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Thread: Elrond

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True dat. Wink Smilie

Oops I forgot chika. Where do you want to be then, chika - good or bad? Or neutral...

[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
I'd kind of like to be a baddie, just becuase I don't think i've ever gotten the chance to be evil...but I think I might be pretty miserable at it, so I guess I'll just stay neutral...
I would like to be allied with good thanks. Maybe I should change my name to something more definite?

Anyway, I came across an article about Hugo Weaving in a Melbourne newspaper. Thought you guys might find it interesting

Main Points:

- His Kids loved him! (at least someone did)
- He really loved his costumes
- He kept a pair of his ears - in the fridge, Yuk!
- He beat David Bowie to the role
- Feels Elrond has certain frustrations that I cant mention here
- He enjoyed Ian Mckellen's company
- Christopher Lee scared him
- He enjoys playing Agent Smith
- He doesn't use the interenet - so he will likely never read any of this.

If anyone is interested in reading the article for themselves, I suppose I could scan it...if that's not a breach of copyright or something.
Right then, you're with the goodies, Allyssa. And it's not necessary to change your name - we like you as you are Smile Smilie

Elrond/ Hugo Weaving Points:
- His Kids loved him! (at least someone did)
He could be LOTR's version of Jar Jar you know.

- He beat David Bowie to the role
He beat Bowie??? Dang! I loved Bowie in the 'Man Who Fell Down To Earth'...although maybe not quite the right guy to do Elrond, since he was cold & creepy looking...hmm...kinda like your movie Elrond.

Dunno about the copyright laws re. printed newspaper articles, anyone? But does the paper have an online version? Then you could forward the article's link to Taz for our main site & share it with a lot more people.
Good *Plastic
Gosh, Hugo Weavings kids liked him, that's so sweet! And thank you so much for your kind words Grondy, they mean so very much to me. Smile Smilie
Not so good *Plastic
Bowie as an Elf??? Have you not learned the evils of Labyrinth? The bloody goblin king?
And frankly you can all **** off, I've had it with being nice Wink Smilie
Hey I'm not neutral! nor bad nor goodie!!! I only choose the a side when the argument is lessening ... I'm more like a firepoker!! I want to SEE brawls and not attend them... well.. atleast makes sure they are started (without me)
I thought he was quite good in Labyrinth, actually. Maybe he would have made a better Elf than Goblin.

Ok, ok, you can be a troll, Boring. Sheeesh.

[Edited on 3/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
i have a CD of Peter and the Wolf (you know, the little kid's story? With the different instruments and all?) and David Bowie is the narrator...odd, but he did a good job...I do think he would have made Elrond even creepier than Weaving did, though.
Sergei Prokofiev composed the music for 'Peter and the Wolf'. George Frideric Handel composed 'The Water Music Suite' and today I started revising my 1996 six voice stereo rendition of it on my 1985 Commodore 128/64 computer.

How's that for a segue to another off-topic subject? Big Smile Smilie
It's not bad at all. If a little hatstand. Big Smile Smilie
I liked Peter and the Wolf. We had it at school in Music Class. Was a good piece of music.

Bowie as Elrond??? Yuk! Would have been even worse than Weaving! Can't they find someone with a more suitable face?

Am I the only good guy in here, together with Huan? Can't be! Oh well. Never mind, cos I'm Tommy Bom, you can't beat me! Never enter the Old Forest, cos me and the Willow man, we'll be waiting for you! Wink Smilie
Yeah, me, my Badger Army of Death and my ****ing great flamethrower will do for you! Wink Smilie
Don't think flamethrower would work you know. Goldberry *is* the river's daughter - you'd just probably get very wet, cold & die of pneumonia.
But it'd do for the forest and Old Man Willow! Big Smile Smilie

Bowie as Elrond??? Yuk! Would have been even worse than Weaving! Can't they find someone with a more suitable face?

I heartily agree. I prefer Elrond as he was drawn in the animated version of TLoTR, or as sketched by Victor Ambrus with v. short warrior hair style.

