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Thread: Earendil

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Allyssa began this thread with the following post.

I have ambivalent feelings towards this character. He seems to have been a touchy topic in Rivendel. He abandoned his family a bit too readilly for my liking. I know he was saving the world and all that, but I think his sons got a bit of a raw deal...

Ungoliant replied

Hey yeah, I remember when Strider said to Bilbo something like, "You're on your own if you want to make rhymes about Earendil in Elrond's house.." I think. That was my interpretation anyway...They don't talk about Earendil in Elrond's house?

I don't think that his sons got a raw deal though. Elrond and Elros were taken in by Maglor & Gil-galad, weren't they? So they had a home...what's there to complain about? Earendil did what he had to.

I always thought that Strider just meant that it was being a bit presumptious to go making a song about Earendil in his son's house. Kind of like someone telling you how to bring up your kids, really annoying. And like father like son, Tuor naffed off in his boat as well don't forget.
Don't think that Earendil had anything to be guilty about. If I remember correctly, he sailed far & wide to 1) find Idril & Tuor, and 2) seek to deliver the postBody of the 2 Kindreds. He was away when the sons of Feanor attacked Sirion and 'kidnapped' Elrond & Elros. And when he did finally deliver the postBody, he wasn't allowed to return to ME. Simple. Smile Smilie

I admire him for his sense of duty - putting the needs of his people ahead of his own children. Of course, you may disagree, but then I don't believe in the crap that parents nowadays seem to spout about needing to be with their kids 24/7. :P
I agree with The Plastic Squirrel. I also thought that was why Tolkien chose to use the word 'cheek' for it. Sort of like one of us going up to Chris Tolkien and telling him the story of The Hobbit.

Had there been a taboo, Bilbo probably wouldn't have had access to the story in order to write his poem. And the elves certainly wouldn't have humored him by asking for an encore. And I'm never wrong, except on Thursdays. Egad! Its still Thursday here. Oh well.
Like your interpretation Grondmaster. You probably are right, as usual.

Earendil. Yes alright, maybe we could argue that it wasn't really his fault. I guess what irked me was the "Sons of Earendil" title bestowed upon mariners, after Earendil said something like "Never mind, I'll call all the sailors my sons since my real ones are almost certainly dead..."

I have always felt (even before having children of my own) that a parent would make sure their children were dead before giving up and going about their business. I thought he gave up to easily. But then Earendil had never seen his sons, so I suppose he wouldn't feel to much attatchment.
"This must be Thursday, I never could get the hang of Thursdays......" Smile Smilie
I don't think Earendil never saw his sons...he built Vingilot after Elwing bore him Elrond & Elros. His level of attachment...well, who knows? They were kids then, and I don't think fathers back then were expected to spend 'quality time' with little brats. They'd be more useful & closer to him as they got older I suppose. Doesn't mean that he didn't cherish his sons...his duty lay elsewhere at that time.
Tolkien was very conscious about the duties of a father towards his family... In the Silm Finrod Felagund is told not to marry among others because he had a premonition that he must be free to be able to go into darkness when summoned (however, it's also true that his love choose not to go with him into ME and stayed in Valinor...).
Perhaps Frodo is also depicted as a celibatary "old bachelor" in order to save him such a conflict of duties?
Perhaps Frodo is also depicted as a celibatary "old bachelor" in order to save him such a conflict of duties?
I don't think you really know if he was celibate, you are just assuming it from lack of data.

Tolkien omitted writing anything about the sexual mores of the hobbit, because it just wasn't considered polite, in his day and age, to spy on the bedrooms of others. Frodo, as well as Bilbo, may have kept a mistress in Bywater or its environs. However, your point about no children is a given, and your reasoning why is sound. Smile Smilie
What a surprising comment! Opens a whole new field of sepculations... But are you REALLY sure that you wish us to engage our thoughts in that direction?
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I dunno, cos Sam talks about Rosie during the book, but Frodo (and indeed Bilbo) never mention anyone, except each other :o
Yes that's what I thought also. I cannot imagine Frodo moving from Bag End to Buckland without telling goodbye to his lady friend in Bywater...
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Well if you think that I edited the precedent post because I was over frivolous, I must assure you in the most solemn manner that that was NOT the case! Wink Smilie I simply made too much mistakes and especially I referred to Frodo as "her" and I simply could not leave things like that!
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