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Thread: If u can be any othere race would u be

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Aaaah... Let me guess... A nice smelling one?
I'd like to be a Hobbit from Belladona Took's line. Not a "well-to-do", respectable Hobbit; nor yet a insatiable, peaceful one: I'd like to be a Took, and that means adventures.
All that just to wake up one morning and find out I can be more than I already am.
The Elves had the Noldor, the Men had the Numenoreans, the Dwarves had Durin's line. Hobbits have the Tooks... and that says a lot, right? For a not-so-valiant race, that is...

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Sauron obviously. all the other oldies don't get to do what they love most like treebeard no one cares about him, Tom Bombadil seems drugged up to the eyeballs for the most part, (must be some strong stuff to keep him goin for 3000 years) so hes in need of some sort of 9000 year stint in rehab. Sauron, if hes not in charge of some orcs then hes poisoning someones mind whilst hes in prison (prior to enslaving more orcs), so hes gotta be happiest of the lot, sure hes killed eventually but he has a good innings. Sauron is Lord of middle earth at least thats what this palantirs telling me
I' d like to be a simple hobbit...to live in peace in the shire!!! Orc Smiling Smilie
I'm only a man,
In a silly red sheet,
Looking for special things incide of me!
I would like to be a elf. The most noble race.
I would be a dragon (but a good one). They where powerful, wise and had style...
(Forgive me my english write, because I'm Portuguese. But i love Tolkien's World)
i'd love to be an elf....simple, quiet life where i can sit write poetry and songs and study all day long....study things I want to study! I would hate to part with my manhood to become an elf though. So maybe an ent.
I would hate to part with my manhood to become an elf though. So maybe an ent.

What part of manhood do Ents have and Elves don't?
A good point, LA. Elves can't be born fully grown, can they?? I think I'd be a dwarf, because I can relate to their race so much...that, or be like Beorn and not really have a race Smile Smilie
Good point. Guys, does anyone know what Beorn is? He doesn't seem very Maiarish.

I'd be an elf. *everyone is shocked. Why did you choose dwarf?* Because NO ONE ELSE DID!!!! Everyone likes playing at being elves. So I had to be different. I like playing at a dwarf much better. It's way more fun. Well, actually I'm not sure. I'd like to be mortal. But being an elf would be SOOOO cool. Not because you'd never die, but because where they live and all the stuff they do and even the food they eat is SUCH LUXURY!!!! If you were a dwarf you'd be in luxury too. A differnet kind. SO really, I haven't quite decided, but if I had to decide on the spot I think I'd be like dwarf...elf....elf!! And maybe I'd regret it later.
Like Adreia I would also enjoy being a Beorning...I have no clue whatsoever where they came from, but I'd either be a Beorning or Tom Bombadil,hmm I don't know what Tom Bombadil is either, o wait I think he's a rebel maia or something, o well.
I would really love to be a Balrog.. so dark... so powerful...thye perfecto combo of darkness and fire... cool..
I would either be an Elf or Istari. They magical aspect always gets me, and the Elven stealth and combat is awesome.
Of course an Elf but my heart is really for the Fairies, but they are sort of related. (My hubby thinks I'm away with the fairies and I'm sure I worry my daughter sometimes Ha Ha Ha Smilie

I even have 2 tattoos of fairies - my avitar is one from my shoulder.


Sorry for changing from LOTR to fairies Wink Smilie
Like this you mean?

Or this?

Probably not this though..

but music is necessary!

Stop showing off, Greven ! (:-P
Fairies don't have halos. Fairies are not angels. Fairies can be mean and nasty.
Fairies can be mean and nasty.

So true. No wonder everyone knows about the Tooth Fairy, instead of the Fang Fairy !
Fairies don't have halos. Fairies are not angels. Fairies can be mean and nasty.

Look! One of them have horns!

Stop showing off, Greven ! (:-P

*Sniff!* Hey! As I don't know nothing no good, this is my only chance!

And as it would only take 2 mouse clicks to figure out how I do it, I must gloathe while ahead! Tongue Smilie
I think they're really good smilies - can you add them to the list???

All the fairies in my garden are good - they're only bad to those who don't believe - have you ever misplaced your car keys for e.g . when you know you put them in a certain place. You go back and there they are - well that's fairies being mischievous. They wouldn't really hurt you. Very Evil Smilie

I think I better change the subject or you will all think I'm mad Very Mad Smilie

No - honestly I'm pretty sane as it happens Waving Hello Smilie
I would probably be a human as even though elves are amazing, they can be a bit sissy. I would
like to be one of Faramir's men in Ithilien.
I'd like to be a hobbit, they're so cute and innocent and happy. Nothing seems to be able to shatter their glad little world and they don't care about the other peoples who are constantly getting themselves into trouble and starting wars. I think they've got a very nice life...
or an elf, maybe... their wisdom quite impresses me. (aren't they cool?Cool Elf Smilie Tongue Smilie )

