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Thread: All time favourite character?

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I'm just curious to see who everybodies favorite character is? Threw out all of Middle Earth, doesn't matter what Age, race, or sex! Wink Smilie

If you can't choose from just one, you can name a couple, but limit it to no more than 3 please!
Hmm, well, I have to same that I love Gildor Inglorion. Mustn't forget Aragorn, and of course not Pippin, and, there's just too many!

But, Gildor's my favorite!

Ya i guess i should state my favorite since i created this post.... i have to agree with you in the fact that everytime i a different character pops into my head, i want to mention him as one of my favs. All of Tolkien's reknowed characters a special in their own way.

If i must choose i'm gonna name 3...

Trin Turambar - how can you not like him? With the Black Sword he was unstoppable... such a tragic end
Fanor - The most gifted elf ever created... need i say more?
Finrod Felagund - Compassionate, Strong, Brave, Wise, and a noble king... sacrificied himself for Beren.

Please give reasons why youl like them!!!

P.S. Aragorn was my favorite until i read the silmarillion

Finrod. What he did to Morgoth! Okay, nothing. Just provided him with a challenge. But he's so cool. And saving Beren!!! He's so cool.
And FIngolfin. What he did to Morgoth. End of story. Soooo cool.
And we cannot forget Glorfindel. Killing that Balrog!!!! He's the coolest ever.


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Barliman Butterbur Big Smile Smilie
Tom Bombadil: Anyone who can wear yellow boots and has a pretty wife who only asks for a few water lilies in exchange for his sloping off to a tavern now and again has got to be a favorite, eh What? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Tom is also one of my favorites. And though I'm sure it has become cliched a bit, Samwise is my ultimate fav. Tolkien character; bravery, simplicity, loyalty, intuition, honesty and gumption are all of the qualities I appreciate most in all people, so I suppose it comes as only natural for me to favor him because of these traits.

I also like Beorn a lot because he is very dangerous, but also good. Plus he has a way with scaring the **** out of one!
Although Samwise does meet all those characteristics you mentions, I can think a few more characters would could be described in the same manner. Aragorn for one.... except maybe simplicity.
RADAGAST! Although not too much is known about him, from what we do know, he seems to got it all figured out. Living in the forest and hangin out with the animals, sounds like paradise. Plus, his aid to Gandalf while in Saruman's capture makes radagast that much more cool.
My all time favorite character would have to be basically 2.. why because I can not choose between them... Arwen and Eowyn.... they are strong and beautiful ... both very different but also alike in some ways... even though I choose to be a Hobbit here at the site ... my love of these two characters surpass the love I have for the fun, peaceful food loving Hobbits
Marigold, i take it you've watched the movies. have you read the books yet?
My favorite would have to be Faramir -- not the movie Faramir, of course, but the book Faramir. He really was the foil for Boromir -- strong, controlled, wise, brave. Yep, Faramir. I also love Finrod Felagund though...interesting, for almost all the same reasons.
Feanor - of course, I could just give reasons for this (like his genius, his originality, the things he created, the fire that burnt inside him etc.); instead, I've written an essay on him! This was the greatest Elf ever! He had no real competition! hehehehe
Turin Turambar - pure tragedy for one of the greatest Men ever; I like his character alot, and reading UT made me like it even more; his pity/compassion and generosity are not traits to be expected in one cursed by Morgoth, yet he surpasses all expectations!
As for the third one... It could be Isildur (for his courage and for the fact that he has always defied Sauron, even if that brought him his doom) or Tar-Aldarion (great character, complex, torned between the love for Erendis and the call of the Sea; foresighted, cautious in reestablishing the Numenorean authority in Middle-earth, friend of Gil-galad and of all Elves, in general etc.)

Of course, there are more, but I think these are the ones I most appreciate!
ya they did a horrific job of portraying Faramir in the movie
I know! What was that all about? I couldn't believe that the man I had admired in the book had become a second Boromir in the movie. Ugh. So frustrating! The whole point of the book was the fact that he didn't have the same all-consuming desires as his brother.
Also...just to throw it out there...I loved Thranduil and the Mirkwood elves in The Hobbit; they didn't quite seem to be the same uptight elves of other regions -- partying and drinking all the time. Which brings me to the question, which I should probably ask in the Website forum, why can't we be elves from other regions such as Mirkwood?
So...I was just thinking a bit more about Faramir and what I believe is so intriguing about him; I would have to say that he is actually like an Antigone figure or perhaps more closely related to Haemon. He follows his individual conscience rather than following authority, and this upsets the power structures in the novel, which is an immensely important move. Outstandingly admirable I would say.
.I loved Thranduil and the Mirkwood elves in The Hobbit; they didn't quite seem to be the same uptight elves of other regions

hmmm i wonder... considering Tolkien wrote "The Hobbit" significantly earlier than LOTR, do you think he had a different perspective of the characteristics of Elves? I find the Elves in The HObbit seemed more carefree, merry, chipper. I'm not saying the later Elves are not cheerful, and happy; they just don't seem as extreme in those emotions, as the Elves in The Hobbit do. The LOTR Elves seem much wiser, watchful, and vigilant.

