of book 4
Episode 6 - RotK

2) Steal Lucas' idea and release Episode 4, 5 & 6 first. Then, when everyone's hooked, release Episodes 1, 2 & 3.

Then, I'd go back and make Silm in its entirety. Smile Smilie
I definitely think that you need to cut the fellowship in half to make a half-decent movie version. For example, in the BBC radio version it takes up 5 hours of the 13 total hours in it, and that's without Bombadil, Fatty et al and is still a bit rushed. So I'm with Golly give me the 6 3 hour movies and I'm happy!!
'Course, Tolkien's already divided the story into 6 bite-sized bits....but then I don't think book 1 would be too successful as a first movie. Maybe if they released the book 4 movie first...
good god..
i do think that's a bit too much. gives me a headache just thinking about all those dvd's i'll have to buy!
How can you have too much?
Yeah, saying "Too much Tolkien" is like saying "Too much Mozart." It does not compute! Wink Smilie
Unless you start roaming the streets with a bow and arrow or you stare into the birdbath all day expecting to see a vision or you steal your honey's jewelry and croon "my precioussssss" over it. Then it's too much.
i'd rather have too little than too much- i should have stopped going to see LOTR after the fourth time. the fifth time just ruined it- better to be left wanting more!
You can however suffer from too much Peter Jackson Big Smile Smilie
and too much Orlando Bloom, believe it or not..
I believe! I believe! Say it with me brothers and sisters, I believe!!

D*mn, turning into James Brown in the Blues Brothers again...
Again, P-man? Big Smile Smilie

Too much Tolkien, I can't believe it... Too much Bloom or Jackson, I do believe, but you can never get enough of Tolkien, surely! :P I know you can, I've been there too... But I've recovered... Smile Smilie
Never too much Tolkien, though the first movie gave me my fill of Orlando Bloom.
Tolkien doesn't say very much about Fatty in the book, just those begining parts that say he was Frodo's friend and the scenes at Crickethollow, and then in the end they go and rescue him from the jail. I think he was very brave, though, as brave as the rest of them in a different way, I agree with Frodo when he said that he would rather be them running away from the Black Riders than waiting for them! But I often wonder how much of a friend Frodo considered him to be.
Well, I had forgotten about Fatty too. I loved his character in the book though. I thought it was cleaver the way he got away from the Black Riders. The first time I read the story, I was sooo scared that something was going to happen to him. Very relieved when it didn't.

I could never have enough Tolkien. I am amazed by something else, every time I read Tolkien.
Good question there, Sam. How big a friend was Fatty to Frodo? I mean, he certainly was a very great friend, he was prepared to help him out and stuff, but did Frodo count him among his very best friends? It's not very clear, cos he isn't in much of the book, so I guess we'll have to leave that one open. But it makes me wonder too...

And I agree with you too, Sam, when you say I'd rather be running away from the BR than having to wait for them. I'd rather go with Frodo all the way to Mordor than having to wait for Sauron to come to the Shire. Same thing, really. Cool Smilie

I am amazed by something else, every time I read Tolkien.

Couldn't agree more. Though, when you have read the book three times in three month's time because you have to write an essay about it, it might get a tiny bit over the top. Drove me bananas anyway. But I never looked upon it again for a whole month and then I was fine again. Big Smile Smilie
As with anything, you can overdo reading LOTR too frequently and suffer burn-out; however, with Tolkien, the effect is temporary and within a few months you will be back for more. Just use moderation, throw in a couple books by another postAuthorID or three to keep the old grey cells from getting stuck in a rut and then you can move on to another book by Tolkien, say the Silmarillion. I do this while working through the Diskworld series and so far I've kept from being overloaded by any particular postAuthorID. Smile Smilie
Haven't enjoyed Tolkien since the Movie came out. Too much of it everywhere else for me to enjoy it in my head. Pretty bad really, won't be able to read it again for years now...
Yes, you're all right about enjoying Tolkien, as usual Wink Smilie. I never had to write an essay about him..yet, but I can imagine it would get boring.
I think Fatty represents the oridnary good hobbit, the one who, after having played his perhaps minor part, is contented to sit back and watch his friends become heroes.

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