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Thread: Elrond

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Oh yeah, Priscilla is much better than To Wong Foo. Wesley Snipes was one heck of a scary drag queen.

I liked seeing Elrond's fighter qualities played up, too, not only because he was one, but because elves must be tough to portray these days /without/ making them effeminate. They're described as beautiful, elegant, graceful... all words more commonly used for women. So the lovely Haldir was more along the lines of what I was expecting (fearing) to see. But HW, despite the dress and the butterfly barrette, didn't seem fey (no pun intended) to me. Less pretty than I expected, to be sure, but I didn't mind. I could definitely see him leading an elf army.

Ears in the fridge? Ew! What's that all about?
yeah the butterfly barrette. that was hilarious! i kept laughing during the movie everytime i saw it. ok, well giggling. it kinda looked ridiculous on him.
when i first saw him in the prologue, i didn't even think he was an elf. not at all what i was expecting. just kept trying to remember where i saw him from.
butterfly barrette? I missed that one...

Elrond was definitely grim enough for a fighter...actually he really didn't seem effeminate to me in the movie, either, despite HW's feelings...

I don't really think they needed to play up the tough guy aspect, though...Legolas wasn't particularly tough, but he still came across without being really girly.
Jehanne posted on 21/1/2002 at 17:01
Ears in the fridge? Ew! What's that all about?
I think someone in the last 5 Elrond pages mentioned a rumor that HW kept a spare pair of his pointed elven ears in his dressing room refrigerator, just in case his regular ones were damaged. Smile Smilie

Chikakat posted on 22/1/2002 at 00:50
butterfly barrette? I missed that one...
Me too.
Grondy needed to clear that up so bad he said it twice!! Big Smile Smilie

So Is HW a bit like Geoffrey Dahmer then? And what IS a Barrette? Is it like a Burretta?

Grondy says the laugh is really on me now. It took until today to figure out what I had said twice, too many trees, not enough forest. I have since deleted my double post. [Edited on 26/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
barrette is like an american for 'hair clip'

The Elrond Ear Tip thing was me...

I read it in a Melbourne Nespaper article and decided to share with those not priveledged enough to be included in its circulation.

HW Kept a pair of Elrond Tips as a souvenir. Apparently they go soft in the heat so he keeps them in his fridge. His kids like to play with them. Impress their friends I suppose.

It is still very yuk. It has to be unhygienic to keep prosthetics with food...
especially if his kids stick them on their ears....YUCK
[Edited on 26/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
I think they might be referring to Elrond's sissy hair do. If you look at the back, its got lots of pretty braids and things. Interestingly, Arwen just wears her her fairly plain. Maybe it is some sort of rank indicator, like the pretty head bands...

I still think Elrond should have short hair. He really was a practical man and not a vain one. Smile Smilie
i don't think the long hair was about vanity, as all the elves in the movie had long hair.
what was it that Plutarch said? long hair makes handsome men better looking and ugly ones more frightening. or something like that.
Did he? Well said Plutarch Big Smile Smilie
And now I know what a barrette is! I was referring to the 9mm handgun as used by James Bond before M made him take up the fearsome Walther PPK.
Long hair when well maintained (gum, twigs, sweat, and dirt removed, brushed if worn loose, else braided, or piled and pinned, or tied into a tail) looks great whether on man, woman, or cat; however the latter isn't partial to braids or pins.

Plastic Squirrel: I think 007's old Beretta used the under powered .32 or .25 caliber short. This was why Q recommended the switch to the more powerful Walther PPK which uses the 9mm Parabelum, which is the same round used in the NATO Beretta, and the old German P08 Luger. Cool Smilie
[Edited on 26/1/2002 by Grondmaster]
Barretttes are part of Movie Elrond's hair-do. Exactly which part I am not sure, but I am sure HW loved it, just like the "dresses". I think WH could have made Gimli look feminine. It's not just the costume. But mainly the costume amd especially the hair.

I think with a better, younger, more handsome actor, and a better wig, Elrond could have been given far better justice. Even better with the script altered....
Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Cool Grondmaster

But I thought the Glorfindel comment was a good idea. I can handle an angry, anal human-hating Glorfindel, and think of the fun they could have had doing his hair! Big Smile Smilie[Edited on 27/1/2002 by Allyssa]
i like HW Elrond, the sissy hairdo and all.. Sad Smilie
I'm with Rosie.. I thought HW was a hot looking elf (of ccourse, maybe because I am so "mature" Wink Smilie )I liked him from the moment the arrows wizzed past his head! He was marvelous to look at.... and it's not a barette, it's a hair clip... and the head thing is a circlet... there is a difference.
Movie Elrond was certainly different than how I had imagined him to be, but I think that HW did a good job - given the limitations of the script.