On the other hand, some sections of "The book of Lost Tales" are writen in 1916-1917. The Elves he describes in Lost Tales, resembled the Elves we know in The Silmarillion, and LOTR.
Oooo...excellent point, Trin! Especially considering that Legolas is Thranduil's son, and he's nothing like the Mirkwood elves portrayed in The Hobbit.
Hey i forgot to consider that Eruwen! Thx for pointing that out to back up the theory. Smile Smilie
Methinks it was becasue of Tolkien's ever-evolving ideas of Elves and all the rest of the stuff in Middle-earth that The Hobbit Elves and TLOTR Elves are so different.
My favorite would have to be Faramir -- not the movie Faramir, of course, but the book Faramir. He really was the foil for Boromir -- strong, controlled, wise, brave. Yep, Faramir. I also love Finrod Felagund though...interesting, for almost all the same reasons.
YOU AND I ARE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME!!!! SO MUCH ITS SCARY!!!!!!! On this topic anyway. *Eruwen lets her breath out - doesn't want to be thought as the same as that weirdo the Spotted Daisy in the RPGs* Finrod is SOOOOO cool. The bit he did in the Lay of Leithian - amazing. I memorised the Lay of Leithian. For my Drama assessment. Voice expression. Deliver a poem to the class. I got Excellence. OH YEAH!!!!!! FULL MARKS!!!!!!! Faramir is SOOOO cool. They didn't do him justice in the film. AND BOROMIR TOO!!!!!! alright, Boromir wasn't so great compared to Faramir, but he was still cool. you just didn't get his nice side much in TLOTR. He was best mates with his bro, despite their differences, and so he couldn't've been too bad. hey, I'm rash at times. And wasn't his intentions good? Serving his father, who was the ruler at the time? So I suppose you could call it serving his country. And failing him could've been called treason. So if you look at it THAT way, then..... everything seems different.
I like Farimir better than Borimir also. I do agree with you Loni, that Borimir wasn't a bad guy, although he sometimes comes off that way in the books, and more so the movie. Borimir did what he thought was best for his country men, which is the kind of leader i want for my country. Borimir was weaker in the mind, than most other main characters of the LOTR, as he did fall to the rings will easier than most other people. Even Sam-Wise Gamgee had him beat there!
Beleg Cthalion
Fingolfin/Feanor/Maglor <- I can't choose... sorry
Oh euh, where do I leave Imrahil? Does it has to be 3?
Hmm. It's not easy to keep it down to 3 really. Let's see then.

Feanor. I love him. I also happen to like Maedhros. Oh well!
And last but not the least, Witch-King of Angmar. He rocks that fellow!!
Turin- a sad story does well with me.
Mablug-A true friend and fighter
and lastly...
Eowyn- strength with femininity
Movies: Gollum, Legolas, and Eowyn
Books: Tom, Treebeard or Quickbeam, and Galadriel.
Sauron and Legolas da elf, and da witch king. Because Sauron shows higher power den every1 in FOTR except, i admit it was pitifull 2 see him die by losing a finger, Legolas da Elf is cool becaus he does cool tricks like da 1 in TTT, The Witch king is awsome cuz he has cool armor and a dragon, but of course he dies a stupid death 2.
Lord of llamas i take it you've only watched the movie and ignored the books? I recommend the books if you haven't read them, sure you may have to dedicated quite a bit of time to finish all 3, but it'll be worth it. THe books are so much better you can't even compare.
Before I say who my alltime favorite character is (though I think you could guess), I wanted to comment on the Faramir/Boromir discussion. I believe Tolkien in these two was trying to illustrate both the potential strength and weakness of Men. Boromir is much like his father, proud, haughty, forgetting that they were not of the line of kings but of the line of stewards (nicely illustrated by PJ with Boromir's line in Rivendell - "Gondor has no king - Gondod needs no king!"). Gandalf tells Denethor, "As usual you think only of Gondor". Boromir is of like mind. Tyler in The New Tolkien Companion states, "It was a sign of the decline of Gondor...that, towards the end of the Third Age, there were many among the ruling families who esteemed the craft of arms higher than all other skills. Such a man....was Boromir.

On the other hand, we have Faramir. Scorned by his father as a "wizard's pupil", through Faramir by some chance the blood of Numenor flowed more strongly, and his deeds and love of lore and its applicability made him different from his brother. Notice which of them survived. Boromir represented man's weaknesses, Faramir man's strength.

