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Thread: Which character in Middle-Earth are you most like?

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It was a praise of course! Big Smile Smilie
I think that the last part of Mount Doom in LotR reflects real life, because everything played out just right--Frodo couldn't give the ring up, Sam tried to save his master, the ring was destroyed, and Gollum got his just desserts. Everything in life happens for a reason, though it may seem chance a the time.
I am the most like Bilbo. I love to write, I am educated, I have a big heart but I also take care of myself, and I have a quick temper. I enjoy company but like solitude more. I am just as likely to bloom where I am planted, as I am to "hit the trail". I tend to think Bilbo is the type of guy who bustles but gets little done, and I'm like that sometimes. I like things clean but lived in. I like adventures but love homey things more...and I am very drawn to things that aren't good for me. I wish I had Bilbo's money.
Tom Bombadil. The reason being I'm a fey, stuck in my ways chimp.
I am most like Frodo, but sometimes Gandalf, and with a hint of Saruman. (Sounds like a recipe. Add two-fourths tablespoons of Aragorn, a dash of Sauron, and a hint of Legolas. Bake at 450 for 20 minutes. Leave to cool on rack for 10 minutes, then enjoy!) Big Smile Smilie
hmmmm maybe Legolas :P
oh this is a hard one. but probably eowyn. i am very outspoken, like her, i fear a life that is wasted,like her, i am quite sad and mournful,like her, ect. but then i am loyal like sam, mischevious like pippin, persistant like frodo, and passionate like luthien. it is hard to tell.
I would like to be most like Legolas, but the RL me is actually very Hobbitish. I like to eat at least 7 times a day. LOL.
Well, I wear a lot of black, does that make me most like a Ringwraith? Wink Smilie
Do you go around tracking down Hobbits and trying to kill them?
Well, I wear a lot of black, does that make me most like a Ringwraith? Wink Smilie
If you wear a lot of black and silver, you could be a knight of Gondor. Big Smile Smilie
Well, I wear a lot of black, does that make me most like a Ringwraith? Wink Smilie

no it only makes you one if you act like one.
If you wear a lot of black and silver, you could be a knight of Gondor

Do you go around tracking down Hobbits and trying to kill them?

No, but I go around chasing small children and trying to scold them, does that count?
I completely identify with Eowyn. I fear niether pain nor death, I fear a cage. There's no reason for not going after your goals only because you're role doesn't allow you to. She wasn't supposed to fight because she was a woman, but she did anyways. there was a time when women weren't supposed to act, only men could be actors, I'm an actress, what would've been of my life in that case? I'll never stop going after what I wish and know I'm able to do just because somebody else, or a social rule, or whatever, tells me not to. I'll be what I want to be, and never stop dreaming and fighting.
Welcome to PT Negra, I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do. Big Smile Smilie
Thanks!!!! as a matter of fact, I do enjoy this very much, specially because finding people who share your passion for things, all over the world, is amazing. Imagine!!! you guys most live there and Tolkien is part of your culture, and still, here, in Chile, his books have conquered lots of readers and fans. it's like being in some sort of far away shire, and wanting to know more about the aoutside world, being a part of it, going out my door, even though it's a dangerous bussiness Wink Smilie
Well, I am afraid I am Boromir, and nor movie Boromir, so very noble in spite of his weaknesses, but book Boromir, a great bully who means well but lacks the sensitivity and wisdom of hs younger brother...
I think im most like Pippin beacause Im stupid but some times smart and Im funny.

[i am EvithianEhtmires brother]
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, FoolOfATook. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
Hello there and welcome to PT AFoolOfATook!

Hum. I would like to be like Eowyn, but I fear I'm mostly like Gollum/Smeagol.
hi AFoolOfATook! hope u like it here, glad u came.
I am most like Gandalf, Aragorn and Faramir.
Shall I add that If I went to middle earth, my date would be Gandalf? Shocked Smilie
My second date would be with Gollum, then my third, finally is Faramir. Angel Smilie Kiss Smilie In Love Smilie
I am not like anyone of them......can´t come up with any resemblances anyway.....can YOU?Tongue Smilie
Maybe an Orc,Aule? Wink Smilie
I'm probably most like some combination of Faramir and Aragorn with a little splash of Hobbit tossed in for good measure.
Happy Elf Smilie
hahahahha funny LadyFeawen.....humorous indeedTongue Smilie hehehhe
I think i am most alike to Wormtongue to be honest.
You might be right there V....Wink Smilie
Well Virumor I do not believe that Wormtongue would be able to avow that he is most like to Wormtongue! Wink Smilie
K i don't know if that last post was praisin me or mockin me but newayz i gonna look up the word avow before i react again
Virumor, avow means to acknowledge openly,boldly,unashamedly. Wink Smilie
Well, I have taken many quizes and I have found out that I am most like Denethor!
Im most like Faramir I think. I dont have an older brother like Boromir or anything (I have a grouchy brother) , but I am scholarly and have a great interest in history and magic.
I think the character that would LIKE me most, would be Galadriel, or Arwen.

