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Thread: Which character in Middle-Earth are you most like?

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Mines Turin Turambar Smile Smilie Guess Hes Prof. Tolkiens version of Hamlet...oh such a tragic end
Maybe someone should direct a movie based on his story .
I think that I am most like Samwise in many ways although he is a male and i am a female i feel a kinship with him. He is loyal as i am and he loves food and i do to and he is kind and a good friend just as i am.
Hello Marigoldboggy-hillocks! I'm also a new member...so welcome! Well, I would say I most resemble Aragorn. First off, I love swords and swordplay, and secondly, I often feel that "crisis of the self" that he also does -- that constant struggle between shifting and fluctuating roles and responsibilities. I also can't deny that no matter how much I would rather be elf-like...alas, I am but a human. *sniff*
I think I most relate with Arwen because I love who I am and where I am but there is always an underlying doubt that it's not really where I was meant to be or who I was meant to be. The same way Arwen felt when she gave up her immortality for a mortal life with Aragorn... Plus... Who wouldn't want to be with Aragorn? Wink Smilie
I think I'm a lot like Pippin and Merry together, along with some Aragorn.
im like Aragorn most
Tough question actually. I think Beleg C˙thalion or Elwing.
hmmm, what character 'eh...well, it would HAVE to be an Elf, maybe Glorfindel...or at a push Legolas/Gildor
i'm like Gollum most of the time but i've been a bit of a Smeagol lately
Need I say more than my username? Wink Smilie
I think i am definatly like a hobbit although i wish i was more like an elf Elf Smilie > I like simple things in life and i love food. Wink Smilie . I just hate to think wot i would look like as a female hobbit Big Laugh Smilie
Nice avatar, Rhapsody.

Sador Labadal, the lame servant of Hurin, friend of the boy Turin. Woodcarver.

I'm not lame, but I am an artist somewhat like he was. Nothing special.
I would say Treebeard, Dont really fuss with the problems
of others but when it comes to my doorstep, lookout!!

and I dont mind a bit of draught every so often!
Winking Smilie
side of evil: sauron
side of good: gimli
I would like to think that I am like a ranger, but sadly I am more like a hobbit as I like about 12 square meals a day. But then, some people say I look like an orc.....
I would feel honored to be any good creature from LOTR for even a single day.
I may be most like Aredhel because I'm restless and long for adventure outside my home and life. And I'd certainly like to be more like Finrod. I really love him, but , oh well...
Thorin, because I'm too stubborn for my own good and am a little greedy sometimes.
i think that im most like well a cross between and elf and a man so legolas and arogon
As i sit with master Legolas as he sat with Galadriel (my lady) i view myself as a Legolas i do not wish to say that i am a better elf than he. I respect his graciousness and therefore model my own ways to him
i am most like....hmmm Tom Bombadill? mayb not....Merry...mayb.....Aragorn, no......idk....lets say Tom
i think im mostly like Eowyn but can be mischevious like merry and pippin
i feel i am like Gwahir, i step in to help friends at the most unlikliest of time and then again i am alot like Gandalf, i can help out my friends with wise words and help them out that way, with a little bit of Legolas, courageous with battles of modern life.
Though I am a woman I feel very much like Pippin sometimes..A bit foolish ..curious and always a friend in need..I get into situations I'm not suppose to be in..but I'm proud of who I amSmile Smilie
i feel like nobody but myself thought maybe im generallt like a dwarf except in hight...to tall. Big Smile Smilie
Perhaps Barliman Butterbur of the Prancing Pony in Bree. Genial, somewhat forgetful, and I do love to talk. Wink Smilie Love good company, good food and good drink.
For reasons I will not get into I am equally divided in my personality between Frodo and Eowyn.
I very much identify with them both in every area of my life practically.
aragorn, when Im feeling serious, but most often merry or pippin, especially the ones in the movies, who were bigger rascals
Gud daedheloth, your avatar loooks like a freaked out Aragorn am I right?

Plus... Who wouldn't want to be with Aragorn?

Me for starters.
yes it is, viggo broke his tooth in one of the sword fighting scenes
To tell the truth I have taken all of these quizes and I turned out to be like Tour and Fingolfin. Big Smile Smilie Smile Smilie
I like both of them and I should of called myself in this planet Tolkien thing Tour or Fingolfin!!! Mad Smilie
For it is Tour when I'm carm and Fingolfin when unhappy. Good and Evil Smilie

Hard question, and I'm sure my answer won't reflectthe reality.

