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Thread: Elrond

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Did you forget something Alyssa?
I just think she is very very shy person and has to work up courage to say what is on her mind. We must take care not to scare her off. Smile Smilie
Alright, point taken, she is a huge Elrond fan though, maybe she's pointing out that words cannot describe how great he is?
Elrond great?? Ooohww... wait thats sarcastic... sorry, yeah elrond was great far better then he was agent smith in the matrix... Sad Smilie
Elrond was considered wise in the books. He was the repository of the history of the second and third ages, as he lived through them. It sounds like you didn't like his charcterization in the movie, Boring.
Which Elrond do you prefer, the Hobbit or LOTR? I preferred the Hobbit version myself - he felt warmer yet stronger, if you know what I mean. *ungoliant
I think that's because in the Hobbit, Elrons was presented as less complex, only wanting to help Thorin's party on their way armed with the information and supplies they would need to attempt the burglery of Smaug's hoard from the Lonely Mountain.

In LOTR he had a lot more on his mind, like: what would happen if Sauron gained control of the ring, if Frodo tossed it down the tube; what to do with his daughter who was making eyes at Strider, that ranger bum; then in the library, there was those scrolls from the first age, that were deteriorating at a rapid pace and something just had to be done about them in the next couple of decades or they would be forever lost to posterity. So much responsability, so much time, so little help. *teacher
I think, that, if I had to meet Elrond, I would like to meet the Elrond that was in the Hobbit...he seemed liked a nicer guy than in LotR. However, I think that Elrond from LotR is kind of cooler than the Hobbit Elrond...much more depth...the Hobbit Elrond seemed kind of more like fluff than the LotR Elrond did.

I did not like the movie Elrond at all, though.
True, movie Elrond, BAD, I prefer Lotr Elrond, he's much more Halfelven there. Though he is a bit weird isn't he? You know, he never goes out, sits around in that big old house with a load of so-called friends and hangers on.... Charlie Manson anyone?
Right as always, Grondie. I suppose having your tart of a daughter running after a scruffy ranger is enough to make a dad tetchy. I think Beorn in the Hobbit came closer to what the LOTR Elrond - hmm, and they both have a Charles Manson-ish ring about them :o

I agree with chika though, I'd much rather meet the Hobbit Elrond. *ungoliant
Uhuh. And me. For reasons Grondy has already mentioned. Smile Smilie
But I didn't like the Elrond they portrayed in the movie. The way they made him talk about men and things, I didn't like it. That's not like Elrond... Wink Smilie
He did come across as a bit speciesist, if you ask me.
he was just generally really creepy...I didn't really like the guy who played him either.
Who was the Elf in the trailers (blond elf-bloke)? I thought *he* looked creepy. Was it Elrond or Legolas?
I don't remember the trailer, but if it was a blond elf guy it was probably Legolas...Elrond has brown hair...
Yeah, blond elf bloke is Legolas (or Haldir, who, as I have said elsewhere, is as camp as an RV full of Hairdressers).
I think, that, if I had to meet Elrond, I would like to meet the Elrond that was in the Hobbit

If I had to meet Elrond I'd prefer the Hobbit version too. He seemed too stressed in LotR, mind you, if my species was dying out and Saron was trying to take over I'd be a little stressed too.
I would like to meet the movie elrond and push of him over the edge of a high bridge with milstone bound to his neck Big Smile Smilie
I heartily agree!
And me! Big Smile Smilie
Sorry guys that I haven't been here, and thank you for all your comments. I totally forgot that I posted the topic.

Yes, I admit I've got a thing for Elrond. I have a thing for half-elves generally. (as a kid, I even had a crush on Tanis uurghhh!)

