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Thread: Elrond

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Totally with you here, Alyssa. A dog as Elrond? Brilliant. I think he was much better as a dog. Dog Smilie
Big Smile Smilie hmmm....gave it a try, but my hair not really long enough either. Oh well. will have to stick with stripidy hair Big Laugh Smilie
What do you think is happening here?


Fatherly advice? comforting the bereved?

Curse PJ and his secrets! I so need to see that movie!

Dont know which film this is from, but I admit that Elrond / HW looks not to bad here. I can almost believe that it is Elrond. He looks more... "young and yet not so..." which is something HW did not manage to achieve before, although evidence of stubble is still aparent - you would think makeup would give him a decent shave.

What do you think is happening here?
Were it at their final parting, they should have been facing one another. Of course he is rather a cold fish, so maybe they couldn't embrace and cry on each others' shoulders as most people would do.

Well, as she doesn't have her angry face on I don't think he has told her flat out, "You can't marry that bum!"

Then again he may have just told her the Beren-like task that Aragorn must accomplish before he will bless any marriage: "Not until he becomes King of both Gondor and Arnor."

Probably he is just giving her some unwanted fatherly advice, upon the eve of her wedding. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Well, she doesn't look terribly happy, and he doesn't look any friendlier than in FotR so I'll agree with Grondmaster on "unwanted Fatherly advice" Big Smile Smilie
Marital advice from Elrond? Poor girl, no wonder she looks depressed. Wink Smilie
I just remarked that one of Hugo Weaving past roles was the role of a "drag queen" in "The adventures of Priscilla, queen of the desert". Ha!
Super Wow Smilie

She looks very depressed indeed, so I'll stick with the marital advice. Big Smile Smilie
Btw, that picture of HW reminds me of Star Trek a lot. Tongue Smilie
Btw, that picture of HW reminds me of Star Trek a lot. Tongue Smilie
Yes, from the Deep Space Nine spin-off.
I thought the blue dress was rather pretty myself, if a bit low cut for a maiden. I wonder what her father thinks about her dress sense?
I dont think he minded so much about that as he did the running off with any old tat out of the wild business . Its the typical case scenario . Daughter of wealthy parents runs of with rebeloutofthewildandbecomesmortal A problem that any parent faces Tongue Smilie
Oh yeah, and in reply to the origional post , I didnt think much of Weaving/Elrond.... Guess I had to high an expectation too!
Thanks Cirdan. Glad someone agrees with me on that.

How did you picture Elrond, BTW?
Hmmm, difficult to say. I guess i wanted someone who had more wisdom in his face and didn't look like he was doing that movie trailer guy speech (you know the one....like....."IT WAS A TIME FOR WAR!!!!..........AND THERE COULD BE ONLY ONE!!!" He sounded to dramatic. Yul Brinner might have been good........ I didnt really expect black hair either (although i'm not sure where that came from) Theres a picture I saw somewhere once that totally summed up what I thought Elrond would look like and it was definately not Hugo Weaving. I keep thinking about the Half Elf from the Dragonlance books. Maybe that influenced my view of Elrond too much (as I read these years before LOTR)
So how did you imagine him to look like?

[Edited on 7/7/2002 by Cirdan]
I have a copy of David Day's Illustrated Tolkein Beastiary and I prefer the picture of him there. Tall, old yet young, looking like someone who has seen a lot - good and bad. Short warrior style hair cut. Wearing long flowing robes with a sword beside him as if he doesn't quite feel "dressed" without it. It was done by Victor Ambrus.
I thought HW was perfect - it was his voice that drew me in (and of course he did look absolutely HOT in his SIL flashback). Above all, I think it's his "vulcan" kinda stare mixed with that perfect commanding voice that made me glad he was Elrond.
Yeah, I agree with the short hair Elrond. Just never thought about him having long hair, but sorry Swampfaye, his voice sounded too overly dramatic to me (as I mentioned before) maybe it ws the american accent....... ( Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie ouch! please no hate mail!)
I thought it was interesting they gave him an "American" accent too... maybe it's Liv's fault... couldn't pull off a good Brit accent - but you know HW is an Aussie and has a prounounced accent - He did a great American accent BTW.
Typical stereotype casting: We Americans give our villains British accents to make them sound more intelligent; PJ, not to be out done, gave this half-elven high mucky-muck and primary source of historical wisdom, an American accent and succeeded in making him seem less intelligent and more belligerent. Tongue Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
making him seem less intelligent and more belligerent.

Very Sad Smilie Very Sad Smilie How could they do that to Elrond?
In search of a better Elrond:

found these


ew ick: Elrond with dog and friends http://www.nightrunner.com/cgi-bin/show_image.py?id=1777&pn=0

http://www.torania.com/hobbit/wald-shortrest.htm quite like this one.

