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Thread: Concerning Nazgul

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Ok heres one for everyone.
Khazul the black was a king of the easterlings and one of the nine who received the rings of men.
From what i've read he was second in power to the witch king and took command of the remaining wraiths after old iron crowns destruction.Khazul was also the rider who entered the shire and almost caught the hobbits at the ferry.(i belive he also acted as right hand wraith to sauron during his time in the mirkwood).
So question is does anyone know any information concerning the other ringwraiths and their past??
Wow Gargamel...what dusty tome of Tolkien trivia did you find all of that in? Sounds interesting. I'd like to read it. Sorry but I don't have any useful information for you to answer your question. Perhaps one of our more learned PT members can add something useful to your discussion. Keep up the good reading, Gargamel.
Virumor didn't post:
It's not Khazul, it's Khamul, the "Shadow of the East". Information about him and other Nazgul can be found in Unfinished Tales.

but wanted to.
Some quotes from UT :

"Now at that time the Chieftain of the Ringwraiths dwelt in Minas Morgul with six companions, while the second to the Chief, Khamūl the Shadow of the East, abode in Dol Guldur as Sauron's lieutenant, with one other as his messenger. "

"According to the entry in the Tale of Years for 2951 Sauron sent three, not two, of the Nazgūl to reoccupy Dol Guldur. The two statements can be reconciled on the assumption that one of the Ringwraiths of Dol Guldur returned afterwards to Minas Morgul but I think it more likely that the formulation of the present text was superseded when the Tale of Years was compiled; and it may be noted that in a rejected version of the present passage there was only one Nazgūl in Dol Guldur (not named as Khamūl, but referred to as "the Second Chief (the Black Easterling)"), while one remained with Sauron as his chief messenger.– From notes counting in detail the movements of the Black Riders in the Shire it emerges that it was Khamūl who came to Hobbiton and spoke to Gaffer Gamgee, who followed the Hobbits along the road to Stock, and who narrowly missed them at the Bucklebury Ferry (see p.360). The Rider who accompanied him, whom he summoned by cries on the ridge above Woodhall, and with whom he visited Farmer Maggot, was "his companion from Dol Guldur." Of Khamūl it is said here that he was the most ready of all the Nazgūl after the Black Captain himself, to perceive the presence of the Ring, but also the one whose power was most confused and diminished by daylight."

Khamūl is the only Nazgūl named; apart from him and the Black Captain, there is no information about the other Nazgūl.
Now we just sit back and wait for someone to mention the names and histories given in the ICE Lords of Middle Earth Volume 2 booklet, in which names and histories of all nine have been created.
Yeh, but those are all fake, as JRRT hasn't provided them.

So any of those posts should be disregarded.
The names of the nazgul are Murazor (witchking), Khamul, Dwar, Indur, Akhorahil, Hoamorath, Adunaphel, Ren and Uvatha
It had to happen.... Now wait for Virumor's response.
*waits patiently*
.... still waiting ...

And I suppose you got those mostly phoney names from the game Val recently specified above huh, Immortalking? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Only Khamul can be found in the Tolkien canon; the rest are made up. Welcome to P-T by the way. Happy Elf Smilie

Now we no longer need wait for Virumor's response. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Darklordsauron posted Thursday 24th February 2005 (09:57pm) under names of the nazgul under Post of the Week
Gildor inglorion posted Thursday 24th February 2005 (10:11pm)
Okaaay, thanks for the info...

And now Grondmaster concludes with: Thumbs Down Smilie To reiterate what has been said in many of this threads previous posts Only Khamul can be found in the Tolkien canon; the rest are made up, coming from the game book, The ICE Lords of Middle Earth Volume 2 booklet, and as such do not really belong in this discussion. Teacher Smilie
And i thought Khamūl was just Sauron's favourite cigarette brand.

Anyway, good to see that Ren is also in that list. Looks like he's finally relieved of Stimpy's bad influence.
Good one Virumor.

But does any one know who the Nazgūl really are. I for one think that the witch king is Ar-Pharazon the Numenorian king that captured Sauron and brang him back to Numenor with him,
there Sauron the deciever fooled Ar-Pharazon into thinking that he had turned over a new leaf,
and since Ar-Pharazon was already a bad king and all around jerk he was corrupted easily by Sauron and took the one of the nine rings of power.

It would make sence.Big Smile Smilie
It would, too. That's a good theory. I'm actually starting to believe it.
Thank you,

I am infact wrather proud of myself for coming up with that.
however wasnt it Ar-pharazon the golden who devised the great armament for the invasion of Valinor and is now buried with his army in Aman, awaiting the final battle?
O,hmm,Fin you might be right about that,hmm hom him mih hmo omh(don't mind my entish).
Yes I wasn't entirerly sure but you might be 'bout that hmm I know about the attack on Valinor,
but I'm not completely sure if it was him that did it.
The Nazgūl were originally just 9 Kings of Men; at least one was King of an Eastern Kingdom(Khamūl=Shadow of the East), others were prolly Kings of colonies the Nśmenoreans started in the 2nd Age, like Umbar, Uzbekistan, etc.

The Witch-King of Angmar can't be Ar-Pharazon, as the latter got splashed away in the end of 2nd Age. Ar-Pharazon set foot on Aman himself, but then he and his army disappeared in some chasm, if i remember it correctly...

As Barfagorn says in the movies : "They were once great Kings of Men... now they're just air." Or something like that. Apparently, the Nazgūl were those 9 old bearded men with crowns we see in the beginning of the movie. I'm pretty sure the one in the middle was Henry VIII.
"They were once great Kings of Men... now they're just air." Or something like that.

o ho,hahaha I don't kow if you noticed but that is hilarious, now they're just air, hahaha

no offence or anything.
Yeh that was what he said, i think. After all, Barfagorn was never the most eloquent orator.

I'm sure the movie freaks can (and will) give you the exact quote.
the Nśmenoreans started in the 2nd Age, like Umbar, Uzbekistan, etc.

Please explain your obsession with Uzbekistan, Virumor.
As Virumor mentioned, Ar-Pharazon could not be a Nazgul. The Silmarillion says...

But Ar-Pharazon the King and the mortal warriors that had set foot on the land of Aman were buried under fallen hills: there it is said that they lie imprisoned in the Caves of the Forgotten, until the Last Battle and the Day of Doom.