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Thread: What Does Galadriel Mean?

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What does Galadriel mean when she says:

I passed the test, I will diminish, and go into the West, and remain Galadriel.

She says right after she talks about if like she was the ruler of the ring and become powerful and stuff. I don't get what she means by "I passed the test" and all the rest of that???

Could someone please explain this to me??
Galadriel was the last of the Noldor in Middle-Earth, who came to Beleriand in the First Age (lead by Fingolfin) to fight Morgoth. When Morgoth was defeated, most of the Noldor were forgiven, but some Noldor still chose to stay in Middle-Earth instead of returning to Valinor. Galadriel was one of them, Gil-Galad and Cirdan were two other examples. (although Cirdan wasn't a Noldo)

As Galadriel was one of the leaders of the Noldor leaving Valinor, she wasn't allowed to return yet to Valinor. But because she resisted the temptation of the Ring, because she refused to take the Ring which Frodo so willingly offered to her, the Valar granted her permission to return to Valinor. That's what she meant when she said 'i have passed the test' and 'i will diminish and go into the West'. With diminishing she means that she will allow the One Ring to be destroyed, so that also the Three Elven rings (she was bearer of Nenya, which is one of the Three Rings) would lose their power and the Elvish works/realms in Middle-Earth would fade.

So, that's about it i think. I hope it helps.
IIRC Galadriel and the other Noldor who left Valinor with Feanor were put under the Doom of Mandos for the terrible things done but Galadriel didn't take the oath that Feanor did although she left because she yearned to see ME. So she was able to circumvent the Doom by helping against Sauron and as Virumor says refusing the ring thus leading to the waning of her power.

Thanks that helps alot!!! I supose this can all be found in The Silmarrillion!!! I'm getting to it don't worry!! I'll read as soon as I finish The Return of the King!! I'm sooo excited!!!
We can tell.

Very Big Grin Smilie
Alrighty then!! Heehehehehehehe!!! Gee thanks!!