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Thread: Gandalf

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I did a Google search and came up with Sir Ian's Official Website where you can find an historic photo album called Gallaries and I'm sure that one of them will show him out of make-up. The URL is www.mckellen.com
Great signature, Halo_Black! And hi!
Thanx Grondmaster. I'll check that out, hopefully it'll shut her up. Oh, and Hi Ungoliant Smile Smilie
So was your cousin satisfied then? How old was she anyway? *ungoliant
Yeah, she was happy enough, I've managed to get her to start reading the second book now. Shes 15 years old, but she acts like a 5 year old on a sugar high.
haha Halo...I know what you mean...I've got a 15 year old sister...isn't that a great age? (eek...) My sis has a marvelous case of froshie syndrome...sugar-crazed 5 yr old doesn't even begin to describe it...
I had a real craving for white powders when I was 15 as well.......
flower Big Smile Smilie ?

[Edited on 25/12/2001 by Boring]
That explains it, *Plastic

But nothing, nothing beats Kellog's Frosties. After all this time, they're still the best. And Tony's adorable! *ungoliant
See, now, I prefer Froot Loops and Toucan Sam to Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger any day. Actually, the best cereal ever is Kashi (which is a weird health food kind of thing) but that doesn't have a cute cartoon character to go with it.
Foul cereals, revolting stuff, I haven't been able to eat breakfast for over ten years now.
No wonder you're a grouch at times. Cereals keep you young at heart. Sugar loaded ones keep you buzzing all day. Buzzzzzzz! They're grrrrrrrrrrrreat! Although my husband loves Froot Loops - never knew what kind of bird it was though, chika. *ungoliant
What kind of topic is this??? Cerials??? lol! (Ok, ok, I like them too. All except Frosties. Tony's cute, but the cerials are yuk!)
And I'm sure Gandalf doesn't look without a beard. Not being Gandalf, I mean. Smile Smilie
People who eat breakfast generally live 10 years longer than people who don't...of course, this fact was on the back of my cereal box, so it might be a little bit biased.

Ok, so I'm wondering...both Tom and Ungoliant said Kellogg's "Frosties". Is that a short name for it, or is that what they're really called where you are? Because over here, they're "Frosted Flakes." Just curious...

Actually you're right, chika, they do say Frosted Frosties. But I distinctly remember a UK advert in the '80s that said, "Kellogs Frosted Frosties - They're Grrrrrrrrreat! I'd rather eat one than be one!" (Tony's line after falling into the vat and getting covered in sugar frosting)

Why would anyone want to know how a wizard looked like without his beard is quite beyond me. Unless she's Nanny Ogg, of course. "Oh, a wizard's staff has a knob on the end. Knob on the end, KNOB ON THE END...tra-la-la"
For someone who doesn't like Terry Prachett, *Ungoliant surely has memorized some of his finer drivel. Big Smile Smilie The cereal is called "Frosted Flakes"; and when wizards skip breakfast, they can look forward to finding little tufts of their beards in their soup. Wink Smilie
The Spider was right, over here they're called Frosties, and they look a lot like flaky skin covered in dandruff! Big Smile Smilie
The Spider was right, over here they're called Frosties, and they look a lot like flaky skin covered in dandruff! Big Smile Smilie
Ewww. Your right though, they do look like that, and they taste like suger coated cardboard. Anyone remember that cereal with the little marshmellow bits in it, I used to be bounsing off the walls after that stuff.
Frosted Frosties = Frosted Flakes; Philosopher Stone = Sourcers Stone; Good God, aren't trademark/copyright laws and marketing focus groups truly wonderful! :P

And eating those dandruffy flakes which are covered with pure unadulterated sugar, enabling us to get our morning buzz on. I also eat Frosted Mini-Wheats too; but like plain old Corn Chex better, especially if I add a couple spoons of dark brown sugar along with a cup of milk. For a treat I throw in a tablespoon of Craisins. Nummmy!!! Smile Smilie

[Edited on 27/12/2001 by Grondmaster]
Frosted Lucky Charms!!!! With the Leprechaun on the advert! That caused so many bad trips.....
Lucky Charms is some wicked stuff...makes me kind of pukish...I don't know what exactly they've done to those marshmallows, but...blech.

