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Thread: Wizards of Middle-Earth

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1) Olorin (Gandalf)
2) Curunir (Saruman)
3) Aiwendil (Radagast)
4) Alatar
5) Pallando

[Edited on 10/7/2003 by Valedhelgwath]
Val's source for the names of the last two wizards in his above list is the Unfinished Tales, Part Four, Section II entitled 'The Istari'. These two are more commonly known as the 'Blue Wizards'. Cool Smilie
There might have been more than 5 wizards. "Of this Order the number is unknown; but of those that came to the North of Middle-Earth, where there was most hope (because of the remnant of the Dúnedain and of the Eldar that abode there), the chiefs were five." - UT.
To me, this says that there were five that came to the North of M.E., but perhaps more Wizards came to other parts of Middle-Earth, and their journeys/purposes were simply not recorded...
That may be true, but the reason for the five being sent was to put the kybosh on Sauron's evil machinations. And if any were sent to the south of Middle-earth they failed to keep the Southrons and Haradrim from joining Sauron's armies, just as it appears the two Blue Wizards failed to keep the Easterlings from doing.

In the north, two wizards, both also failed their task: Saruman became corrupted in his search for the knowledge of power required to throw down Sauron and Radagast forgot the task in his study of Middle-earth's fauna.

Thus only the greatest of the five, Olorin (aka. Gandalf, Mithrandir, The Grey Pilgrim, etc.) able to sway the hearts of Men sufficiently to keep Sauron from taking over Middle-earth, and even then it took a lot of divine intervention by Eru. For I hold that Eru had to be in the background pulling strings, for all these innumerable coincidences to have happened at the right time and place.

Also, we only know this, because History is written by the winners, and if the others had any part in bringing Sauron's downfall into fruition, we have no record of it, for it was Gandalf's friends who brought us our knowledge of those times.

Teacher Smilie
The only wizards I knew were:

Thanks for telling me, because I've been dying to know all of the wizards.

-FaramirVery Big Grin Smilie

[Edited on 14/7/2003 by Faramir*]
Hey! I don't think Radagast failed; after all, he was chosen by Yavanna and his job consisted mainly of taking care of the olvar and the kelvar (the plants and the animals).
He did that, didn't he?
Btw, I've read somewhere that Gandalf failed too. He had to make a choice in Moria: to get the Fellowship members killed while trying to rescue him or to sacrifice himself! Thus, Gandalf's failure is attenuated by his choice.

Well, without what you call a "failure"bugyfeanor, the quest would probably not have ended right? Radagast was so cool!!He could talk to evrybird and everybird knew him, I wish I could talk to animals myself Sad Smilie .But when Gwaihir saved Gandalf, wsan't he sent by Radagast??
Thanx to val for the three last wizards that I coudln't find ...
Hi, Florian!

I just read that thing about Gandalf; it was in a book written by one of his critics, I think! (And you know his "kind" opinion about them, right! hehe) Anyway, I take it more as a metaphore, cause Gandalf did help very much the Quest!