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Thread: Gandalf

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Errr. Yes?
don't mind the moderator... never stick to the rules (I thought there were no rules on the Internet)... never trust a police man... follow the guy with the biggest gun and the biggest amount of money... (since we're giving silly advice away, thought I'd join in...) :P
Never join in with giving daft advice. Wink Smilie

And chika, it's from on old heavy metal song. Dio I think. Can't remember where else I saw it. Fairy tales, probably.
Sounds crap enough to be Dio.
I actually don't even remember seeing Gandalf using a sword in the movie...they probably left out Glamdring because, as Allyssa said, it'd take too much explanation...and also they made a point of talking about Sting, so maybe they felt it'd be redundant to do it again with Glamdring...didn't notice the beard thing, though...
He was, wasn't he. Never understood those metal guys with tough scary names, cos when you hear the music & lyrics, it's just mostly ballads & usual high school rebellion junk. Dearie me.
Yeah. But Ronnie James himself went the daft fantasy crap route and sang about dragons and elves and stuff. And is also the man responsible for Sabbath being shit after Ozzy left.
Never heard of Dio. Who or what are they?
Who said I was giving daft advice? O right, I did... Big Smile Smilie
And Gandalf played in heavy metal band, did he? What instrument? Can't have been the sax, as his beard would have fouled in the key mechanisims within minutes. I'd like to see him gyrating and singing Tuti Fruiti though. That would be impressive. Big Smile Smilie
Ok, ok, point taken Grondie Smile Smilie

And who said blokes with beards can't play guitars? Gandalf would have made an excellent ZZ Top member.
Agreed, and Gandalf was in Yes, only he called himself Rick Wakeman at the time....
Heh. And didn't that wizard/bearded bloke from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure play...something? Can't remember.
I was watching for the whole glowing Glamdring thing, and noticed it by it's absence. It wouldn't have taken much to give it a bit of a glow, just for the die-hard fans would it?
He was a most triumphant guitar player, i believe... Dude.
Totally...Wink Smilie

I was never able to take Keanu Reeves seriously after that. Ditto Dana Carvey - Wayne's World. And god help me if Happy Gilmore did the heavies.

Gandalf is dead sexy. Big Smile Smilie
Well, it makes a change from everyone going on about Legolas Rosie Wink Smilie
And call me stupid but who is Happy Gilmore? (I could never take Keanu Reeves seriously anyway, too much of a pretty boy) Didn't the Matrix suck?
hm...i liked the matrix..(small voice) because of the special effects and as a seminal work of the action genre hollywood is making these days.
thought it had some good symbolism/metaphor/double entendre thing going on to make it worthwhile. but i don't like Keanu. He's acting seems a little 'woody'.
My god, did you catch him in Sweet November? *gag* Sad Smilie[Edited on 9/1/2002 by Rosie]
Keanu Reeves is not the person to take serious. He was only a bit good in Speed I. Smile Smilie
Gandalf is sexy somehow. At least for a wizard. If you compare him with Saruman, he's the hottest man on earth. (only compared with Saruman). Big Smile Smilie
No, seriously, Gandalf playing any instrument? I thought he played pipe! Big Smile Smilie
Happy Gilmore = Adam Sandler. That golf movie. And the matrix sucked...and Keanu Reeves wasn't just woody, he was a rainforest!

Gandalf, sexy? Boy, now I *have* to see the movie! Smile Smilie
at the risk of sounding incredibly thick, what the hell's Glamdring?
we watched the matrix in my philosophy class...which guarantees I didn't like it...school can ruin any movie :P I actually think I might have liked it had I not had to analyze it, though.

and Gandalf...sexy?...i suppose if you like older guys...haha...
ok, that gandalf remark was only half serious, Ian's gay anyway..(not that there's anything wrong with it) Cool Smilie
i expected the movie gandalf to be a little more serious and formidable. I didn't like the way he was sucking up to Saruman! Should've kicked his ass..
What was with the scene where Saruman made Galdalf spin on his head? The whole magic battle was a bit goofy anyway. "Okay, Sir Ian, I loved you as Richard III, now throw yourself into a wall! Okay, Christopher, look really mean!" I loved them both, but that scene made me giggle (and get swatted by the people I was with...)

