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Thread: Elladan and Elrohir

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I cut it all off 5 years ago on my 20th Birthday, lived to regret it too much. There's nothing worse than a guy sitting in a pub who keeps saying, "I used to have long hair you know..." so I grew it all back.

I did exactly the same when I was 21. Telling you, Plastic. You're copying me, mate. Come 35, you'll start getting worried.
Yikes! It must be the Attack of the Clones! Animated Wink Smilie
S'okay, as long as you avoid Mace Windu's hairstylist.
Go Plastic! Keep 'em long.
I love guys with long dark hair! Big Smile Smilie:
Not many guys have long hair these days no. Pity...
Now how come all the women I know who like long haired guys live miles away? Wink Smilie
You know, I am not all that fussy about long or short hair as such. Some men look good with long hair and some dont. It depends on face shape, build, height, that sort of thing. Men should wear what suits them.

I think you should stick with the long hair Plastic Wink Smilie
But long hair would suit any bloke whereas short or no hair doesn't. Tommy had a great quote somewhere about long hair, can't remember what it was.

There's nothing nicer than snuggling up in from of the couch watching footy and running your fingers through your bloke's long, soft, freshly shampooed hair. Ahhhhh. Such delicious treats that life has to offer.
Did I have a great quote about long hair somewhere? Shame, I can't remember it either. Very Sad Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
As long as you brush and clean it, long hair is fine. Long dark hair, that is. Don't like blokes with long blond hair, can't help it, but I don't fall for blond. Animated Wink Smilie

There's nothing nicer than snuggling up in from of the couch watching footy and running your fingers through your bloke's long, soft, freshly shampooed hair. Ahhhhh. Such delicious treats that life has to offer.

*pictures self with Elrohir...Ha Ha Ha Smilie In Love Smilie
Nice thought isn't it Allyssa! Big Smile Smilie

I agree Tommy! Dark haired blokes are definitely sexier. Tend to make my knees go all wobbly. Disturbed Smilie
You and me both, dear, you and me both! And what if they have dark hair, but lovely saffier blue eyes. *melts*
Tongue Smilie
Blue eyes, green eyes, grey, brown, red, or yellow with pink stripes....I'm not fussy. Animated Wink Smilie
Green eyes and long dark hair girls, that's what you like, trust me! Wink Smilie
Oh, ok, if you say so. You know any then? Smile Smilie
Elladan and Elrohir are supposed to have grey eyes. I always wondered if it meant light silvery or dark almost black?
Golly, yeah, oddly enough I can think of one offhand... Wink Smilie
I think light silvery, Allyssa...I always pictured gray with like a slate blueish tint...
I always pictured gray with like a slate blueish tint...

What a nice answer! You old romantic, you, chika!
yeah, the bluish tinge from their grandmother. In Love Smilie
It's silly, but that's how I pictured them as well, yeah. In Love Smilie
I don't think that they would have ruled together, because one is bound to be a little older than the other. I'm a twin, and I'm (get this) one minute older than my sister. Has anybody ever read the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis? The twins in one of the stories are both princes, and one is chosen to rule over the other because he is fifteen minutes older. So why would they rule together? Big Laugh Smilie
Also the twins in Alexander Dumas' story The Man in the Iron Mask, where the younger twin Philip, was imprisoned wearing said contraption for life, while the elder became Louis the Some-teenth, King of France.
Royal twins have obviously intrigued postAuthorIDs but has there ever been a actual case in history?
I also have a thing for guys with long dark hair and blue/green eyes. They just make my insides turn to jelly. Tongue Smilie
Well hello there, come join my fan club Wink Smilie
If this keeps up Plastic, you are going to need a secretary to handle all the fan mail!
Can I, can I. Very Evil Smilie
Why certainly, for more information, click on this.

Now why would I feel nervous about trying that link? Shaking Head Smilie
Is it safe?

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Wink Smilie So was that 2 or 3 members so far Plastic...(j.k.)

Okay, who wants to be in the (Unofficial PT Elladan and Elrohir Fan Club?

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Extraneous posts deleted

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Normally I'd relegate THE SKWRL's fan club posts to the Advertisements; however, as it fits in with the rest of this thread, and he is our Squirrel, it stays. Big Laugh Smilie
Sorry Grondy, it was just a joke anyway, and I thought it needed to be pointed out that it exists.
LOL! Great fanclub, btw. How myany fans tdo you have now, Plastic? Big Laugh Smilie

Can I joing, please? But then I have to joing h2g2 too. Cool Smilie
Heh, it's not a REAL fan club, near enough everyone on h2g2 has one, we're kind of like a mutual appreciation society over there.
I see... Smoke Smilie Think I'll risk a post anyway. See if it works. Winking Smilie
Elladan and Elrohir are my favorite characters from the book i also like Haldir and Legolas but the twins are my fave
Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie

Here's a funny interview with the twins

Q:Elrond's twins, what's it like having a sister who's about to leave you forever?

Elladan: She's always talking about Aragorn... Estel this and Estel that... yadda yadda yada.