Lovely image, there, with the dandruff and all, Plast...thanks. :P
Well there still isnt anything above a good breakfast with bread and cheese, and milk and egg and croissants and much more and ofcourse pindakaas (dutch pineatbutter) and hagels (something like chocalte chips) and much much more but not that wannabe yuk.. bleurg discusting breakfast you call cerials...
Only good breakfast is a v.strong Black Coffee with a fag. Can't keep anything else down in the mornings.
lol! Agree on that *Plastic !
Though I do try to eat something in the morning, and when I have to, I always eat cereals. Usually Fruit Loops or sth like that. Yummy!
(btw: they're called Frosties over here)
Big Smile Smilie
You shouldn't be waking up, coughing your lungs up and then lighting up at your age Tommy! I'm very dissapointed with you!
I wish I could have a nice breakfast in the mornings (nice by Boring's definition, not your, Plast...coffee and a cig? blech) however I never have the time (up and out in 13 minutes - haha)...therefore I bring cereal and eat breakfast in my 2nd block class most days...
But you can have my breakfast while running down the street to work/school/signing on/probation meeting (delete as appropriate) so if you wake up late it's fine! That was how it originated!
I don't smoke, *Plastic. Thought you'd be glad to hear that... But I just meant that I usually don't have time for breakfast either, I always get up too late for school, so I have to run for my bus without having eaten anything (part from having drunk a cup a coffee quickly). I'm usually starving before noon, so now I take the habit of putting something eatable (no matter what it is) into my backpack in the evenings, so that I have sth with me at school the next morning. I usually eat it on the bus, what else can you do there? (no suggestions, *Plastic! Wink Smilie ) Big Smile Smilie
Glad to hear you're good and healthy Tommy, and I won't make any suggesations as to what you could do on the bus *thinks back to his own days on the school bus and giggles at what he used to do there*
LOL! Big Smile Smilie
geez I'm glad I don't have to ride the bus anymore...the afternoon wasn't so bad, but all I ever wanted to do that early was sleep...
Not so easy on my bus. It's quite an old one... Big Smile Smilie
By the way, what happened to OUR Gandalf?(Gandalf NL, I mean). Where's he gone to? (for the ones from the oldest forum).
Yeah, I wonder what happened to him...he's Dutch though, so maybe he's still sulking Wink Smilie

What's difficult to do in your old bus, Tommy - sleep or do what Plastic used to do...

There's nothing like a full, greasy breakfast though! Yummy! Then lots of coffee, and a packet of cigarettes. *ungoliant

coffee's so unpleasant...I don't understand how you all drink it...bleach. I prefer hot chocolate in the morning...froot loops + hot cocoa = one serious sugar kick Big Smile Smilie
YUK! Froot loops with hot chocolate? Bwerk!
*puke (grrr emo's gone, never there when you need it Mad Smilie )
HEY! Wait till Boring sees this. Wink Smilie
I haven't drunk bleach in years! At least not for breakfast Wink Smilie
And you got to get your fags in before you can eat anything!
Yeah, where did Gandalf go?
Maybe *taz knows? I'm curious, really.
Bleach? Dontgetit again. Sad Smilie
Yuk. Smoking is a nasty habit, now I am truly convinced. Smile Smilie
You never drank bleach, or draincleaner, or white spirits, or meths? You've never lived!
(please apply the usual disclaimer to this comment)

[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Nope. But I bought meself a bottle of Jameson whiskey today. (actually my mum wanted a bottle of whiskey to put in her Irish coffee, and I said she needed good Irish whiskey for that, so I got her Jameson).
And I've promised not to touch it before tomorrow. *innocent look*
Big Smile Smilie
Shoulda bought two bottles then Tommy. The other one you sneak up to your room. That's what I used to do when I was younger.

Never tried bleach. Wink Smilie Isn't it poisonous? I read that someone poured bleach into a bowl of punch, but no one died though. That was the Wimbledon Poisoner trilogy, I think.
Some idiot spiked the punch with nail polish remover at my 8th grade dance...that was a night to remember... (ok, now I really need that pukey icon...)
Ha! Nail polish remover! Bad experience with that - I used to dump the cotton wool in the ashtray while removing my nail polish (too lazy). Once my cigarette was too close & the whole ashtray burst into flames. Burnt my eyebrows off...had to go to class with painted-on 'Joan Collins' eyebrows for a while till they grew back. Hrrumph!
Turned out to be all right with me. My parents went to bed around 1 pm. I stayed up until 3, so I had the chance to nip a bit. Thought I wouldn't exaggerate, cos I had to get up around ten again... Sad Smilie
mmmmmmmm....... Jamesons Smile Smilie
It's amazing the varied amount of household cleaners you can drink without dying. Also Amyl Nitrate is possible to pull off, though not recommended.


[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
The man has a very good point. I forgot to apply my usual disclaimer to that post. Never forget that I am a trained ****wit and as such have super human powers of stupidity. If you need a better warning against these activities then see if you can get hold of my medical records!
And not only does the disclaimer apply to household cleaners, but also to chika's sugar loaded hot chocolate, my daily intake of 12 cups of coffee, and Plastic's dandruff coated flaky skin! Don't say we didn't warn ya!
I'd forgotten some of those suggestions. Cracking! How about running with pointy things? Or counting chickens before they're hatched? Or putting all your eggs in one basket? Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie

Or don't leap without looking first!

And don't talk to strangers..
'Cos they're only there to do you harm
Don't write in starlight
'Cos the words may come out real...tra la la
let sleeping dogs lie...don't judge a book by it's cover...never listen to advice from a squirrel...Wink Smilie

Don't write in starlight
'Cos the words may come out real

I've never heard that one before...
Poke sleeping dogs with sticks, Always judge a book by it's cover (especially Dickens, really dull covers) ALWAYS LISTEN TO ADVICE FROM A SQUIRREL!!! And remember kids, Just say YES!!!
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