I don't know about sexy for Sir Ian, but he has a cute twinkle in his eye. I love his website- he's very good about writing back to all the young'uns who've only ever seen him in LOTR and X-Men. And he gossips with them about the cute actors he's worked with. Hugh Jackman got high marks, Rupert Everett was "lean and lovely" or something like that, someone else was "dishy"- he's such an old flirt!
Never seen Adam Sandler in a serious movie, must get round to it, could be funny Big Smile Smilie
And the effects in the Matrix were groundbreaking and it did look wonderful, but it just got really boring, and it got too hyped and I hated it.
But on-topic again, did anyone else notice how Glamdring failed entirely to glow when there were Orcs etc. around?
Gandalf's sword. Did they not mention it by name in the movie then Sad Smilie Thought not, oh well.....
Gandalf sexy? I thought of him as more grandfatherly. Gimli has more sex appeal (if you like the "brace yourself gel" type).

Did anyone notice if his beard was different lengths at different times? I thought I did. Shame on PJ for missing that detail...

Glamdring? Gandalf did use a sword didn't he? Maybe they made it an ordinary sword to save explanations. Would have liked to see the legendary sword of Turgon though. Now there's a sexy character....see new topic under characters.
Well, did you remark that we have now so many topics that Gandalf (alone!) has been sent away to the second page? while Sauron remained at the bottom of the first page? I simply HAD to do something about it! and so I will copy here a fragment of a text on Gandalf (from "Unfinished Tales") which throws a quite unexpected light on his personality... and makes him even more dear to me!
Of major interest [...] is a [...] narrative , telling of a council of the Valar [...] at which it was resolved to send out three emissaries to Middle-Earth. "Who would go? Fot they must be mighty, peers of Sauron, but must forgo might, and close themselves in flesh so as to treat on equality and win the trust of Elves and Men. But this would imperil them, dimming their wisdom and knowledge, and confusing them with with fears, cares and wearinesses coming from the flesh" But only two cane forward: Curumo, who was chosen by Aule, and Alatar, who was sent by Orome. Then Manwe asked, where was Olorin? And Olorin, who was clad in grey, and having just entered from a journey had seated himself at the edge of the council, asked what Manwe would have of him. Manwe replied that he wished Olorin to go as the third messenger to Middle-Earth (and it is remarked in parentheses that "Olorin was a lover of the Eldar that remained", apparently to explain Manwe's choice). But Olorin declared that he was too weak for such a task, and that he feared Sauron. Then Manwe said that that was all the more reason why he should go, and that he commanded Olorin

Don't you just love Gandalf all the more? Apparently he also was initially a sort of Frodo afraid to accept a perilous quest...
Gandalf is a very human character, I think... And this text prooves it all the more. I loved him in the movie, simply because he had that little twinkle in his eyes, and for his love for the hobbits, and for his sudden bursts of fear, anger, joy and laughter. I guess he'll become more serious after his return from the dead... I don't really care, as long as the twinkle remains, I just loved that.... Smile Smilie
In the book, I liked Gandalf before he died, and then towards the end...for some reason, I didn't like him as much right after he came back...he just didn't seem to have the same feeling about him...
Could that be because he was still finding out who he was, and didn't exude the confidence he had before and would have later? This being while he was still, relatively speaking, a babe after his rebirth following the battle with the Balrog. Once he and 'the three hunters' reached Eldoras, I felt he was back to being the old Gandalf we knew and loved from before, although he wasn't quite as tight-lipped as he had been in the past.
The new Gandalf looks great in TTT movie, I think. I saw the trailer, and it all looked fabulous! Very promising... :dunce

I'm with you here Grondy. In the beginning Gandalf himself was quite confused about himself, cos he didn't really know who he was and what he had to do now. But that changed during the course of the book, and when he left the hobbits in Bree (orwherewasitagain) he was just Gandalf again. Only much more powerful, wiser and a bit (looking for the right word) more like a real wizard. (I don't know how to put it...)
I know this is an old forum discusion but I live near charllote NC and it's hard for me to get it, but you know what I eat for breakfast? Have since I lived in England when I was 3rs old. Marmite on buttered toast. Can't get enough of the stuff. Crazy huh! My wife and son run when I open the jar they think it is the foulest smelling stuff in the universe. LOL

You eat Marmite!!! Shaking Head Smilie For heaven's sake, get some of the real thing (vegemite) and stop with that woosy substitute. Wink Smilie

Vegemite with margarine on hot toast has got to be the best way to start any day.

