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Thread: The Easterlings

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Well, seeing as these guys were left out, i thought i might as well talk about them...and why they were added in TTT, awesome as they were/looked, they served no real purpose to the plot of the film, was preeeeeeeetty pathetic really, bless 'em.
In TTT dvd, the comentary stated that there was alot of conflict with the looks/theme of the Easterling warriors (being very similar to some armies/tribes today)...but still doesnt explain why they were added, it really buggs me, as ya can imagine...i mean....did they just pop over for tea??
I assume by the Easterlings, you are refering to the Haradrim warriors we see arriving at the Black Gate and being ambushed by Faramir's Rangers in TTT? As far as I'm aware there were no Easterlings portrayed in the films, unless as a token effort PJ had some arrive at Pelinnor Fields as he did with the Elves at Helms Deep.

Personally, I thought the scenes with these Haradrim were some of the best in the films. They looked pretty awesome, particularly on their oliphants.

I haven't watched the extra's from RotK yet, or for that matter PJ's commentary from TTT. Does he call these warriors Easterlings? Easterlings did take part in the War of the Ring, but their part was played in the north of Middle Earth, where they attacked the Dwarves of Erebor and the Iron Hills, and the Men of Dale.
no, the Haradrim are a different warrior, the Easterlings were only in the TT for about 2mins, when Frodo and Sam first get to the gates of Mordor, and they spy upon a small army of these golden armour clad warriors. just think that it would have been better if PJ found a place for them in RotK to fight.
Maybe that was PJ's way of bringing them in to the story and showing them to us knowing he didn't have time or resources to use the original story. But if we didn't see them again (I can't remember) what happened to all those armies Sauron collected in Mordor? Do we assume they went off in a different direction to Gondor?
true..but then, if he wanted to do that, there were far more...thrilling parts of each book that he could have added in the films, take the meeting with Gildor, or the Barrow Wights..both would have been a favourable scene to add to the film.
But if we didn't see them again (I can't remember) what happened to all those armies Sauron collected in Mordor? Do we assume they went off in a different direction to Gondor?

Most of them fell in the ravine's that were created when Baradur & Mount Doom collapsed. Others fled, if I remember it correctly, so my guess those fella's fled as well.
yeah, most of 'em did die through falling, but even then, the armies that were there were only orcs, and to my knowledge, Uruk Hai, but could be mistaken. didnt see any Haradrim or Easterlings there.
Read the Books! Don't worry about what was in the films until you do. Teacher Smilie

The films aren't Gospel as good as they are; they are only The LotR according to PJ. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Big Smile Smilie sounds almost like The world according to Garp (great book by the way). I am currently re-reading LOTR and I am still stuck in the Shire Wink Smilie So it might take a while before I get to the good parts in Return of the King Grondmaster Wink Smilie
same here, but it jsut bugs me that PJ has, in many ways, ruined the whole LotR way just to make it look more....'pretty'
i wouldn't say he "ruined" LOTRs, it's just a lot different compared to the books. Think of them as to completely different entities, with the same name, plus same characters, and similar plot.... :
I Think that there is too much info in all of the Lotr books and thus not all could have fitted in to the film(s). Thus it is impossible to pay attention to pay so much detail when all films are different to their book counterparts every here and there. Best not to insult such great movie work on the rest of the film.
oh yeah, i completly agree with you, not saying its all bad, all in all, the films are (for the most part) pretty darn good, just that there could have been better scenes to take from the book then the ones chosen, and they would have given more background for people (scary as it is) who havnt read the book....as in references to Tom Bombadil and the Barrow Wights and the Old Forest...
Moderator Smilie "Which brings us back to" Duh! The Easterlings.
Actually, i think those "Easterlings" marching in Moredork in the movies, are in fact Haradrim : they have dark skin and are dressed like Haradrim warriors as described in the book. I don't remember if those lads at the Morannon look the same as the Haradrim we see getting attacked by Faramir's men.

If they are supposed to be Easterlings, what Easterlings are they then? No Variags from Khand (no horses); no ppl from Rhn (no beards and huge axes), no Wainriders, ...

I think it doesn't matter. There are way bigger plotholes in the movies than this one, if it is one.
According to a companion book that came witht h e movies called the Armies of Middle_earth they were Easterlings. Also Virumor they were Rhun or what ever the guys were witht he big axes. PJ just took liberties and made the pole-arms and you can't see the beards because the have face-covering helms. These guys marched to Mina-Tirith were supposed to be killed off. After Sauron fell Aragorn then took an Army to their lands and... well..um.. liberated them. You know so they can be a true demonstration of freedom... um... like Mesopotamia. Well I think I better stop before soembody gets mad Very Big Grin Smilie

(Grondy cooled the hot-button word down rather than removing the political sentence.)