Especially when he was barking out commands in Elvish...yum. I'd be cannon fodder for him anytime!
I admire your noble sacrifice, Ungoliant. Wink Smilie Yeah, there was just something about him. Weird- seeing the movie multiple times has moved me from the "HW was NOT Elrond" camp to the "Gee, he really did a good job, considering what he had to work with" camp. By the time I buy the DVD, I might like everything. Well, maybe not...
i thought HW was pretty hot the moment i saw him in ME especially in the scene where he and Isildur are at cracks of doom. must've been the wind blowing his cape or something. Big Smile Smilie

i pretty much like everything in the movie, only WHY DIDN'T ARAGORN TAKE ISILDUR'S SWORD???? and WHY DIDN'T LEGOLAS GET MORE SCREENTIME????
Legolas could not have more screen time because, I'm afraid, he looked too gay. Seriously, gay as a really happy spring bunny Big Smile Smilie *waits for backlash*
No sacrifice too noble for HW Elrond, Jehanne. I'll even be his boot or codpiece. Big Smile Smilie And you're right, he does sorta grow on you. I liked him when I first saw the movie, but now it's 'WOW!'. There's something about him...

Legolas is one of the most beautiful men I've seen in my life! I do feel sorry for his girlfriend though, whoever she is. It's horrible to have a boyfriend prettier than youself.... Sad Smilie

*gasp of horror*
PLASTIC! legolas does not look...
well, truth be told, i did think he looked kinda gay and was kinda worried untill i read the interview where he said that he started to read LOTR when he was 14 but stopped mid way when he got interested in girls. tee heee Big Smile Smilie

and i agree with ya, ungoliant, he looks prettier than any girl i've seen with the blonde wig. but without it, trust me, he looks manly enough! though a little short at 180cm.

getting back to the topic, i hope HW appears more in the movie than elrond did in the book. perhaps PJ will have him come to the battle?
*gasp of horror*
You can't mess about anymore and go putting Elrond in where he doesn't belong. They've already done enough damage with Arwen. Pretty=Gay. Really should go for ruggedly Handsome, such as Han Solo or Aragorn. Luke Skywalker was also gay.
Well if they've already messed around with the storyline, why not stop at Arwen? Let Elrond fight at the Battle of Pelennor too. And Treebeard, and why not let Bombadil make an appearance there to confuse everyone?

Hmm. Just had a thought. What makes you think the Battle of Pelennor will be in RotK? They could combine it with the one at the Black Gate you know. Then Eowyn could kill the Witch King there, Arwen wouldn't look too out of place (she'll probably save Aragorn from a marauding Olog-Hai or something), the Ents could be there, so could Saruman (he could escape from Isengard & flee to Mordor)...and of course, to stay on topic, Elrond could be there too. Smile Smilie

That scene (Han & Luke) in the Death Star control room after Kenobi had buggered off looked kinda gay. You don't think.... :o !
Come on... admit it. The scene where Elrond is battling on Mount Doom makes him look really hot. If you have to have an elf, why not a masculine, wise "I look good in Armor" kinda HW guy? Smile Smilie
ruggedly hadsome..
not my cup of tea at all. i like the clean cut, james bond greek god type.
like pierce brosnan. mmm..
if only he was 25 yrs younger. hehe

good stuff ungoliant, sounds like a great show. Cool Smilie
Well, as long as we have HW Elrond, I don't care how much PJ messes with the storyline. Smile Smilie

And yeah...that Mt. Doom scene. Phwoar! He was hot!
Yeah, he was hot alright, did you see how much he was sweating? Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Well, he was in the heart of a volcano... but speaking of sweaat, did you notice how PJ put beads of sweat on the hobbits brows when they were "under the influence" of the ring? Nice touch for newbies... I always found it hard to understand when I was watching the Baski movie without any previous experience with LOTR, why Frodo kept putting the ring on when Gandlaf told him not to!
This isn't for reel: I think Gandalf was practicing our parents' reverse psychology there, he really wanted Frodo to wear the ring so that the name Gandalf could get mentioned on a few more pages in Tolkien's books. Had Frodo not put on the ring, the story might have ended earlier. It isn't for real, either. Big Smile Smilie
Why not save these "let's make up some more" ideas and use them in the 'Story Game' in The Ivy Bush Tavern rather than here under 'Characters'. Or they could go under one of the three movie threads. Of course, I'm just thinking out loud here. Cool Smilie
Just watching The Matrix, and guess what!! There was Elrond dressed in a suit and beating up the good guys! He must really have some pent up frustrations.. Wink Smilie
HW was only good as leader of the Elves in the prologue, when they were battling Sauron. There he convinced me. Elsewhere: one word: socks. Big Smile Smilie

Ungoliant: let's make up some more. Why not let Treebeard and his army of Ents fight the Nazgul leader, let Eowyn overthrow Saruman and die with the help of Merry, let Aragorn be reborn and leave Tom Bombadil quietly where he is? Big Smile Smilie
I still would like to be left in peace, instead of being dragged into a story that doesn't concern me... Big Smile Smilie
I think Grondie's right, we'll do it in the storyboard. Besides, who said that you can't be in it Tommy? You can come in & save the day - as I recall, Galadriel's just been kidnapped by an evil plastic squirrel.