Cool Smilie

Seems i misunderstood the thread again (whoops), Ok i think the character i am most like is probably Saruman or the Mouth of Sauron,

B/C I gotta big gob and i'm slightly Eeeeeeevil , so both would figure.

Moderator Smilie
I am most like Frodo(although I really want to be like Faramir)
Well, I have answered many quizzes and have discovered I am most like Denethor.

Where can you get these quizzes you talk about? I'm so desperate, I may need a potty if you don't tell me soon.
i would say my character's most related to pippin cuz i tend to be a pig when it comes to FOOD! and i always get into trouble...although i try not to... Oink Smilie
There are literally 100's LOTR personality quizzes on the Internet. Here is a link that will keep you busy for a couple of days. Smile Smilie
List of Lord or the Rings personality tests
Like most of us, I've thought about this. Thinking about it now again, something new occurs to me. I'm not really like any of the characters because there are no makers. They are all doers. I mean that my identity is that I make things, right now largely pencil drawings. There aren't any artists in Middle Earth, not main characters, anyway, though the creative crafts of the elves is referred to often.

Feanor is an artist explicitly, but, really, he doesn't act like an artist. Aule, I suppose, but he's a Valar (or, I'd be inclined to say, an archangel) and I'm just some guy. Oh, yeah, there is that guy in the Turin Turambar story. I have to go look it up.

I did. Sador the lamed servant of Hurin and Morwen's who is a friend to the young Turin. He says of the unfinished chair he was carving for the absent Hurin, "I wasted my time, though the hours seemed pleasant. But all such things are short-lived; and the joy in their making is their only true end, I guess..." I can feel that more than most anything else in the books. That's my answer for Middle Earth. If it were expanded to include all his writings, then it would very much be Niggle, who is so familiar it's scary.

Eventually, the person I feel most like is Tolkien. I even had the same recurring childhood dream, the one he gives Faramir, of a wave engulfing all the land.
Though I'm a great fan of Feanor, I must say I'm more like Maglor, his second son; I also have smth from Turin, Maeglin and Faramir. (weird combination, I know Smile Smilie)
I think there is no one person that I am like, but a mixture of many. I am kind of like both Aragorn and Faramir. I am singer, so I suppose I am like Melian in that way, though I often wish I had her wisdom! I guess my fondness for beer makes me a bit of a hobbit too. . .
I would say that I am more like Sam. I like to garden; don't often venture too far from home; am a loyal friend; and often quietly do the right thing without getting any reward. (don't most of us?) I like living in a rural area and listening to the quiet. And like Sam, I'd be afraid to go on to Mordor, but wouldn't think of letting Frodo go by himself. Plus I secretly would love to see the elves.
I like Frodo best. I seriously cry for him every single time I watch the movies. It's crazy, but I do. =)
Well, I think (and this must be a first) that I am most like Saruman. *everyone is shocked. You see, i would love to be brave and true and strong, ride into battle and seek victory, but in the end, I know, if I was in a battle I would hide behind a rock and not want to be involved. So I woudln't be a battle type person. however, I like studying things, and Saruman studied the Rings of Power. And then I know I would be easily swyaed because I am not brave at all really. I am loyal, but under Sauron, I shudder to think what would happen to my loyalty. And still, in a way, saruman was slightly loyal. Like how he told Gandalf that he actually wanted to defeat Sauron (And of course become a dark lord in his place, that's the bad part) and control him. But I know myself, and I know that once I am swayed, I stick with what I have chosen, for fear of being rejected if I turn back. Which is what Saruman did.
I think I like the Witch-King above everyone else. I also like Gimli. But, I can't really answer why, I just like them!!
I too like the Witch King, but from the good ones i would maybe be....Feanor.
Point of Order: I think, from the title of this thread, that we are supposed to tell who we resemble, rather than who we like best or would want to be; though the latter also makes for a good discussion. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Exactly what I was thinking, Grondy. My post would've been quite different if it 'twere so.
I personally aspire to be more elf-like.

I haven't yet found a way to get taller, though. Elf Winking Smilie
Me neither Allyssa; I appear only able to grow wider. Welcome back by the way.
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