I hate what they did to Elrond in the movie. In the book, his feelings about his daughters relationship to Aragorn were far more complex. He loved Aragorn as a son. (Aragorn was also a lot more loveable)

Hugo W. was also far too old and too ugly for the part, but his did try to do the right thing by the character but was restricted by the script.[Edited on 25/1/2002 by Allyssa][Edited on 25/1/2002 by Allyssa]
Tanis, Tanis, Tanis...... nope you're going to have to refresh my memory on that one. I'm getting him confused with a Doctor Who villain who had a totally different name which i can't remember.
Plastic - Tanis of Dragonlance fame. Dont tell me you haven't read them!
Nope *Plastic is put off by AD&D games and the literature they have spawned. I'm more partial to the novels about Drizzt Do'Urden the reformed Dark Elf, than the earlier Dragonlance novels.
Dragonlance? Is that something to do with that game played by greasy unpopular kids that have no life then?
Yeah, except what we are talking about is they took some the plot from a couple of the game modules a wrote a book and it was so popular that they decided to forget abut the game modules and wrote a gazzillion more books. Like they did with Star Wars; many more books than movies. And most of them are readable like the old pulp fiction of me youth.
You don't like Grondmaster, do you, Alyssa? Wink Smilie (try to make it a bit more subtle next time... Wink Smilie watch me insult *Plastic here and there. Sometimes he doesn't even know I am insulting him... Wink Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie )
Good for you! (that you never have played an RPG in your life, I mean) Neither have I ! (at least I don't think so...) Wink Smilie
Who's R.A. Salvatore? Guess he's not in my taste of books... (I assume he's a writer)
I always know when you're insulting me Tommy, I just sometimes choose not to acknowledge it Wink Smilie And Grondy does know how to have fun, he just has his moderator hat on a lot at the moment, like Taz. Who also knows how to cut loose with his foul mouth, and then cut me down for folowing his bad example!
And being a writer as well, I've also read a lot of crap, I just don't admit to it very often! Wink Smilie
I heartily agree on that. All in defense for Grondy, come on people! Wink Smilie
We love you grondy we do (repeat a few times then say oh grondy we love you)
Lazy singing I know, but what can you do?
*drink ?
*singing with Plastic hoping everyone can hear it and someone else will join in before anyone notices I really can't sing*
Dang, it's getting a bit hot in here.... Smile Smilie Excuse me while I go get a can o' lager


Right. Let's see...
1) Boring wanted to push movie Elrond off cliff
2) Tommy & Plastic agreed
3) Allyssa admitted to having a crush on Elrond & Tanis bloke
4) Plastic requested more info on who the heck Tanis was
5) Allyssa provided explanation. Wondered if Plastic had read said books.
6) Grondie replied, on Plastic's behalf, that Plastic is put off by such things
7) Plastic signalled his agreement with sharp comment about greasy kids
8) Grondie clarifies the issue with Plastic
9) Allyssa gets pissed off
10) Tommy noticed & admits being clueless about RPGs
11) Plastic comes to Grondie's defence
12) Tommy concurs
13) Plastic lazily sings lousy song for Grondie
14) Tommy provided bad vocals
15) Ungoliant types a load of rubbish

Right, first of all, before this gets out of hand, let me just say that we hardly insult anyone here. Well, there's usually no malicious intent, anyway...so let me just point out that Plastic, Grondie, Tommy, myself & a few others have this habit of answering for each other. Newbies may find this annoying, but after a while, you'll get to know us (and vice versa) well enough that you'll be doing the same thing. Right Tommy Big Smile Smilie

Actually, I didn't see where Grondie made fun of your interests, Allyssa. Why don't you tell us so we can work this out? *ungoliant

i think that Allyssa might not be back...which is kind of a shame...
Allyssa: Please come back; we need your input, which is just as valuble as mine, maybe more so. I didn't think I was unduly criticle of your opinions or choice of reading material, and certainly not of what you write as we don't even know who you are. If you have taken umbrage I apologize; nothing I've said was meant to hurt anyone. I have never played RPG with a group only because I never had the opertunity. I do play them by myself on the computer, subscribe to 'Dragon Magazine", and have read some of the Dragonlance books which I liked. I also subscribe to 'Realms of Fantasy'magazine and still read pulp fiction when I can find it.

I will not take umbarge over what you or any one else writes here, as long as it is clean, non-malicious, and keeps somewhere near on topic. If anyone wishes I not answer for them, tell me and I shall refrain from doing so. I expect Plastic Squirrel to flame-broil me if I put the wrong words in his mouth and as it is my name on the post, everyone shoud know it is only me making it up.