But what has this to do with Gandalf? I am sure he would have loved vegemite if it had been available. I cant see it appealing to elvish tastest though. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Go Marmite, damn but I love that stuff! And that's 2 people I know in Charlotte NC now, who'd have thought it?
But what has this to do with Gandalf? I am sure he would have loved vegemite if it had been available. I cant see it appealing to elvish tastest though. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Read Smilie The Tale of How the Marmite came to Inhabit Gandalf's Toast Read Smilie

Read SmilieOnce upon a time, way back when the world was much younger and easier going, say like at the tail end of last year, there was this Gandalf thread on the Planet-Tolkien, wherein a digression was made into breakfasts and things like: the different names under which Tony the Tiger's cereal is found, even in countries where English is the common language.

One morning a few months later along came little JC the Poole and having nothing better to do, he read the beginning of the thread. After which he decided that he too wanted to share his breakfast with the rest of the inhabitants and their Fruit Loops, Frosties, twelve grain hot cereal, eggs, bangers, and bacon, provided that Mr. P. Squirrel furnished a large carafe of his favorite breakfast, that being steaming hot aromatic black coffee.
And that my children, is the end my tail. Read Smilie

[Edited on 14/5/2002 by Grondmaster]
Somehow I seem to have missed something here... Big Smile Smilie
Beautiful tale, Grondy, beautiful... *wipes away tear*

So who do you like the most in the film: new or old Gandalf?(supposing you have seen the trailer) Animated Wink Smilie
Well, if the movie TTT Gandalf keeps the twinkle in his eye from the movie FOTR then he should be the better liked; however, if he becomes gruff, closed mouthed, and more business-like, like the one in the book FOTR, then I will choose the former. Which means I like the book TTT Gandalf better than the book FOTR; and also liked the movie FOTR Gandalf better than the one in the book FOTR.

As Merry said to Pippin in the book TTT, after Pippin had said Gandalf hadn't changed at all:
'Oh yes, he has!' said Merry, ..... 'He has grown, or something. He can be both kinder and more alarming, merrier and more solemn than before, I think. He has changed; but we have not had a chance to see how much, yet. .....
From TTT, Book 3, near the beginning of Chapter 3 entitled 'The Palantír'.
I like the book TTT Gandalf better than the book FOTR; and also liked the movie FOTR Gandalf better than the one in the book FOTR.

So you're saying... ? Animated Wink Smilie
Which one you like more now, the one before or after his death? I like Gandalf the White more. He's more powerful, more energetic, a bit more wizard-like I think. And after a while he gets his good humour back, and the twinkle in his eyes. He looked amazing in the trailer. Is it still on here, btw? Must see it again then... Big Smile Smilie
Here, I click on the Gandalf thread sos I can ask my silly little question, and it turns out to be the most hilarious thing I have ever read. The whole breakfast cereal discussion and Plastic drinking bleach...A riot! And I'll never forget this one:

Ha! Nail polish remover! Bad experience with that - I used to dump the cotton wool in the ashtray while removing my nail polish (too lazy). Once my cigarette was too close & the whole ashtray burst into flames. Burnt my eyebrows off...had to go to cl *** with painted-on 'Joan Collins' eyebrows for a while till they grew back. Hrrumph!

I know, it's not nice to laugh at other peoples misfortunes...but that is freakin' hilarious. Like something from a Leslie Nielson movie. Very Big Grin Smilie

Anyway...question. How exactly are you supposed to pronounce Gandalf? I've always pronounced it like it's spelled, just like they pronounce it in the film. But then I noticed in appendix E in LotR it says when f comes at the end of a name it should be pronounced as v. I've never heard it pronounced Gandalv. Did I misread something? Regardless of the answer I'm sure everyone, myself included, will continue to say it just as they always have. I'm just curious if Tolkien had intended it to be said otherwise.
No, I think you have it right; however, as almost everyone fails to read Appendix E prior to reading the story (were there any exceptions), the hard "eff" was so ingrained in their minds that the soft "ev" could never really catch on. Were someone to actually say "Gondolv" instead of "Gandalph" they would probably be looked at askance with a "From whence came this outlander?" What we have here is modern tradition over-riding the ancients' rule-of-thumb. Big Smile Smilie
I'll stick to the movie version. I've been looked at as an outsider for way too long and too many times to make that mistake again. Big Smile Smilie
About the ceral disscusion: I like Lucky Charms and my little sister is crazy Jumping Flame Smilie for Honeycomb. No idea why. I've seen Ian Micellen with no beard on. Looks freaky, doesn't seem to look like Gandalf. His nose looks at least twice the size it did in the movie, I think that beard hid a lot!

