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Thread: If u can be any othere race would u be

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Dunno about race...but if I were to be transported back to ME, I'd guess I'd want to be a dwarf, since they sound like good engineers to me. Smile Smilie Or a Balrog.

And even though I love Gollum & Bilbo, the LotR character that I can identify with most is Gimli.
I'd be Gandalf... I can relate to him most (though he's not female). Elves make me mad... not willing to lift a finger in aid of ME if the humans can do it for them... but all too willing to take credit for being so important in the realm. They are like politicians, while their underlings do all the work, they bask in the glow of the media spotlight. No wonder they went into the west...[Edited on 26/1/2002 by swampfaye]
Has to be Hobbit. All my life I've wanted to be able to kick back, smoke some weed, drink a little ale and be short and hairy Wink Smilie
Also you don't seem to have to do much to be a Hobbit, so I'd opt for bar manager at the Green Dragon.
I would choose to be Saruman :P before he whas corrupted by Sauron and was only plotting for his own accord Smile Smilie

But just as other race maybe I want to a Borg if that counts as a race else I would choose for a Q[Edited on 26/1/2002 by Boring]
ooh! Good one Boring, yeah I wanna be a Q as well.
Not me! Qs are devious, interfering busy-bodies who cause trouble for their own enjoyment. Oh!, I suppose that's why you want to be one. Big Smile Smilie I'd rather be a Hobbit or Dwarf. Cool Smilie
I'm not too sure about the short and hairy-feet part, but I bet hobbits have the best food! The evil wizard idea is tempting (I'd be a stylish evil wizard, of course), but, nah. Gotta go with hobbit.
I would stay human... I like them most... Maybe I'll put some blue /maybe Maiar/ blood in me so that I can live longer...
Surprised that there are not more wannabe elves.

I want to be an elf of Rivendel, preferably a close relative of Elrond's family, so I can hang out with the elite. I would love to spend my life studying literature and listening to music in a peaceful setting. *sigh* I think I may have some elvish blood away back.....
Elves always seemed a little, well frankly, girly to me. And as a red-blooded male I don't think I could possibly want to be one. Big Smile Smilie
Well think of it this way Plastic -as a hunky male Elf, you could pick up as many human females as you want. They'll probably die before you get bored of them anyway, and when they do die - get some more. Big Smile Smilie

I'd still want to be a dwarf though...there's something very appealing about living underground & mining for mithril. Plus the leather skirt, chainmail & axe...kinda kinky doncha think? Wink Smilie
Yeah Ungy, and you wouldn't need to shave anymore*, 'cause lady Dwarves also** have beards. :P Big Smile Smilie

*meaning your legs
**meaning like the male of the species [Edited on 27/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Maybe I want to come back as a stunning babe from Sweden Smile Smilie

yuk... dwarf women... urg...
I think I'd like to be an elf...Lorien always sounded great to me
I've changed my mind again, I want to be a wookie and swing through the trees of Kasshykk with hairy abandonment Big Smile Smilie
Until the Empire kidnaps you I suppose, and sends you to the spice mines in Kessel. And Boring, a stunning Swedish babe? First the high-heels & dress, and now this. I'm starting to wonder about you. Smile Smilie

Grondie, you've put me off being a girl dwarf now. Hairy legs & armpits... :P. I think I'll be palantir instead. Oh wait, that's not a race. A spider then. Wink Smilie
Ungoliant: A spider with hairy legs or ones as smooth as silk? Big Smile Smilie
Golly, the Empire got smashed, did you not bother to finish the Return of the Jedi, or did you walk out when the f***ing Ewoks came on? Wink Smilie So I could be a free and happy Wookie now.
I'm worried about you Boring, first Borg (no thanks) and now a woman???? I mean you could look at yourself for a long time (and suchlike) but you'd get bored after a while and have to be annoying, controlling and impossible to predict. Wink Smilie
Nah, I stayed 'till the end, and played 'Bash the Ewok' for years after that.

And the Empire *didn't* get smashed - the New Republic only won the battle of Endor, not the entire war. True, the Emperor, Vader & the elite officer corp all died there, but it took the Rebels years before they managed to overcome the Empire. Not until Admiral Paelleon (Supreme Imperial Military Commander) offered the Rebels a peace treaty some 20 years later did they stop fighting. And even then, the scary aliens from the Outer Rims came in and attacked the New Republic. So I wouldn't swing too happily through the trees, my dear Wookie. :P

To stay on topic, I think I'll be a Nogri. Big Smile Smilie
Dirty little grey Noghri, yuk! And I know that the Empire took a while to trash after that, and that more crap happened, but Kasshykk has remained relatively safe (except for some nasssty dirty noghri here and there) throughout.
thats right plastic it's fun for a while... then instead i would be errr... an underpants gnome!!

why would one want to be a star wars species?
My favourite free-time activity is being spider-shaped and playing tricks on elves in Mirkwood.
But they are such an easy prey that I soon get bored... Wink Smilie
why would one want to be a star wars species?