And if I was evil I'd be a nazgul or a balrog. Very Evil Smilie
I would be an Elf...
*of course*
a Rivendell, Lothlorien mix^^
Nah, you should just stick with the Rivendell half. They're weird over there in Lothlórien, sleeping in trees and stuff. If I tried that I'd fall off! Elf Winking Smilie
true... very true... funny though I imagine some elf probably falling out of his/her tree in Lothlorien *hehe*
FYI, Maydmarion, Vir and Grev, faeries are a perfectly fine race, though not always noble and honorable. and you hsould never call a fairy nasty because whatever they do is just to make life a bit more exciting for you, and so you shouldn't blame them. Their intentions were always good. They just have less emotion.

And Meneldur, I must disagree with yo uo the point of Lorien Elves. They from the forest are mystical. Those from the valley are bookish (aka nerdy). Smile Smilie
other?...being a Man is good or an Elf... Wink Smilie
I would chose to be an Elf, to live long enough to learn all I like to know... Smoke Smilie

smoking is a bad habit, the smile up here is used to present peaceful joy, but this is not necessarily related to using tobacco; I do not in anyway recommend smoking!
A dwarf. Preferably one living during the glory and peak of Khazad Dum!
A Maia or Elf of the Noldor.
Definitely an elf from Lorien. But I wouldn't be one of the sissy ones who hide out in their peaceful home where everything is perfect, no I'd be a female elf warrior engaging in ridding middle earth of orcs, uruks and other bad things.........I think there can't be anything better then that! After all you get to fight all the time, and then, after you have done your bit to bring peace and happiness (Assuming you survive the battle part Very Evil Smilie ) You're immortal so you can watch how all your efforts have benefited everyone (As opposed to being mortal, accomplishing all these heroic tasks, and then dying without seeing the results of your work.) Which also explains why elves seem sort of prissy if you think about it.......they've lived so long (most of them.) that their fame has accumulated and they've done all these amazing things, so everyone respects/admires/wants to be them etc.
But as time goes on you elves will watch us pass away in peace and envy the release offered to us. After all you are condemned to watch the ripples of time ever repeated until the weariness of the world is your and all things you love pass away before your eyes!
very true, so I suppose it's no wonder that some elves simply sail away, though I think I would rather stay in Middle Earth and travel about.......the only downside is, as you say, watching other races, and friends, pass away while you live on...
And yet isn't that all the more reason to stay? To fight to protect the things you love and cherish them all the more for the efforts you've made towards them? It's little wonder the elves are so fond of their lands, always needing to be there to care for them!
Maybe Ashwyn, but everywhere except in the undying land everything the elves have made and come to love are subject to time and will ultimately fade away, just like Lorien.

But as Elves you will be able to preserve the memory of all these times of bliss in your mind and find solace in it though it will not assuage your grief. It might even make it more poignant.
Very true. And yet where there is death there is also life. For everything that passes another is born so does that not count for something? Elves can remember the good things of old in song and memory and rejoice in the good things to come! But all the same I think we both have good points either way Elf Winking Smilie
I would like to be one of the Maiar of the people of Yavanna or of Aule. Being blessed with the Secret Fire, it would be wonderful if what you think would come to fulfillment before your eyes, and in a way this would beautify Arda even more than the Noldor or the dwarves would do. This would also help in the universal good.
First choice: Balrog (they're epic!) Second choice: Elf (Sindarin) [what can I say? They're epic-er...just saying...cough Glorfindel...cough Ecthelion)
Doabarrelroll41, Glad to know you think I'm epic. LOL. But Glorfindel wasn't a sindar.

I'd tottaly be a bombadillo

DEFINITELY a maiar. I can't believe these other answers. Hell, who wouldn't want to be a maiar? It's the best of all worlds.

You can take any form you want (man/elf/dwarf/tree/fire&shadow), also have immortality, have awesome super powers, have all the time in the world to read/write/sing/travel, you have no obligation to live a certain way of life, I mean....come on.

Just imagine, a demigod hobbit traveling the world. You appear weak and harmless to most and can live as you will, but if trouble arises....nobody is messing a super charged hobbit. Guaranteed.

There is a drawback of being a maiar. You are bound to the world.

Sure, but that being a drawback is a matter of perspective. Personally, I love the earth. I love Arda. I would be honored to become one with it and serve it until the end of days.

Or you can just be a maia in Valinor. I guess if you're expecting to be able to leave ME some day then it's understandable, but dwarves will remain and seem content, men cannot travel unless invited, and with all the elves leaving, that invitation becomes less and less likely. Pros far outweigh the minor con in my opinion!

I know...ur half vanyar and half noldor...guess ecthelion is noldor

I would hands down love to be an elven princess of Lothlorien. Id talk to lady Galadriel all day and use her as a teacher/ role model and look for a Legolas- like boyfriend <;  

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