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Thread: Tom Bombadil

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I think it is important to mention that he first started out as a Dutch doll that one of Tolkien's children owned;
Tolkien first wrote about him in "The Adventures of Tom Bombadil" long before he introduced him into the Lord of the Rings trilogy,not much different was done with him but the peacock feather in his hat was changed,since there where no peacocks living in Middle-Earth(you can read Tolkien,Letters,pp.318 to 319 to learn more about that). I'm not quite sure what exactly Tom is but in the chapter "Council of Elrond" it seems he is a nature spirit,but it does not directly say so, "Power to defy our Enemy is not in him, unless such power is in the earth itself" and ". . . now he is withdrawn into a little land, within bounds that he has set, though none can see them, waiting for a change of days, and he will not step beyond them" Rings, 1:279).
I hope you find some of the info helpful but I don't know very much about Tom Smile Smilie Goodluck on your essay!

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Wolverine37: Check out Week 10 - Tom Bombadil under Tolkien Weekly Courses under Misc at the bottom of the forum. Be sure to read there, the transcript form our chatroom discussion on the subject.
Ya know, I can never pronounce Tom Bombadil's name in real life. Usualy I just get fed up of trying and end up nameing him Tom Bomdidly or worse yet; TOM BIDLYBIDLY!
Anyways, I found a site that might help you with your essay, so I posted the url below.
Hopefuly you haven't done your essay yet, or boy am I gonna be red faced!Got The Blues Smilie