[Edited on 24/8/2002 by ladyoflegolas]
I Love You Smilie Ok who likes Gandalf raise their hand! Hee hee, I'm kidding. He wasn't that great in the movie, though. I mean, he looked great and all, but I think he wasn't portrayed as powerful as in the book and stuff like that. And the best cereal is definitely Honeycombs.

[Edited on 25/8/2002 by Shieldmaiden]
I like Gandalf!

When I saw Fellowship the first time I was awestruck by the portrayal of Galdalf. I still tend to hang on every word he speaks, though each viewing allows me to witness the impact of other characters more.
Ok, back to the breakfast discussion. My fave is a Coke Cola and a cigarette. You don't even talk to me until I have had both. I am a grumpy B**ch otherwise.

I love the nail polish incident. That was just priceless. I also burned my eyebrows off, at one point. It was mother's day and I wanted to be nice and I took my mom a drink and a cigarette. I tried to light it for her. I was only 10 or so and afraid to put it in my mouth, so I am trying to get the lighter to light and it was not working and all of a sudden POOF, FLAME and there go my eyelashes and eyebrows. It was awful. To say the least I did not touch a cigarette again for 22 years. Then like an idiot I started smoking 3 years ago. But I only smoke Cloves. They taste better. but are worse for you.

Now, back to Gandalf. He is one of my favorite characters in the books. He really seems to grow and become real in my mind. The movie Gandalf was ok, but did not stand up to my imagination. They need to develope him more, in the next 2 movies.

[Edited on 26/8/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Big Laugh Smilie Hi Mel, we should start a Burnt Eyebrows club. What are Cloves? Coke (as long as it's not Diet) & fags would be fine, coffee & fags better! *dashes off to have her morning fill*

I had a Biology master back at school who used to say that Coke tasted like socks, but I've often wondered how he was able to make that comparison. We reckoned he actually soaked his smelly socks & tasted the resulting concoction. Tongue Smilie Eww...I've sniffed my hockey socks after a game and I wouldn't drink that even if you paid me.

As for Gandalf - I think Prog is right. Gandalv it is...but don't the endings sound the same anyway? But then I always sound as if I'm slurring anyway. Book Gandalv Wink Smilie was definitely better, both pre & post-death.
Big Laugh Smilie Sorry, can't stop laughing about the eyebrows thingie. LOL!

All right, I agree with Golly that the book version is the better of the two, but nevertheless, I think McKellen didn't do that bad a job. Performing Gandalf isn't easy you know. And I'm looking forward to seeing him play Gandalf the white. From what I've seen in the trailer, it looks very promising, I think. Big Smile Smilie
Anyway...question. How exactly are you supposed to pronounce Gandalf?

In the Norwegian books it's spelled Gandalv. The v is pronounsed like the f in "of". F in the end of a word becomes v. (Think I read it in Appendix E in lotr) I don't understand why it's Gandalf in English..
Elf Confused Smilie
I don't understand why it's Gandalf in English.. Elf Confused Smilie
Amarië: It is Gandalf in English because that is the language in which Tolkien wrote it. Why he didn't end it with a "v", "ph", or "gh" instead of "f", only he or some other linguist would know. Happy Elf Smilie I now repeat my previous remarks on the subject as they remain pertinent.
... almost everyone fails to read Appendix E prior to reading the story (were there any exceptions), the hard "eff" was so ingrained in their minds that the soft "ev" could never really catch on. Were someone to actually say "Gondolv" instead of "Gandalph" they would probably be looked at askance with a "From whence came this outlander?" What we have here is modern tradition over-riding the ancients' rule-of-thumb. Big Smile Smilie
Those in the know will accept either pronunciation as denoting Olórin the Istari, as do the other names he was called: Mithrandir, Grey Pilgrim, Grayhame, Grey Wanderer, and Stormcrow.
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