Oh, by the way, Gandalf has for over thirty years been my favorite. Tolkien uses him to express many of his own feelings and quirks. A couple of my favorites are when he talks to himself and calls it a habit of the wise - they speak to the wisest person in the room, "which in this case would be me", he says. His subtle self-assuredness, dry wit, and love for all things good makes him the penultimate Tolkien mover and shaker. I also enjoyed where Tolkien made him his mouthpiece for stating JRRT's views on capital punishment. "I daresay he [deserves death]. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends." A very strong statement, yet one that has not been given much print.

And I have become wordy again. Smile Smilie Oh well...
most of mine are Lotr charas
They all pwn so much :p:
I think my favorite characters are Turin, Gandalf ,and Fingolfin.
Eowyn, Turin, Frodo. I guess I like characters that are heroic in the face of loss or despair. Hurin would have to rank high as well.
Are we forgetting Voronwe? He's the coolest. And Feanor *braces herself for the protests* and Ulmo, I suppose. He's real cool too. Does he count?
He reminds me Leonidas and his 300 Spartans at Thermopylae 480BC.
"- [...] and you swear to serve motherland?
- Absolutely and till the end... mine or hers..."
my favourite characters? gandalf, yavanna, ulmo, frodo and of course.....feanor!!!!!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
An extremely tough question...but I would pick my 3 favorite characters to be:

Aragorn: strong-willed, strong-minded, strong-body, cool, calm...a true leader
Frodo: intelligent...what else would you expect from a Baggins?
Pippin: for keeping the sense of humor through thick and thin
Faramir all the way!!! He is so cool and really kind and I am like, totally in love with him...

But anyway... Gandalf would have to be my second favorite, and then Aragorn or Pippin.
I like Morgoth myself... *ducks rain of rocks, broken glass and insults*

No, seriously I'd have to say my favourite character was Earendil - Sailing to an unknown continent to save Middle-Earth and then that massive dogfight with the dragons - no contest!

Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
And Feanor *braces herself for the protests*

No reason to fear, Loni. A most reasonable choice. Surely Feanor is complex and interesting, and we have to thank him, for if he hadn't been a hothead none of the tales would have happened. Indeed, I've always thought that Feanor was right (in general, as opposed to some of his specific deeds). What were the Valar expecting; that the Noldor would just sit there and wring their hands? What else should they have done?
My favourite character would have to be Aragorn, strong, silent and perfect. I also think Luthien deserves a lot of respect for standing up for her beliefs.
Tough question. considereing ive only read the LOTR series, i would say
1) Frodo: He's pretty cute, but he's the hero of the movie in a way. there could be a whole discussion on who was the hero.
2) Legolas: not only is he hot , he's got awesome powers and the elves are so majestic.
3) Eowyn: GIRL POWER!!!
1) Gimli / Legolas: both great warriors and gimli is a dwarf thats all you could want

2) Thorin: he and i love gold and hes a resonably good leader

3) Balin: he led the expedtion to Khazad-dum/Moria to reclaim his homeland

1) Gandalf - okay so thats cheesy but he does give his life etc.
2) Aragorn - he is so humble and kingly and yet he is a ranger
3) Faramir - he is such a charismatic leader and he cares for each one of his men and he is not seduced by the ring
GRRR I can't do any more!!! darn it!! Very Sad Smilie sorry ! Imrahil
Sam. We should all have such a loyal friend as Samwise Gamgee. He will always be the hero in my book....looking after Frodo's welfare, defending him, protecting him. Frodo wouldn't have made it without him.

Jan in Houston
I would like to say welcome to PT both of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cheers! Smile Smilie
Legolas - he looks good in the film but in the book he sounds good to -- too good to be true, well I suppose he is an Elf Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Aragorn - he does everything he is supposed to even though he's not sure of himself sometimes.

Sam - because he comes into his own and without him the ring wouldn't have been destroyed.

BUT...loads of characters in LOTR play a part in the downfall of the ring - well the goodies do and I suppose Gollum plays a part as he is the final downfall of the ring.

Oh I can't decide who's the best I give up Elf Confused Smilie
I'm assuming i can say anyone from the Tolkien canon, not just LOTR.

Cause it would have to be Finrod!!! Or FIngolfin. BOTH!!! Fingolfin had a really good go at gettin rid of Morgoth. And Finrod did that cool song thingy against Sauron in the Lay of Leithian. And Maedhros!! "My hand has just been cut off. Time to become ambidexterous!!!" Is that not cool?
Mine are
1) Finrod Felagund. He's so faithful and keeps his word. And also he sacrifices himself for Beren.
2) Maedhros. I always think he's a character to be respected. He isn't all evil after all, even if he is a son of Feanor. I think he's totally got another side to him. He doesn't just live to fulfil the Oath and kill everyone. He's got sense, and emotion.
3) Pippin. I think he's a sort of cutie. He doesn't really achieve many glorious deeds or anything, but he's cute and simple and happy. Arda can sometimes give you a very gloomy feeling, as if there was no joy, but the Hobbits are always able to bring us some mirth.

Merry Brandybuck every time!