Can we please try again; we should all be friends here.
I agree that the elrond in the movie appears a little um...cold hearted or distant. The book was much better. but the movie of FOTR is as close as a movie can be like its book. Much better than all the other movie renditions of books
Hi Gollum, welcome to the forum. I saw the movie for the first time this afternoon and loved it for what it was; it was beautifully done--remembering that it was Peter Jackson telling the story, not JRR Tolkien.

I didn't think Elron was portreyed too badly in the movie story, where he is bitter that the man Isildur, didn't throw the ring into the fire when he had the chance to end Sauron once and for all time. Now after three thousand years, all their ways of life are once again threatened by the rise of Sauron and the availability of the ring--"Its all that man's fault". And finally, he did almost crack a smile, in spite of himself, when the three hobbits lobbied to go with Frodo. Smile Smilie
Hey, another "bad" guy around here! Wink Smilie Welcome, Gollum, hope you enjoy it here... Don't mind the rubbish... Wink Smilie
*ungoliant : you have made a wonderful scheme there, really. Couldn't have done it better. And yes, you are absolutely right... Big Smile Smilie
I think Grondy's right too. We all post when the one it's all about is not there, and answer for him/her, but if you don't agree (usually you do) just post yourself, it's **** easy... Smile Smilie
Let's all be friends now, it has been Christmas, and let's enter the new year with good hopes for the future... (and for the forum, let's not loose it again please!!!) Big Smile Smilie
*drink Cheers everyone, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
What everyone else meant to say, was that they know nothing. And I know everything!
*flame-broils grondy just for giving him a great idea!*
And hello Gollum! How are you my precioussssssssss?
Yessss. How are you indeed. How do? Smile Smilie
Fat head! Fat head! :P
*flame-broils Tommy's fat head, just for being so provocative*
*Plastic should be classified as a true neutral on average, because when he is good, he is very good, and when he is bad, he is very bad; it all depends on where his whimsy takes him. Big Smile Smilie
*screams and runs to the river*
*angel's face*
Me, provocative? Big Smile Smilie
I just saw Alyssa came back. Isn't that good news? Smile Smilie
What Plastic meant to say was that he thought he knew everything, but finally admitted to his mistake when he realised what a genius I am Wink Smilie After being flame broiled, of course.

And I've always wanted to see a Gollum on PT. Good New Year's present, this. Welcome, son-in-law! Smile Smilie
Think you're right, ungoliant. Wink Smilie
We did need another bad guy around here, didn't we. Otherwise sauron would feel too lonely. Wink Smilie Now we only need Gandalf back to fight with a new Saruman... Smile Smilie
By admitting that you never admit mistakes, you're admitting that you do make 'em. Just that you never own up to them. That's good enough for me...Smile Smilie

And Tommy, I'm kinda sorta bad in the Silm - a couple or so tiny little mistakes that I'm not proud of. But you good guys have Huan the Hound of Valinor on your side now - he just joined yesterday. Now all we baddies need is a Balrog or a Morgoth.

I admit no mistakes ever.
Yeah, lets get the Balrog back, he was great fun! And I think you've got me there Ungoliant, d*mn!
The original Grond was the Hammer of the Underworld; thus its master wasn't a good guy. And its namesake broke the gates of Minas Tirith, so neither was its master. When I chose my name, I was thinking about the Gondorian in charge of its metal, ravenous beast head after the battle of Pelennor Fields, its shaft had been burned by the Rohirrim along with the rest of the seige engines. I liked the name but wanted to be a one of the good guys. ie. Have cake and eat it. Wink Smilie

[Edited on 2/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Wayhey! I finally got Plastic! That must be what...3625 to 1 now?

Hey, yeah, forgot you were a semi-baddie, Grondie!

Let's list 'em out

Good Guys
- Tommy
- Huan

- Sauron
- Grondmaster
- Ungoliant
- Gollum

- Plastic
- Taz
- Boring
- Halo Black
- Allyssa
- etc.

I suppose most of the neutrals would request placement in the goodies section, so we definitely need more baddies. Balrog, where are you?
Last time I saw him he was at Minas Morgul. And I don't think I qualify as a goodie, sorry.
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