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Thread: Goldberry

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I picture Goldberry and Tom Bombadil as simply spirits of nature. Tolkien may have thought along the same lines, in LETTERS somewhere he mentions Bombadil being 'the spirit of the (vanishing) English countryside' and Goldberry he says 'represents the actual change of seasons'. (as usual, these quotes are not word for word, as I never have the book with me).

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I like that Samewise
Bombadil being 'the spirit of the (vanishing) English countryside' and Goldberry he says 'represents the actual change of seasons'.
It has a nice ring to it. I am going to have to get that book.
Thanks, Meliot! I always found that particular passage interesting, unfortunately I forgot which letter it is in, later on, he is discussing Tom Bombadil and Golberry and he says that even though they seem so free from the world, the War of the Ring does in fact effect them, because there would be nothing left for them in a world of darkness. The book is called THE LETTERS OF JRR TOLKIEN and is edited by Humphrey Carpenter and Christopher Tolkien. It is one of the best books, you can buy it on amazon.com., I think...rambling again.
I like that too, Sam! Another book to add to my *must get* list! Big Smile Smilie
I thought we could revive the Goldberry thread too since we are discussing her hubby Tom in another thread. Smile Smilie I copied parts from posts in "Was Tom Bombadil Imoprtant to" under Characters

Meia_astaldo posted Thursday 26th August 2004 (03:57am):
Goldberry, i think, is very much like the nymphs in ancient Greek and Roman mythology.

Laurelindhe ilmarin posted Thursday 26th August 2004 (06:17pm):
I agree with your theory on Goldberry, Astaldo-at least her cultural background-but also she could have been a Druid or a Celtic spirit or a nymph or something along those lines(maybe an Atlantean because she springs from water?).

I've been wondering if Goldberry could be the daughter of Uinen and Oss, the maias of the sea who serve the vala Ulmo. It says Oss rules over the water that wash against the coasts of ME, but he never goes deep down and he love the coasts and islands. Uinen is the Lady of the oceans (don't know what exact words the English version uses) and her hair is spread out in all the waters under the sky. And then I found this quote:

As they looked out of the window there came falling gently as if it was flowing down the rain out of the sky, the clear voice of Goldberry singing up above them. They could hear few words, but it seemed plain to them that the song was a rain-song, as sweet as showers on dry hills, that told the tale of a river from the spring in the highlands to the Sea far below. Chapter 7, In the House of Tom Bombadil

Goldberry says she is daughter of the river, and Uinen is part of the river, the river that goes to the coast, which is Ulmos domain... Could she be singing of her parents?
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