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Thread: Annael

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Eryan began this thread with the following post.

I just wonder, what happened to Annael? It is told in the Silmarillion that he was the leader of the Grey Elves who harboured Rian after Nirnaeth Arnoediad and then he became a foster father of her son Tuor. And then he tried to lead his people away from the Caves of Androth and to go to the Havens of Sirion. During that journey Tuor was taken captive by the Easterlings. But what about Annael? Was he killed? Or did he flee, and if so, did he finally reach the Havens of Sirion? What was his final fate? Is it possible that he could meet once more with Tuor after the fall of Gondolin?

Mellie replied


I tried to find the answer to your question on the web. I did not have my books handy to look in them. I could not find anything on the web, so I went to the Tolkien Society and posed your question to them. I should have an answer in a day or so, and will let you know what they have to say. I will also continue to seach my books.

Thank you, Mellie, I will wait eagerly for more information! This will perhaps explain why Tuor had to be captive of the Easterlings during three long years, why his foster father and his friends did not try to resuce him...
Eryan, while looking on the web, I found an amazing book listed at the Tolkien Society. I just had to order it. It may also shed some light on your question. It is called "Combined Index to Histories of Middle-earth"
I can't wait till it arrives, but I had to pay in pounds, with shipping and handling it came to like 13. I have been afraid to see what it would be in USD. I hope my hubby doesn't kill me. lol

Here is a link to the book:
Thanks Mellie! I opened your link at once! However, it seems that the book is an index to the History of ME books, so even if we will find there some information on Annael, this must not necessarily be the final version oh how Tolkien imagined his fate. Many details in the History of ME books differ profoundly from the later versions of the same stories such as told in the Silmarillion or in Unfinished Tales. For instance, in the Lays of Beleriand Hurin Thalion has dark tresses, while in the Silmarillion it is told that his hair is golden! Wink Smilie