None like my favourite though. I wish there was somwhere I could post it to get some comments. Smile Smilie

[Edited on 11/7/2002 by Allyssa]
Wow, well done Alyssa! Peter Caras's Elrond looks a bit like Oliver Reed dont you think?! None were exactly how I picture him. Would love to see what your favourite looked like though. Big Smile Smilie
Alyssa, if you REALLY need to post your pic, and yuo have it as a jpg, than mail it to me, and I'll stick it up at Squirrelworld for you and you can hit a link on it from here. Smile Smilie
Thanks Plastic! Should be in your inbox now.

I dont think this is the definative Elrond, but certainly the closest IMHO. Smile Smilie
Okay then, all those wishing to see what Alyssa says Elrond should look like should go here now.
and see the picture (I personally think he should have longer hair, but maybe that's just me.)
Thanks Plastic! Big Smile Smilie

This is more how I pictured Elrond than as he was represented in the movie.

"The face of Elrond was ageless, neither old nor young, though in it was written many things both glad and sorrowful. His hair was dark as the shadows of twilight, and upon it was set a circlet of silver; his eyes were grey as a clear evening, and in them was a light like the light of stars. Venerable he seemed as a king crowned with many winters, and yet hale as a tried warrior i the fulness of his strength. He was the Lord of Rivendel ans mighty among both Elves and Men."

Note the look of sadness mingled with happiness, and the sense of "world-weariness". It is cut out of the picture, but at his feet is an English broadsword (not the oriental type seen in the movie). His cloak is long and rich and so is the clothing worn underneath - simple trowsers and light shoes. Practical and comfortable. He drinks from an ornate goblet - presumably wine. On his head is a simple circlet - not the overly elaborate type worn in the movie.

Above all, he looks like a half-elf. Thick-ish eyebrows, strong jawline, slightly large nose (although it is possible that the artist thinks this is how a beautiful nose should look) and strong-ish features.

The only objection I have is that he is wearing his ring openly. He did not do that until after The One was destroyed, and I dont think this picture is meant to be set "post-war".

No pointy ears, but I have never really been a convert to the "pointy-eared-elves" faction. Wink Smilie

I hope some others have some comments, after all the trouble Plastic has gone to to set this up. Big Smile Smilie
No trouble at all. Glad to be of help.
A rationalization about the ring on Elrond's hand in the preceding picture. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Can we not say he just wore another ring in addition to Vilya, mightiest of the Three? After all, that ring doesn't look gold, nor the stone look blue, or even that great. And even though it looks like an aurora around the ring, it also surrounds the rest of him, might it not be emanating from other than the pictured ring. Smile Smilie

I think he shows a "classic" Greek rather than a "classic" Roman nose; however, Grondy nominally knows nil about noses necessarily negating any noises notwithstanding. Very Big Grin Smilie
Nice one plastic. This is about as close a likeness as i'd imagined...however I still feel he had lighter hair...but with a bit of bleach it'd be no problem! yeah the pic certainly captures the youth and ageless qualities of Elrond. I was quite surprised at how hairy his arms look but I guess that adds more to his "mighty amongst men " quality. Mightily in need of a shave perhaps??!!
Still, I'd be content to say this is a very good Elrond Big Smile Smilie
A rationalization about the ring on Elrond's hand in the preceding picture. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie Can we not say he just wore another ring in addition to Vilya, mightiest of the Three? After all, that ring doesn't look gold, nor the stone look blue, or even that great. And even though it looks like an aurora around the ring, it also surrounds the rest of him, might it not be emanating from other than the pictured ring. Smile Smilie

A good point Grondy! It could well be a completely different ring, even an heirloom or denote royal descent or something. Big Smile Smilie

Hairy arms? yeah, they could be, or that could just be shading. I am no art expert, but the artist seems to use little "hairy" lines to denote shading. Could be the "style" of the drawing.

[Edited on 17/7/2002 by Allyssa]
Oh, and The SKWRL's picture is a much better rendition of my imagined vision of Elrond, than PJ's made up Hugo Weaving. Cool Smilie
Sad Smilie Poor Hugo.
Sad Smilie Poor Liv.
and I bet they both took time to shave before the movie Sad Smilie Sorry Alyssa, just cant get image of swarthy greek stylee hairy arms nonsense out of my head. Quite probably is just shading, but now the image of hairy arms is all I can see.....HELP!
That is so *not* like I had imagined Elrond to be. Sorry. Very Sad Smilie

None of the pictures fit my imagination, really. I had imagined him to be rather tall, with short blond hair and other things I cannot say cos they're only in my imagination and no one else could possibly see them the way I do, if you know what I mean. Nothing inappropriate though, if you should think that. Tongue Smilie

Disturbed Smilie A problem with body hair Cirdan? Wink Smilie

Here's an idea - dont scroll down, just look at the face...?

