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Thread: 1st Generation Eldar

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JonnieA began this thread with the following post.

Did any of the first generation of Eldar (i.e the ones created by Eru, who actually awoke at Cuivinen and therefore had no parents) live long into the history of Middle-Earth? Some were certainly slain by Morgoth's monsters before Orome found them, but what of the survivors?

It seems to me that Ingwe and Finwe must have been 1st generation to become acknowledged leaders of their peoples.
The same might be true of Elwe (Thingol) and Olwe, even though Tolkien describes them as brothers. I tend to think this may imply a closeness in looks and character (including perhaps a genetic link) despite not having parents. It seems unlikely that they could have become great leaders of 1st generation elves if not 1st generation themselves.

Another possibility is Cirdan - Tolkien clearly intends him to be exceedingly old even compared to other elves in Lord of the Rings. Again, he becomes a leader of his people. I like to think that by the end of the Third Age he is the last 1st generation elf left in Endor, perhaps all of Middle-Earth.

A few more names spring to mind - Mahtan, Miriel, perhaps even Indis. Can anyone suggest any more or correct me if proof lies elsewhere?

Valedhelgwath replied

Findekano answered this one somewhere in one of the other threads. In some of Tolkien's earlier writings he suggests that Feanor was the first elf to be born. In the old texts this was somewhere near Mirkwood on the journey West. This story seemed to get changed each time Tolkien redrafted that section of the Silmarillion, however, until Feanor was the first elf born in Valinor.

I seem to remember Findekanu mentioning how many elven pairs their had been in the beginning, and I think he mentioned something about Cirdan having parents (which would mean he wasn't one of the originals).

Findekanu found this in one of the HOME books, but I haven't come across the particular section myself yet in my browsings.

Thanks, Val. If you or anyone else can tell me where I can find this thread I would really appreciate it.
Thanks, Val. If you or anyone else can tell me where I can find this thread I would really appreciate it.
You can find it under Feanor on the second page of Characters. Teacher Smilie