There! I've just added Bombadil's cue. Can't complain now, Tommy. Smile Smilie
I recently aquired a FOTR poster, featuring HW. Does anyone else feel elves should not have a 5 o'clock shadow?
It's that left over dirt from his battle scene! Elrond/ HW always looks HOT!
But this was taken from a council scene, where he is supposed to be a clean cut lore-master. Either Mordor dirt is really sticky, or Elrond hadn't shaved that morning!

Btw are we sure that Elves didn't have beards? I once saw an illustration of Elrond with a full beard that a dwarf would envy Wink Smilie
I don't think facial hair is the norm for Elves in European mythology; however, someone may prove me wrong. I don't think they have to pluck, shave, or even use Nair, I think it is just their genes. Smile Smilie
I think they forged great razors that shined blue in the presence of facial hair... :P
And I think you're right Grondy, the norm probably was non-beard... the feeling I get when I hear elf is an almost androgyne person, and I'm European and I know a little about European myth so I hope that counts for something Smile Smilie
also, elves are generally supposed to look pretty youthful, and beards mostly make guys look older.
Just jumped over here after being in the "Orcs are Ignorant" thread.

Elrond seems to have had a number of hangers on, including retired rangers, ranger children, hobbits, dwarves (?) and God knows what else. Probably broken down horses as well.

Anyway, I think that this shows a deep loneliness in his character. He seems to be quite chummy with Bilbo, even tollerating Bilbos little jibes. One gets the impression that he and Bilbo have had many a chat together. Elrond seems to enjoy interesting and diverse company, or they amuse him. How he must miss his wife and adult children (who are often away). A ringbearers life is a lonely one. Galadriel was right.
Good Golly Molly, I think she's got it right. Wink Smilie Having been around for a few millennia, Elrond had become bored with the same old, same old, and hobbits in all their innocence were new and refreshing to him. Smile Smilie

Also all the other hangers-on had heard Elrond's stories hundreds of times and thus weren't very interested in hearing yet another rendition of the old bore's life history, while on the other hand, Bilbo was very interested in learning about elves and the history of Middle Earth. Elrond and Bilbo were just what the other needed at their stage of life. Cool Smilie Of course it wasn't like this at all, but it might of been. Big Smile Smilie
Why not? Living for 3000 years can't be easy, cannit? And Bilbo was relatively old enough for Elrond to talk with. Bilbo could tell him of his travels and of his stories. And Elrond could tell him the history of the Elves in ME! That would explain why Elrond knew so much of Frodo and his quest, and why Bilbo knew so much of elves... Smile Smilie

Golly: you've started a thread, have you? Hang on, I'll be there in no time! Big Smile Smilie

Also all the other hangers-on had heard Elrond's stories hundreds of times and thus weren't very interested in hearing yet another rendition of the old bore's life history, while on the other hand, Bilbo was very interested in learning about elves and the history of Middle Earth. Elrond and Bilbo were just what the other needed at their stage of life. Cool Smilie Of course it wasn't like this at all, but it might of been. Big Smile Smilie

Yeah, poor guy!Big Smile Smilie I think Elrond's stories would be fascinating. Think of the trivia you could find out! Like Gil Galad's favourite colour...or did Isildur like chocolate? or was Thranduil really gay? or what was the weather like the day the hosts of the valar came to Beleriand? stuff like that.

PJ could have used him.
Alyssa, small question here: what was your topic here, anyway. Since the first post is still empty, though edited by you, what exactly are we talking about? Smile Smilie
Doesn't matter about what Elrond idea Allyssa didn't start the topic with, we took the ball and ran with it, talking about all aspects of Elrond, HW, and many subject in between, and had a great time doing so too. Cool Smilie
D*mn right you are there, Grondy. But what were we talking about again? Mad Smilie
Just read that one of Hugo Weaving's past roles was the sheepdog in Babe. How very apropriate!! It is almost as bad as the whole Prescilla thing. How could anyone have thought this guy was right for Elrond? I mean, an ex-dog? So undignified for an Elven Lord and Loremaster. I have just finished watching LOTRs again, and I still hate HW as Elrond, in fact, I hate him more than ever.So Angry Smilie

Thank You PT for letting me get that off my chest. That's better, now I feel Big Smile Smilie
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