Better than being a lame Star Trek one...:P

The Noghri reminds me of Gollum somehow...but agree with Mirkgirl, Elves are such easy prey. 'Specially that Legolas boy...all looks and no grey cells. Big Smile Smilie
ok, i'm going to ignore that last remark about Legolas, Ungoliant because i'm going to say that i want to be Mrs. Legolas if I was going to live in ME. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

or if that post's already been taken, i wouldn't mind being Mrs. Elrond. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Legolas *is* easy - tell him the the prettiest Elf ever, compliment his long lustrous locks and perfect butt, and he'll just be putty in your hands. Er...not that I know firsthand, of course. Wink Smilie
he DOES have lustrous hair. i wonder what shampoo he uses? Wink Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Essence of Elvendom? hehe
I thought squirrels of the plastic type were seven feet tall, your kinda short for your race, aren't you?
i wouold definitly have to choose elf. being able to see for miles in all directions and then having the bow skills like legolas. being able to live in rivendale and live forever. sounds like a good life to me Smile Smilie
i defenitely do NOT want to live forever. i think 70 is long enough for me!
Tell me that again when you're 70 Smile Smilie
Hey! Just took the personality test (link from swampfaye's post in the Prancing Pony http://www.hobbitlore.com/personality/index.php )

I'm a Dwarf! Smile Smilie So I was right after all....leather skirts & chainmail, here I come! Although my evil side is Sauron...hmmm.
But you actually are a dwarf anyway Golly! Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie
I could be an elf - mostly because they seem to dream a lot and to have very keen senses. And I'd love to spent night by night in the Hall of Fire in Rivendell listening to music. But this would be for times of peace of course!
But you actually are a dwarf anyway Golly! Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie

Hey! I'm not that short...sasquatch.... :P
Over a foot shorter than I am, that's dwarfish! Wink Smilie
Most Plastic Squirrels that I see around here are about 1 ft. tall at best, oh wait, you're american, so your plastic Squirrels would be bigger wouldn't they Wink Smilie
So what does that make you - a twentysomething mutant ninja plastic squirrel?
Yeah! Cowabunga dude! Pizza? Big Smile Smilie
Bags I get to be Donatello! Big Smile Smilie
Most Plastic Squirrels that I see around here are about 1 ft. tall at best, oh wait, you're american, so your plastic Squirrels would be bigger wouldn't they Wink Smilie
Only in Texas Big Smile Smilie
Oh but of course!! Land of the enormous hat! Smile Smilie

And you can be Donatello Golly, as long as can be Michelangelo (he's a pizza dude dontchaknow)
I think I'd prefer to be me. Living for God knows how long in a Forest where everything listens to you, with a lovely lady by your side (pity I'm a girl), be merry all day long, sing songs whenever you want to, be bigger than hobbits, and smaller than men, be unique, being sure no one comes into your forest that doesn't have to, get all kinds of news but don't have to do anything about it, and most of all: don't have to remember things. Think I kinda like that! Big Smile Smilie
Or else: an ent. Humming to yourself day after day, sounds like me. Smile Smilie
Ents tending towards a state of vegatatedness sounds more like me. Big Smile Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Rofl!
Think we would enjoy ourselves, Grondy? You being Treebeard, me being Quickbeam? Big Smile Smilie
As long as the beavers don't get their act together. Wink Smilie
id be an elf. Anyway, in my mind, im Morrambaiel, Elven/Mortal Princess of Gondor, Daughter of Queen Arwen and King Elessar!!
I would be born in Gondor, and move to either Rivendell or Mirkwood....
Lothlorien freaks me out :P

anyway, i am very tall, i have long blonde hair, am good with a bow, and have keen senses.
But i would have to agree with Rosie. Im not really in favor of living forever. Wouldn't it get BORING??
Oh, and Hannum4, if someone kills you, you dont live for ever Big Smile Smilie
Morrambael: Welcome to the forum. Smile Smilie In the time of Galadriel, your great-grandmother, Lothlorien was a wonderful place and Mirkwood was rather filled with ugliness due to the devices of the enemy. Mayhaps in the time of your youth, the Wood-Elves of Mirkwood have renewed it such that it has become a place of beauty.

In the movie, Peter Jackson gave Lothlorien short shrift, he didn't do it justice in the name of saving time for the action parts of the plot. Sad Smilie Had he shortened the fight scene in Moria, he could have shown us a mallorn tree in all its autumn splendor. Smile Smilie

Immortality being boring, was why mankind was given the gift of death. That death was so permanent, was why we were given an afterlife. Cool Smilie
[Edited on 19/3/2002 by Grondmaster]
Great welcome from me too.
I think I'll still prefer being myself... After all , walking round dressed like a lunatic is a gift only few are given... :P
Greetings Your Highness, Princess Morambeal. Say Hi to Elladan and Elrohir for me when you see them.

As a half-elven, one-time hanger-on at Rivendel, who went oversea with Elrond, I kind of miss the boys.
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