So I'd say Radagast, regarding my love for animals and nature. And slight 'craziness' Wink Smilie

Looking at my other post in this thread I feel ashamed and can't quite understand what I was trying to say.


2nd take: I don't identify myself with any character in particular from LOTR. However I would say that dwarves as described by Tolkien suit me as I can be very stubborn and steadfast. However I do not really look like one as in life I'm over 6.3"

I think Id go with with PJ's Gothmog...... Only kidding. I feel associated with Cirdan. Don't know why. I just have a fasination with him. Perhaps it's because we don't know much about him. I like his patience, virtue, wisdom and goodness.

Well now, this is a hard one... I would say I am quite like Boromir in that I am more physically based than mentally based (or at least that is the impression I got from him- as opposed to Faramir who seems to be less physically based, but more of a thinker). On the other hand, I like to think that one of my greatest strength's lie in resisting temptation- which is, of course, not a strong quality in Boromir Wink Smilie

This is a good question, I would say I am like Eowyn, because I look brave, serious but if you see a little bit further you will discover a sweet heart, fragile, with need of protection and caring. It is like if I always might show the hardest face of me, listening to everybody and pushing them to carry on but I have a burden long ago, that is from everyone else's sorrows; it is not mine. So actually I decided to abandon the cage I have been locked in (by my own behaviour) and run free. The only thing that is still to come is love, but it's coming I have the intuition ("my Faramir" is approaching, hahaha). I long to create a family, maybe due to the necessity of showing sweetest part of me.

However, the strength or fire that makes me keep stand up, it is still burning inside of me and it will be there forever. Just like Eowyn!

I am most like gollum and smeagol......Im a spoilt brat and a jack arse! But also Sam...I'm loyal and nice when I wanna be, and I have the same accent. I can do a frodo and Sam impression. Also a gollum one my precious. Hehehe.....I scare ppl at school or kill them with laughter by saying smeagol is gooonnnnnaaa spank that arse....hehehe, they loves my gollum voice !!!!
Delidia....going out with gandalf..no! Faramir no! Gollum is mine!!!!!

I would like to say Gimli, im a natural sprinter!


Tough call. In some respects I think I'd have to go with Ungoliant. Not because I'm evil (not entirely at least  ), but because I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I'm always actively looking for something to devour that will only help me grow in the end. I'm always searching for someone to help encourage this growth, be it through a partner, friend, colleague, dark lord etc etc....also I believe this desire for knowledge will be my ultimate downfall. You know what they say about curiosity and the cat...

But if I didn't want to be a Dark Queen, then I'd have to say Gandalf. I'm also always looking to help others and spread the knowledge I've gained. I love meeting new people and learning their individual ways. I literally live daily to help people heal and just strive to make their lives better. Besides I have never quite felt like I come from this world anyways....Oh I also LOVE to travel. And I like big pointy hats.

I think I'm most like Gimli, because he's chubby shrt and fat and so am I....

I mean short.

Your all classics!  Very funny reading.....

I reggret my latest post and would like to say that i see myself as Samwise Gamgi


I believe I am most like Frodo.  In my younger childhood, my grandfather and great uncle would tell me of the great adventures they had in their times of limitless energy.  They are the reason for my curiosity beyond my door.  But still that Tookish part of me has not quite fully awaken.  I long for an adventure but I wish to stay in my small town with its little people and the stream by my backyard.  All that I need now is here but I will prepare for the day when the great wide open calls for me.  I have a close and dear friend who begs never to let me do the slightest of harmful things (of course I never listen) things and I do have a tendency to lead people on "short cuts" 

I am very much like Peregrin Took constantly get myself in trouble and I am very clumsy, I very often trip over my own feet Smile Smilie 

Hmm, is Pippin very clumsy? I don't recall at the moment, but the general description of Hobbits is that though they are inclined to be fat and do not hurry necessarily 'they are nonetheless nimble and deft in their movements.'

Now of course there could be exceptions... but I need a memory jog about Pippin, if you will Smile Smilie

I suppose "clumsy" is a wrong choice of a word Smile Smilie it's more the getting myself into trouble part hehe

And just like Pippin I usually just go with things without thinking about them, that's why I think I'm most like him Smile Smilie

Probably Feanor (hence the name Curufinwe).  

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