Book Elrond would have a sweet face I think. But I suppose angry film Elrond wouldn't. Maybe H.W. not such a bad choice from the script...?
Yeah, given what the poor guy had to work with we can't really blame him.
You can't help having a stupid face, can you?
Big Smile Smilie

Oh well. You can't possibly burn down the Old Forest, Plastic, since I'm master of the forest and my wife comes from a river, you won't ever manage it! Big Smile Smilie
You just ****ing watch me.
Just like all rodents, fouling their nests. If you burn down the forests, you won't find any 'BarNuts' (TM) nor have a place to hang your hat. Where you gonna live? Under the eaves of Bag End (Sam say's it hasn't any) or Orthanc (Ents make very poor neighbors to tree-killers)? Besides that, you will wreck havoc with the monetary policy of New Golgafrincham, possibly destroying its entire economic system. I suggest you reconsider and just use words to scorch their little behinds, ears, or whatever. Big Smile Smilie
I'm plastic aren't I? I'll carry on hanging on the walls of the homes of the suburban rich and tasteless as always. Big Smile Smilie
Not a bad thing to be doing actually. They always seem to have lusty & v. busty daughters...at least in the movies.[Edited on 8/1/2002 by Ungoliant]
ok going back a little, someone said they thought Hugo Weaving was too ugly to be an elf? i forget who it was..
i thought he looked rather handsome..
maybe it's just me?
Hi Rosie,

Hows things in Sydney?

The comment about HW being ugly might have been mine. You have every right to dissagree! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.
Golly, Why d'you think I do it? Wink Smilie
thanks for asking, Allyssa, frankly, i have no idea how sydney is, maybe them bushes are still burning??
dun watch news, or free-to-air channels..
and live too far into the city to really care.
shesh.. i sound so callous.
never mind..

i guess i've been a big fan of Hugo Weaving since Priscilla, so he could do no wrong. How old is the guy anyway, 40? 50?[Edited on 8/1/2002 by Rosie]

Hugo Weaving is about 40 I think. Have you checked out his website? since you are a fan.

Elves are supposed to look in their early 20s (see tale of Aragorn and Arwen). This is what I mean about HW being too old. I also find him singularly odd looking. It was actually the Pricilla thing that put me off him as Elrond immediatley. Especially when he commented that the best thing he liked about the role was the costumes (dresses)!!

It really bothers me that anyone could be so disrespectful of the character. Elrond deserved a better actor and a better script.
Absolutely Alyssa. And congrats to our antipodean Tolkien fans on getting the rainstorms!
Elves have to look as if they're not older than 20, while they're actually over 500 years old. And Hugo Weaving does not succeed in that...
Oh, and Plastic, I'm watching you, but my forest is still here! Big Smile Smilie
He did suggest it actually, but it was quite funny.

I agree that Tolkien's Elves are beautiful - and in the movie, the only ones that PJ got right was Galadriel, Arwen and Legolas. Elrond wasn't as beautiful as Arwen, but then it could be because he hada higher percentage of human blood as compared to his daughter. The other ugly Elf I saw was Haldir...he looked a bit like that albino in Princess Bride. Ugh.
Ungoliant, PJ suggested it? Please tell me more. I love a bit of amusing gossip.

I agreee about Haldir. Snotty looking wasn't he?

I think Elrond should look a little more like his daughter, as the book says. I don't think that human blood should necessarily make a person less attractive. I mean, surely those elf-maidens weren't blind? Tuor, Beren and Aragorn must have been at least passably attractive to catch their ladies' eye?

Rosie, good looking guys in Hollywood? You may be right there...
If you haven't noticed, Ungliant, there's an extreme shortage of good looking men in Hollywood. Plenty of good looking chicks but the guys...
Sorry Allyssa, I meant Pratchett not PJ. Sad Smilie

Yeah...something odd about Haldir, although I can't quite put my finger on what it is exactly.

