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Thread: where are the other nazgul?

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I've been tryin to figure somethin out about the whole wraith situation. There were nine rings for mortal men, seven for the dwarfs in thier halls, three for the elves, and one ring to....you know.
The nine human kings are the nazgul, and i know the elves kept thier rings hidden, but what about the seven dwarf lords? i'm pretty sure they were defeated like the nine mortal kings, so why is there no dwarf type wraiths. Were they all killed in a battle or what?
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Aminal.

The Severn Dwarven rings failed to dominate the Dwarves as Sauron had hoped. They did not make their bearers evil or lengthen their lives, but they did make the Dwarves lust for gold and other riches. This failure in his plans caused Sauron to hate the Dwarves and he attempted to regain the Seven Rings. It is said somewhere that he managed to regain three of them, and that Dragons destroyed the remaining four.

The only one which gets any speicial mention is the one given to Durin III by the elves (not Sauron). It was long kept hidden, but Sauron eventually managed to take it from Thrain in the dungeons of Dol Guldur in TA 2845.