Blonde? I am sure Tolkien said dark as the shadows of twilight...almost black to my thinking Wink Smilie
Yeah. But I always imagined him as blonde, ok? No matter what Tolkien might say, Elrond is blonde and he will stay blonde. Tch! Who does Tolkien think he is eh? Big Laugh Smilie
Gotta admit, Allyssa, I was a little disappointed by the picture. Firstly, wanting to see a new image of Elrond, I jumped to Plastic's page only to see a picture I have had for years (I should have known had I read back to the thread about Day's Beastiary)
Unfortunately, I was never happy with that picture from the start. For me, it always looked to more like a Roman emperor than a half-elf. Not just the face, but the robes too. They just look too ornate for my liking.
I always imagine Elrond to be lightly built, more youthful, have shoulder length straight hair and plainer clothing. Personally, I think HW was okay in the role, but would have been a lot better if he had smiled more.
Pic was good! but yep i do agree with the clothes thing. A bit too Henry viii th for me.
As for the ring, its not unreasonable to asume its Vilya. He could be sat in his own silent council.... or could have been after the destruction of the one ring. Looks like he might be conemplating spending an eternity without his daughter.....just an idea Smile Smilie
Have to agree that HW should have smiled more. Elrond was really a very nice, kindly character. Smile Smilie
Hello everyone,
I actually really liked how they protrayed Elrond in the movie. Don't get me wrong, I totally agree that he should have smiled a little more, but I thought he was actually pretty handsome. And, this is a bit strange I know, I actually liked his Men Are Weak speech. Essentually, it was true, and I loved the flashbacks. I can quote that whole sean. He was also cool when Sam came running in. Cool Smilie Plus that knotted hairstyle was kinda neat...I tried it, but my hair was too short. He was exactly what I expected of an elf-lord; a bit aloof, a bit stressed out, and handsome rather than gorgeous. Big Smile Smilie
Greetings, LadyoftheRings, and welcome! Big Smile Smilie

Yes, agree with most of your assessment...but handsome? I wanted gorgeous!

ie: Handsome = presentable, moderately attractive

Gorgeous = Makes women swoon, is so handsome.

I think that Elves should be gorgeous, and Elrond (as a half-elf) should be exotically gorgeous. I hope his sons dont dissapoint, if we see them, that is.

Got any tips for that hair do? wouldn't mind trying that myself. Would look good on a girl.... Big Smile Smilie
Thank you! Big Smile Smilie Lol, yes gorgeous is good. I still like Elrond, though...Big Smile Smilie But as for the hairstyle, you'd need the longest part of your hair, a lot of patience, and a heck of a lot of mouse/gel/hairspray. And perferably wet hair. I tried by taking the longest parts of my hair, spliting it into two parts, and then half way down looping one strand over the other, going down, looping it one more time and then tying it off. I couldn't do it but I think that's the basic idea. Wink Smilie

[Edited on 29/7/2002 by LadyoftheRings]
Smile Smilie I figured out how to do it! Take the longest strands of your hair (ususally on the side of your head) take a very thin piece of your hair, the same amout you'd use for a french braid, split it in two, loop it over close to your head, go down about three inchs (depending on how long your hair is) and then loop over again, and tie with a small rubberband or hairtie. it's pretty cool!
Just watched the movie again tonight. I think for all of his faults, Hugo Weaving can be forgiven if only for the wonderful expression he pulls during the Council scene when first Sam jumps out of a bush and then Merry and Pippin go running in. What a look of bemusement. If there was an Oscar awarded for Best Facial Expression, that'd be the one.
Yeah, I'll give him that one.

He apparently knew Sam was there (as did we fans), but was as surprised as we were to see Merry and Pippin. That was well done. Good acting, as well as acknowledging the fans.

Still would have liked to see more smiles. Maybe we will be treated to some in TTT?...or maybe not, if the previews are anything to go by...:bemused_smilie:
For me, it always looked to more like a Roman emperor than a half-elf

You did it again Val! On the spot! I knew that picture reminded me of someone very non-elvish, and now I got it. We saw a video at school last year about Nero, the Roman Emperor. That's exactly how Allyssa's Elrond looks to me. Ta Val! Big Smile Smilie

God I must get that video! Soon! Cool Smilie
*returns briefly from quest-for-a-better-Elrond:


Sorry people, I cant get the link to work.

[Edited on 5/10/2002 by Allyssa]
Sorry people, couldnt get the full link to work. If you are really keen, you might like to go to the site and do a search on Elrond. Turns up all sorts of things. Wink Smilie

I did find the perfect Elrond today, but sadly, he was a sketch in a $70 book, which is a little expensive for my budget. If I find the sketch elsewhere, I will let you know. Sad Smilie
Didn't do anything for me Allyssa.... In fact it really didn't. My screen just went blank. Sad Smilie
Gee, Allyssa, it didn't do anything for me either, literally. The site seems to have disappeared. Sad Smilie
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