Rosie, agree with you about Hollywood men, although Brad Pitt was pretty hot in Interview with a Vampire long ago. But then I guess I have a weakness for long-haired men...Smile Smilie But he *was* beautiful though...I remember KD Lang saying that he's got a face that would make even a lesbian think twice. Big Smile Smilie
Long haired bloke weakness eh Golly? Wink Smilie
And the odd thing about Haldir, as I keep pointing out is that he was camper than a tent full of Danny La Rue impersonaters.
Hahaha really? KD said that? how cute. extreme shortae doesn't necessarily mean there aren't a handful of cute ones here and there. Brad has a cute boy-ish face...

and the movie Haldir gave me the creeps!

hehe perhaps they should have got Steve Tyler to play Elrond then?
Steven Tyler...even a 3 to 4 thousand years old 5/8 Elven wouldn't have *that* many wrinkles..Big Smile Smilie Yeah, KD said it back then when 'Interview' came out...don't blame her though. Long haired blokes...especially the pretty ones...drool. Think that's why I didn't mind Elrond so much...Smile Smilie

Except for Haldir of course, and Plastic's right yet again. But he didn't give me the creeps though. I just burst out laughing the moment he came on.

most guys give me the creeps anyway..
then you should like Legolas if you like long-haired pretty blokes.
seriously, i don't know why ppl like Mel Gibson, George Clooney and Russel Crowe are so popular! their faces are so squished and wierd looking.
and getting back to Elrond, Hugo Weaving aint that fugly!
HW Elrond Pretty? Ick Big Smile Smilie

Mel's okay. Could have been a good Aragorn

By the way, Elrond is over 6000 years old. Whoooo! imagine! Makes me feel young... Smile Smilie
A mere spring chicken compared to the amount of years Steve Tyler must have added to his life over the years. Big Smile Smilie
i know! i mean, what's up with those old rock'n'rollers and looking like shrivelled up prune?
It's white, it's powdery, and it's far too much fun, and far too expensive, and it ****s you up royally.
oh....(finally sinking in)
i thought it was from wearing too much make up or something. Wink Smilie
I guess PJ did a pretty good job in casting HW then, but I he still disappointed me a little. You explained all about the men/elvish thing, but still... I'm not fully convinced yet... Wink Smilie Let's just say I don't like HW.

Alyssa: You don't know David Beckham??? God bless ye mighty! Be happy and live your life, you'll be happier if you don't... Big Smile Smilie

There are no Hollywood hansomes around lately, agree. But the chicks aren't much better. Only Zeta-Jones-Douglas looks great. All the rest sucks. And for the men: Gabriel Byrne, Brad Pitt and Sean Connery. They either look good or ooze sexiness. Big Smile Smilie
Have you seen Priscilla? He's great in that movie.

i think the chicks look pretty good. Wynona, Gwenyth, Uma, Nicole and Jennifer to mention a few.

I don't think the Aust. version of Prescilla was released overseas. It was remade in Hollywood with American actors. Humph...typical! I'm sure our version was better.

HW loves to wear dresses doesn't he?
LOL i know but who doesn't?
at least he's not afraid to admit it..
he's very much in tune with his femine side, ain't he?
The Australian version wasn't the one with HW, Terence Stamp and Guy Pearce? 'Cause that's the one I saw in New York. Maybe you're thinking of "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar"? It has Hollywood actors and similar plot.
oh my god it's so hot today! we hit 30 degrees before noon and sure to go higher.
argh.. hate summer. summer sucks!! Sad Smilie
where were we?
i didn't even know an american version of priscilla was made!? Big Smile Smilie
Hugo Weaving rules and that's that. hehe but his eyebrows looked funny, i think he over plucked them. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
i liked the fact that in the movie, he looked kinda anal about Isildur and the ring, and too right he shoud! he was right and proper, as sam would say... Wink Smilie
ok, Elrond was supposed to be all stately and junk, but I think that "right and proper" is not the same as having a stick up his butt.

As for Brad Pitt, Tommy...apparently he's got awful BO...he's nice to look at, but you wouldn't want to get near him...hahaha.
I think HW definately has had (as chikakat said)a "stick up his butt", among other things...

Still think a liking for dresses was a wrong motivation for wanting to play the character. And keeping a pair of ears in the fridge? Ick! Hop no body mistakes them for left overs...

HW and his feminine side. I don't think Elrond would be effeminate in any way. With his human blood, elves would probably find him more butch than most other elves. But he was a warrior in his younger days. Got dirty and all. Liked that part of PJs interpretation. Elrond is no quiverring librarian of a loremaster, he's a "hands on" fighter too.

Glad to hear Prescilla was released internationally...I think... Big Smile Smilie
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