Elrohir: Ya... annoying!

Elladan: It's not that we don't like the guy. We've been hunting with him lots. He really knows how to dice a warg.

Elrohir: Ya... he's a good hunter, fer sure.

Elladan: But to tell you the truth, it'll be a lot more peaceful around here when she moves out.

Elrohir: Ya... nice and quiet.

Elladan: And we'll probably go visit later. They're planning to have a big family and we get to be fairy god-uncles.

Elrohir: Ya... babies are cute.

Q2:Elladan and Elrohir, what was the first thing you did after dear old dad left Middle Earth?

Elladan: We grieved and wept and mourned the loss...

Elrohir: NOT!!!!

Elladan: What d'ya think we were gonna do?? We partied like there was no tomorrow.

Elrohir: Then we did all the things "dear old Dad" never let us do...

Elladan: We swam after we ate, neglected to brush our teeth and hair after meals...

Elrohir: stopped putting clips in our hair, and teased Arwen... A LOT.

Elladan: Duh!!

i found this at http://www.stupidring.com

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Cute site, NoldorChick.

Plastic!!! You gotta see it! Big Smile Smilie
I'm going, I'm going...
Funny place! Big Laugh Smilie
Loved it. That is a great little site. I am going to keep going back to read more and more. Tongue Smilie
For anyone interested, ProgHead has discovered a rather good fact sheet on E and E. http://www.ansereg.com/elladan_and_elrohir_factsheet.htm

For rumours and wild speculation about their inclusion in the film, see The Unnoficial Fan Club in The Green Dragon. Big Smile Smilie
Nice one, Prog. Interesting, but no answers to the burning questions.
According to The Penguing Dictionary of Symbols, identical twins represent the "oneness of a perfectly balanced dualism". Since Tolkien was so careful to make it clear that Elladan and Elrohir were identical twins, I wondered what they represented to him.

In other words, why would Elrond have identical twin sons (in the literary sense, not 'because he was a special elf')? I can't help but feel that they represent something special to the story.
Maybe it's to do with something I described in a post ages ago. Being of the age they were, they were the youngsters of Rivendell, living among the retired heroes of the First Age. I think Tolkien was trying to portray in LotR a world in which the Elves had done their bit, and were just awaiting their time to leave. Although individually Elves could be dangerous opponents (eg. Glorfindel, when he sees off the Nazgul), he was trying hard not to have groups of Elves running around the land solving all the problems.

He still wanted, however, to show that some Elves (the younger ones who had not seen the battles of the First Age), were keen to fight. Okay, rather than having two twins, he could have had one lone hero. The trouble with that, however, is that a lone hero gets recognised as such and his character gets blown out of proportion. Stories of this hero could overshadow the book's hero, Aragorn. A way around this is to divide the glory into that shared by two twins. Together they are a force to be reckoned with, but because those deeds are done by two people, rather than one, the super-hero element doesn't emerge.

Being twins also means they have each other for company. They are far younger than most of the other elves in Rivendell, and if it was a lone son, he would appear tragically lonely. Together, however, nobody questions loneliness - they have each other.
Alyssa, you're amazing. Shocked Smilie Shocked Smilie
Val, you're amazing. Shocked Smilie Shocked Smilie
You're all amaazing. Shocked Smilie Shocked Smilie
I love your ideas, Val. When you think about it, one of them would make for a very solitary hero. Someone who would need to be added to the fellowship. But two of them make their solitary lifestyle more touching.

But the question it raises, is why give Elrond male offspring at all? Just a writer's whim, maybe. Maybe Tolkien just never got around to writing their story... Sad Smilie
Maybe Tolkien just never got around to writing their story... Sad Smilie
And he may have had stories in mind for their part in the northern war as well as the mopping up operations after the war. I'm sure Val and Allyssa have had their ideas for these stories.
I agree. Tolkien never had time to finish all the stories he wanted to finish. Maybe he didn't finish this one.
There came...Elladan and Elrohir with stars on their brow[s]...

I think I have the answer to the burning question! I recently read that stars on the brows of a person have a religious significance. Tolkien could only have done this deliberately, being a highly religious person himself. I think that this indicates that the twins were planning to go to Aman, even before the Battle of Pelennor Fields. The star seems to be an elvish sign of princedom, at least.
Perhaps the Valar have a special task for them?
We know that Tolkien wanted to make a book (or more) to follow LOTR, we know from the appendixes that Celeborn lived a while in Rivendell with the twins befor they left for Valinor. Galadriel and Elrond have done their bit, this would be the time for these three to shine. Oh what a glorious trio it would be! Can you imagine? Celeborn the wise and the lords of Rivendell with strong bonds to Gondor and the Rohirrim and to King Thranduril (sp?) in Mirkwood.. Professor why did you have to die? Very Sad Smilie
Yeah, but what'd there be for them to do after the Ring was destroyed and the war was ended?

I'm an identical twin with "gray with like a slate blueish tint..." eyes, heh heh heh heh.... Very Big Grin Smilie
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